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previously on affiliate marketing do I took one of my subscribers and gave them an entire business that's right we actually spent money on domains products a business plan pretty much everything so that you can follow along and build a business for yourself so prepare to learn how I built a business with Kate with nothing left out learn the full business plan see how we go from zero to profit including all the steps along the way plus you get to see live results right here on affiliate marketing dude if you want to see everything we're doing step by step with nothing left out smash that like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to be doing is setting up the site that we talked about about the live stuff with Kate this is going to be a really good show we're going to go over everything and talk to you about how we get the lay of the land first of all let me know how the audio quality is I'm hearing some weird feedback but I don't know if you guys hear it so let me know obviously we got a lot of tech stuff here that is sometimes acts up on us but hopefully everything is sounding okay so what we're going to do is we're going to go through and take a look at exactly what is going on with this business now as I mentioned earlier we had several different businesses that we set up with Kate several different domains rather and when we look at this we have to kind of get the lay of the lamp now congratulations to Kate if you're here thumbs up she actually did a good job on her homework in creating some mock videos and putting together her questions about how this business works and how we're we're going to go about this so it's going to be very important again nothing is going to be left out this is all for you you can follow along and later if you want to thank me you can buy something or smash a like button or something like that this is all free info so that you can start a business right now really quickly so what we're doing here is we're taking a look at the incense waterfall business now the way that I came up with this business idea was by looking over at offer vault which offer vault is a major search engine for affiliate offers okay so very important I went over there I typed in incense and I found several different offers and I'll pull those up here in just a minute so when we're looking at incense I actually have offers over at smart ADV and Guru media now these two offers pay 30 dollars per sale so let's see if we could make this a little bit lower there there we go these two offers pay thirty dollars a sale so my thinking here is hey wait a minute if I could get 10 of these a day we're making six figures a year how many of you guys get that type six figures if you get that smash a like button if you get that because what we need to do is we know we need to look at the Simplicity of this business so when we're looking at the Simplicity of this business what I want to do is I want to go through and ask ourselves exactly what is going on okay this is super super important so when we go over here we need to ask ourselves what is going on okay first of all we have our constant we talk about this all the time in business I don't know why I'm so dark maybe I need to move the light there we go I got a late start today but we're getting there right our constant is thirty dollars per sale we know that is a fact no matter what if we have that we are going to get thirty dollars per sale okay now when we look at that constant we have to say to ourselves hey this is really cool this is something where all I really need to do is drive some traffic over here and I'm going to start making some money now what we have to do first and foremost is check and see all right well are are people really interested in these things this is important because we have to look at this and say okay what are we going to do all right now we're going to go over to ahrefs and we're going to take a look at some of the keywords that are available for things related to incense waterfalls so we could go incense water fall all right and what we're doing here is we are going to make what is called and we'll try to get our lighting better over here let's see maybe I need to put it over here when I'm talking I know it looks like a a creepy movie or something but what we're going to do over here is we're going to have a content strategy okay this is what separates the real business people from the ones who are always going to be struggling a Content strategy is how we are deliberately going to purpose content online to get what we want which is sales the constant everything like that all right if this makes sense to you let me know and we'll look at this now when we look at incense waterfall what I could see here is that according to ahrefs again you can use whatever keyword tool you want if you want a free keyword tool you can check out the Hoth they have a really good keyword tool over there but what we're doing is we're looking and we're saying what kind of volume do we have and we could see that the global volume the entire world has about 21 000 searches a month for this keyword term which is cool all right so now we look at this and we're like okay so out of 21 000 people a month all right 21 000 people a month let's say I get 10 of that that would be 2100 people a month out of the 2100 people a month how many could I get to purchase the waterfall all right if I get a hundred to purchase it at thirty dollars per sale that's thirty thousand dollars or three thousand dollars if I get let me do the math right if we got a hundred at thirty I'm gonna have to go over here I'm gonna have my coffee yet but let me let me get some math here for you all right I know why my brain's not working I got a lot of things on my mind today I think it's yeah so at a hundred sales we're looking at three thousand dollars all right so at a thousand sales I don't know why I couldn't put that together my brain's just not working right today uh but at a thousand sales would be at thirty thousand dollars a month okay so now the question is is out of this 2100 could we get that all right even lowballing it I mean how many of you guys would like a business that makes you three thousand dollars a month and really that's that's literally only getting a hundred people or literally three people a day to sign up which isn't difficult right this is not difficult this is the kind of thing that I've been doing for a long time this works over and over and over again if you're willing to do the work and willing to put in the effort which again is not that difficult so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look we can also see over here that incense waterfall is not that competitive all right so this is looking pretty good now what I did is I went ahead and got Kate some domains and the domains you'll see why I bought them like this one here I purchased my cost me about 500 I'm going to show you another one that cost me twelve dollars for those that are like Marcus what if I don't have 500 don't worry about it you can get by without having to worry about it so with this one here my incense holder what I was looking at is the fact that there were backlinks okay and also the fact that it did rank four keywords related to the incense waterfall holders and that's what I want is I want something that is going to give me a jump start something that's going to say hey look you're not starting from square one you're starting with something that actually works right much like another business I just started today right this is one I literally just bought the domain for was a Christmas tree business okay and I'm like hey I wonder if we can sell Christmas trees this is something I did uh back in the day years ago I had a Christmas tree website and we sold lots of Christmas trees with it and I thought hey what what a cool idea if I could get this Christmas Tree website and get it built up again and we could see here it had over 1300 different keywords ranking in Google for all kinds of things related to Christmas Christmas trees and stuff like that so what we're doing is we're starting ahead of the curve okay and we'll wait for this to load so you can see what I'm talking about Christmas tree surprise vintage Christmas trees all kinds of stuff related to Christmas trees the backlinks were all like Wikipedia different things like that now again this is an expensive example this one cost me a little bit of change but when we're looking at it it's like okay do I have something here that I could use yes I do so when I start my Christmas tree business it's going to be light years ahead of someone who's just starting you know or whatever something new okay type in the Box jump start if you get why that's a jump start okay