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Here's 5 Simple Ways To Email Marketing That Will Guarantee Your Success

By following these 5 simple steps your email marketing campaign can go from dull and drab, to a high-converting marketing sensation. These 5 simple tools are often over looked when creating an email marketing campaign, and could be the deadly reason your company's email marketing techniques are failing miserably.

The Wonderful World Of Free Email Lists

Setting up a website isn't nearly enough if you want to make a decent income as an online marketer. Setting up an email list is an integral part of the process, as this will allow you to keep in constant contact with your audience. While having an email list is important, a lot of online marketers are leery about using this tool, primarily because they are worried about the amount of money they will need to spend in order to come up with a list that has a decent size.

How Email Marketing Can Help Wedding Photographers

There aren't many jobs more pressure-packed than that of wedding photographer. He or she has one shot-quite often literally-to perfectly capture the biggest day of a couple's life and to take the pictures that will be lovingly displayed and shared for generations to come.

Concert Promoters and Email Marketing

The good ol' days of concert promoting really WERE the good ol' days. Between promoting a show on the radio-via commercials as well as ticket giveaways-and littering the local newspapers with advertisements for the show, as well as ticket prices that were affordable to the vast majority of listeners, promoters had little trouble filling theatres, arenas and stadiums.

Email Marketing and Event Planners

The calendar doesn't allow event planners to catch their breath. From birthdays to holiday parties and everything in between, people in this industry are always getting ready for something, 12 months and 365 days a year. So it's understandable if event planners spend little or no time soliciting new business. Yet it's essential to keep building a customer base, especially in this challenging economy and with clients continually reassessing their budgets and determining which luxuries they can and cannot afford.

Comedy Shows and Email Marketing

Let's face it: everyone needs a laugh these days. And there are few better ways to put a smile on your face and forget the troubles of the world than at a comedy show. Comedy shows at bars and hotels are an affordable means of entertainment for people as well as an inexpensive way for the owners of these establishments to fill the house.

Mailchimp + iPad Giveaway = Newsletter Success

Getting people to sign up for your newsletter isn't always easy. Even if you have killer content, the hurdle of signing up is often too much of a barrier. If you're finding signups to be a little slow, consider leveraging Mailchimp and the draw of the iPad.

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