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first we're going to go over to a page like Wikipedia then we click the little B to activate the Bing copilot AI chat bot we're going to ask strip out all the facts from this page and it's going to go to work and strip out the details to help us make money then we need to find some good stock footage from a royalty-free video audio website this one should do good download next we need a good progress bar something like this or maybe even these ones here we click download then using our favorite video creator tool we're going to add these to the timeline then add our progress bar right here shrink it down a little bit then we find some upbeat music add that to the timeline right here and today we're going to talk about a super simple method that you can use with AI to make tons of money how do I know well this is something that I've actually been doing for the last 15 years only back then we didn't have ai to help us out which means today it's even easier than ever before and we're going to use AI to create simple little videos in about 15 minutes without showing your face without using your voice and without even having a bunch of tech knowledge or money to invest that's right this is something you can start for next to nothing but I gotta warn you a lot of people out there are going to say well Marcus these types of videos can't be monetized so you're not going to make any money and that's exactly what people said when I went into the Myspace market and they said you know what it's not really a buyer's market so you're not going to make any money almost two million dollars later yeah I think I had the last laugh and not only that but I've done this time and time again in stupid little markets like how to tie a tie smiley faces changing your little mouse cursor from an arrow to a baseball and lots of other markets people thought couldn't be monetized and in this video I'm going to show you step by step exactly how it works but first a story back in 2008 a student came to me and asked how do I make money he had a little website about playing video games like Super Mario Brothers Tetris and all kinds of games out there that have cheat codes so he set up a website about these cheat codes and he was getting traffic but he wasn't able to make any money so I said Galen you're trying to make all this money but what if instead you focused on this simple little offer that pays two dollars not for a sale not for a free trial offer no something much easier so I said Galen what if you got two dollars every time someone put their zip code in a box to get something free yeah like put your ZIP code in the box and you could win a free Xbox or PlayStation or a GameStop gift card yep that's right they just put their zip code to see if it's available in their area and I get two bucks and you might be saying well Marcus two bucks does not sound like a lot of money and you know what you're right but over time this starts to add up and one of the websites I had was actually getting two dollars and 70 cents get this over 2 000 times each day and while everyone out there was trying to make a million dollars tomorrow I just focused on two bucks that turned into 20 bucks then 50 bucks a hundred and sometimes as much as six thousand dollars and every day and back then I had to pay for traffic so it wasn't all profit but I did get to keep a good portion of it and today using AI I'm going to show you how to get thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors without spending a dime and Galen went on using this method to make over ten thousand dollars a month but first we need to have the right framework so pay close attention because this simple little AI video setup to make faceless YouTube videos is so simple that if you blink you might miss it and if you miss it you're not gonna make any money so if you're excited smash that like button we're gonna dive in the computer and show you step by step start to finish exactly how to create AI videos like that so that you can make money online all right so first let's go ahead and look at this market and see what types of videos we're going to make and I think you're going to find these super easy and almost laughably profitable and I want to show you that this is something that I actually do on a daily basis in fact this is a list of domain names and several of these domain names I picked up just a couple days ago for this exact method now don't worry you're not going to have to buy domain names I just like to get them because they increase the value of my business and help me out I'll show you how that works in just a minute and this domain here is the one that I purchased yesterday for almost a thousand dollars so if I'm willing to buy this domain for a thousand dollars you know that this method actually is going to work because I'm going to build a business out of it now without any further Ado let's take a look at what the niche looks like we can see here if you were to go to YouTube and type in Quiz videos there are all kinds of different videos with quizzes on them that ask different questions can you guess the logo how good is your general knowledge guess the drink is it milk or chocolate milk or whatever and I want you to pay attention to something super important and that is the amount of views these videos are getting almost 2 million almost 3 million three hundred thousand two million 9 500 and it was just put up a couple days ago 85 000 20 000 1 million eight million and on and on we go and we're gonna go over to socialblade here but don't worry we're not using socialblade like the other people do to predict income because it's actually terrible at that what we're doing is looking for the daily view count we can see here that is daily average view count is 70 000 views a day that means with his Quiz videos he's uploaded about 200 of them he's getting an average of seventy thousand people a day to to watch those