Make $970 A Day Posting Waterfall Videos On Youtube [No Face Videos – I Tried It]

over 821 thousand dollars with waterfall videos okay I know you've seen lots of videos online about how to make money with rain videos without even showing your face however a lot of people have said that you can't really monetize those videos therefore you're not gonna make anything but I figured out a simple little hack and today we're going to use data to build a business that's going to make money guaranteed but you gotta make sure you pay attention to this entire video because unlike those other people talking about making rain videos we are actually going to show you something that works if you do it guaranteed and it's not that difficult in fact I believe anyone can do this so first what we're going to need is a camera which you probably already have on your phone or a Handycam or a fancy camera just anything that records video second we're going to need something like this that spins around a small version of these will cost about 26 bucks however if you don't have 26 dollars you can get what's known as a lazy Susan and do this manually again start with what you got you don't need to invest a bunch of money then we're going to need a couple of examples of the product but first a story back when I first started trying to make money online there was this thing known as CPA affiliate offers these were offers that would basically pay me more than a product cost so in the example we're talking about today the product cost about 19 to the end user and I'm actually going to get paid more than 19 each and every time I sell it now I want you to compare this with stuff like Drop Shipping or Amazon affiliate marketing or other things that they're saying like sourcing from Alibaba even using those if you were to sell a 19 product the odds are you're probably only going to make three maybe ten dollars after shipping and handling or if you're doing Amazon affiliate marketing this stuff's gonna sell and you'll probably get like 20 cents however today I'm gonna break that glass ceiling and show you how you can get as much as thirty dollars or more to sell the exact same product not only that I'm going to show you how to get free traffic literally overnight first of all we're going to need some products to test out this entire bunch of 10 products cost me right around a hundred and fifty dollars now I will talk to you about a free method to do this towards the end of the video but if you're looking to start an actual business that'll make money invest in the products that way you can test them out and make real actual videos and so far with all the products at around 150 dollars in the Lazy Susan machine that cost me about fifty dollars I'm in this entire business only 200 bucks but now I'm gonna need some lighting these little guys will cost you around 50 bucks we're gonna put these here on our little miniature set right like this and if we want to get fancy we can even add some color this one will put some blue on our little miniature set now the miniature set here I created out of a Home Depot brick panel it's the same brick panel we use pretty much on everything here which will cost you around 45 and this was only one panel that I cut and put on the couch here with my Lazy Susan machine right here and when we put the product in the mini set you can see how nice it looks in fact let's go ahead and switch over to the other camera here which could be done with your cell phone and you might be saying Marcus what does this have to do with waterfall videos actually I'm glad you asked because this here is what's known as an incense waterfall we'll give that a couple minutes to fire up and keep in mind that all of these products here cost me under 200 which means I can now make videos on all of these incense waterfall holders and you can see here how our waterfall is doing in the camera right here and I can quite simply take this video of the incense waterfall holder uploaded on YouTube Tick Tock Instagram even Pinterest and get tons of traffic and we can even change the way it looks with different lighting and using the remote or your manual Lazy Susan you can even change the direction it's actually super simple so first what we need to do is prove the concept and make sure there's enough traffic and money in this market to sustain an entire business what I'm looking for here is something that I can potentially make a hundred thousand dollars a year or [ __ ] where the majority of it would actually be profit and I think we have a winner here we could see here that incense waterfall is looked up over 13 000 times a month with lots of sub category keywords what you're going to notice is lots of different keywords about the different waterfalls and then it'll get into the types of waterfalls like skulls and moons and chakras and all kinds of things like that so there's all kinds of good stuff in this Niche now we can also go up a level and look at stuff like incense or incense burner or incense holder and all different kind of things like like this to get even more traffic like this one backflow incense burner that is a waterfall but that didn't come up under incense waterfall so there's another 15 000 searches a month incense holder there's another 29 burner another 42 and on and on we go so there's all kinds of good stuff here and lots of potential to make money and notice something important the competition's pretty much non-existent we could see greens all the way down which is what we want to look for next up we're going to take a look at the other places since this is going to be a video driven site now we're going to get into that in just a minute we can see here that the videos get lots of views 618 000 views 1.2 million 9.8 million and on and on we go these videos are getting viewed like crazy on YouTube not only that but Tick Tock has lots of views as well here's one with 810 thousand views two hundred thousand five hundred thousand eleven million the sky is the limit here over on Instagram you're gonna see the same thing lots of people getting lots of views for these incense burners and then of course Facebook video same thing going on so there's lots of ways to get traffic with our little videos that we're gonna make and we're also going to pair this with a search strategy we could see here on ahrefs this is a search strategy so when we create the video we're also going to create some content about the video with our little review and overview of how the incense burner did very simple we're doing this stuff anyway when we make the video we can just type out what we learned very very simple and when we take a look at a site that's doing this we can see this one here has lots and lots of traffic and it's doing pretty good we can also take a look at the competitors and see what's going on here's one for incense waterfall incense waterfall store all kinds of stuff related to incense incense burners and incense waterfalls this is a very very good Niche there's lots of money in it but there's one little problem if we were to look at the overview of a site like this we can see that the traffic value even though they're getting over 2500 visitors a month in a specific Niche ahrefs is saying that the traffic value is only 563 dollars wait a minute that seems like a lot of traffic for a little money and that's because the majority of the people trying to get into this market and make money are just going to be Amazon Affiliates and as we talked about earlier selling this incense thing on Amazon is only going to make us like 20 cents or maybe a dollar if we're lucky but don't worry your old buddy Marcus has a better way and that is to check out CPA affiliate offers on offervault over on offervault if we type in incense we can see that the exact incense waterfall Yep this one right here that we tested out on the video sells for 19 but over on offer Vault they are paying me wait a minute thirty dollars per sale let me get this straight I sell the incense burner for nineteen dollars they pay me 30.

