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hey guys today I want to show you how to make money by selling low content books and low content books are basically books like this that have got virtually no content in them and these books can be created in a matter of minutes believe it or not but these books are in really high demand and there are thousands and thousands of these type of books that are being sold every single day and I'm going to show you exactly which website to use to get your share of those sales what's an example of a low content book here on the screen you can see there is a book called mixed puzzles activity book for adults and this is a pretty good typical example of a low content book you can see that it's got 79 ratings usually about five to ten percent of buyers live ratings so we can safely say that this book has probably had at least a thousand sales at 7.99 per sale that means that it's generated about eight thousand dollars now many people many buyers have thousands of listings so even though this book has only made 8 000 in Revenue potentially the seller could have thousands of these books each one doing similar numbers and let's take a look at inside this book some of the puzzles that it's got is basically just very simple and basic puzzles like this solve the Maze and these puzzles can be automatically generated I'm going to show you in this tutorial exactly how this works how you can automatically create books like this with all of these kind of Mazes and other examples of low content the cool thing here of course is that this book was only published on the 12th of January 2023 so a few months ago and it's already had 8 000 in sales and it's going to continue making sales for a long long time to come if you guys want to follow along with me during this tutorial you can use this software that I'm going to be using it's called book Bolt the cool thing is that it's actually got a three day free trial so if you guys want to give it a go just go below this video and there's going to be a link to book bolt it's also got a 20 discount coupon if you guys decide to go go beyond the three-day free trial but you might as well register and take a look at how it works so that you can kind of follow along with me on this tutorial once you're inside book bolt you'll see a dashboard that looks like this there are two main sections you can either go to research or into actual book creation so first of all let's look at research now for research on the left hand side you've got a lot of different options you can go through the tutorials to learn how everything works in details there is a tutorial for each of these sections I'm just going to show you a way to quickly find some cool ideas for keywords so the first way to find research is from inside the book ball software and you just need to give it a seed keyword and it's going to give you some related keyword ideas as well as some additional information about what kind of products you can create and it's super important to do your research properly because if you just publish a puzzle book and you give it a title of puzzle book look what's going to happen so we've got puzzle book here with click return and what we get is 50 000 result for puzzle book you're not going to be able to sell unfortunately because there is just way too much competition for something as generic as puzzle book now if we dig deeper and we type in puzzle book space and we'll look at puzzle book for adults a puzzle book for teens or puzzle book for kids ages 12 to 14.

It gets better okay so for look puzzle book for kids ages 12 to 14. we can see that there's 7 000 results so that's a lot better than 50 000. now an important thing to do is to actually put your result into quotation marks like this because this is going to give you the most relevant results and you can see that there are only three results for puzzle book for kids ages 12 to 14. and look at that there are only three results where this exact combination of words appear in the same sentence in this exact order this is important because Amazon likes to show the most relevant results so the key Point here is that if you make a book about parcel book for kids ages 12 to 14 you're going to get a much better chance in ranking and actually getting sales than if you were to Simply publish a puzzle book that's so generic and it's already got over 50 000 results another cool example of the types of low content books that you can publish is log books so what you can do is type in logbook click enter and then just see what sort of logbooks actually sell because that might spark some ideas and give you some additional creativity so here we can see there's a multi-purpose logbook so that's pretty cool let's continue scrolling down okay there we Augusta there is a daily work task logbook so that has had 48 reviews so probably got about 500 to a thousand sales so that's pretty interesting and if you open this up now this is another just example let's click look inside okay and we can see that all it is is just a daily work task so it's basically like a book of templates it's just got this same thing happening on every single page okay task log start time end time task activity Etc and it just continues going like that okay so once you've set up this template you can just copy and paste it into each of the pages of the book and basically that's your book done that's why it's called a low content book because you don't need to write anything like you don't need to you know come up with thousands and thousands of pages of content all you need to do is just set up the template and then this is what people want to buy and there