Live Demo – Google Ai Search [SGE] And The Future Of SEO + hidden opportunity!

all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we got a lot to cover we are actually going to be unveiling Google's new AI generative search engine you can see over here that we got it fired up and ready to go now we are going to answer some very very important questions today including what is the future of SEO is Google generative search going to kick out a lot of businesses how are you going to be able to make money and how does this whole thing work so smash the like button if you're ready we got a lot of stuff to cover be sure you have a paper and Pen handy if you want to make money online with search engine marketing and the new AI stuff you got to pay close attention here because what we got is stuff that you're not going to hear anywhere else super important smash that like button let's go ahead and dive in now first of all what we need to see here is the actual Google search engine and how it works what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at how search engine marketing has evolved I've been doing search engine marketing for over 23 years now from the very first beginnings of lycos hotbot Yahoo and when Google first came out and got popular in 1999.

so I've been in the thick of it I've made millions of dollars I've made tons of millions of dollars for clients and students of mine and what we're going to do is we're going to look at this from an overview of what I've learned over the years this is super super important this involves you and this is something that you are going to be interacting with on a daily basis a lot of people don't realize it but everyone's going to be talking to robots on a daily basis very very soon so what we're going to do is we're going to talk about the impact that this is going to have on the world we're going to show you how this is going to work we're going to talk about some ethical concerns and most importantly we are going to be talking about what this means for you and your ability to make money online because I believe ladies and gentlemen that here in lies a very very profitable opportunity for those paying attention but you got to pay attention you got to smash the like button and you got to watch this entire training at least one time now there's a big warning here we are at the epicenter of the AI search engine Revolution this is going to shake up the industry in a way you've never seen before what it is is Google's generative AI search engine in order to walk through it here's a screenshot of asking Google generative AI what is Google generative Ai and it says it is using AI to deliver search results now we got to look at some questions here we got to look at what's going on and we got to understand the lay of the land and know exactly where this is going to hit because if you're a search engine marketer if you do an SEO if you're trying to get traffic from Google or maybe you just started and you're doing Ai and trying to get traffic This concerns you take a look at a site we looked at several months ago we did a case study on this site and how it works where they bought their domain how they ranked and what happened and as you could see what happened is they went to a peak traffic of over 500 000 visitors a month down to 194 down to 28 and now they're at practically nothing and the site gets very very little traffic just trickles so imagine one day waking up and saying hey this business I built that made me a lot of money is now not making me a lot of money and ladies and gentlemen I've been there I remember in 2003 when I first started my business um I was getting lots of traffic I was making thirty thousand dollars a month as a 20 year old kid doing this stuff for 20 year old guy right and all of a sudden I I went and we moved to California bought a house in California as you guys know those are not cheap I remember sitting on the couch at 3 A.M working because that's what I did I had little kids so when they went to sleep I would go in and do work and I remember one day I I was sitting there and all of my search engine traffic dropped overnight I went from making thirty thousand dollars a month down to barely making enough to pay my bills and it was terrifying and I was like what's going on and what happened was a Google update now a lot of you guys have heard about Google updates you got Google updates uh with this you got Google updates with that all kinds of different things and a lot of businesses are affected by them now this guy here was trying to spam the search engine with relevant AI content now this is important thing to look at because Google is now saying that AI content is relevant by putting it front and center on the search engine they are saying hey that's what we want if a robot can do reviews better than some affiliate or something then that's what we want and this is very important because there is a question about how this is going to work now when we go to the new Google this is what it looks like we can go through and we can type in all kinds of things like if I type in V shred reviews I don't get any AI colon broom reviews no AI which is good because I don't think AI has any of that stuff and we start to look at this and say okay what's going on now however if we search for something like best e-bike for a five mile commute with a short Rider I could see that up here there's a little button and this button asks me if I want to get a AI generated overview okay let's take a look now some of the search queries in this one apparently doesn't want to give us the query let's see if it'll work here some of the queries are going to generate these titles automatically some of the stuff is just going to be like here is the AI here's what you need to do now we have to look at this and start to understand how this is going to work because right now billions and billions of people every single day are searching Google I think it's like six million people a minute or something like that are searching Google that's a lot of people now all those people are soon to be interacting with robots and getting advice and tips from robots does this scare you let me know in the comments below let me know exactly what's going on and and what you feel about this so we see here here are some best electric bikes for short Riders now there's lots of other terms we can look at and there's lots of other AI generated stuff for example if I was to go through and say something like um let's see here we'll go through and say what are the best side hustles okay if we do what are the best side hustles we see that AI is automatically generating a result without me saying generator results now something interesting that we see here is hey wait a minute freelancing babysitting affiliate marketing instacart okay a lot of those are actually in this answer right here which is interesting so now we're looking at this and we're like wait a minute the question is is Google's AI basically taking data from other websites compiling it and calling it their own more about this in just a minute I think it's very important because if you look at it from a search engine marketing standpoint here you have creators who have made blogs and content over many years they've tried out products they've poured their heart and soul their money and everything into building a website that Google's going to like and Google says you know what we like your website and you know you used to get traffic from us and you used to be able to make money but we're just going to have ai do it so that you get no traffic interesting all right we're going to take a look at this like Steph says a bit of an unfair competition if you ask me I wholeheartedly agree and we're going to talk about how this is going to affect you and what to do about it this is super important this is probably the most important make money online video you are going to watch this year so we are going to take a look at this and say well where is this going to be because if we go to Google and we search for Stuff how many of you guys think that it would be worthwhile if you knew the terms that Google is going to put AI on so that maybe you can avoid them because if I was here and my site let's say I was number one here right before Google AI right let's let's pull this open in a different browser so you guys could see here we will go here and Google and what we're going to do is we're going to put this right here and we'll do what are the best side hustles now before AI this is actually pretty interesting because before AI there's a penny hoarder ad interesting so is that possibly going to make Google's revenue drop more about this in a minute okay we've got a lot of good stuff smash the like button if you're digging it we went through a lot of of work to make this training for you now we see here the ad and we see here everything looks the same except for generative AI now what is happening here this is super super important okay what's Happening Here is you have a term in marketing called above the fold okay above the fold is a marketing term that came from sales letters right we would go out there we would mail a sales letter there's our sales letter letter okay and your sales letter would look like this because it had to be folded in an envelope so it would have three sections okay now in marketing the most important section is right here which is called above the fold because it's above where the fold is right if you don't read the above the fold part you're not going to read the rest of it okay if you do get all your information and above the fold you're not going to go any further down the page now there have been tests done on this there's been all kinds of stuff on this and we need to understand Right Here and Now was I even over there on the screen I don't think so there was my drawing there it was I think I had the wrong camera on but with above the fold What's Happening Here is Google is now putting generative AI above the fold all right I'll show you that little drawing here so you can see it again we'll do a little