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Kevin you were you were just explaining kind of like how you read the marketplace and and kind of how you feel out your your next moves in this game of chess that we're playing here on the oil field uh you want to jump back into that yeah so um I would say for much of my career which now is 24 years long in this space and going um I I just sort of stumble into these things right so I have an interest I start going down the rabbit hole of something and then I have a desire to deconstruct something I try something and figure it out and it starts working and then other people want it right or I have some sort of hidden knowledge that other people don't have and people want it like that's how the Hustler secret came about I was it was accidental I was playing golf with a buddy and and uh told him that if you put Vaseline on the club actually I didn't tell him I showed him I went and got some Vaseline and we put it on his club and and he had the round of his life the lowest score he had ever shot by 4 4 shots so that night or that afternoon we were in the clubhouse having a beer and he's like man I would have paid to know this years ago you should sell it like you do your other stuff and I I just came home and and said you know what maybe he's right let me write a sales letter and I wrote a sales letter and woke up the next morning with seven sales so that was a gusher right I mean oil was just shooting out of the ground from the start other times it's like I'm curious about something and I see something that someone else is doing and I have this intellectual curiosity to figure it out and deconstruct it and so I try it and test it so I had a site called like much which was using the Viral Nova if you guys remember back from 2013-ish Viral Nova was the first site that was doing these click bait headlines which was like the 22 worst things you can put in your body you won't believe of what number 16 is right um I saw him so I followed the guy who who built that size named Scott Delong he had sold a couple of other sites and for Millions like God fine and some of these other sites and I was you know I'm always trying to pay attention to who I think are smart marketers and I saw him do this and like three months after he started the site I was like oh my gosh this guy's brilliant this is really really smart what he's doing here and I I was like could it be this easy right and and so I started a site called and started you know had a team and we started writing articles just like that and within three months of me starting it um one of the Articles went viral and um it was actually the 22 worst foods you could put in your body you won't believe number 16.

That article went viral and got picked up by Clear Channel which owns all the radio stations in the country and they were talking about this on the radio shows all morning for a whole week two weeks and it was linked everyone was linked back to my site on all the radio stations and it was crazy because uh how I found out that it had gone viral was I got an email from my uh hosting company saying they were going to shut me down and um I was like what have I done now and uh because I I get those emails occasionally and um and so I reached out to my webmaster uh Clint who is in the Philippines and he looked it up he's like well it's like much sight sir and I said what's going on with it and he said well we're getting so much traffic and I said okay put analytics on it because we you know we were three months in I thought it would take time for this to build up to something right and um and uh and so he threw analytics on it and we had 4 500 people on the site at that moment and we had over three million people hit the site that month and it was just literally an intellectual curiosity of mine and the site you know I had to figure out how to get ads on there and you know all this sort of stuff to monetize it which was phase two and three but you know so there's there's there's just this sort of for me uh because I have a lot of interests and I'm I have time to actually pursue them I I just sort of stumbled through it based on things that I find Curious or interesting or or what have you and um and build these out and it's not um occasionally there's some process to it like I do it you know in a methodical way because I I hit one and and like to use your phrase I turn an oil well into an oil field but many times I just have these Standalone oil wells because I'm interested yeah and so you've mentioned in another video that that like the power of observation and you called it becoming a noticer yeah it sounds like that's yeah it sounds like that's kind of what you're talking about is you're you know like a part of your daily life is reading is is kind of keeping your finger on the pulse of a variety of things as a polymath who has a lot of interests and then so you're looking for uh overlap are you looking for like is it a feeling you get is it like huh like do you is it like you start to see the patterns or is it literally just like a strike out of nowhere of like a new intuitive idea of like well I could test something like that like yeah so some of the things are uh you know I know that they are maybe beyond my capabilities and my team's capabilities and so for those I I sort of you know just usually shy away um you know like like so for instance I love uh playing League of Legends with my son um but most things in the Esports realm you know they've got like pretty big teams of smart people working full-time with millions of dollars to venture back and backing and stuff like that so I you know I I don't really like go down that rabbit hole too many times I I there's a lot of things I'm interested in Esports that I think could be giant businesses but I don't know that you could do them as one-offs right but but I have built games with my son uh using like these simpler softwares um so these simpler games like Meat Boy and some of those you know we've we've played around with and so so to to that point um if if it's something that I feel like we can do and it's not going to be like this monster project that I have to um you know bring on like like uh if I don't have to turn it into a business in a company and all that stuff to build it then I'm then I'll try it but if it's something where it's like okay I'm gonna have to invest fifty thousand dollars in this before