is as you can see huge demand for this another huge topic is what's called activity books if we look at the results for activity books you'll see there's like tons and tons of different types of activity book that are in huge demand there are many with thousands of ratings and just to do something different I'm actually going to show you how to use the research capability within book bolt so make sure you're in the products here on the left hand side and then under keywords let's put in activity book and let's click search and book bolt will go and do its magic so this way you can do all of your research from right inside book ball because this is going to be the software that you're going to use to publish the books as well and you can just look through all of these books and you can look at all of the information about them my favorite feature though is this one here on the right which says related keywords because it's essentially a keyword research software that gives you suggestions for other types of keywords that are related to activity book so you can give it a kind of like a parent keyword or key phrase such as activity book and then it will give you additional more detailed suggestions for example we can see Dyno activity book so that gives us an idea okay so there are activity books that are animal specific so you could be like Dino or shark or Forks Etc right so then you can continue scrolling so there is frog activity book alright so there are some people that probably are into frogs as well so that gives you a bit of an idea there's Frozen activity books are frozen could be a little bit hard because of copyright so we can skip that there is duck activity book so that's pretty cool all right so oh there's another one here called Africa activity book so let's actually take a look at some of these all right so if we type in shark activity book let's see what kind of cells we're getting and here we go so there's actually quite a lot of good activity here there is a book that was um published in 2020 with 106 reviews so it's probably had a couple of thousand sales all right and there's another book here that has had 36 reviews and as an example there is this one it was published five years ago basically now and it's had 30 ratings so it's probably had about 500 sales I would say but don't let these low numbers scare you because it's only going to take you about 15 to 30 minutes to actually make the book okay so and this is not something we publish one book and you make a million sales this business model is about having dozens and then eventually hundreds of listings and making a little bit at a time from each of them because it's passive it's ongoing once you've published the book it's going to continue bringing you sales now let's take a look inside this book we've got 62 pages okay and we can see that this is a paperback here we've got the dimensions for this book which is going to be important to us in one of the next steps and we can use this look inside feature to see what they've done so we've got a pretty cool cover the cover is nice and kid friendly and if we look inside what we see is very basic puzzles like this so there's a puzzle okay and then there is just this illustration of sharks going around it then there is like activity two all right another puzzle Activity three another puzzle what is this guys this is live content okay low content it works 100 you just need to be able to create something similar and this is where book ball comes in because it makes generating these puzzles and creating these kind of books very simple there's one more reason why I think shark activity book is a really good topic if you scroll down the page if you very quickly like after about five or six you'll start coming across listings that don't even have activity in the title and this is very very important if you're not familiar with SEO pay attention to these because uh the biggest priority that Amazon gives is how well the title matches the search query right so if the search query is shark activity book and the actual title of the book doesn't have activity in it there's going to be very little chance that this book is going to come up above yours okay so if you create a book and you publish it and it says shock activity book then you will have every chance to outrank these are the less relevant books let's say you've decided to create a book like this with shark activity for kids including some puzzles inside book bolt where it says research you can click this drop down option to choose their create and then select book ball Studio which will open up the creation interface for these low content books from here you can create your first project let's choose the project type so you want paperback or hardcover in general paperback is a better option because they're more popular on Amazon so what's going to happen is that once someone purchases this book Amazon will actually print this book for you so you don't have to take care of the physical printing of the book and when someone pays 6.92 cents for this book you're going to pay a certain amount of money to Amazon and you're going to keep the difference Amazon will then send the actual book the physical copy of the book like this or whatever your book ends up looking like they will send it out directly to the cast customer you don't need to deal with that let's call the project shark activities like this here we will need to choose the trim size this is effectively the book size a good idea is to see other popular books in your Niche and their Dimensions so here we can see that it's 8.5 by 11 is the size and it's right here in our drop down options 8.5 by 11.