explanation but this is your your sales letter right and it would fold one two three the content here was the above the fold right and the stuff down here was below the fold you wanted your content that you wanted to be seen above the fold this is where you had to be if you weren't there you weren't making money if they got all their info here and then nothing here they're not going to continue this is super super important now when we look at this we are seeing here that Google is putting generative AI above the fold now what does this mean this means ouch now these sites like Penny hoarder who has an ad or even Time Magazine is gonna miss out Forbes they're gonna miss out why because people just see oh here's the best side hustles AI has solved the problem and by the way ladies and gentlemen they they solve the problem using the answers from the websites that we made interesting let's go over this all right so we have this here and we're like okay above the fold now what we need to do is we need to understand how this is going to impact us is Google generative AI going to put every answer with AI is Google going to do that are they going to put it right then and there right in front of you now we can see there's also Converse so if I want to talk to it and say well how about if I have no money to start okay it's going to give me some stuff about if I have no money to start what this is going to do is it's going to make us more interactive with AI and less interactive with websites which is interesting now SD says how can we make revenue from this sit tight you're in for a treat this is going to go a little bit longer than my normal live streams but I think the information is stuff you need to know because this is life-changing stuff that if you get it you're going to be on The Cutting Edge and so far I've watched a lot of stuff nobody's talking about this this way now let's dive in let's talk about how this works and understand it first of all if you were to go to my favorite keyword tool ahrefs right like this you can see that it will do any type of research on any keyword using Google or other keyword research tools what we see is up here the number of keywords okay this is important we need to know this as a baseline what this is telling us is that if I type in the word reviews they are saying that in their database 8 million keywords include the word reviews do you guys get it type reviews in the box if you get it super important now what that means is they have a database of keywords their entire keyword database in ahrefs and semrush and other keyword tools is 4 billion keywords so they're monitoring four billion keywords so I think we got a good snapshot of what's going on now let's take a look at that because a lot of people have said that generative AI is going to be similar to what was known as featured Snippets a featured snippet is going to be something where there's a little snapshot of a website right maybe you're going to go out there and let me see if I can find one here for you maybe you're going to go out there and search for let's say best time to drink water or something like that okay so a featured snippet is like this best time to drink water you could see that Premium Waters has a featured snippet meaning there is a featured section of their website that Google shows without you needing to click the website again above the fold means no traffic now what we need to do is we need to understand how bad is this going to get and what's the hidden opportunity first of all if you were to take a look at the ahrefs tool and go over here you can do serp features and find out oh hey how many featured snippet ones are there so of the word reviews I could do featured snippet hit apply and it's going to tell me hey check this out right here 14 000 of those keywords have featured Snippets okay interesting now what I did is I went through all morning and last night and for many days going through this to figure out how this is going to impact us as search marketers and what you could do to start making money with this stuff smash the like button if you're digging it and again we're going to have some notes available for you too right there okay now if we were to look at keywords with featured Snippets out of the four billion keywords we could see that 16 million of them have featured Snippets all right so that's not that's not that big okay someone says can the snippet be monetized yes keep watching you're gonna dig this now um 16 million that's not huge we did see however that there were sites like wikiHow and Wikipedia that lost as much as 30 percent of their traffic because most of it was coming from the featured Snippets now if we were to take a look at what featured Snippets look like on the new Google here okay we could see they actually do change their little thing to a Wordle kind of deal all right so what's happening here is we have a snippet over here okay which is called an info box we're going to get into that in just a minute and then we have the option to generate a um AI so what's happening here is the difference is no AI okay right like that and with AI we have this so we could generate and it'll tell us a little bit about Wordle which is basically it's just reading the web page you're on and giving you a snippet about it okay and of course apparently it says it's not available for this search right now so let's take a look here now another thing we have to look at is people also ask out of the four billion keywords in the database we have 63 million which is one of the biggest ones you're going to see today four people also ask now take a look at this and let's see what it looks like in both um in both Google AI like this so for Google AI how to lower your mortgages showing people also ask but it's not showing AI this is good to know how many of you guys are like this is good to know because if I optimize for this keyword there's no AI which means I can get a lot more traffic if there was AI maybe we could do something like what is a mortgage okay that's gonna push everything down the screen right like that boom your traffic's gone so now these top guys consumer invest and rocket are not in the top so they just skyrocketed some other people up to the top that were not showing up interesting all right sit tight we got some good stuff here so people also ask basically what that is is it's going through and saying people also ask what exactly is a mortgage why do people have mortgages what is a mortgage for this and we're starting to look at people also ask now out of the out of the stuff that we looked at there were 63 Million results for people also ask now another facet of a search engine is what's known as local results a lot of people out there a lot of my students make money helping local businesses rank in Google okay so if we were to look at this we have approximately 6 million different results for local results let's take a look at what AI is doing to this wait a minute so now we see Trader Joe's Converse use precise get an AI powered result now will those eventually if enough people click generate like if ninety percent of the people who search this click venerate you can bet that Google's probably just going to put the AI right there okay interesting now we're taking a look at this and we're like okay I see what's going on and now I have local results okay good so we got local results now those are more or less going to stay the same however there is something interesting that is going to happen in the future that a lot of people are not talking about and that is learning because not only does AI learn to give you results and articles and more content as if that's really what we need right more content yeah that's what we need but at any rate not only that but it's also going to learn from your search Behavior now this is getting into a little bit of a scary area which is going to question different things related to ethics because is it ethical for a search engine to track all my stuff and give me advice based on AI digging through all my stuff interesting if you haven't thought about that before let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this because I mean if I search for hey is this food good to eat why do I get an arguments with my wife and you know what is the cost of a divorce they're going to be like well you know this guy needs to stop eating this and get a divorce here's a divorce attorney and you'll be like wait if I had a divorce attorney coming up here all I was doing is talking about this interesting stuff now another thing we're going to look at which is one of the most important ones for businesses that sell products on Google is shopping results okay shopping results is about to get somewhat of a shake up if you were to search for something like kayak again we see get an overview for this search very important here okay and it's generating generating and we could see a kayak is a small narrow human-powered craft great wonderful now we also see that it's got some kind of some flight thing here kayak rentals shop kayaks and these are what's known as shopping ads so of the four billion terms about 10 million showed shopping ads interesting okay now another one we have this is a very very very important one if you guys are new to my channel you probably don't know but we talk about this one all the time it's a way that I've made tons of money and gotten search engine traffic very very fast and that is news results all right lots of the stuff you search for is going to generate news results I think right now we're looking at 3.8 million searches per month that are getting news results so what does this mean this means essentially if you show up in news you're pretty much going to bypass AI for now I don't think it's going to change but you would bypass that let me show you how this works so over here if we're to look at something like Elon Musk all right what we have here is a feature card an image pack Twitter and then if we scroll down here you're going to see top stories okay top stories about Elon Musk now a lot of these are coming from new sorts