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What's Your Best Pick-Up Line?

Who would have thought pick-up lines at a bar and email subject lines could be so similar? As your subject line is the first form of contact with your potential customers, it must be remarkable.

Why Should I Opt-In?

Stand-alone e-mail marketers face challenges with cluttered inboxes. Open rates are on the decline. Find out the top reasons why customers opt in to e-mail lists.

Doing Unto Others

The Golden Rule is often ignored in our busy world of Internet news and commerce. Developing a fan base is important in all aspects of marketing, something that is all to often ignored.

9 Crucial Tips to Build A Professional Squeeze Page

A well constructed squeeze page with high conversion rate is an important factor to succeed in email marketing. In this article I'm going to expose 9 crucial tips to build a professional squeeze page or to configure their existing squeeze page for the best results.

Creating a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign

Solo Email Advertising can really help grow your business and be very profitable. I believe it's one of the fastest ways to grow your email contact list and the fastest ways you can make money online right off the bat. But, there are some things you need to know before you can create a profitable email campaign.

Getresponse Review: Tracing Its Wondrous Benefits

In every business, there is an equivalent strategy to complement it. If you would not keep any marketing strategy, then surely your dreams and venture for your industry would die together. Now, if your business involves promoting your products and services, then you might as well consider the power of email marketing to increase your chances to grow more in the business despite the tight competition which is present on the web today.

iContact Review: Building Better Business

Do you need an email marketing service tool that would help you create repeat sales, increase valuable feedback from your audiences, boost your sales conversion and compel people from making offline purchases? Then, you must be looking for iContact. If you are still speculating about what email marketing does to your business, then now is the right time to change your perspective!

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