Then we've got the selection of black and white interior with white paper or color or premium color you can actually take a look at what has worked before so clearly this book has done well and inside we can see that it is all black and white so for us here black and white interior with white paper will work just fine and here you can select the bleed or no bleed options in most cases you will want to go with no bleed and what bleeding refers to is exactly how close this printed material comes to the edge of the page you don't want it to be right in between where there is this crease so bleed would mean that basically the print goes right onto the edge or even in between you don't want that bleed costs more money to print and you want your profit margins to be high you don't need the bleed then we need to specify page count and again you can go off what has worked before so this particular book has got 62 pages so we can do something similar for example we can go with 64 pages and from here we can click create project first you'll need to design your cover you can upload your cover from another program or you can design the cover right within the pogbault software to do that just go into the images area and you can use pixabay stock images or unsplash stock images or you can of course upload your own images as well so we can search something like shark and perhaps put in cartoon keyword and see what we get actually I really like this first one this shark it looks nice and cartoony and kind of kids and suitable potentially to be on the kids Cover Book so this is looking really awesome and will want something in the background so if again we go back to these books just to see how their front and back look so this is the front and this this is the back okay so we want this sort of nice ocean type background so you can search for ocean background on pixabay or unsplash I found this one so I'm quite happy with how this is looking so let's now add the other elements we'll go back into book bolt and then we can create this text just remember that our front cover is actually at the on the right hand side so this is where we want to put our writing all right so something like this is very quick and simple to do as you can see and it's starting to look really really good I'm not going to bore you with too much detail but you can use all of these amazing tools that book bolt has got inside it to create really really great covers so now let's move on to actually create those puzzles again you can always look inside to see what kind of puzzles I've done before well for other books and you can see it's very basic so let's explore what kind of puzzles we can access within book ball so there is something called templates library and in here you can actually take a look at what these kind of different puzzles list and there are puzzles that are already built into the puzzle generator logic is built into bookbot okay so all you need to do is just select the type of puzzle so let's say I want this circular style of puzzle so I'm just going to select that and you need to choose which Pages you'd like those puzzles to be applied to so let's say the first perhaps let's go with the first six pages okay we want this circular type of puzzle so uh now we've got that let's click next you can adjust other settings you'll see what they all do but let's just click submit and you will see that it's automatically generated these puzzles for you and guys get this each of these puzzles is actually unique if you take a look at each one each one of them is automatically generated and is unique you don't actually need to do it yourself from scratch so to make it look a bit more like this you'll just need to make a few edits so you can make it smaller we can grab some text and let's just put in a heading like this and we can make the same uh same font that we used on our cover so this Aladdin form okay and then we can say start and let's duplicate this like this so then we can drag this and we can say that this is the end resize the text a little bit so that you can clearly indicate where the start and the end are then you can add some images of sharks just like this book has done so for that again just go into here and select shark drawing perhaps to see if something comes up okay and just grab up some of this so something like this will actually probably be quite good so let's put one check here at the start and then we can add one at the end then so once we've duplicated it we can see show that the shark is swimming out then let's add another image okay so we can grab this outline of the shark and we can kind of line them up to go all around the outside of the page you can use your creativity here I'm not gonna bore you but you can see how simple and easy it is actually to do this to design a book that is based on the proven formula okay you don't need to do anything special you just need to put in that then Activity one activity two and so on all of these puzzles already done for you you can just copy and paste all of these shocks or other Graphics to go around the page to make it really nice and exciting for kids after this you would need to go to and sign up if you don't current they have a KDP account that will allow you to start publishing your books so select what type of book you would like to publish and in our case we want a paperback which basically means that it's a physical book but it's not a hard cover it's still got those soft thick covers that's going to be cheaper so let's create a paperback book essentially go through and fill out all of these tabs step by step so you'll need to enter your book title and subtitle make sure to include the keyword that you're targeting so if it is shark activity book then this has got to be at the number one position in your book title so we'll want to say shark activity book something like