sources and a lot of them are coming from press release sources now one of the cool things that I love about press releases is you can make money extremely fast with these because you can get traffic really fast okay very important and we're going to look at that and be like okay this is interesting because now I'm looking at this and there's lots of keywords with news results and ladies and gentlemen there's a little hidden caveat here too Google doesn't really know what is news and what isn't news but they look at press release sites to figure it out so Elon Musk isn't necessarily news like when I think of Channel 9 News I don't think about Elon Musk actually I don't think about him very much at all but at any rate some people are obsessed with the guy I don't get it but at any rate you know we gotta look at that now if there are 10 press releases that just came out in the last one hour for someone's name or a stock term or something that's going on this is now going to show up in Google News interesting more about this in just a minute again if you guys are digging this smash a like button you got to be taking notes because there's a lot of stuff here so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at this here we got news results we can see how they work okay you can see that some of these will stack on top of each other as well like here we have image pack Twitter info pack we got news and we also have people always ask interesting Okay cool so now we're going through we're like hey I get it I see what's going on now another thing is knowledge boxes okay we got to do this it just knowledge a knowledge box is something that shows like a graphic it looks like this okay so we'll do a little test here and we can see let's open in a new tab though you can see a little test here and we have um where's our knowledge on YouTube okay so for YouTube we could see this box here over on the side right over there the the one right here okay we can see that this one here uh shows a little knowledge box okay that's what a knowledge box is now I have a hunch that knowledge boxes are eventually going to have ai because I've been looking at a lot of these and a lot of them have the generate button okay and what are you going to generate like for this it's an interesting term because like you're basically looking up a website right it's funny because a lot of people look up websites instead of just going to the website but at any rate this is one of them and we see the knowledge box over here now on this we see that there's 18 million different results in Google that have knowledge boxes now here's another one okay and trust me you're going to be glad you stayed for this entire video because it's going to come full circle and you're going to understand it and we're going to have a q a in just a minute to go over your questions and we'll dive in and look at how the AI is interacting with us and what you need to know now we're going to go through this right here so we have site links which is our next one for site links this is where it's going to have extra links on a site so if I look up UPS tracking Google automatically knows hey you know what just puts tracking number in here we'll show you where your stuff is they also have a knowledge box and then they have what's called site links site links are when a site has a listing and then there's links below all of these links are from the USPS actually they're all from the tools.usps website okay these are all them that's called a site links okay so we're looking at that we're like okay let's see if it'll generate anything for UPS tracking you can track your UPS it gives us some phone numbers tells us about the thing and then it's got tracking more interesting that tracking more comes up this is stuff we go over if you guys like this stuff you need to be smashing the like button and you need to subscribe because I love this stuff and it's very interesting to me how this stuff works because we could go through and see how sites are doing and that's something we're going to do right if we were to look at this looks like a website that's pretty much just about tracking stuff interesting so they're just going through and they're like here's how to track stuff on USPS here's how to do DHL here's how to do this this and this and they have lots of rankings now if we were to look at a site like this and we take a look here DHL tracking same kind of thing let's take a look at another one IBC um speed pack all kinds of different stuff here and Old Dominion I think I got something delivered from them once it has to be huge stuff to get from them but we could see exactly how this is working so we're seeing that hey check it out this is what's going on now we can go through and go to a site like similar web and we can see how these are going to do and this is something we're going to be doing on this channel um in the coming months because we want to see where these sites start to land and if you want to see them smash the like button let me know because I think this is going to be super important for you so with which basically I mean there ain't a whole lot there DHL tracking this is their website so interesting here this is interesting because it's showing here's the DHL tracking and then it's got some info that probably could be AI generated right if I go through and go to like Google bard or chat GPT and I say write an article about DHL tracking how it works time frames prices and support phone numbers 1500 words it's going to go through and do that for me and what we're seeing here there it is right you see that that's pretty much on par with what this guy's got and you know we have tools that make these little things which is super super easy and we could see okay here's how this works DHL shipment on hold you could even say okay tell us why a shipment would be on hold add like this there you go so it's going to go through and it's going to make this stuff but what we're seeing here is a site like if we do an overview right look at this because ladies and gentlemen search engine marketing is so profitable that's why people are freaking out right now about Google's Ai and upticks because sites like this this dude's making like four million dollars a year in free traffic if that goes away he's gonna be in trouble right he's gonna be like I was back in 2003 where you're like hey I was making money now I ain't making money what's going on and we're going to start to see a lot of things start to shake up and we can see here tracking more he's got uh quite a bit of traffic he's going up it's actually starting to go down um in April looks like it went down a little bit which could be because of the AI shakeup this is interesting right how many of you guys find this interesting smash that like button um and we look at this and we're like okay are these keywords going to be affected right because do people really want this let me ask you a question straight up right when you go to the search engine and you type in USPS tracking and you want your tracking number do you really care when the post office was founded do you care what kind of trucks they have and how much gas they use or do you just want to know where the Amazon stuff is you ordered five seconds ago because darn it why ain't it here yet doesn't Amazon just literally you know give us stuff the minute we order it but we have to look at that and start to understand this is important we're talking about the basics of how search marketing Works ladies and gentlemen this is a multi-trillion dollar industry we're talking Trill you shake this up things are going to hit fans it's not going to be pretty so we're going to look at this and and I want you to know where you're going to be in this I want you to know where you're going to be now here's Twitter okay we found out that a lot of stuff also showed Twitter Elon was perfect for that since he tweets every five seconds uh no wonder he owns the company it's like hey you know you're probably saving money on your tweets or something but what is going to happen is it's actually going to show a little box like this that shows Twitter okay pretty simple pretty easy now one interesting thing to look at is it also shows people who mentioned other people interesting okay so out of that we saw one million of the results we had a Twitter box the next one was video and preview okay this one here was like Dow Jones today had some news and then it also had some videos down here somewhere I think it depends on which one you're in and again this one did not have ai on it right now uh you could type in what's the best stock to invest in or something like that however I don't know if I'd trust AI with that yet so we're looking at this and we're starting to say okay interesting interesting stuff now another one for the video and preview is magic trick tutorial we can see here magic trick tutorial shows a YouTube right on the front here's a YouTube here and as you can see Google is saying this now one of the things that I need you to pay close attention to is the fact that a lot of people think Google SEO and ranking on Google is Elusive and difficult and some crazy strategy no it's not in fact the search page of Google shows you everything you need to know about how to rank for a keyword right so if you wanted to rank for magic trick tutorial what do you need to do you need to have a video okay well what about AI well I don't think AI is going to give you a magic trick tutorial I think people on that are always going to watch a video just like if you were to type in I want to watch Michael Jordan dunk the basketball that's gonna be a video very interesting okay and we need to understand the different methods of search when we understand the different methods of search that is where the money is going to be made now what's happening with this shake up with Google AI and generative AI is you're seeing a lot more focus on the intent of someone searching what they're trying to do is get AI to predict the intent before you have the intent and there was a video I did years ago I think it was 2014.