and this is the kind of thing where like if you invest in domains you're investing in something that is going to help you and at the end of the day you could probably sell it right at the end of the day I could probably sell this one for a thousand dollars which I think I paid a thousand ninety or something for it no problem but again I realize that not everyone has a thousand bucks to throw around on some stupid domain related to Christmas trees so what are we gonna do well I want to show you one that I actually got for twelve dollars now this is the one I paid 500 bucks for incense color chart incense waterfall cones all kinds of things related to specific incense waterfall stuff I liked it because it was like hey it's ranking number 11 number six number nine a lot of good rankings here that I can build up and what does this mean well what this means is that in Google this was ranking for the keyword I literally don't have to do anything to rank this site like it ranks right now all I would have to do is put some content up done deal super super simple all right this is the kind of thing you guys saw live how many of you guys saw live a couple months ago when I started the Emoji website right put some happy faces in the comments if you saw that site I want to show you guys this is the real deal like you can't fake this this is a website I built live on a webinar you can go back and watch it it was a couple months ago it has a big happy face on the um on the thumbnail that's what it's called right and you can see here Moji is the website take a look at the traffic this thing is bringing in we have gained over 9 500 visitors a month 5500 keywords in Google and I literally didn't have to do anything and just to show you that this method works I am testing this with a student of mine in the same Niche with a brand new domain she's not even indexed yet and she put 50 pieces of content up I think we're like 22 or something like that so if you do the math and you understand how this works in a real world way you are going to get that this is a business say it with me this is a business uh really cool Matt said he took a screenshot when I started it and it was at 2000 traffic so we've what 5x did already and guess what I'm not even doing this my site Builder spends a couple of minutes every day and just puts a new post up that she gets from Ai and it's very simple so when we understand these things we have to look at this and say this emphatically works this works uh low rider yes the the high ticket is over at is where you can get that but this emphatically works like you can't argue with Real Results I know a lot of people come on and they're like marker show proof well here it is right and we're going to show you this in a real way with the incense waterfall website now we have been testing a new content strategy which I'm going to show you Friday we're gonna have a teaser video about it and then Monday we're going to talk about it or Wednesday next week something like that I haven't ironed out the details but it's going to show you what we've been doing because I actually went to an outsourcer okay and I got content from AI for all these different incense things took her about I think 12 hours or 11 hours because chat gbt was being a little slow but what happened here is we went through and now we have really good content that we are going to post on our site and show you exactly how this stuff works right so what I'm doing is I'm looking at the intent um uh Peter says d-a-n-t-a is the proof I disagree uh when you're looking at domain Authority and different things like that that's not the proof the proof is do you rank and do you get traffic that's all I care about because at the end of the day these numbers are cute and wonderful and everything but all I care about is ranking like the guy who ranks gets the traffic bada bing bada boom that is the key so we look at that and we're like hey do you rank in Google that's kind of you know what we want to look at so if I go to Google and type in pensive Emoji right what I want to see is am I actually ranking in Google and you can see here there we are right there ranking in Google that is where the proof is in the pudding that's what we want to look at um and and very very important okay data okay yeah there you go data I thought you're talking about the domain Authority but yeah that's what we want to look at here and start to understand now when we do this with the incense business okay Kate went through she did a lot of good homework she made some videos about these things where you know we we literally got her set up where she's making these videos about the incense burners she made this uh fancy one here Serenity in motion and all these other things related to the incense holders this one actually came out uh very pretty this was a very very nice one um where you know the smoke trickles down and this is a kind of thing where where we literally set her up with like a light intense burner and boom there we go very very simple very very easy right and how many of you guys are like yeah I can make a video like that that's that's not that hard to do and I think I believe they are using their cell phone like I don't even think they're using fancy cameras or anything like that so very very cool and we're seeing how it works now what we want to do here is we want to take one of our domains and start to set this up okay so if we were to go to like my incense holder or the other one and we start to look at this so let's take a look at the one I got for 12 bucks the one I got for 12 bucks over here or no incense Cafe this is a different one we had um incense what was it does anyone remember what that was what was my other incense one and since incense overnight there it is I got too many sites as you guys can tell at any given time we're running about 300 active live websites and I probably hold about a thousand domains that I buy at auction and probably four thousand domains uh that are just hand registered domains but what we're looking at here is with incense overnight how are we going to turn this into a business well over here we have uh Diablo incense herbal incense extreme so what we're going to do is we're going to take that content that I had my outsourcer right now if you don't want to do this if you don't want to get a outsourcer right because that costs money cost me about a hundred dollars a week to have an outsourcer that does this stuff a lot of people don't have 100 bucks a week if you don't if you don't even have 20 bucks a month just go over to the Microsoft edge browser and I think you could just go over to like Bing and you can go to Bing click the chat button up here and you can prompt it to re make content for you all right so what I would do is just take a look at a keyword and go out there and be like okay well let's talk about Diablo incense and I would do something like what is or I could say write a small article about Diablo incense and the uses for it now when you're doing this stuff it's very very important and we'll put this up there so you can see it it's very important that you focus on the intent of the person searching what we're going to do which is super important let's see if the chalkboard works better over here I think it does all right what we're going to do here is we are going to take a look at [Applause] how we're going to do this so what we want to do is take our keyword that says keyword right there keyword we're going to take our keyword and we are going to look at the intent all right who knows what an intent is an intent is very simply the word why why would someone search for Diablo incense why would they do it well probably because they either want to buy it they want to know what it means pretty much that that's the the deal like is it good for relaxing is it good for this is it good for that that's pretty much what they want to know so what we're going to do is say write a small article about Diablo incense and the uses for it pay close attention to this next part this is the foundation of a new seven-figure business I'm starting not the incense business that one's going to make some money too but this is something I'm doing behind the scenes which I'll reveal in a little bit a little bit meaning probably next week so write a small article smash the like button if you want to see that write a small article about Diablo incense and the uses for it all right boom it's gonna go through it's gonna write a little article and what a lot of people don't realize is chat GPT is stuck back in the old days of internet marketing like it's practically wearing bell bottoms but Bing is actually searching the web live and if you're a fan of bell bottoms you know I I like him I I was born in the 70s so you know I gotta like that kind