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wait a minute I can make this make me an image of a space age looking SUV interior all right let's see how this does hey these are pretty cool just go ahead and save this image right like that drag it right here onto my Facebook timeline click this magic button over here and I can get paid if you've been on the internet for more than about 30 seconds no doubt you've seen an ad that looks like this or an image that looks like this or a Facebook post that looks like this this is what's known as click bait click bait is designed to get someone to click so that they go to a website a link watch a video or consume content they weren't otherwise looking for and today we're going to talk about how to use free AI art programs to make images just like these to put tons of money in your pocket and it's actually super simple and a lot of people don't realize how profitable this business actually is here's a company using this exact same method to make over a billion dollars a year here's another one they're also making over a billion dollars a year and most people think that click bait is some shady taboo weird kind of topic when in fact all it is is trying to get a click there's actually two major types of Click bait first The Click bait that everyone knows about which is an image that would be sensationalized something like how to make tons of money if you have this one thing in your garage then it goes to an article or a web page or a video that does not talk about the topic the image was about thus making it click bait and switch the second type of Click bait is utilizing good images add headlines and articles to drive people to relevant content that actually does talk about what the image or ad said in the first place so what makes it good is delivering on on the promise if I say here are 10 life hacks I better give them some good life hacks and not just try to get them to buy something see how that works very important so something like this here would be an example of bad click bait where they're just taking you to some kind of image search that eventually is going to search results so essentially they're just driving traffic to a search engine which is okay but it doesn't really deliver on how to fly business class for the price of economy which makes this image completely click bait or this one here for Alaska cruise deals again it's going to go searches which is another search engine so are they actually delivering on the promise I don't think so but these ads get lots and lots of traffic so what if I could create images with little ads like this that would get traffic but then actually deliver on the promise then I could make tons of money and that's exactly what websites like this are doing day in and day out and they are literally making tons and tons of money online right under everyone's noses not only that but there's actually people like this doing the same thing on Facebook in fact take a look at how popular these Pages actually are four million followers a hundred thousand followers four hundred and sixty thousand and on and on we go but how is someone like this just making money posting a picture of an interesting house we're gonna get into that in just a minute and I actually want to show you one of my students that is using a brand new method that we just finished teaching on Wednesday and you could see here that within a couple of days of getting his account set up he actually banked over a hundred and forty seven dollars here's another payout where we got fifty dollars I believe it was the first day and you could see here he's not even that big in fact all he's doing is posting cat memes now it's important to note that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed while I do have a friend that's going to be teaching some stuff here on the channel who has made over seventy thousand dollars a month using this method the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so you got to keep that in mind however I will say Facebook is super profitable when done correctly I myself have done over ninety thousand dollars worth of sales in just one month but then again I was actually selling something these guys you see here they're just posting images and getting paid so just imagine how much these guys with millions of followers are making now let's talk about how to get started first what you're going to do is pick a niche or Market whether you're going to do pets like the meme guy whether you're going to do luxury houses luxury watches airline flights cruise ships whatever it is pick something that maybe you're a little interested in because in order to make good money you're gonna have to post a lot then we're gonna fire up the Microsoft Bing edge browser once you get to Microsoft Bing all you got to do is click the little chat button right up here this is going to take you to the full AI powered copilot what we're going to do is type something in like please create me an image a bat of a super fancy house with a double decker pool on a on a cliff with a helicopter it's going to go to work and create an image that we can use for our page now at first it might say it's not able to do that but just wait because this little thing is going to pop up and it's going to generate the image for you it might take a couple tries but once you get it it'll create the image just like this and you can see here these images look fantastic and we can post these on a page about fancy houses in fact that's pretty much what this guy's doing here only he goes out and finds the houses we're just gonna skip ahead and make fancy houses like this make a fancy Victorian style house with a pool waterfall and very Rich again it's gonna say it's not able to do that but just wait because it's going to create the image right like this and you can see here it does a fantastic job of making the images exactly the way we want them just like we did with the cars in the beginning the airplanes here and even some fancy boats and you could see here people are looking at these types of images all day long on Facebook so first we're going to go out there and find our Niche second we are going to create the images in an AI art program you can use something like Microsoft Bing you can use something like Dolly which Microsoft Bing is running on you can use mid-journey or whatever AI tool you fancy then you are going to create a bunch of images that look really interesting you can act you can even go to Ai and ask it for a description of the image that you can put alongside it with your post to get even more traffic and engagement next what you can do is you can start sharing these in other groups and other Pages obviously make sure you follow all the rules terms and conditions don't spam just provide good quality stuff again in the beginning it's about boosting your page up not making money at first so if I can boost my following up early by helping other communities get the content they want then when it comes time to make money I'm going to have that bigger of a paycheck then to make money we're going to do two different things number one we need to make sure that we have a Facebook page this is going to allow us to receive monetization based on engagement on our images our posts our videos and pretty much anything we put on Facebook and that's exactly how my student with the cat memes made over a hundred and forty seven dollars in just a few short days and he's just getting started the second way we can make money and a lot more of it is to link out to a Blog this is where the whole clickbait idea comes in handy what you're going to notice is that a lot of people with these Pages actually link out to a website or a Blog so that they can make money with the ads on the website or blog this is what we're talking about earlier with the click bait method where you're getting traffic in delivering on the promise and then pointing to things that make you money and oftentimes this could be someone just clicking on an ad and the name of the game is super simple what you're going to do is make Facebook pages like these guys here with all different kinds of AI stuff you can do like this here where they're doing different designs different cameras and different things and obviously these are created with AI next we can take a look at a page like this that is doing more product centered stuff like this spider pillow that they found on Etsy so what they're doing and we can see that examples like this are getting tons and tons tons of traffic and they're pointing to their website so all we need to do is create images with AI with a purpose so maybe we're doing something like the spider pillow then we link out to Amazon Etsy and other affiliate places so that we can get paid all while building are following up providing interesting stuff for people to look at as our following grows eventually Facebook is going to contact us I find that this usually takes between 30 and 180 days and remember you're going to be making money with this other stuff while you wait then when Facebook contacts you and says you are now eligible for the monetization program you can actually start getting paid just for engagement on your posts this is likes Hearts comments shares the amount of reach you get all kinds of things like that because Facebook wants people to stay on their platform and by giving you money they know you are going to work hard to give content that people are going to want to look at thus making them stay on Facebook longer and putting more money in your pocket and again I highly recommend a two-pronged approach do affiliate marketing and also get paid by Facebook and the best way to do this is by starting your own blog and if you want to learn more about this method check out the links in the description and if you want notes on how this entire method Works check out meme that's the full course where we teach everything about this strategy so hop on over there get the notes learn more about how this works smash a like button and check out the videos in the description

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