I did it right after I got out of rehab and I'm nine years sober now right and when I got out of rehab I went to my computer and I said to myself could you have predicted and listen to this question because if you understand this question you can make a lot of money and the question was could you have predicted that I would be an alcoholic and need rehab why is this important Marcus well let me tell you why this is important all right this is important because rehab cost between 10 and 50 000 or more for a 30-day stay it ain't cheap so if you could predict that someone is going to need rehab or someone is going to need this or that or that someone's air conditioner is going to break like mine acted like it was going to break this morning but now it's nice and cool in here which is good because I like to be able to breathe air on the live stream but we look at this and we're like if you could predict this you could make a lot of money why because advertisers on Google paying for Rehab words let's go over here and let's see what these guys are paying I think this is super important because when you want to understand how money is made if we were to go here and go to keyword Explorer and type something in like rehab addiction Watch What Happens you're going to see here there's lots of searches 2.8 million searches a month but watch what happens in the cost per click volume in the cost per click column okay what this is doing if you were to type in rehab addiction in Google let's let's see what happens with AI okay luckily AI is not like hey you know what whatever AI would tell me to do here okay so that one they're not really touching but if we were to look at the keyword terms here okay and we were to type in Addiction Rehab uh drug addiction rehab or whatever you're going to see ads on the page okay there's gonna be ads and Those ads are being paid for by well advertisers man Marcus you're so smart how'd you figure that out we're going to go through and we're going to look at this and we can see that alcohol Addiction Rehab okay alcohol Addiction Rehab let's do near me okay we're going to see that the ads that are showing up sponsored sponsored the sponsored ads are paying are you sitting down for this all right don't say I didn't warn you for one click they're paying as much as one hundred dollars or more for a click to a website interesting so does that mean if I could generate clicks to a website I could get paid a lot of money it's exactly what it means and you can do affiliate marketing and all kinds of things which we'll get into a minute but what we need to understand is where is this coming from that's why we talked about the predictive search model if you can predict what someone's going to want based on how they're searching Game Over you win this is so important so we could see lots of money here now if we go even more we could see there's also image packs and things like that this image pack here is showing um right like this so Texas Roadhouse apparently we can generate Ai and it'll tell us about Texas Roadhouse which I think the AI is literally basically reading this page and saying hey yeah this is what it is American state chain uh steakhouse I mean it's literally paraphrasing it which is like okay did we really need you to do that I mean I'm sorry yes robots please don't get mad at me but you know we got to be nice to the robots because one day they're gonna be running this show but that's for a different training and we see here that image packs look like this down here where'd they go I know I had them in here in a second ago image packs it had a whole image pack but base I think actually you know what we might need to go to the old search for the image pack so we see here image pack okay it doesn't want to show it now but let's do we'll do something like um let's do Apple logo okay this will have an image pack that's an image pack okay it shows images very simple okay very easy very good SDC says light bulb awesome glad you're getting it very important you got to understand exactly how this works and and how to understand generative search and how search engines work because this is a multi multi-trillion dollar industry there's not a lot of trillion dollar industries that are 100 online but this is one of them if you look back in history how did Amazon start Amazon started with free Google listings why did it work it worked because they knew that there was a bunch of book titles very importantly if we were to go through and do top 100 books okay this is definitely going to have an AI um thing here right now let's take a look at this so if you were to look at the best books this web page here ranks for all kinds of different Books Okay and we're gonna see let's go uh organic keywords okay best novels and then you're going to start to see the actual books right I think maybe if we go to volume it'll do it Time Magazine and then you'll start to see the actual books which is super important okay and this is a little insight into why this stuff works so let's say The Great Gatsby okay we'll just we'll just it will be like Kramer you're gonna love this AI joke did you guys ever see uh Seinfeld where he's got the movie phone and he's like why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you'd like to see that's kind of how I see AI right now it is getting better but you know it's basically welcome to movie phone so we're gonna go here and we'll do uh Great Gatsby Gatsby um and you're gonna see that the Great Gatsby has 201 million searches a month right 201 million searches a month now this ladies and gentlemen if you understand this this is how Amazon became like a bazillion dollar company right when you look at this back in the old days Amazon old Jeff Bezos there Amazon basically went out there and said hey I want to make a boatload of money that's what he wanted to do he wanted to make a boatload of money and he said well what is the easiest way to do it well let's take a look at something that has lots of products why because okay the grocery store down the street makes about a hundred thousand dollars a day how do they do that they do it by selling five peanut butters and six mayonnaise's and 25 steaks and 15 gallons of milk that's how they do it they don't just wake up and make 100 Grand they have lots of products if your grocery store said hey we're only going to have provolone and you're only gonna get ribeye and you know you only get this kind of shrimp you ain't gonna go to the store you go to the store because there's a lot of stuff you need very very important that's why people go to Walmart because they're like I can get some new bed sheets a bicycle a log for the fire and you know some tortillas you can get literally everything there Jeff Bezos said hey I need lots of products well what is the number one category on planet Earth that has the most products ah books there is no other product category that has more SKU numbers than books ah and he was like oh books are easy to sell because you just ship them and there you go pretty simple now we go through and we're like okay books there you go so now he's got millions and millions of products that people search for every single day just like we saw there The Great Gatsby is get speed get Gatsby The Great Gatsby is looked up 201 000 times a month you can also do like uh Catcher in the Rye all right I think I read that was when I was in school couldn't tell you what it's about maybe about Rye or something but you could see 78 000 searches or my favorite book Zen and the Art of motor cycle maintenance I'll just put this because I'm not even try to spell maintenance right uh Zen In The Art of Motorcycle or let's I think I spelled motorcycle wrong too but Zen In The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is looked up seven thousand times a month so out of that how many people are buying the book probably quite a few so what happened was this was actually what built Amazon right so this is something that could effectively affect Amazon's income as well interesting now will it no because now we all go to Amazon and that's where we search interesting all right keep that in mind you guys want to make money There's a Place To Do It smash the like button so we have Zen In The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance get an AI powered overview all right let's see here let's see what it tells us here with the overview now notice how Amazon is the first two listings interesting right interesting because if we were to take this and say oh hey check this out site Explorer Amazon let's look up that exact page yeah they got 117 keywords driving traffic to Zen In The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance book ladies and gentlemen you just got an overview course of how Amazon became a multi-bazillion trillion quadrillion dollar Company If You Like It smash the like button because this is important if you can reverse engineer stuff and you say hey I want to make money online I want to do this well you might not be the next Amazon but could you be the expert of experts on Zen In The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance yeah I probably could I think I've listened to it on audio probably a hundred times and read the book at least 10 times all the way through and several times uh you know just parts of it so this is something where if I was an expert in one book what if I could make a living on it because so many people are trying to be Jeff Bezos like I'm just going to start up the everything store and it's like no you're not it already exists you think you're gonna compete with Walmart no but what can you do better than Walmart and Amazon specialize ladies and gentlemen this is where AI is never going to be able to compete with humans specialized emotional intelligence knowledge got to do that again knowledge what this is going to do in addition to us being able to laugh at ourselves on live streams is it's going to teach us exactly what we need to do if you want to have an edge you can use AI to help you in a way like never before because we're going to talk about an an opportunity in just a minute that you guys are going to love and no it's not an opportunity to like come on down to the front row and sign up for my no this is free you could do it if you want if you want to work with me you can work with me you can find those links somewhere else but what we're going to do is we're going to start to understand I can specialize in books about Zen oh wait a minute okay so what if I went out there and did that in a very very simple way and Texas solar says you changed my life man I watched