of fashion so what we're doing here is we're like okay here's a little article about this okay then I can go through and say now please tell me the intent of someone searching for this phrase all right let's see okay so now we have this based on the search query seems the user interested in learning about Diablo incense and it uses okay so it says the game so I could say now remove the info about the game and create an article that passes copyscape and AI detectors about the Diablo incense uses and also include a little sales blurb blurb that said that's a funny word blurb about selling the incense selling incense waterfalls okay so now what this is going to do is it's going to go through and actually it's going to think because what we are paid to do is think about what the user wants that's your job all right when I see videos online we gotta think about what they want to watch them why are you watching this video all right well to make money online yeah but it's a little bit deeper than that all right you guys are here because you want to learn a real way to build a real business because there's a lot of junk out there that doesn't help you now once I know that I can do a lot better in my marketing because if I just write me an article about how to make money online that's going to be garbage all right so now it's kind of I think it's going nuts here but we can see how this works and then we can also go through so let's resend that I can also go through and say now please make a chart about related types of incense now think about how you can use this in your marketing right when we go through we're like okay well maybe I'm talking about click funnels or web hosting or aweber or software or chat GPT I could say now make a table of 10 chat GPT competitors with pricing and links to the site AI is going to do that in a snap and that's going to fit the intent okay is everyone getting that I want to see the chat box light up with the word intent type intent if you get that that's how I make a living by knowing the intent all right excellent so what we're going to do here is look at this and say okay now make a chart and it'll go through and it'll make a nice little chart for me right like this okay so it's giving us them without a chart we can put that in a chart okay that's where you're going to have to do a little bit of work I'm sorry you might have to copy and paste a few things might be a little bit of work but hey you want to make a living online this is where you learn how to do it so now we have all these different things and it talks about all this and what's happening is we are now getting a piece of content that is you very good and apparently it's making an image for us too let's put this over here because I don't know what kind of image it's going to give us okay it gave us image of of uh incense it was okay right it gave it some some incense images there of like different types of incense so it might be usable actually too bad it's like here's the different types of incense and what they're used for so thank you Bing for going a step further and making it even better so what we're going to do is we're going to create content based on this so here I have best incense for positive energy where did I get that keyword well what I'm doing is I'm looking over here and trying to find things that will work now again I'm going to be able to sell the incense on Amazon and make money okay very good I could do incense for positive energy okay now we got 190 20.

And while this might look small again we are using AI driven content to get this traffic and this ladies and gentlemen is going to build up to what we're talking about over here right you say well Marcus you know that one only gets uh 200 volume a month okay well 200 volume a month let's say let's say from that post with all the different keywords let's say I get 30 visitors a month one one little visitor a day just one guy strolling onto my website every day all right that's going to add up because I know if I get to a thousand I can make some money now again remember you need a thousand to go to the offer but this is going to get us closer and now if I have 30 of these 30 times 30 a month that's 900.

Now we're getting closer what if I have a hundred of them and you know what some of them are going to get like 200 visitors a month some might even get a thousand visitors a month and what's going to happen over time is bada bing bada boom this is going to build towards this type build it up if you want to see me build this thing up and show you exactly how it works because it is a numbers game all I'm doing is making videos making content leading to the thing that makes me money which is the incense thing that pays me um thirty dollars a sale and I'm also going to make money with other stuff which I know works because I've proved the concept and I've already sold I think 600 bucks worth of incense things on Amazon all right I wasn't even trying they were just just a link on a site so we look at this and we're like okay this is pretty good this is pretty good so what we're going to do is we're going to go over to the incense website so we're gonna go here and I had my assistant set up a little site here so that we we have something if you don't know how to do this you literally go to get some web hosting put it up and you're good to go and there's a couple of links that we're going to be using in this training one is and the other is at you can follow along with the new business I'm making about content at you can follow this entire process where we're building the incense business up so what we're going to do is we're going to log into WordPress right like this and let me see where did I put my codes there we go okay so over here we're going to log in right here put the ginormous passcode okay so now we're going to log in like this and we're going to go over to posts okay now when we go over to post all we're going to do is start building this stuff up now the way that we set up our blogs is we have an opt-in box here okay right like this they could put their name and email that's going to take them to the thank you post right here and they're going to join our mailing list that's going to help us sell even more now what we're going to do is we're going to have free reports down here which is a little widget which will automatically put our new posts up that way when Google looks at the home page they look at our other post those posts get ranked we get traffic it's going to build up to that stuff that makes money we're going to be good to go okay so what we're going to do is we're just going to start with each of these and we are going to go through and say okay so best incense for positive energy all right I would go through and see if I had an old ranking for positive energy right so let's go into the calendar okay and this is why ahrefs is a good tool to have because it'll show you everything it ever ranked for since like the dawn of time and that's you know to me that's worth some money so we're gonna go through and be like okay let's see if we ranked for anything related to energy incense if we did we're going to try to use the same link structure okay so I see product product okay that's okay so let's do um let's do keyword and we'll do energy okay and what we'll do is we'll try to copy the link structure if we have something that it ranked for with energy doesn't look like it yeah none so we'll just do a new one okay in that case we'll do a new one so we're gonna go over here we're gonna go add new post we're going to type in our title all right our title is right here best incense for positive energy right like that it's going to do its little thing right there then we're going to take our content right like this and our content has the little table this was all created with chat GPT and an outsourcer okay so again think about the intent someone's looking for positive energy I could sell them other stuff maybe I could sell them a meditation course or something right these people that search this stuff up it's it's kind of like its own little religion in a way which is cool because like religion makes a lot of money I'm clearly in the wrong business right but we can go through I used to be in the religion business but uh I like the internet better right so we're going to go through and we'll do this here just clean it up a bit you can clean up these you could put you know two if you want to put a two here or whatever or even just remove the number you can just clean it up however you want very simple okay so what we're going to do is we're going to have best incense for positive energy bada bing bada boom let's see how this looks okay and we just post it right like this now once we go through we're just gonna take a look okay best incense for