Make $985 a Day with FREE AI tools (Make Money Online For Free)

here is how to make $1,000 a day online first let's find a product to sell for that let's go to Etsy and type in mouse pad dog there are lots of very popular shops that are selling these this shop made over 50,000 sales each selling for about 20 bucks and this looks so cool but probably super hard to design right it's actually super easy to make get a free canva account then use magic media which is AI prompt and it can create your paintings like this this will work perfectly for us then go to printify and search for a mouse pad and you can have this one fulfilled for $4 then just drag and drop your design over here and we're done our mouse pad is ready that's what it's going to look like pretty cool right then sell it on Etsy for about $15 to $20 it's only going to cost you about $4 to print connect Printery to your Etsy store and printify will handle everything for you automatically that's how you can grow your store to thousands of listings quickly subscribe and follow for more tutorials like this

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