you and applied your keyword strategies and ranked my business then got found by a major company and made money all right so congrats on that very few people actually do the stuff that I teach a lot of people say is it too competitive it's not most people do not do the stuff um and we got to look at it and understand hey I can I can major in the minors Because unless you're trying to be a bazillionaire which eventually maybe you'll get there right Jeff Bezos didn't start being a billionaire until like 10 years after his company started okay interesting now what we need to do is we need to take a look at how this is going to work and what we're going to do with this AI content smash that like button let me know in the comments how you guys are digging this because I think you're going to want to watch this several times now we're going to look at several different things because there were some shake-ups that have happened if we were to go look at Wikipedia I think it's dot org something like that yeah so if we were to look at was a very interesting one because when featured Snippets came out traffic went down it went down about 30 percent some websites that relied on search engine rankings that that had featured Snippets lost as much as like I think 60 of their traffic overnight so we have to look at this now what we're going to do is we're going to start to see how AI is going to be in these results we got an AI overview here you got Twitter you got all kinds of stuff here um and then you have you know chat GPT so chat GPT apparently Wikipedia is relevant for chat gbt now of course chat gbt is the most relevant but again notice how AI is pushing it down the bottom and when more people click that button Google's gonna say put the auto AI there and eventually this is what you're going to see which ladies and gentlemen did you notice how chat how Google's AI did not list open AI for their overview on chat GPT that's how many of you guys are like that does not seem helpful like I think if I look up chat gbt it should talk about stuff that's actually on the site because that's what it said was relevant and again this is going to get a big shake up this is interesting stuff and we start to understand hey there we go look at that Wikipedia got that and I think this also had a featured snippet let's take a look at the non-ai Google so we have this here people also ask all right let's try uh is it free okay no feature as it does yeah so that's our feature today it's a very small snippet but it is in fact featured and we're starting to see okay that's interesting I think that that kind of missed the ball I don't think that's a good a good snippet it's a chat bot developed by open AI released in November chat GPT so it gives a little overview but again I don't know if it's actually as helpful as say you know um let's say what are the best philosophy books okay all right so this one here has a snippet so we got Beyond Good and Evil Republic just kind of take a snapshot let's see how many of those show up in the AI result I think that's interesting okay so Republic meditations and so we have Mark Mason book bub Taylor Pearson and here we see Republic meditations whatever that is Nick Nicole mcthin something like that I'm not even trying to spell big words I don't know there it is there so literally all the results that AI picked were down here in the source box anyway okay that's interesting what do you guys think about that let me know in the comments are you like yeah that kind of like why would I read this if it's already here like what's going on how about philosophy novels maybe that'll go through that's my favorite genre genre genre we will learn to speak today um but you know none of these except for this one is actually a novel it's only one novel let's see if AI gets it I want a novel AI I don't want I don't want these other books I want a novel which by the way I'll answer that question uh Xenon the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is the best philosophical novel ever but I'm biased um Republic not enough well that's kind of a novel uh Sophie's World that's actually a pretty good one um yeah there's a couple but again look there they are there wait a minute is Google AI just like hey we're just going gonna put this up there but we're just not going to give anyone traffic except these guys interesting there's that Mark Mason guy again um so apparently AI is gonna and this is something that's gonna happen with the AI shakeup is the more sites you see here the more they're going to pop up in results which I think is going to be interesting maybe it's using backlinks it probably is somehow using backlinks to find that info like hey if this guy is good let's see what philosophy book should I read first okay so now we see now I'm in a dialogue now this is important because I just went from a search yeah meditations is a good book too um now I went from a search model to actually talking to it which is interesting okay medium and did that change the what are the best philosophy novels so that's interesting because it's actually changing the search results down below as well let's see what order should you read philosophy books Let's see if it's changes the down below stuff because now we're in chat mode how many of you guys are like yeah this is interesting here so now we have here are some good for beginners is an interesting icon there and did it change it I want to read yes it did change it this ladies and gentlemen I think is hitting on something that is very important and what it's hitting on is what's happening is now search is stopping to be a passive task and it's going to be more active okay so notice what Google's doing and again this is the beta test which tells us everything we need to know because it tells us what is Google trying to do what is Google trying to do well we saw here we searched for best philosophy books and then we search for for beginners and then we search for a reading order and what happened is every time we interacted with the chatbot it was changing the results now imagine this in like the health Niche right you're like you know uh why do my feet hurt well no it's not my shoes okay and and when it says it might be your shoes it's going to list some orthopedic shoes for you and then you're like oh no it's not my shoes because I don't wear shoes okay well uh maybe it's your vitamin and then it's going to have a list of where you could buy vitamins and you're going to start to see a lot of products Within These results and when we start to look at products and these results this is where the change in search is gonna be drastic and those who pay attention can make a lot of money let me show you what I mean here right when we go through and we look at search and we start to look at stuff like um you know best e-bike for let's do the same one best e-bike for Five Mile commute short Rider so we start to see here um Brompton let's see if it's it's taking from this that's a featured snippet let's see what happens here all right so we got apparently we gotta wait AI did not have its coffee today neither did I so there's our coffee um we can see here Brompton I mean it's literally it's it's literally the same damn list how many of you guys are like that that is the same list in the same order like I don't know if AI cares about plagiarizing but you know add on out you start to look at that and then we could say okay let's ask a follow-up so now we see no ads this is where it's going to get important because we have no ads here let's do how far can you go on an e-bike okay let's see what happens when we start to interact with this okay how far can you go there's the difficulty gives us some sights looks like this is an infosight I think that's an actual bike site and I think that's an actual bike site so now we're seeing e-bikes headquarter biker vault no ads yet how about let's see if it gives us other follow-ups okay let's try this e-bike versus regular bike okay so here we have evolo again now notice that's there but not here okay electric versus how to commute so it looks like this is pulling from the search results let's see if these show up okay so we're looking for six fly leads there's six fly and then leads is not showing there let's see if okay so we had how far can the average commute on an e-bike so let's see what happens in Google regular and see if those come up so bicycle volt so we're looking for evil or no we had this one here so we're looking for six fly leads interesting none of them are showing up which means for some reason that came up so let's see what happens let's ask how did you find the above results what made you choose those three websites let's see what happens here all right how did you find the above results I think this will be interesting okay here are some examples of how to answer inner what okay okay uh okay let's go a different way let's go to Google bard okay which is similar Google bar is a different playing field than whatever um Google generative AI is using but let's see how long does it to make take to commute on an e-bike versus a regular bike okay so we got here info info info okay um list some websites you used to find that info because I think if we could start to understand how AI is going to pull results I think that's going to be one of the biggest opportunities you're going to have in history because right now we are learning that AI is working on search I'm using search engine rankings with AI we are getting incredible results our high ticket Niche program we're doing Ai and the results are better than content we paid have written so we're seeing a shift up and I think there's a balance between everyone out there is going and is talking about bulk AI okay so they're they're saying you know what dude just go find 10 000 keywords put some AI up and boom you're gonna rank okay this is missing the point this is what Google doesn't want this is why AI is going to take over in the capacity it's going to because people want to Buck the system which means low quality content now we talked about it in this training which is why you need to watch this at least one time preferably two or three because there are things that I went over that you might not have gotten yet and there's things that are that are super important and when we look at low quality what determines good quality well AI is starting to tell us what quality is good if you listen you can be ahead of the curve and understand how AI thinks in terms of search Marketing in terms of traffic and then you can find out how to put yourself at the top this is super super important