positive energy I could put that image that it came up with in there as well I can see it's got the little chart it's looking pretty good right it's got some good stuff okay best incense for positive energy we got the spelling right you can check it for spelling if you want as well but I think in sense We spelled that right yeah I believe so let's just double check it okay yes we are spelled correctly there we go okay so when we have this we're like okay good now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go over and take a look at the offer right so that was over at smart advv uh let's see hopefully I have my passcode saved in here that would make life way easier and yes I do Does anyone else feel like you won a prize when your password is right I don't know I do okay so what we're going to do is we're going to utilize uh the affiliate Network here so I went ahead and signed up at the affiliate Network we're going to go ahead and we search incense okay and then what I'm gonna do here we go here's the offer for the incense right all I'm gonna do is get my offer tracking link copy and now I can put this wherever I want right so I could go through and literally be like the best way to get positive energy is with incense cones and this incense waterfall it is super relaxing and inexpensive I use mine all the time and you can have a disclaimer which you should have a disclaimer that says I'm an affiliate right and then all I got to do is highlight that link it to my affiliate link boom boom boom update and now right sander says it's hard to get accepted on those networks I was accepted in about 30 minutes and I have never talked to him before all right so if you call them you should be fine if it's hard to get accepted sell stuff on Amazon then go to them and be like hey I sold like 9 000 bucks worth of stuff on Amazon related to this can I please join your network nothing will get you in a network faster than telling them the offer you want I've done this time and time again you go to them you say look I know you got the incense offer I got traffic for it here's my website got any questions call me Skype me whatever and they will call you they'll Skype you because all they want to do is make sure that you're not shady and like you prove that and you're good so like they just want to know that you're doing stuff that's good and so we have the best way to get positive energy boom goes to the offer we are golden okay very cool so when they go to that offer and buy the incense thing which I think is like I I think it's like 12 bucks or something or 19.

Right here's the landing page which this will sell like crazy I know that let me go here let's see share screen there we go uh this will sell like crazy really really really cool um boss says let me sell nine thousand dollars worth of things first it's not hard to do I'm already at a thousand and I haven't even tried like just the question is is like do you want to do this business or do you want to mess around like if you want to do this business content marketing is a strategy that works time and time again now if you want to go out there and be like well you know I I can't really do this I'm not when I started this business I was in it to win it I'm like I'm gonna go out there I'm going to do this business people said well what if you fail so there is no failure I'm gonna do it well what if that what's your backup plan I don't have one I'm gonna go do this now that's not to say you should quit everything and go start a business but that is to say go do what you got to do to get what you want to get like some people will go out there and they'll be like oh well you know this doesn't work that doesn't work chat GPT is too slow I don't like WordPress I don't want to spend four dollars as they're sipping their 12 latte driving to a job that makes less than they could make on the internet you got to be in it to win it and if you're in It to Win It smash the like button and say in it to win it right selling stuff is not hard there are billions of people on the internet there are billions of people on Tick Tock and billions of people on YouTube and billions of people sir and if you realize I'm going to go do this right it's like the story my uncle tells uh or I tell about my uncle years ago um my dad back before he passed was helping us get a table from my grandma and and we were going to get the table because we moved out when I was like 15 and we needed furniture and you know they were helping us with that and we had the table and my uncle was like we'll just put the table on upside down you don't need to strap it down and my dad's like no you need to you need to tie it down and so they had this big argument about it and my dad or my brother drives his truck down the hill and we get to the first stop sign and the table just whoo falls out and crashes all over the road and um you know my uncle was mad because he hated when my dad had an I told you so like whenever my dad hadn't I Told You So my uncle got beat red and got really mad and my uncle's a big guy when he gets mad you run he's a big dude great guy lovable guy and so this thing crashed all over and everyone wanted to fix it they said oh you need to do you need to do this you need to do that and my uncle says stop everybody find something to do I'm doing this and that's how you want to treat your business everyone else find something to do this is what I'm doing because I know that this makes money and when I started 23 years ago I said everybody finds something to do this is what I'm doing this is what I'm doing and when you have that one-track Focus and you look at it like this is going to work I'm not going to let an affiliate network stand in my way I had one one year we ran an offer they said oh you can't run it that way they didn't pay me guess what I did I went to the next one I'm like I'm not gonna I'm not gonna work with those guys anymore but what did I do I tested a little bit I tested two thousand dollars to their offer I'm not gonna throw the whole kit and caboodle at something I'm gonna test the offer see if it works and guess what I tested this the incense waterfalls sell so now my job is what am I going to do am I going to let that affiliate network stand in my way or am I going to call them up and say give me this offer if you want money you want some money I got traffic for this right and you go get traffic for it and if you want to do it with Amazon do you not think Amazon selling nine thousand I did the math it's actually closer to nine hundred thousand dollars a month in incense waterfalls and we start to understand wait a minute this is something where we need to look at it at the big picture right there are billions of dollars being made Online daily whether you do a business or not whether you watch my videos whether you're on vacation whether you don't even have the internet that's going to happen that is a fact it cannot be argued and when you start to look at that and you say well how do I build this so it will work well what I'm going to do is I'm going to go out there and make it happen so I start with this and if you can't get accepted at the offer start with Amazon get some traffic jam hey look we sold 100 of these over here it didn't make much because I don't have your offer but I'd like to have your offer then you post the content so we go through we're like okay there's the one for this right like AJ says commit to making one post a day with your blog yeah I mean you could do more but commit to doing something consistently the reason I make money is I show up I show up every day if you show up every day and you do things that are getting you closer you're gonna win it might not be a billionaire but hey maybe you can make a living maybe you can do this maybe you can do that and you start to look at this and say wait a minute now I go through I got my offer I'm ready to go okay uh best incense for positive energy the next one we had was [Music] um incense for anxiety so this is actually getting really good because now I can link to anxiety stuff as well it's not just about incense because again the intent is anxiety relief they don't want to just have incense they want Anxiety Relief and again here's some AI content very simple so we go in and I say okay let's do a new post incense for anxiety and we can go through and see if it ever ranked for anything for anxiety right like this uh Joseph says two shorts two short videos a day one long form per week well with these incense things I mean you could make if I wanted to if I spent eight hours and I was like I don't got a job I need to make this work and I spent eight hours today I could probably create 30 videos I don't think that would be Outlander you're literally filming let me show you your job right your job is so easy