yes ladies and gentlemen this is the essence of CPA affiliate marketing what they're doing is trying to buy a customer because they know that if they get a customer chances are they might order more stuff and even if they don't they're going to be on a mailing list of people interested in incense waterfalls and incense and different things like that which means they can upsell them and make tons of money so let's say you did mediocre and you had a video with 100 000 views for the incense backflow burner so if my video over here has 100 000 viewers chances are if the product is a match which this one is we're making a video about the exact incense waterfall that we're going to be selling so when I say go get the waterfall the clicks are going to be pretty high and I usually find that I can get anywhere from five to ten percent of the people watching the video to click over to the offer that means means that I would get somewhere in the neighborhood of five thousand to ten thousand people to actually click the affiliate offer link trying to get them to buy the incense waterfall and let's say the page doesn't do that well for whatever reason and I only get a three percent conversion rate now because we are using the exact product that's in the video and telling them where to get it the conversion rate should be much higher but for sake of argument let's say we only get three percent that would be 300 sales times thirty dollars per sale netting me a profit of nine nine thousand dollars all for making a couple of incense waterfall videos without using my face without using my voice is it really this simple well first of all you need to realize that the average person trying to quote unquote make money online makes nothing so yeah there is that we need to treat this like a business but I believe that if you follow the steps in the rest of this video you can actually make money in fact I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is and prove this to you just the other day over on my Facebook group I made a post saying that I'm going to be giving one of my students a free business yep that's right I'm gonna invest the money in the domains I'm gonna get all these incense waterfall thingies we're gonna set up the videos all they have to do is post them and not only that but we're going to pair this with a website strategy as well so smash a like button because we're going to have that student come in here to the office and we're going to work with them we're going to show you everything we're going to show you what it makes what it doesn't make the whole nine yards because I know that this strategy works if you do it so make sure you stay tuned for that video series because we're going to take this person from zero to profit and show you everything along the way but first I want to show you how I set all this up over here on offer Vault I clicked on run offer and signed up for the affiliate Network now I did have to go through their sign up process which took about 15 minutes and then about 45 minutes later someone contacted me on Skype asked about what I was doing approved my account and I was able to log in then all I need to do is hit the search button type in the word incense right like this then I just go over to the offer tracking links copy my tracking link like this make sure it works and bada bing bada boom I put that on my website my videos and wherever I'm getting traffic so that I can make money and in order to do this right and give my student a really good business I actually went out and bought some domain names for this Market I bought two different domain names at auction one of them was which was only twelve dollars now I did have to pay the GoDaddy fee which was like 20 bucks so it was about 35 but the reason I liked this domain is it actually had some links coming from other sites about incense which means Google's gonna be like yeah dude I think your site is about incense let's go ahead and move you to the top of the search engines and not only that but if you go over to the calendar over here you can actually see that right now live this website is ranking for all kinds of different terms related to incense this is going to give our test student a jump start so they understand exactly how this works so that they can get picked up in Google overnight the second domain I got was my I liked this one because of the name and I probably paid a little bit too much for it but I did like the name because we're talking about incense holders not necessarily incense overnight but these two are going to work good again this is a strategy I use if I want to build a six figure maybe even seven figure business out of this type of Niche and we can see here this one also is ranking for all different things related to incense now that one cost me about four hundred and fifty dollars but still I'm in this entire business well under a thousand dollars and I think there's a huge potential to make money but don't worry I'll show you a free strategy in just a minute because after all I just need to send people to this link so I can get paid technically I don't even need videos or websites or domains or anything like that so the setup I decided to use was actually pretty simple I just put it right over here against these brick panels which again you can cut two of them and get the same exact effect I have my little lights over on that side and this side here which are putting the different colors up and then as you can see you can zoom in and get all kinds of different effects like this that looks really good then when I'm done I just take the memory card put it in my computer and start editing the video now in case you were wondering yes I do have a lot of professional video equipment here in my office but this camera is actually standing on a shoe box that I got as you can see I got pretty cool shoes there but I put this here and it actually works perfectly so you could quite literally use what you have around the house to make this work now I'm going to go ahead and use the Camtasia video editor this one is a little bit pricey but you can use any editor out there there's even free ones just Google video editor if you're on a phone type iPhone or Android or something like that or Mac or PC and there's tons of free video editors out there you can even use the Instagram editor or YouTube editor there's lots of tools so there's literally no excuse and once I have Camtasia open I'm just going to take that file from my video camera right here and if you're using a phone simply plug your phone into the computer or you could just email the file to yourself from your phone yeah I do that all the time as long as it's not a huge file you should be okay then once I have the file in here like this I'm going to go ahead and mute the audio and then I'm going to test it out and see how it works and in a program like Camtasia you can actually speed up or slow down and chop certain parts of the video so if I just wanted to do a video about this one here I can go to where it starts right like this move this to the beginning of the