and it's more important than just looking at a few links on Google it's understanding how AI thinks and how people think okay if you understand how people think the click is always going to win ladies and gentlemen I don't care who you are if AI doesn't get clicks on Google generative search it's going to go out the window they ain't going to care about it anymore so we need to start to understand how this is going on and and how to how to really work this in a way that's going to get us the results we want vde says is SEO shifting to large language model optimization we don't know yet I think it's going to shift to what the visitor is going to respond to because this year we had a lot of hype around Ai and I think that a lot of companies jump the gun and they didn't think about people behind it and they didn't think about the repercussions of how is this going to affect ads like right now the tests that we're doing here with Google AI we see it's got sheets and code tips and stuff like that but as far as search which is where the bulk of the money is coming from we need to understand like how is this interacting where do the ads go in our test here we're not seeing a lot of ads right maybe we could do something like chat GPT hosting right maybe there's something about that we don't see any AI info there let's do Converse so if we do chat gbd hosting here are some results let's try what kind of Hosting do I need for my own chat GPT let's see if it answers here okay so we've got videos here okay um let's try a different question how can I save money on my mortgage and notice we are no longer searching but we kind of are and you probably didn't even say that because I was on the wrong screen there's the right screen um here are some search results if you can see uh what we have here so it's saying here are some search results um what steps can I take to get a lower mortgage rate ways to lower your mortgage rate so no ads yet so this is interesting so we'll go back to search and it's interesting how that actually looks like a chat like it's like hey there you go that's an interesting interface I think I think that's interesting let's try um best way to start affiliate marketing let's see if it gives us info versus just okay now it's giving us info okay on average Publishers make around 52 000 annually from affiliate marketing we all know that's wrong with my famous disclaimer that the average affiliate marketer makes nothing the average person trying to make money makes nothing um so this is telling us what scale it up oh well thank you yeah that that's really helpful that's like you got to have the right mindset and they go yeah how's that going to help me you can have all the mindset you want I want strategy right and so we look at this and we're like okay interesting um a href Shopify how much can a beginning affiliate marketer make um that gives us just at the at the results um let's try something else here and see how it's going to work um okay so now when we're looking at stuff like Wikipedia BuzzFeed and wikiHow these are the site types that I think are gonna be shook up the most right because when we go into something like wikiHow um if we were to take a look at the 10 million keyword which that they rank for and say okay well how many of them have the stuff that we just talked about right do they have a feature let's do um where Target ranks a featured snippet site links there let's just do featured snippet so out of their 10 almost 11 million keywords almost a hundred thousand of them have a featured snippet that Wikipedia has or I'm sorry wikiHow has but how many of them just have on the search engine so how many of the 10 million keywords have a featured snippet on Google whether it's Wikipedia or not 4 million 5 million so half of Wiki house traffic has those screenshots let's take a look at how this looks with AI so AI boom automatic so is Wikipedia gonna get traffic nope Parade's probably not going to get traffic because the AI automatic parade positive there you go uh wikiHow nope see how that did do you guys see how that works smash the like button if you're starting to get this because sites like wikiHow okay um things to draw generating automatic generating Watch What Happens wikiHow is going to get shoved to the bottom and ai's gonna go get out of there click these and it does not include wikiHow which means we're going to see sites like this get shaken up a lot um let's see screenshot how to make glue something about this let's see okay so that's that one's safe so how to make interesting let's do I'm going to do this on another screen because I don't know what people want to make it might be some interesting stuff here let's do how to make and we'll do okay I think we're pretty safe here hopefully okay so how to make was an interesting one so how to make has 34 million searches let's do featured Snippets see how many of those keywords have it and when you start to understand how we're reverse engineering this this is super super important so how to make a paper airplane so these ones have featured Snippets there's AI there so it gives you the option YouTube how to make money from home let's do how to make a resume okay so that's an auto-generated one so now all these companies that have made this their business model of helping people make resumes they're now going to be pushed down to the bot look at that that pushed them way below the fold there's the steps on how to make a resume so pick the right resume choose the format choose a format add contact add I mean how many of you guys are like yeah I don't know about this now let's go over to search mode or chat mode rather so now we have this can this snippet grow Google revenue for comparing data from other websites ranking Google they're going to start to add ads in them right so you're going to start to see ads within the Snippets so like if you do how to land a job interview okay if you do this what's going to happen is it's going to start to put ads within it and I think I think the color changes based on how it's going to how it's going to do this let's try um best 42 inch TV okay generating this should show ads yeah see how it's showing ads within the results so that's an interesting that that's how that's going to work okay um Zender says that's wicked so far I seem to be safe from the new change yeah it's going to be interesting we're going to see how things shake up and here on the channel we're going to keep on top of how this is working so that you know what's working and when because there's going to be a window of opportunity where there's a lot of new things happening and you can jump on really quick make a bunch of money that's kind of what we're looking at here and also we're going to have a video coming out about the one thing you need to do right now for the AI change like if you're not doing this I guarantee you're going to look back and say I wish I did what Marcus said and that's going to be in Friday's video so smash the like button subscribe do what you got to do to watch Friday's video super important we also have another video coming out Monday which is going to talk about a method that doesn't even use search it's going to be something super super powerful and we start to look at this and say hey this is interesting this is interesting because now we can see what's going on how to how to how to make a QR code okay let's see if Google actually just makes us one no no AI on that but it did have a featured snippet okay interesting um how to make heavy cream I think you could do that without can you do that if you don't like I know how to make milk out of heavy cream but okay so I guess you just put butter and I don't know yeah it sounds like buttermilk to me I don't know if that's heavy cream let's see if AI gives us a better result um and then you put flour in it that does not sound like a heavy cream to me now or no sir uh melt the butter okay so it's giving us the same thing so basically it's like hey here's what we got now this is interesting this is interesting does anyone see something super interesting on this result okay let me know if you do uh yeah we're still using uh obs for our stream all right what I found interesting was the fact that YouTube's over here my question is is it actually getting results from the YouTube video because if AI starts watching videos and transcribing them and understanding them which by the way AI does an amazing job at let's try lift affiliate program I'm going to show you an example here okay so Lyft affiliate program this is something I rank for and it looks like okay there's it's taking and making its own thing there lift review and pushes us down the page here but let's take a look at this so if we look at Monday's video I actually had AI create the notes for the video and it was pretty accurate like it went through and it understood the video and expanded on it which I thought was interesting because like yeah I mean it's it's an interesting world if AI is going to be watching and reading and and understanding now I think as of now AI does not have a way to actually interpret the images on the video I mean there are some that does obviously but I think in terms of understanding it no I think in terms of like finding things that they don't want on a video like you know if you flash a picture or whatever it'll know hey that's something we don't want or something we do want or it's copywritten or non-copyritten or whatever okay I think that's interesting now however this is a gray area with with that stuff someone asked what AI do I use for transcribing check out my video it was a live stream we did a couple of like a month ago about I think it was called like I spent ten thousand dollars on AI duels or something like that is pretty crazy but we're starting to understand like okay a lot of these are going to start to change things up how to make a YouTube channel okay so let's see now I'm noticing different colors I don't know yet what they are did you guys notice that too there was like a green a blue and maybe there's something about like how to versus okay heavy let's see if it changes it no um without butter let's see if it changes the color no that so it looks like the green or the blue rather um is showing like maybe food maybe this is YouTube let's try make money online does that show in AI it does not how uh best way to start a blog okay how to start a blog okay so that goes to the greenish color this is is that like a purple or a blue so we're seeing different stuff here how about best e-bikes for commuting okay so this now we got a red okay so it's red products baby