is not even funny you literally let's let's go full screen here right you guys want to see this this is going to be fun you literally go out there and you're like here is the incense boat right it looks like a little frog in the boat pretty cool okay and you put the incense right there and you light it and you take a video and it's not hard to do if you guys want to learn how to do that check out video number one in the description we showed exactly how it works Janice says I purchased everything under the sun no training like this I love it thank you Marcus for awesome knowledge and golden nuggets I'm never giving up you cracked all the codes exactly and it's not even a code it's just you just follow along you just do something deliberate over and over and over again and it will get results okay um so we'll go through here's the next one okay incense for positive energy we got that now we're going to do harnessing the soothing power of incense for anxiety relief Karen says you'd need money to buy the product for the videos though and that you're not going to spend eight bucks on this I mean I don't know a lot of people would rather spend five thousand dollars to go to some guru's house on a mountain as if they're gonna you know light their socks off with some crazy info spend five grand on products two grand on product I don't make anything selling this so you could go buy this and I will make nothing and you can make a video about it and you can make a video about uh incense for whatever I spent a total of I think I'm at about 800 bucks on products that wasn't bad now if you can't afford products do review stuff right there are free ways to do this you go out there and you say okay well I can review what people are talking about there are ways to do this if you want to do that check out my quiz video method and check out the links in the description okay you can do that very cool or partner with someone go find someone who's got a thousand bucks say buy these products let's go into business and I'll split it with you that's not that hard to do all right but again there are free methods if if you have to do free stuff you can do it but seriously like I mean when I first started my business I I wasn't afraid to pay for things I needed you know you just got to go do it like yeah don't go to the bar one of the things that saved me a lot of money is I'm nine years sober and that saves me a good thousand dollars a month which is great um probably more than that but you know that's for a different webinar but we go through and we're like okay copy all this content put it on here put our um affiliate Link in there and I actually went through and I said for things like anxiety I went a step further so I said okay tell me why which there which anxieties are best or which incenses are best for anxiety and guess what ladies and gentlemen this does not require buying a product harnessing the incense for anxiety relief you can create that on Bing you can put it on a Blog if you don't have money for a Blog you can put it on medium or whatever right and there you go can an illiterate person make fifty dollars a day using AI help I I have no idea like if you can't I mean it's up to you a guy there's no difference right it's like can this guy make money well anyone can it's a matter of will you not can you um first if you are truly unable to read I would I would focus on learning to read first I think that that's probably going to help you in the long run um but when you look at this it's like okay here we go this is talking about this this does not require a product we set it up and in here I actually took it a step further and I said now come up with some song recommendations all right so I could get them to audible I could sell books I could do all kinds of stuff very very simple right it's here's a song recommendation and the incense song The incense and this is something that is actually helpful content if you are out there looking for incense for anxiety this kind of post is going to be very valuable for you because you'll be like oh here's the types oh and they also talk about music oh and they also talk about different ways to burn the incense all right how many of you guys are digging this and smash the like button and let me know because this is where the rubber meets the road like now I'm going here and guess what next week we'll check on how these are ranking uh mark gretz on 26 years sober that's awesome um amazing and uh let's see here so now we got that okay so now we got two posts and you can see here they're adding down here as we post them so Google will find these very very soon you guys can follow along and see how it works again if you want to follow along we're going to put the whole process over at if you don't want to write content we are starting a new service at get you can check out uh just started that yesterday and I got to tell you that thing went crazy people are wanting that like there's no tomorrow so that's going to be a fun one to go through as well so we go through and we're like okay now we got these all right let's post some more let's see what else we got we got uh where'd our folder go incense for cleansing okay so we could go through here now what we're doing is we are deliberately right for those that are like I don't have money to buy the products fine incense for cleansing get 700 searches a month I can go to YouTube I can go to tick tock I can make a video with no money about the types of incense for cleansing watch this 167 000 views 126 000 views this looks like there's no one in it um here's another one on and on we go spiritual cleansing with uh with the incense and on and on you go and it's like oh wait a minute they don't really have any products in those ones all right so we got cleansing add new and what are you gonna do you're gonna use the content so I can make a video with this content I created do you guys see is very important do you guys see how everything I'm doing is congruent this is the key we have our keyword our intent our why and congruency right it is all one track what do most people do okay someone just asked what do I do if I'm new well here's what you do you find one thing and you be congruent most people trying to make money online they're like I'm going to try this incense thing Marcus said it's good and then tomorrow they're like oh today I'm going to try Etsy and then the next day they're like I heard a guy sold his shoe on eBay for nine hundred dollars I got two of them I'm gonna sell shoes on eBay right and you look at that and it's like well you're doing all these jumbled up things and they're not getting anywhere but if you're congruent you're like I'm going to stay the course even if I can't get accepted to the affiliate Network I'm going to do Amazon and I'm going to build and everything is going to build on the thing I did the day before and this is going to Skyrocket and it's going to grow now as I go along I'm gonna look at it and be like okay did that post actually rank in Google if it didn't why okay if it doesn't Rank and I can't get it to rank let's make a video all right we should probably make a video anyway but you know there you go like the lady right says pick a thing and get good at it and do it over and over again and over and over again even when you think it's not working and look at the data every single day every day and build and grow and follow the path and watch what happens and go through and look at your stats and say hey you know what that didn't rank as good as I thought it would why Why didn't it rank as good as I thought it did and how can I make it rank better so now we got incense for cleansing we'll put this one up all right so incense for cleansing boom get our content here oops there we go Gotta Have sound effects right and then we go through we're like okay let's put this one up incense for cleansing boom there we go get rid of these weird things here and you start to look at how this works now definitely think about running these through copyscape and AI content detectors and things like that which I believe my outsourcers already did this okay and that's part of we do that for you if you get our content plan okay and we go through and here it is but what we're doing is building a business out of things people are searching for now I know that this is the kind of thing I can do very simply on Tick Tock right I could go to tick tock I'm sure there's incense for cleaning right very simple uh seed says I get anxious a lot so anxiety connection Niche will be interesting to me exactly and that's something that I dealt with everyone who's ever had a problem with drinking and stuff like that um you get anxiety that is the side effect of of being an addict is anxiety through the nose I mean it is unbearable anxiety um