videos wait a minute it's like the same amount of people that an entire football stadium holds yeah that's a lot of people now according to socialblade here we can see that it says he's making an average of anywhere from 500 a month to eighty four hundred dollars a month and again it's going to depend on the method you use to monetize these videos most people are just going to click monetization and hope that the ads run and make them money but we're going to do something a lot more profitable because my thinking is if these people are interested in taking quizzes and answering questions they'd probably be interested in sweepstakes and guessing things for money and maybe surveys to get paid yeah lots of different ways to monetize that are generic enough to get these people from watching the video to actually making me money and to do that we're going to go over to offer Vault and we're going to type in SOI for single opt-in now what this means is all they need to do is one thing on the website for me to get paid whether it's put a zip code in a box put their email in a box click a link use a drop down button any type of action that gets them deeper into the website and we can see here there's tons of offers that fit the strategy like right here money saving Avenue Energy bill savings we can see right here at the landing page only requires them to put their email in for some kind a free report on how to save money with their energy bill and this would be perfect if we were to have a quiz about different things people spend too much money on or different questions about supermarkets we can lead into different Supermarket giveaways here's one that pays 3.75 when they put their email in the Box to win groceries there's an Amazon gift card cell phones some kind of advent calendar you could do a holiday quit you could do a holiday quiz makeup scholarships even tickets to the London Zoo not only that but we can also choose downloads and see different free softwares that we can give away and get paid for example here's some kind of game where all they have to do is register to play the game or even this one where they download the free Capital One shopping app and you get wait a minute eight Bucks starting to see how this adds up really quickly good because it's going to get even better towards the end of this video but first we need to put together a video to show you how this works we're going to fire up the Microsoft edge browser I'm going to type something in like things people spend too much money on then I can take each of these sites open them in a new tab and then ask Bing to make a simple q and a list from this page and then the Bing copilot is going to go to work and make us a little q a page with questions and answers I can do this with each and every page and then strip out a list of questions and answers to make a video on to point people to those little giveaways like the grocery gift card and different things like that and then when I'm done Bing is going to store these up and I can say make a simple 15 question quiz about things people in America spend too much money on it's going to go to work and make this quiz in a very simple way and now this quiz is actually going to make me a lot of money because it's going to bring different types of advertisers to the video and it's going to prep my audience for looking at something else so instead of what type of cat are you it's going to be something more like how do you save money or are you smart with money or some kind of grammar quiz or something like that that we can lead into something very specific that puts money in our pocket then once we have our list everything just kind of falls into place and gets really easy because if I'm doing something about groceries or Finance I can go over to a royalty-free video Place type in finance and then get some little backdrops related to finance right like this or maybe this one here this one here and then I can get some question marks right over here maybe this one here and these guys right here then what we need to do is make an intro this is where my domain comes in handy we're going to take this and make a little intro with our images and you can do this with any video creator so we'll do something like this right here with the question mark and we will start our video right like this and when I want to add text I'm going to go to and use the easy video caption maker so if I want to go in here and say make it look really nice I can go right like this add some background and make the image look really cool I can even capitalize it if I want right like that make it big and bold use different fonts all kinds of different things then I just download it like this and it's going to go into my downloads folder with all my other stuff right like this and now for the intro of my video I'll get a little intro sound effect sounds kind of cool let's use that download and again all of these are going right into my download file which makes this super easy and watch how simple this is go like this we have our question like this and it's going to come up with fact pros and it's going to come up with right like this we'll go ahead and add a behavior there and it'll look something like this there we go and you can even have some other text here and maybe say something like are you smart or you know brain challenge or something like that or maybe even have an intro to what the quiz is test your financial smarts or intelligence or something like that I don't know how to spell intelligence so we'll just put smart and then our intro looks something like this okay so right like that trim it up a little bit then we're just going to use the other stuff that we downloaded like this background right here and then if you want to get fancy you can even add a little countdown like I got over here this little countdown and I can drag and drop this right on here and then just cut the 10 and the 9 right like this so there's the 10.