yeah maybe is that the same color there this it's similar so looks like maybe the different colors are so okay so now we're seeing where it actually found the info interesting so that tab this tab here has got a lot of good stuff in it because that's showing how they came up with the info let's see let's let's try something real quick I'm gonna go to grammarly and see if we can reverse engineer where this came from are you guys digging this smash the like button these types of live streams are very difficult to do one because they're long two because we have a lot of stuff that uh we're trying to pay attention to so if you like it let me know by Smashing the like button and let me know in the comments below so if we go to grammarly here and we're going to use the plagiarism deal see if it shows anything here okay nothing there let's try some others heavy cream without butter so it looks like it's doing a good job of like making it appear as if it's its own let's try I'm going to try lemon juice and sugar and see if that comes up with a a heavy cream site okay maybe I think grammarly is just not working right now because I know that's plagiar I know that'll show up something it's got to um there it goes calculating but yeah when you start to look at that it's like okay where does it get the results and I think that's important because where the search engine results page or the serp would have info like Wikipedia Instagram stuff like that that's what's saying it's important however now we're going to see that the generative AI is going to have that box here that's going to tell us what is important so if we do something like Lyft affiliate program I think had an AI so it's generating Lyft has phased out its Ambassador that's where they found it hey there's the affiliate marketing dude so they're actually using my website to get info for their AI um the Lyft affiliate program blah blah so actually this is pretty confusing like if you were looking for this list Lyft have an affiliate program it's phased out they do have one and then some brand ambassador thing on indeed Lyft affiliate dude indeed lift flex offers Niche fact it's interesting that they picked up mine like why would they pick that up over others let's see if it changes lift affiliate program payout okay changed colors that's interesting maybe because it's Financial Maybe maybe okay so now we have primarily lift so there's me on top Lyft referral program weekly deposits okay so interesting let's see what happens if we do let's start chatting with it does Lyft have an affiliate program business of apps Flex offers Niche facts okay but it does show me there so technically technically on this I would get more traffic interesting okay so we start to look at that AI knows you it probably does I don't know it kind of scares me um my grandpa before he passed in 2013 he was like that computer knows too much about me and I was like yeah it does if only he saw what it was like today he'd be like you had to get that computer out of my house what's going on but at any rate um that would actually get me more traffic because it's actually switching up the search engine rankings which is an interesting thing like why did why did it switch those um how much is Lyft referral bonus okay so Lyft is dominating there and the sites have actually switched quite a bit okay let's take a look at some others you guys digging this let me know if you are and we'll take a look at some others here let's try um let's do a site that I have that we're doing all AI content on which is a new SUV dot org we put 50 pieces of AI content on this one and so the search engine rankings are fluctuating a little bit it was a domain name if you didn't watch yesterday's domain video watch it after this so SUV with the best visibility so we got AI as an option and let's see where I rank I'm number 11.

Let's try lightest SUV best and worst driver hip room okay so when we take a look at this let's see what happens SUV with best visibility yeah if you search incognito probably be a little different too here are some SUVs with good visibility okay shows these guys let's see where I rank with AI there we are there okay let's go to do SUVs have good visibility um our gym this this is Google generative AI this is not an app or Plug-In or anything this is this is the real deal this is what is going to roll out uh when they have it so we got consumer carvana okay let's see if I show up anywhere yeah there I'm there cool and that actually showed me up higher which is interesting let's see short drive that would work for me because I always have to get a car with power seats otherwise I can't see out the window we had a Jeep for a while and yeah I could see out it okay it was it wasn't great um so we have these guys here let's see if I show up again I don't know if I'm optimized for this term but yeah what you're going to learn is that the more modalities you have linking back to your content whether it's Twitter whether it's a YouTube I think the more it's gonna it's gonna work well um let's see here I was going to do another one here let's try um five minute this is a site that you guys are going to see in an up and coming video um and I think it's going to be super important I'm just going to try to see what their site is I got a Facebook okay what is their site I think it's just like five I know it's on this business I mean this company is a monster this is going to be a fun video um other channels I don't know where the actual site let's see if they have it in their listing ah come on now okay maybe it's this no that's something else Tick Tock maybe he's got his list on the tick tock is that it okay that to that okay so that's five minute crafts there we go okay um okay let's try five maybe it's this one maybe five anyone know what this site is right um but yeah what we're gonna do is we're going to start to look at the different stuff like that and see how it's going to change see yeah um but these are the kind of sites that will get some shake up and what's happening is you're going to start to see like if we were to do crafts keyword Explorer and do craft okay um let's see there's five minutes I'm not the only one looking for it uh crafts to do when bored you can do DIY and what's going to happen I want to show you something very important here pipe cleaner crafts there you go something like this so if we were to look at this here you're going to see AI boom right on the top then you have one little project we have ads okay green interesting so you got Wikipedia you got brands in stores okay so it's actually giving an overview of what's going on and then you can probably reverse engineer where that came from which I think is is very important because if we could start to understand how this is working then we could see now notice images here so like if you had an image that ranked you had a YouTube video then I think AI is going to start to be like oh this guy knows what he's talking about in this stuff so let's put it in the results which these are going to be pretty coveted and also another tip is optimizing your top image right so 25 popsicle crafts let's do this here and where was that one let's just do this one so this one wow they got like quite a bit let's do this here so here's the images and you can kind of see where they're pulling from which I think is important let's see yeah so see the spruce and and this is another site that um is going to get a shake up right when you look at sites like the spruce and this is their craft one they have like pets and it's a huge Media company but when we start to understand and start to reverse engineer what's going on and we're like okay candle making they are right now getting 15 000 visitors a month from this term boom Watch What Happens it's going to go away if we're willing to wait and now nowhere to be found even though they had a top ranking so we're going to see a big shake up how many of you guys are liking this and you're like okay I'm starting to understand this I see how this is working in what I need to do to make this happen we see Amazon candle designs so essentially maybe um we're gonna have to have more stuff like maybe we'll do an Amazon and maybe we'll do this and this is what we talk about all the time um with like Etsy and different things like that because you can get out there here's one how to start a candle business interesting interesting that that would show up like why would AI put that together basic steps melt the wax during the sense so this is actually going like it's literally reading that one page compiling it with its own stuff right are you guys starting to understand that and you're like okay interesting and then some ads down here and some different things like that but you're gonna see these sites will get a shake up like if we go to similar web you're going to see a shake up and again if you didn't see yesterday's video highly recommended because we went through some people that were trying to game the system and it worked for a while I mean they had their payday uh it was all AI but I think it's very very important as far as how to make money with it if you're not seeing it you need to watch this again very important because there's a lot of stuff here but you're going to see like right now they're getting three million visitors a month and some of the opportunities we're going to have are going to be how to make this work how do we learn how AI responds and understands to this stuff what's going to happen to ads now one of the things that is going to pick up big time is ads because if you take a Searcher like let's say we go here and we're searching for um you know uh calculate my mortgage okay here we have ai and let's see what happens because what's going to happen now is I search calculate my mortgage which watch this is real world what's going to happen this is one of the opportunities that's going to get big which is why you got to follow my videos on paid traffic because this is this is going to get mind-bogglingly big because what's going to happen is you have calculate my mortgage which results in up until now so before AI this is what it looks like you go here you calculate done that's it I go here I'm like hey my house was 500K my mortgage is this much that's it I don't need to do anything else thank you Google have a nice day but watch what happens when you introduce AI now we go through and we do calculate my mortgage we got AI now what's happening is I'm going into a dialog how much can I borrow now that I'm going into a dialog that's two where I would have just put the info in that was done now I got