and I learned how to get through that and and one of my YouTube channels I do teach this we have a business it's not doing super great because I don't have a lot of time to work on it um but it does make a little bit of money and it does reach a lot of people and that's what I'm more concerned with on that business is reaching a lot of people that are struggling with anxiety and things like that and this is something where you know you can help people and you can go through and say well you know maybe maybe over on offer Vault there's some kind of Herbal Cleanse or maybe there's some kind of this or some kind of that and you look at that and it's very very very important and it's it's very good because this is this is getting us to the path we need to be on which is a business and every little thing these three posts I just put up on this call are going to point to the offer now I'm going to go through and maybe next week we'll have a call about how to structure your offer because what we need to do is we need to start thinking about how to flip this over and by flipping over what we're going to be doing is we are going to take them from just looking up these incense terms to something that makes money and we're going to base it on what they're searching if they're searching anxiety all right well anxiety stuff is is expensive if they're looking for cleansing they'll be a little bit different one because spiritual cleansing I don't think I don't think that pays much but I might be able to be creative and find something else and worst case scenario I tell them to buy the incense waterfall and I get 30 bucks which is cool so we start to realize okay how do I get them over to what it is I want them to do and you need to have that like I don't sit down and write a piece of content unless I know the beginning middle and end and by that I don't mean introduction welcome to the ins now what I mean is beginning what's a key word about what's the intent middle how am I going to provide content based on that intent and how am I going to get them to the thing that makes me money Easter says uh so you mean that the key to rank and get traffic is the right keyword with the right domain no more stuff you don't even need the right domain some of these are so low competition if you just stay steady get backlinks you could rank with a brand new domain I've seen it done I've done it every domain at one point was new now incense overnight I got for twelve dollars plus the 20 fee so 33 bucks I'm in business it'll rank really quick because it did rank yeah I think we'll be okay there so when we look at this we're like oh I'm starting to get this is a business this is how it goes start to finish if we were to go and start a restaurant all right well first we need the the place right I can't just cook on the side of the road I need a restaurant and so we go get the restaurant and we're like well now we need some stoves right but what's the most important thing when starting a restaurant okay let's have a pop quiz here if you're going to start a restaurant today what is the most important thing okay you could say oh well you know maybe it's your maybe it's the location right where is your restaurant Joe's or whatever right Eat At Joe's all right is it the location what is it look let's hear your answers in the box and I think what I'm about to show you is going to shock you okay uh Sarah this is not pre-recorded um I didn't get any other questions from you they might have been filtered out if like if you put a domain it gets filtered out Karen says food okay what else location okay traffic so that's kind of like location location and traffic is one uh USP we got demographics we got okay money money yeah maybe maybe not I mean in that example yeah if you said customers that's key that's what you need if you focus 100 percent on customers your restaurant will succeed unless your food is terrible and even if your food is terrible ladies and gentlemen the most successful restaurant on planet Earth the food is terrible I think you all know the name of that restaurant and so we look at that we're like customers are it what are we doing here I started with customers I'm starting with the customers are here there they are they are searching so I know where they're at and I know what they want that's why what you have at your fingertips this year with AI you can reach customers like that we saw Mr Beast went out there and you know he's got a lawsuit going on for his uh Mr Beast Burgers because I had one of them and it it was not good at all um but Mr Beast using the internet sold a hundred million dollars worth of hamburgers I believe it was 100 million you can Google it and double check but I'm pretty sure it was a hundred million dollars didn't have a location didn't have any stoves didn't have a USP he just said these are Mr beastburgers go buy them more successful than 99.9 of restaurants food was terrible sold a bunch are you guys getting the power who has more power a guy who can cook really good I cook pretty good right I like to toot my own horn with that Everyone likes to eat my food so there you go but uh who has more power the the chef that can make fantastic food right like let's say you take Chef Ramsay all right he's a famous chef everyone knows Chef Ramsay without his TV shows who's more successful money-wise without his TV shows him with his restaurants or Mr Beast with a burger that was pretty much inedible who's more successful unfortunately it's the guy with the customers and if you know how to drive customers that is ipso facto number one way to make money online number one because if you understand this and you're like wait a minute wait a minute so we have all this stuff here and these are these are customers if you know how to get in front of them and I get in front of all these people and I'm helping them out here's some incense for this here's some incense for that here's a little dude on a boat with the incense there he is or a frog right and I'm like hey check this out this is what we got I can reach people and I could be more successful than the shop in the mall that sells rocks and incense and things like that think about that because the shop in the mall ladies and gentlemen I don't think you understand the power of what you have the power of what you have with AI and internet marketing is unparalleled in the mall we go there my uh youngest daughter loves crystals and incenses and all kinds of stuff like that so we always go in this place in the mall all right and they got all kinds of stuff it's a really cool store but their rent is probably six thousand dollars maybe even twelve thousand dollars for a space in the mall so before they wake up every single day they got to come up with anywhere from 200 to 400 a day before they even wake up they haven't sold anything they hadn't done anything you have a website that some people complain is too expensive at six dollars a month for web hosting okay so I'm at six bucks okay now they can reach yeah the mall's pretty busy they could reach some some decent amount of people but you know what ladies and gentlemen if I spent 12 Grand to get internet people looking for the same products I am going to sell out any product I can imagine this is why you see people are like hey dude I went on Tick Tock and now I'm a millionaire because they're getting in front of people if you were able to put all 12 Grand into advertising instead or Marcus you don't understand I have no money fine instead you put your time and you say okay I'm gonna get in front of this guy looking up incense for cleansing I'm gonna go over here and I'm gonna look up incense four incense four what do people want to use incense for right we got is incense bad for you cats all kinds of stuff and it'll show you all the different stuff and when you look at this you will start to see the search volume 35 000 searches a month I don't think 35 000 people go into this store I don't think so I I'd be hard-pressed to say do 35 000 people go to that store in the mall I don't know I was in there and there was like one other person and I don't even think they bought anything but I could flood something and this is why you see it and you know in the affiliate marketing world if you know how to drive traffic and move product you're a winner learn that skill whether you buy something from a guru whether you whatever you do learn that skill and if you focus on learning that skill everything else falls into place because now I'm setting this business up and I'm like okay now I know the content I'm going to go through I'm going to watch this and I'm gonna build it and I'm gonna grow it and I'm gonna say I need people to come in that are interested in this stuff and we already have I think um 22 pieces of content or something 20.

