Is Clickbank a Scam?

is ClickBank a scam because when you look at the best performing products on ClickBank they all look really really scammy so what's the ClickBank is the retailer so it's important to separate out ClickBank the retailer versus the vendors those individuals who publish the products for sale and the truth is that ClickBank is not a scam it's just a online retail Marketplace here's the problem most of the products on ClickBank are absolutely scams or wannabe scams or they're just absolutely atrociously bad to where they're kind of scamming people out of money even if they did convert so my number one rule of thumb is just to completely avoid ClickBank whether it's me and the products I promote I don't promote any products in the internet marketing space on ClickBank and I don't recommend you try to learn internet marketing from ClickBank because they're all me too marketing schemes being promoted whether they're the heroes or the platinums avoid it so if you're ever on a webinar if you're ever looking at a Creator and they're pushing something that's on ClickBank unsubscribe walk away and go the other direction

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