two now I got this here and they're going to start to show ads then I could say how much mortgage can I afford for a 2K home okay shows me some results what types of mortgages are best for low credit scores and I will tell you that one of the most profitable things I ever added to my websites was live chat the ability to chat and learn this stuff is super important because we make money I used to have a joke years ago because my wife used to like to watch Judge Judy and when she watched the show because I can't stand it I would be on my laptop and I'd fire up live chat and we had a joke where I would try to make a thousand dollars by the time the show is over it's a half hour show I'd fire up live chat I talked to people and I would sell stuff and it was important because what's happening is you're changing the perspective from here I am searching looking for information to now I'm interacting and there was something where um on my mortgage site years ago I had a mortgage site and we would buy 300 visitors a day so I'd go to Google I'd buy 300 people searching for mortgage calculator they would come to my site and I would have multiple questions that they could click on hey calculate this here's how to save this here's how to do that and what would happen was I would now take and this is a tip you guys want to make money here it is all right I would take those 300 visitors and normally this would be 300 ad Impressions that's it 300 visitors 300 Impressions end of story but because I had the multiple questions it 10xed it which meant now 3 000 people saw my ads which means if I get a 10 click-through rate on those ads effectively a hundred percent of the people click the ad do you see what this could do to Google's revenue if we start interacting with the search engines do you see how this could change things where we're like wait a minute now you're getting more ad Revenue more clicks on ads more people doing stuff and we're understanding the intent more it's almost like a mind-reading experiment and when we start to understand like hey wait a minute these are the things that are going to get big you're going to have a huge increase in ads on generative Ai and I'll bet that's going to be an option in Google AdWords coming up or do you want to advertise on the generative AI I think that's going to be super super important and when we start to understand okay this basically Google is an ad selling machine so everything they do is going to be about selling ads how do I know if termites are in my basement do termites get in a basement I don't know I've never had a basement but if I did there might be termites in it so we're going to look at this here do you mean because of questions you got more people no I mean because of the questions the people clicked more pages on my site if you have a website and people spend more time on it you're going to make a lot more money this is important why do you think Tick Tock is so threatening to so many businesses because people spend a lot of time on Tick Tock YouTube what do they want they reward videos that people watch for a long time they want time on site the longer you're here watching my training the more ads you're going to see the more ad revenue is going to be driven Yay good that's what they want now when we look at this here what are some signs of termites in basements there you go uh what is an active termite infestation look like is it going to describe it or give me an image right and we're going to start to understand this is where ADS are going to be for termite companies in your local area and if you start to understand wait a minute I get it then you're going to start to get how to make AI content that is going to be insanely profitable because this is something that people are really struggling with how do I make a piece of AI content that's not just regurgitated stuff and how do I make it in a way that advertisers are willing to pay or I can make money with affiliate offers and different things like that and once you understand this it's game over you win because if you could be on The Cutting Edge of this this is key and smash that like button subscribe we're going to be going over this stuff like crazy as it rolls out so we see here where ADS are going to be ethical concerns now we got about 15 minutes or so before I got to be on another call if you guys have questions about what we went over let me know uh Zender says you're right I have plugins on my site that drive more click-throughs per visit some people stay over an hour exactly you ever go on those sites where it's like you won't believe what happened when he came home late that night and you click it and then it's like it was an ordinary day and he had his shoes next and all these ads come up and you're like okay and he he took his shoes off next and then more ads come up any like an hour later you're like this story sucks but I just read it ad Revenue ad Revenue ad Revenue again optimizing for the visitor this is something if you could learn how to optimize AI for visitors you can make a lot of money plain and simple if you learn that that is key because then I could take any piece of content from AI put it anywhere I want and optimize it for the right stuff and this is super important this is something we're going to be talking about on the channel if you want to learn that smash that like button and let me know um and we're gonna go for there Google ads going to dominate search results I don't think so like I don't think that is going to be the norm I think I think it'll integrate right integrated is what's going to make it work if Google just put ads you're going to stop clicking because if I'm like oh hey I want to learn how to make a paper airplane and it's like you know fly JetBlue you're gonna be like get out of here I want to make the airplane I don't want to go on on uh JetBlue right and you start to understand hey this is something where I'm on The Cutting Edge and this can actually work in a real world way and if you learn how this is structured if you learn how the AI is going to work and you look at the stuff that we talked about with the different things that AI is going to be on we did a test here on this training which is why you're going to want to go back and watch this multiple times because the people also ask local results this is all going to be feeding the new Google AI search engine which is important because if you know what the search engine eats you're going to know what to make for dinner and it's going to make you a lot of money um Jerry said she clicked through 30 times before the story ending all right yeah some of those stories are crazy and AI can write those for you too there's a reason that stuff exists like a lot of people is oh clickbait clickbait ninety percent of the people on planet Earth don't know what clickbait is they have no clue right click bait would be like that a story that doesn't end the way you want but a lot of people mistake a good ad for click bait because they clicked on it that's not what clickbait is um but can we learn from click bait sure absolutely um very important and that's that's how I learned marketing years ago but when you start to understand how AI content is going to be featured in the search engine with site links and twitters and knowledge boxes and things like that I I think it's super super important so what we're going to do is we're going to have a q a section I believe if you guys got some questions AI writes pathetic story in Regional language um it can be good if you know how to direct it that's another thing is knowing how to direct Ai and and utilizing it that way because if you do it right you can learn a lot and like like this here we talked about the tracking one you can make content like this and and rank for all kinds of things let's see if um this came up in those let's see DHL tracking number generate let's see if it comes up for this should I ask AI to write click baits for my YouTube thumbnails um I have started asking AI to make my titles better as far as a thumbnail I think it's going to be a little too wordy for that but I think it can work okay let's see here it's all in the prompt you're using yes the prompt is everything but I think if you understand like how to write the content how to build it all together more and more you can do an entire video on sophistication and come I don't know what that means can you summarize this teaching in top two to three points no I it's something that you need to watch the entire thing of because I brought you on a journey that it built on it like I spent so much time making this structure the way that it is so that it would lead you to the conclusions that I want you to have about how AI is going to work you can get notes from it right there and I think you just need to understand okay this is why AI is the way it is this is how it's going to start to understand and Implement in our daily lives and this is what you can do uh to make it work so I think it's very important um if you guys want to learn with me and follow along with my journey you can get my notes at that first one there and then you can always go to blogprofit network and join blog profit Network we have calls like this every Tuesday but unlike being here I can actually go through your sites and help you directly which is pretty cool Russell says AI is no good for Creative work I have an an uh why can't I speak I have a novel In My Head asked for an outline results read like a Disney movie missed the mark for the novel well it depends on what you're trying to do can it help with the creative process I believe so can it come up can it be creative for you probably not I don't think it's gonna be creative for you um let's see we are becoming better clickbait evaluators as affiliate marketers I agree you mentioned an AI prompt video was it uploaded it is not um we were going to have it but our prompt tool isn't yet ready I'm waiting for it to be ready all right let's see hey there's Andy all right guys well I think that concludes our training if you did not watch yesterday's video link is in the description watch that video it talks about this in a real world way and a site that is using AI that this video is about a site that someone bought for four hundred dollars put AI content on it sold it for four thousand however they missed the mark because the traffic was worth fifteen thousand dollars a month AI traffic 15 grand a month they built it in 90 days you gotta see that one go check that out and we'll see you in the next training smash the like button

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