something like that 20 pieces of content right and there you go what if each of those gets 10 people a month all right well that's 220 people a month what if each gets 100 a month now we're starting to build and again it's all congruent based on there we go congruent based on what's going on and you start to realize that there is no mystery to the internet marketing game there's no mystery it's all laid out plain and simple and if you follow the road map you will get where you want to go but you need to make decisions based on data data everything needs to be based on data ISTA says so the search intent matter when choosing the right keyword yes you need to look at the intent and what you can do with it what can I do with someone looking up words like incense or or whatever it is and then I start to build and grow now next week we'll go through and we'll talk about how to put a banner up how to get people to opt in like I would go through and I'd say yeah you know maybe I will want to get people to the main page and have like a guide about a hundred different incenses or incenses for different things or spiritual cleansing guide or whatever it is and I start to go through and make it work in a really easy way you did mention about incense in one more video a year ago I wish I did this before you decisions in action exactly that's the thing like you know I got customers that come to me all the time and they're like Marcus I bought you know your course or I tried something like a year ago and I didn't do anything and I'm like do you know what would happen if you were consistent every day for a year every day for a year now I'm not saying be silly you don't want to go out there and be consistent on stuff that doesn't work you want to make data-driven decisions and do things at work I know this will work because there's a product and there's traffic it's pretty much all I need that's it game over I win that's all you need and when you look at it it starts to build and grow so what we're going to do is we're going to put this up I'm going to lead them to the the incense guide that I'm going to create with AI I'm going to keep doing content that is based on what people search for right incense for this incense for that all kinds of things okay so incense for cleansing protection right and sense for protection we probably do have that one and all kinds of different things like that you could even do like best incense okay and you can find a Best incense Fountain I mean look at that that is such low competition and I could go out there and I could make content about the best incense fountain or the best smelling incense or whatever it is and I start to see that I'm tackling a market that I know has money they the data shows the proof so all I'm going to do is keep posting this and I'm going to keep posting this and you guys are going to watch how it works live if you guys are excited about that smash the like button and if you do want to follow along over at we're going to post stats we're going to have links to new videos we're going to have um our student that we gave this business to back in here and show her how to build this stuff and you guys can follow along you can do this in your own Niche you can build it in a very very simple way life hustle says what do you think if we put a website with yours will we be able to compete try it out I mean it's up to you like you could do incense you can do whatever you want um I would say find something that you think you can do well like if you're into incense if you like it that is a plus um you can also look at affiliate offers or whatever it is but it all comes down to having the right content strategy and I get people all the time I get authors I get people with products I get people with courses books software all kinds of things that they want to sell online and they come to me and they're like Marcus how would you sell this and the answer is always the same but the method's a little different the answer is with a Content strategy what is the strategy to reach people who have what you have like these people here they don't know they're going to buy the incense waterfall they're just looking for incense for cleansing my job is to get them into that product and this is my content strategy and if you have a product or something that you want to sell check out that's our new offer we're putting together where literally you come to me with an affiliate offer you come to me with a product and we map out your content strategy and we have a team that makes that content with AI and all you do is go post it and Report how it does and it's a very very simple way to get started because a lot of people struggle with what is my strategy to selling this oh I'm gonna go sell it on Etsy okay that's fine some people get lucky but if you don't have a Content strategy you're going to struggle oh I'll sell this on Amazon okay good you might get lucky it might sell but again if you have a Content strategy it's going to sell it's going to it's not if it's when and when you understand that this is how it works and when you have all these little like they're like little army men or salesmen out there getting traffic to you over and over and over and over and over again and you might look at it and be like well okay I have this keyword over here for herbal incense all right what does that make me well herbal incense you know maybe that makes me sixty dollars a month maybe that one's terrible all right maybe I have the one for anxiety maybe that one does really good and it makes me 300 a month or maybe I have one for you know maybe I put a video on YouTube about relaxing incense and that does really well maybe that one drives a hundred sales a month maybe that one makes three thousand dollars and these are not unheard of I mean Amazon's selling a million dollars a month plus worth of this type of stuff so if I can do this right and get people in with the idea of I'm going to sell this offer that makes a lot of money then boom there we go and it's very very very important uh Daniel says I'm not completely illiterate I bought your Simple Sites course but I was having trouble with the content writing would it be easier with AI now yes so if you're a Simple Sites member go on the Tuesday call and we have we had a training yesterday so go in your blog profit Network right and watch yesterday's training it'll teach you how to get AI to write content it was a it was a really good training we did a lot of questions a lot of good stuff I had my my new helper here who is a writer and she was giving us her feedback we're actually building that together and you know looking at that it's not hard to do you don't need to be a good writer you do need to be a good Checker and make sure that the facts are right and stuff like that but overall I think it's pretty simple to do and to follow along again and if you want like if you have a product and you're like dude Marcus I want you to sell this product for me um go to get check that out uh right now it is inexpensive because we're testing it um it is going to be very expensive once we're done testing so if you want that now uh check that out what about buying on Alibaba and then selling it on Amazon how would you blow about how would you go about that so for that what you're going to do is is you have to look at business in terms of where does each pit piece fit all right it's like a puzzle okay when you have a puzzle each piece