timeline and then I just go ahead and see how it looks and it looks a little slow so what I'll do is I'll just fast forward to the end of the clip where I add the new one right like that and then I can go ahead and make a short video we'll do clip speed and I can shorten this to like two minutes or something like that and you'll see it looks a lot better on the fast version now again it is going to take a little bit to render so we can see it clearly that's what this little yellow bar means and while we're waiting for that I'm just going to go over to story blocks which has all kinds of different videos and audios that we can use and it has the rights to them now if you can't afford something like storyblocks I think it's like thirty dollars a month there are some free royalty use images and videos and audio out there lots of platforms have them YouTube Instagram a lot of them have their own music and video that you can use so we're going to go in here and we're going to type in relaxing and I'm going to try to get some relaxing music for our incense video and since it's about two minutes ideally we want something that's two minutes all right that sounds like a foresty thing let's do maybe relaxing music so we'll go to all audio right like this and we'll get some relaxing music that we can use that's pretty cool let's try this one about two minutes all right we're gonna try to get something that fits it's kind of cool so we could do like this and it'll download right here and then we'll just take and drag this right onto our timeline here and we can even shrink the clip to be the exact amount right then we do like this and you can see exactly how this is going to look it's kind of dramatic there all right and you can see the smoke is billowing down the music is coming in and it looks really really cool you could even add you can even add like affirmations or quotes or whatever it is to make this even better then what I'm going to do is I could go ahead and put something like apparently our light wanted to turn off hopefully I still look good and you can add text and different things right like this it's actually extremely simple to do so I could just add this here put incense water fall Link in you could just put incense waterfall incense overnight dot com that way they see where they could actually get the waterfall now if you want this to look a little bit better you can make it bold and make it kind of stand out a little bit and it's super easy to do stuff like this you just copy and paste the whole thing now if you don't have money to buy Spinners you don't have a camera and you don't have money to buy products what you could do is actually go get images of the product from wherever you're selling it so like here I can find the same exact product like this save image ads and again make sure you have the rights to use these images we hit save then all we got to do is drag and drop that image into something like remove BG and this will remove the background right like that and then I can go ahead and use this in my video right like this and then I can put some stuff behind it or whatever it is I want I can go ahead and crop it like this crop it like this then I can go back to video blocks and I can choose video and I can put something like incense right like this now the video is not going to be as good if you're not actually filming these but you know sometimes you can find incense burners and stuff like this that will work pretty good and you can see here we could just take something like this get the MP4 and then we'll just drag that behind our transparent image right like this and it actually looks pretty good and again we can add the clip speed and we can see what it looks like here and then you could just do video reviews of different incense products like this obviously I would clean up the the edges up here and everything like that but again I can put the music behind it and then we're going to have something that looks pretty good right so here's what it looks like here and then if you're going to do this method what I would do is I would add some value by talking about what the different products have right so you can go through and and have like a Opening screen that says something like you know incense burner one number one right and then you can even show them where to get it like okay this one you're gonna go to um you know incense or whatever and then you could talk about the benefits and the cool thing about these types of programs we could add our music there like that too the cool thing about these types of programs is you can actually make this work in a very simple way and then you can even say like oh hey let's put an arrow on here right like this and you could say oh you know down flow bowl or whatever it is right obviously you're gonna read about this stuff and learn about the product and then you could go through and make these videos where it's like oh hey there's a downflow bowl and then you can have another one up here and then right like this maybe we'll say this one's like you know uh extra large spout or whatever it is right do your research learn about these products and then you can add these right like this and then you can even have like a little fancy animation right like this if I want this one to pop up or this one to scale you can see what they look like right here that one pops up like that and then when it gets to the next one you'll see how it works now I would highly highly highly recommend for those that are serious about making a living with this that you go through and and actually get the products right spend a little bit of money get the products spin them around make them look good because obviously this static image is not going to convert as good as me actually having this here and again you know if I put these on this one right Watch What Happens here you just make it Point like this and you can make a really good video now another thing you can do is you can actually turn these into meditation relaxation videos instead of just reviews of products this is something that can work really good and then you could say hey go to my website to get this incense burner and the incense that I recommend or something like that and it's very very simple very easy and then once you're done all you're going to do is use your program hit export you're going to export it to an mp4 now I like to call these the name of it so I do incense waterfall meditation okay and then you can even put whatever the product is called uh or or a number or whatever you want to do now it's very important that when you do this you set them as an mp4 and then choose a good quality I usually like to do like 80 or more what this will do is it's going to export it to your computer as an mp4 then you can load it to YouTube Instagram Pinterest Tick Tock whatever you want it's actually very simple now if you are doing short videos you want to make sure that you do file project settings right over here and you're going to choose the exact opposite so instead of 1920 by 1080 it's going to be 1080 by 1920.

