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3 Mistakes To Learn From Within Email Marketing

Marketing by email is a very lucrative and exceptionally efficient strategy. Email marketing is one of the top tactics available to businesses today with an incredibly high conversion and customer loyalty rates. But, just like any other strategy, email marketing evolves, and some of the progression is directed by customer behavior as well as technological advances.

Email Advertising – 3 Common Mistakes

Email advertising is a very efficient way to promote your business and is a perfect example of online marketing automation. However many approach this strategy the wrong way which results in decreasing the marketing effectiveness of their messages. Read further to discover the 3 most common mistakes people make using email to grow their business and how to avoid them!

AWeber Autoresponder, The Ultimate Email Marketing Software!

AWeber is one of the fastest growing day by day email marketing companies out there today. Many people are hopping on the bandwagon with AWeber Autoresponder simply because of the ease of access and usability. An autoresponder is 100% needed in any online marketing or niche. Without this kind of email marketing software, your life would be that much harder.

Why Email Lists With Opt In Matter

When you open up your own email account each day, you no doubt are confronted with a variety of new messages in your inbox that require your attention. You look at these messages quickly and make a hasty decision about whether to discard the messages without opening them, read them quickly and then discard them, or save them because they offer some value or use to you. When it comes to emailing customers for your own business, you will find that remembering your own personal habits for responding to new messages in your inbox is important.

Why You Should Learn Email Marketing

One simple word, trust. What do you mean by that you may ask? Well thanks to all the dirt bag criminal spammers, and scammers of the 1990's, and early 2000's. Everybody, including me, is absolutely terrified of getting ripped off, or having some virus get on their computer, or having their identity stolen, because they bought a program online.

Marketing Via Email: Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email marketing is applauded for its stability and its direct and specific approach. It has definitely surpassed traditional media in convenience, swiftness and expanse. It is something worth investing in and marketers should not overlook this one.

Is Email Marketing Becoming the Marketing of the Past Because of Mobile?

This is a really tough question to answer and I think the answer lies in the facts or the statistics as they are now. Many of the new email programs and or internet service providers are blocking the majority of emails that are sent everyday. Just this one stat tells a story! With the creation of spam filters the fact is email today in many cases has less then a 5% open rate. There are better statistics when you make your email a totally permission based email and most providers who deliver emails have built it systems to detect spamming. Remember when spam was something we had to eat as kids after the war. Here are some real hard facts about email and marketing today.

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