I even see that it's got a chance you know then I'm I'm not wealthy enough to to blow 50 Grand on a on an idea like that you know um but I'll blow five grand right um so so it's I think it's partly personal preference and and personal Comfort level of whatever um but yeah so there's just like that there it's sort of like a random walk through the internet and it seems like they're one of the filters is ease of testing how quick can I test this how cheap would it be to test this um where that overlaps through the interest so while you were talking I went to Etsy and just pulled up um I just typed in League of Legends on Etsy right like what's what's selling and and um there's a neon light a hand bent neon light so obviously that's probably somebody who um makes Neon Lights you know that's not necessarily something that that you're going to go jump down and learn how to build uh but there's print on demand t-shirts available there's necklaces there's uh keyboards there's little 3D printed things for people who have 3D printers there's masks because that's currently a part of uh the meme of our culture at this point and on and on and on so um what I like seeing in in those examples that I just kind of glanced at um people are taking an interest right League of Legend and then it's like okay well what do I have you know like I love 3D printing or I'm a neon tube person right right and it's like it's overlaying these interests and finding that that kind of Venn diagram where they overlap and that's often a really powerful place to go digging in my personal opinion right it's um the like the best blank for blank right it's t-shirts for people who like this it's keychains for car guys it's keychains for guys who like rat rods you know like somebody either that we can get super super specific um the die cut vinyl stickers right like there's places to get those things cut and done instantaneously super cheap super inexpensive to get the nice die cut stickers and then there's places to list them for sale and it's kind of looking at the overlap um I really like digging in on the research I like trying to see what the algorithms like to push up to the top because generally speaking um if you go in so let's say you go on Gum Road and you just start flipping through by category you're going to see the they like gumroad wants to sell you stuff because gumroad makes money when you make a purchase so looking at what what Rises to the top in the categories on on Gum Road on udemy if I'm into education stuff on Amazon on Etsy on eBay and you don't have to sell it there it's just a quick way to put your finger on the pulse of a Marketplace um I also look at what people are running ads to and it's not always true that someone running ads is making money but if you can find an ad that has been running for a long time like in the Facebook ads Library you can see an ad that's been running since March of 2019 and as of now in 2021 if somebody's been running an ad and it's been on for two years I would put a really healthy wager that that ad is pulling that that ad is working at some point inside of their funnel on Etsy if you type in a keyword phrase like League of Legends the ads show up on top and you can look at how many five-star reviews they have and if they have hundreds of five-star reviews you can click in and it'll show you right up top that 23 564 of these have sold you're like wow okay so 23 000 sticker packs have sold for that now am I gonna go make those stickers and compete with that person like never right so what the way I like to do it is I like to take my little random overlapping Circles of Interest the things that that I'm kind of keen on and then I try to look at what's working really really well in other verticals in other areas and then I merge them together and we've done I think Jay Abraham is kind of the guy who I really uh really kind of absorbed that idea from because he took what his experiences were in the gold and silver industry and he moved them over to the the bizop industry and voila things just absolutely crushed it because most people they've got the blinders on they see what's going on in their world in their space and that's all that they can see and I really like kind of to to reverse engineer what's working for other people in different spaces and I I feel like that's kind of one of the main reasons why my wife and I have been been so successful is we we take what's just dominating over here in in the the supplement space right like like supplements on on click funnels and and just they just have scaled it and I'm like okay well I don't want to do that and I don't want to play on clickbait I don't want anything to do with that Marketplace or the product but I'm going to go in I'm going to go in here what are they doing why is this working so well and then from there I kind of get these ideas like you know what they're actually selling something different right they're actually selling and they're actually selling ah okay and I start to kind of see what I think is um the psychological or the kind of emotional reason the thing is working and then it's like okay well how do I where's my version of that where's where's my next what can I do um in my little world of the things I'm interested in that would that would replicate a bit of that and um so it's kind of like the data in the art right I mash it all up in my head and I spent a lot of time um what are these folks doing over here what's Kevin huddo doing over there right when I first found you in your videos and it's like okay what what else is going on over here and and that rabbit hole usually um a synthesized idea comes out for me of like oh I'm really trying that okay so if I took that over there and I put it over here Bingo and that's where I like to try to come up with my hybrid high probability tests I guess I would call it yeah and like the truth of it in my view is that this is like when it when you're when you're first starting out it's harder because you don't have experience and so you're going to uh sometimes you're going to want to like sprinkle a little bit of oil on the ground and then find it yourself you know what I mean it's like you you you you try to find you'll find Fool's Gold like to mix metaphors right but but like you'll you'll you'll you try to see it in places where it maybe isn't at but I think as you get experience and as you start to like find the the little