boom put that right here and you're gonna see how easy this is it's going to look really cool so we have this here I like that and if you want to have a voiceover you can do that too there you go so it's going to have that again we can add some music behind it if that's what we want to do very simple right like this and you can see how nice it's going to look and we can even add that music a little bit ahead of time so it comes in when that little counter comes up there we go and then I can go through use my editor here with question number one so the question so the first question is what's the average amount Americans spend over their budget all right and we can see what it's going to look like here so we're going to have to shrink this down quite a lot right like this and then go like that maybe do yellow or something like that that'll stand out and then download and we could just add this again it's just being added right to the downloads folder that is why this is so simple right and we'll add this here with a little effect on it right like that and then if you want to get extra fancy you can even make this a little darker like this so that the wording stands out and then to get our multiple choice all I need to do again is copy and paste straight from our Bing so we'll do a 1000 and you can even you could do and you can even copy these all at once like this and if you put them on a different line here it's actually going to make a different image for each line that's why this is so easy you could do these in minutes then we'll go through let's do the answers in white so they stand out download and like I said it's going to download them as separate images right there all right then we just go to our video right like this and we get ABC right here get those on our timeline there's B C d a okay so we'll put a in here first right like this right and you could just make them look kind of cool right like this and if you want to overlap them you just do right like this here and we'll get C and then d all right like this right and then if you want to make them a little bit longer so they all line up right like that line this up and then we can also put them how we want them to look there's C and then we could have D or even like if you want to do a b c d on top of each other like this you can do that too and you can line them up and make them all fancy however you want there's little grids that help you with that then what we can do is just add our little progress bar that we downloaded earlier right over here these progress bars here and then what we're going to do is just chop out the progress bar we want so let's say I want to use the red one here right like that shrink it to the size and there we go and then all you would need to do is drag this to whatever the time is so we'll just do add clip speed and if you want it to match up with your questions we'll just drag that to the end of the questions so here's what it's going to look like and you can put music behind this or sound effects or words or whatever comes in with our counter and I think our and I noticed that our timer here doesn't just do the red one so if we want just the red one let's do like this and then we'll just cut here see how the red is up here and then we can just go ahead and do that like that that way we're just getting the red one so right there and then it'll be like this then then when we're done we can have the answer on a different little backdrop maybe we could get something like U1 or something like that that looks kind of cool winner like this or maybe even correct answer like this one here winner right here it'll make them feel good oh hey you're the winner even if they didn't get it right because there's really no way to take the quiz but people will feel good about this right so we'll go like that put our winner here and then take a look at what the answer is and it looks like it's seventy four hundred dollars obviously you'll want to fact check these as well and seventy four hundred dollars was D so we'll go ahead and put d bright right there and then if you want to get fancy you could put some clapping behind it I mean you can get as fancy as you want so we'll just go here we'll do audio clapping crowd right it's so easy to do it's not even funny and then what we're going to do is make sure that we brand it with our domain name then in the description we're going to tell them hey you can get more quizzes over at our website or whatever website you got thank you so like this will work and we could just add this right in there for effect and then what's going to happen is once you get the framework which is the template of how this works then I could literally just change the text and keep everything else the same maybe change the audio uh the maybe change the music or something like that but for the most part everything can stay the same so let's put our Applause in there and I'll show you how easy this is once the template is done so we can go like that and it's going to look like this here right there then we just add our nine here so here's our nine make sure it doesn't say 10 anywhere because sometimes you get a little clip there it is see so just trim it a little bit so we have nine and then again once we have this template it's going to be so easy to add others so we'll go like that and we will trim the Applause right there okay so we'll get this as close to that nine ending as possible then this is where the magic happens because now I can just take all this stuff up here and reduplicate it so now I just get a different background right like this let's say we wanted one of those other ones maybe these coins here all right so it goes from our nine to our coins again we're going to use the profit scoop get our next question right like this put that in there what's the most common thing that Millennials I'm gonna do a little bit Millennials overspend on right and I'm just going to shorten this we don't need to have according to financial planners right like that okay then if you want to be lazy you could actually even go through and put all these on one right like I could put all these on one right like this right here and this is just going to make all the images I'm going to use the template and bada bing bada boom super super easy and I don't need to do B twice because we already have that in there all right so we'll move this back a little download that's gonna Again download each file separately which is super important and the reason we're doing this as images rather than text is one speed and two so that we have the effects on the entire block instead of each letter makes it a lot easier and then we have backups and things like