Live Group Coaching Call Sunday 8/6 – Claim Your Seat!

okay this is your chance to get in on one of my premium group coaching calls for just 99 Cents but you're gonna have to act quickly because the call happens this Sunday August 6th at 10 A.M Pacific in order to claim your seat and get your link to the live stream this Sunday all you need to do is go to Amazon Kindle and purchase my newest book which is sales funnel sabotage now the link will be in a comment or you can just go search for sales funnel sabotage on Amazon the book is only 99 Cents buy the book download it and leave it a review after you complete your purchase and then leave a review simply send a screenshot of your purchase receipt over to support and my team will reply with a link to the live stream and then you can join in on the live stream you can ask me any questions that you have for me I'll be there for 90 minutes again that starts on Sunday August 6th at 10 A.M Pacific time and I look forward to seeing you that

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