nuanced differences of things you see um then you will naturally start to walk through life like a treasure hunter yeah that's that's how I like I mean I I walk through a store and I see something interesting and I'm like oh what's that you know I like like there's just a million little Curiosities to me in the world and you know rather than spend my time arguing about politics I'd rather spend my time discovering new things and and like having value yeah yeah and having this sort of treasure hunt mindset and and doing these things and I like doing it with my kids I like you know there's just a lot of a lot of fun to be had with it you know and to see like can we make this work um to me it's the ultimate game like that like you can play Tic-Tac-Toe or or chess or some online game um or you could play like the the the ultimate business game where you get to sort of make these things that um you know like I I view them as like these little Standalone little 200 a month 500 a month thousand dollar a month little businesses that that kick out you know like some people buy real estate like that and I prefer to do it online and yeah I don't like the leverage either um I think it's great so uh what I'm kind of really getting is back to that that being a noticer and um the power of observation and mixed with curiosity um one of my favorite things is to go to I love going to farmers markets and um like just I love seeing what what people are are creating and or repurposing and or buying from one place and selling at another place and I found bracelets that were for sale copper magnet bracelets for um ergonomics and for carpal tunnel I found them at a farmer's market and went back and looked on Alibaba and sure enough that 30 bracelet was 3.95 on Alibaba and somebody from was buying shipments to these from China and selling them at their local thing at a they branded a little shop at their Farmers Market as the ergonomic shop and they were selling a bunch of stuff off Alibaba and I was like I bought it and I wasn't even mad I was like good on them like that's brilliant I love that and it just boom that was the first experience I ever had because I was like where did they get this thing um that was my first experience and then I was like oh my gosh there's this whole world like buying and selling like wow this is amazing and it goes deeper so um we're gonna go funny because I think you say that I just bought my wife a copper bracelet on Etsy like this weekend because I have one and I was and I was like she's like oh that you know you brought back out the copper bracelet she's like I wish I had one of those that wasn't so ugly and we went on Etsy and bought one for thirty dollars so all right so maybe glance at uh reverse image check that one and see if it's there um maybe maybe she can get in the copper bracelet business the whole ergonomics world I mean and we're about to I think the next video um we're about to wrap this and then on the next video is where to find the oil wells and we'll go into from there some of the examples in our brainstorm session the world of ergonomics I mean uh especially at home economics is uh huge it's it's it's uh incredible um yeah the one the one other thing I would say if you're if you're starting out and you're trying to like sort of go through this is um I'm pretty in touch with this at this point because I'm 50 years old and been doing this a long time but you know start to write down all the things that you know and that you have like deep knowledge in and things like that and you know like this Hustler secret idea it's it's just a little thing I knew from growing up playing golf with a guy who cheated all the time and correct me if I'm wrong you thought everyone knew that when you recommended it to him right um You said you've told me that before so so you're like hey man here and you just did it for him and you're like everybody knows that well actually so so he was playing bad my my house was on the fourth t-box so I ran in to my daughters Nursery room you know and and grabbed a big old thing of Vaseline out of the crib and and brought it out and are out of the changing table and brought it out and just put it on his tile we started playing and at the end of the round I was like he's like man I would have paid years ago to know this and all this stuff and I was like man I thought everybody knew this like we just called it plain wet and um and and because you would play like if if everybody does it then obviously there's no disadvantage how I found out about it is there was a guy who used to do it and didn't tell everybody and nobody knew about it and then then everybody knew about it and so on and so forth and so but it was like this little secret knowledge I had from the time I was probably like 17 18 years old and um this never thought about it it was just a random thing and most people this has sold millions of dollars yeah this has sold millions of dollars too and it was the it was the realizing in that aha moment observing that of like wow he didn't really get that well I thought everybody knew this he said he would pay my own Bingo test let's go to phase one let's let's like we'll we'll strangers purchase this thing from me from a website test up test past Bingo let's let's now build a system around this and on and on and on it goes and um most people have those things in their life whether it's um competitive advantages in Esports and video games all the way to uh investing paying off debt credit repair there's there's a million and one of these little things and um that's what we're gonna help you with in the next videos is is really where to look for these and then Kevin and I are going to brainstorm one because we're gonna build one flat out with you and you'll get to hear all of the ideas that we throw back and forth on a brainstorm session that um we haven't snuck any ideas back and forth to each other so it's going to be a big old honking surprise for yeah myself and everyone it's gonna be really good um on that note I think this has been great Kevin uh thanks for your time today my man and we'll pass this on and I'll see you Mr viewer or Mrs viewer um we'll see on the next one where we're going to talk about where to find the oil wells because they are all around you you just gotta know where to look so until we meet again on that video thanks for joining

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