Is It Too Late To Start w/ Affiliate Marketing?

is it too late to start making money online with affiliate marketing if you look around it seems like every great Niche idea is already taken and Google's just full of established winners so is there room for another affiliate marketer but there's one thing that the newbies and the folks hesitating to jump in are missing and that's the fact that there are billions of people who are thirsty for answers for solutions for help who are on Google and on YouTube Every Single Day right now and if I could be brutally honest with you for a moment most creators who are doing well right now aren't that good at helping people get results I mean let's take the fitness Niche for example or weight loss how many people around you see who are overweight right now a lot how many people around you are broke right now a lot how many people around you have relationship challenges right now a lot billions of people need help and you have the opportunity to go be of service to them and it's never been easier than it is right now it's time jump in and start creating

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