this shock activity book for kids 64 awesome and unique puzzles and this is where you get to anti-autonomy you can either type in your real name or your pen name pen names are allowed so you can put in something awesomely unique like John Smith or something crazy like that and the contributors if there are any and in the description once again you need to make sure that you enter your main keyword as well as a few variations Okay so so this is just a short example if you want some inspiration just go to the real listings and see what they've put this clearly worked for them do not copy and paste word for word but you can write something similar next enter your keywords this is the most important part so this is where you need to enter all of the keywords that you are targeting so to do this research go to Amazon and type in shark activity make sure to enter at least your main keyword into your keywords after this go into the categories go through them and see what applies the most so for our activity book it would be juvenile non-fiction activity books okay so happy with that let's save that on the next page you can use the option to get your own free KDP ISBN so just click this option here and KDP Amazon will assign you a free ISBN okay so here we go we've got that publication date you can list the date of today whenever you are making this book or creating this book here you can then choose your print options so black and white interior with white paper is what we want that looks good to us trim size is what we chose before and what went with eight and a half by 11 inches so I'm going to choose that bleed settings with said no blade paper will cover finish you can either go for matte or glossy it's completely up to you and then for manuscript this is where we need to upload the formatted PDF file and we do this by going back into book bolt and we can download our book here so it says download current project printed box this is what we want and you'll see that in our download there's going to be a zip file and within the zip file you will see the cover and the interior so first of all we've been asked to upload the manuscript manuscript is the interior of your book and this is exactly what we want okay so let's just go upload and now we're uploading this interior of the book so let's go ahead and upload the cover now Okay so we've got our PDF uploaded now we just need to upload the book cover so let's say upload a cover you already have and then upload the cover file KDP will also ask you if you want the barcode to be automatically added because we don't have it from book bolt I'm going to check this box so that it will automatically add the barcode for us and voila we can Now launch the previewer and it's actually going to show us what our book will look like and here we go this is the preview of what our book is going to look like and it's looking pretty awesome so this is our pages with all of the puzzles you can see that it's looking pretty amazing and of course you can do a better job if you spend a bit more time but it was very quick I mean I've done this in about 10 min 10 to 15 minutes while I was explaining things if you spend a bit more time of course you can create a much better product but you can see how simple and easy it is actually to do in general especially with book ball that gives you all of these editing tools so yeah if you guys want to do something similar if you haven't signed up yet then just click the links in the description below there is a three day trial a special link as well as a 20 discount coupon in the description below this video to sign up for book ball so once you're happy with that and you've approved the preview you can then go and set all of the pricing information so you can see here up under the summary see it says you're printing cost per book and these are all the different printing costs depending on exactly where you sell it so you can go ahead here and type in the prices that you want all right so let's say we go 4.99 and Amazon will actually calculate the royalty for you so there is a set royalty okay and that's going to be a percentage of what you sell for minus the printing cost you're going to get a certain percentage of that so let's say it went to 6.99 for this book then your profit per sale will be two dollars okay if we enter 5.99 then you'll see it'll be a 144 and so on and um because you've said as your primary Marketplace all the other prices will get recalculated automatically and you should be making roughly the same amount no matter which Marketplace your book ends up selling on so for example let's say you decide to go for 549 as your price and you're happy to make a dollar and 14 cents per sale you can basically now scroll down and click publish your paper book and you're done and from here you just can go ahead and publish dozens of these books eventually hundreds of these books it's like putting a lot of fishing lines into the water and the more of these books you have as long as you have done your keyword research well the more of these books you can be selling regularly and over time you can really grow this online business into a big passive Digital Book profits Empire so thank you so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this video If you learned something new then please consider hitting the like button just below this video I'd super appreciate it and don't forget to hit the Subscribe button below now if you guys want to learn another Super exciting way to use a very cool piece of technology to make passive profits online then go ahead and watch this video next I hope you really like it it's been going viral and I really hope that you're gonna enjoy this video as well thank you once again so much as always for tuning in to my channel and I'll see you in the next video

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