has to fit so we have a puzzle and we're like okay where does this fit so if you're looking at Alibaba okay Ally right Alibaba over here what is that well that is your monetization method that's all it is so with Alibaba you could successfully have a garage full of crap you can't sell that's what it is let's get real about it I could buy 500 000 of these for like dirt cheap or I could buy a hundred of them dirt cheap however many I want I can put them in my garage and I can have incense boats everywhere but what does that do for me nothing again what was the most important thing [Applause] having customers if you're buying stuff on Alibaba you ain't got any customers yet well Marcus I'm gonna sell it on Amazon okay try it out but I want a plan that's going to sell it with or without Amazon because with Amazon I'm competing with everyone else I'm gonna have to sell it for the price they're selling it for I'm gonna have to outrank them I'm gonna have to do X Y and Z if I'm out there making content about incense holders I can go on Tick Tock and I could sell it for whatever I want boom there you go so what that is is a profit center now will we go to Alibaba yeah if that affiliate offer goes away that pays me 30 bucks or I find that people want this incense holder rather than the the 30 one then yeah I'll go to Alibaba because this is the same as an affiliate offer you're just selling it yourself that's it well Marcus what about Dropship same thing only instead of Alibaba shipping it to you they ship it to the customer again you need the customer to be able to make this all happen what I'm showing you right here is how to get said customer we will learn to spell right right so if I can do it I think that other guy can too but we're starting to look at this and be like this is what I need to be good at everything else means nothing you can have a garage full of cheap stuff but if you don't know how to sell it you just got a garage full of worthless stuff years ago um my dad was very he liked to be religious I grew up in a very religious family and he was trying to sell a movie his friends had made a movie about it was like a Christian movie and it was like an allegory and it actually was up for an Oscar which was pretty cool because my dad was a realtor he wasn't a movie guy so I thought that was cool um but he went out there and after this thing aired they were like oh we're up for an Oscar so we're gonna make a lot of money so they packed our garage with DVDs and they're like what do we do we can't sell these and literally we had to move the DVDs over so you could park his car in the garage and it was a big pain he had 10 000 DVDs but you know what he didn't have he didn't have customers they came to me and he's like Marcus say I know you're good at finding people on the internet what do we do and these were you know the the guys that were in the movie business wanted to be fancy and they're like Marcus your websites look like they were made in the 1980s this is not what we on the red carpet do and I'm like well you might be on the red carpet but you ain't got no money because the stuff isn't selling why don't you try my method and my dad's like okay try my son's method let's humor him and they tried the method and instantly right this guy we went on he had an interview on a Christian TV talk show and I was like use my website and they're like no it's ugly it's like just use it anyway we push the button we use my website it got ten thousand dollars worth of orders in about three minutes just overnight almost crashed crashed the server and they're like no no let's go back to the pretty website they went back no sales we waited we're like maybe maybe it's just a fluke they waited about a half hour and I was like are you ready to try my site again they turn mine on sales went through the roof why because I know how to get customers I mean these are people that were up for an Oscar like I've never been up for No Award anywhere but they couldn't sell this thing and so later my dad went out there and he's like because there was investors in it and he's like I want all the investors to be paid back so I'm going to sell the movie myself and he went to churches and he's like oh hey saw this movie have these things and he eventually got everyone paid back to the tune of like I think he sold like 900 Grand worth of the DVD which is pretty cool now he was working his tail off trying to do it but the fact of the matter is he had customers the other guys had nothing you can have the greatest movie on planet Earth and if you don't know how to sell it it's not going to do anything it's not going to do anything well Marcus you don't understand what if we get I don't know name a famous ad Johnny Depp in our movie okay what is that going to do that's going to bring customers why why does this work ladies and gentlemen because guess what what does Johnny Depp have Johnny Depp has customers right that's why Willy Wonka which I believe was the worst movie ever made in the history of movies sorry if you disagree why did it sell so good because Johnny Depp had customers I said well I liked him in the Pirates let's go see him in that dead candy movie or whatever right that's why it worked and if you understand nothing else matters well Marcus you know I heard about uh these faceless YouTube videos that's about getting customers if you do it right very important but if you make videos just about whatever you're gonna have trouble so when you look at that we need to understand it um life hustles yeah if you're going to get click the big link first like there's going to be a webinar on Saturday that's the the link you got but if you want to buy the the website content thing go back to the site and there's a big link above the arrows okay but yeah that's the key like if you know how to get customers game over you win Pasco put some money in your pocket I think we got some money there we go there's some money in your pocket and it will work and that's the key because you got to understand that and a lot of people don't a lot of people don't understand that but customers is key Mr B sad customers Johnny Depp had customers my dad went out there got customers for the movie I got customers for all kinds of things and that's when you're able to launch businesses super fast if I have 300 000 people on a mailing list that are interested in incense guess how much I'm gonna make when I find a new product boom Stan says that's that Willy Wonka sucked I am not a fan of either of them I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for that but I just do not like the Willy Wonka movies I don't know why I don't like them but at any rate that's the key and you start to look at that but thank you for your input Stan I know a lot of people like it me and my wife always have an argument about those movies because I'm like I I can't stand them like I was I was the kid in school that would have rather done homework instead of watched Willy Wonka in class but at any rate um you know they got customers there you go and that's the key so get if you want me to sell your product if you want that subscribe special like button check out the videos in the description there's number one video uh where I went through the idea the second video is the one where Kate was here and we showed her the business follow along you guys are going to see this thing ramp up makes money have fun

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