that so we go through add this one here like that and I think we had right around seven seconds for that quiz so we'll do seven seconds on this one see and if your clip's not long enough just right clip just right click and hit speed and then go till it's about seven seconds doesn't have to be exact and then of course add the opacity so that we can see it better you can make the image bigger right like this and then if you want some effects just go to behaviors you can make it pop up or whatever you want then we're going to go in get the other question get our answers right like this there's a so a is going to be the longest one put him over here get B right like that C right over here and then lastly we'll have d very simple and then if you want to be lazy and just add an effect on all of them just go to behavior add the effect to all of them and this is what it'll look like and then of course we'll want to move these down to the right spot there right like that right but it's very very easy and then again we just get our little winner here copy and paste the winner put him right there and then obviously whichever the answer is looks like it is B so we'll put B there right like this see how easy this is and then we could go through get our Applause duplicate that right there and once you get good at these you're going to be super fast and you can turn this into an entire business it's so simple and then of course we'll just do the same thing going to number eight right like that and it's so easy watch how simple this is thank you it looks like we forgot our little progress bar so we'll put that in there again just copy and paste it right like this and there we go just make sure it's lined up I like that shrink it down a little you can even put this one on the bottom if you want right like that see how easy this is then what you're going to do is just name your quizzes and make them interesting with a good thumbnail now in order to do a thumbnail it's actually pretty easy the snagit program right like this and you don't have to have a face if you don't want you can have like you'll see a lot of them with this different images of like would you drink this or this or how much is you know which one's more valuable or something like that you want to make curiosity in the thumbnail and then make sure it is 10 20 by 780 so whatever image Creator you're using seven 1280 by 720 and again look at what is working well if you go out there and you see the different quizzes that are doing really well guess the logos that was two days ago that's got a lot of traffic would you rather there's even different emoticon quizzes and things like that which we've talked about my emoticon sites in the past here's one that's about the odd one out can you find the the weird looking cat Find the lyrics Guess the Song now be careful with songs because you don't own the rights to them and then again it's going to be difficult to monetize as well maybe guess the country you could do like travel offers or something like that and the key is going to be getting people back to your site because if you can get people back to your website that's going to be the game changer and you can even say something like learn how to win prizes for taking quizzes or see how smart you are or take the Harry Potter quiz at my site or whatever it is make it very simple and very easy and you can actually see what's going on and people love this stuff and it literally gets so many views it's not even funny and some of them use AI voices which you could go get an AI voice over at something like 11 Labs or any other AI voice Creator if you want to do that now using AI voice you probably won't be able to use AdSense or monetization but you could still use your website and the name of the game is going to be creativity and consistency if you can be creative and consistent and keep people interested I think you could use this to make a lot of money now when you take a look at the website that I got earlier I want to show you why I spent on this website and I think it probably overspent on it but it did have a lot of rankings which I thought was really important because we need to think to ourselves if we're making these quizzes anyway we might as well not only get YouTube traffic but maybe throw them on Tick Tock and also Pinterest and maybe even put some content on our blog so when I look at something like which again this one cost me about nine hundred and fifty dollars when you factor in the fees and everything like that from GoDaddy but we could see here that this one recently ranked for almost 3 000 keywords related to different quizzes 10 fun facts about red-eyed tree frogs I can make some AI content and rank for that instantly or moose moose dive depth they literally want to know how deep a moose Dives and here we can see all different kinds of moose images and videos and here's a moose diving or something like who to thunk those are some crazy mooses mises wait a minute could that actually be a quiz plural moose yep it looks like about 50 000 people a month are looking for the plural of moose hey look at this plural nouns why isn't moose plural English language and on and on we go and you could literally do an entire Channel around grammar quizzes yes but Marcus how am I gonna make money well I'm glad you asked again you're going to go to offer Vault right here grammarly we could see here pays 11 for a free trial of grammarly so I can make an entire Channel about quizzes for the English language Point them to grammarly and different sweepstakes and affiliate offers and get paid it's actually super simple and then when I'm done I just hit export create a file as an mp4 right like this upload it to YouTube give it a good title based on keywords and what people are looking up obviously we'll include the word quiz and then we just point to our website to make money and to learn exactly how I build websites up like this to get tons of traffic check out the video in the description where I actually went through and used the domain Emoji edit and as you can see here this is ranking for tons and tons of different words related to emoticons and I can even use this emoticon site to create a quiz Channel about different emoticons and smiley faces and as you can see here wink emoji meaning from girl we are ranking number three and if we type in emoji quiz you can see these are getting tons and tons of views so check out the videos in the description to learn more about this including my website building video and a video and one I did about another faceless YouTube Niche using AI smash that like button subscribe and let's make money

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