Very simple it just makes it like a long video like on a phone or something like that so that's very very simple then what we want to do is we want to go over to YouTube and take a look at the videos that are doing good and kind of pattern after them so if you're going to do a review you can see here waterfall backflow incense burner does it really work my honest review or backflow incense burner so I'm seeing that a lot of these actually do have the word backflow or the name of the product or something like that and even this one you can see with 10 million views it says product Link in comments which is pretty cool here's another one that says incense waterfall how it works amazing so obviously I could do a video on how it works I can go through and do an unboxing video how to light them and on and on we go so what we want to do is pattern after what's working and we could see here backflow incense burner is kind of the key word that is working here and then also we could look at our ahrefs or whatever keyword tool we like type in incense waterfall and we can see here all the searches and we can pattern our video after this stuff as well now if you do this the key is consistency because if you keep doing this it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when this stuff will work might take a couple videos before you get the hang of it but once it works it's going to start to snowball like crazy we can even type in incense burner right like this there's a lot of searches for that or even incense holder this is another keyword that people look up quite a bit so we see there's a lot of traffic here then what we're going to do is we're going to take our video and we're going to make an overview about that video and put it on our blog with the link to the video this is going to help jump start everything like crazy now what we're going to do is grab some titles and some ideas we can see here that these incense meditation videos ASMR incense videos are literally off the hook this one here has 8.1 million views lots of stuff and again we need to remember that our end goal isn't monetization it's to actually go out there and sell this incense thing so that we can get thirty dollars and we're also going to have Amazon affiliate marketing and meditation relaxation stuff as well this is super important we can actually open this page in bing which I'm going to use because it has chat GPT embedded in it so what we're going to do is click the chat GPT button like this and say please strip out the titles of the videos from this page then I can go ahead and copy these right like this put them into chat GPT right like this and say please come up with 20 YouTube video titles that use lots of the keywords in this list of titles and then we'll put the list right like that and it'll go through and make the different titles now this is very simple because it's like awake hidden Powers music deep meditation and we can even isolate it and say now make them for incense burning videos right like this there we go and we have all these different titles that we can use what we can do here is something like this DIY backflow incense burner crafting your own companion or backflow burner showcase this one would be good for showing lots of different burners so now I can say now please make this one a video with a YouTube description right like this and it's going to go ahead and make the description and everything like that it's got highlights it's got time stamps and pretty much everything and I can go through and make this work in a very simple way and then when I'm done with my video I take the closest keyword to what the video is about so for this one let's say it's about backflow incense burners for meta today for meditation spaces so I could go through and say something like incense for meditation and I can do now please write a blog post 1500 words about using incense for meditation and make it like the video above video description above but expand on different types of incense for meditation and how it's used boom right like that keyword boom incense and then I'll put keyword incense for meditation this is going to go through and create a blog post about this topic and now I could put this on my blog with the embedded YouTube video and start to get this thing cranking in the search engines thus getting the YouTube traffic search traffic social media traffic when I put this on Tick Tock Instagram Facebook groups about meditation this ladies and gentlemen is how you build a real business so smash that like button because next week we're gonna have a part two where I actually take the person that I'm giving this business to we're gonna have her here in the office we're gonna give her the business and we're gonna document the whole journey so that you can see that what we're talking about actually works and not only that but check out the videos in the description to learn more about how to create videos make blog posts and ultimately make money online

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