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How to Set Up a Professional Email Marketing System That Fits Your Budget

This article covers how every day individuals can set up professional email marketing systems. There are many easy and low cost methods of creating a professional email set up to increase efficiency and profitability.

How To Monetize Your Email List

Tips for making money with your email list. Learn how to make your email list profitable for you.

Email Marketing For Independent Bookstores

These are tough times for traditional, “brick and mortar” bookstores-the toughest, in fact. With redefining not only how people shop for books but how they consume them, as well, thanks to the Kindle, the old-fashioned bookstore is in danger of becoming as extinct as the typewriter and the telegram. The future for bookstores got even bleaker late in 2011, when the Borders chain closed, leaving only Barnes and Noble standing among the major chain bookstores.

Delis and Email Marketing

For decades now, supermarkets have made it possible-and let's face it, cost effective-for people to buy their own deli meat and prepare sandwiches at home. But sometimes you're just in a mood for the type of unique sandwich (or, depending on your local vernacular, a grinder, hoagie or hero) that can't be replicated at home-the sandwich with all the toppings that is carefully prepared by a local deli.

Music Stores And Email Marketing

The modern version of air guitar has led to a resurgence of playing the real thing. Except instead of “playing” a tennis racket or baseball bat, kids and adults alike these days are discovering (or re-discovering) musical instruments such as the guitar, the bass and the drums via video games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

What Has Google's Panda Update Got to Do With Email Marketing?

In April 2011 Google updated its algorithm – the ‘brain' that decides which web pages rank where in its search engine results pages – ostensibly to improve the relevance of the results to the search terms entered by users. It has caused some consternation in the Search Engine Optimisation world and a number of previously highly ranked sites affected are understandably miffed by Google's changes.

Email Marketing And Tutors

Tutoring is one of the few recession-proof jobs. From students just beginning elementary school to those grinding their way through graduate school, there's always a seemingly limitless supply of people who need a little extra instruction and help to achieve their desired academic goals.

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