I’m Building My Subscriber A $150K Business So You Can Follow Along [Step By Step]

three weeks ago I posted this video where I set up a profitable business live then I asked my subscribers who wants a free business and the comments came flooding in and today I'm giving away a profitable business to one of my subscribers alright so today we got Kate and I'm actually going to be giving Kate a full on business this is a business that we talked about on a video a couple weeks ago and the funny thing is without even trying without even doing anything this made get this a whopping 2.89 and I haven't even set the site up yet and today I'm gonna be handing that business over to one of my subscribers so Kate how you doing today good thank you how are you doing good thanks now tell me a little bit about your journey I know you came on and you were talking about how you had struggled to make sense of this whole make money online world right when you say um that uh like there's a big percentage of people that end up not making any money online like I think that's a hundred percent accurate I have been for a long time looking for ways to make money online I've spent money on courses I have research and done tons of research but they always lead me to the same place like not really making any money okay and did you try to set things up have you ever you know like tried to make a YouTube channel or a website or anything like that yeah I've purchased domains I've done blogs before but you know I have not been able to you know really Master the keyword searching uh side of things and so you know all of that has really been unsuccessful for me so far okay so but I did have websites I had blogs I do have all the social media so I've tried all of my means okay now how did that when you're going out there and trying to learn this stuff I I understand there's so many videos so many things to watch what did it feel like when you were just like hey I I don't need to get rich I just want to make something online so that maybe I don't have to go to work or maybe it'll cover my mortgage or car payment what did it feel like when nothing was working and you were just left in confusion um it definitely felt like frustrating like I have put so much time and effort into trying to really do things the right way like you know or at least to my understanding of what's the right way but not ending in any kind of uh you know conclusion or even a happy one at that so like I just always ended up kind of frustrated and and sad and depressed or like felt like maybe I wasted my time and so you know you kind of tend to give up on your dreams a little bit when that happens absolutely yeah and I think a lot of people have been there where you know you don't know where to turn and you don't know what to do and I think that that all hinges on one main factor and you hit on it before where you're talking about keyword research and understanding what your Market is and I believe that people that are struggling trying to make a business online they don't necessarily struggle with tech stuff although maybe they they have a hard time with it but that's not the struggle they're not struggling with content creation they're not struggling with having the right offer what they're struggling with is picking a Direction picking a niche and sticking with it because what I find is that if you go out there and you say I want to make money online well I mean I can do Pinterest I can do this I can do that I can sell something on Etsy and there's so much confusion out there and so when you actually pick a niche like we're going to do today I'm going to go through I'm going to give you the niche I'm going to give you the sights I'm going to give you the plan I'm going to show you exactly what to Market I'm going to walk you through this step by step and I gave this a lot of thought in thinking what would motivate one of my subscribers to prove to everyone that this works time and time again it's not luck it's calculated and it's actually pretty simple and what I thought about is what if I gave half of a business that I own to one of my subscribers and the reason we're doing half and not 100 is because I want Kate over here to have a little accountability I want to be able to monitor this stuff and look at exactly what's going on and say hey you know what we need to up it to three videos a week or we need to put five pieces of content up a week or we need to go over here and focus on this that way we can look at it every step of the way and show you how this works step by step with nothing left out so that you know exactly where you're going and I think that this Niche is perfect which if you haven't seen it before it has to do with these guys right here which are incense burners and believe it or not on Amazon these sell to the tune of nine hundred thousand dollars a month and not just that but there's so many different versions and there's people selling them on Etsy and there's people selling them on their own websites and Shopify and Tick Tock and the videos for these types of products get millions of views so what I want to show you right here today and you tell me how you feel about this direction and understanding where you're going we head up on the screen a couple minutes ago the searches that were available for incense waterfalls incense holders and all these different things and they were to the tune of 50 60 70 000 searches a month which means there's 70 000 people a month looking for these right here and not just that because the average person is going to say well let's go sell that on Amazon and you'd be about where I'm at with my 2.89 that's what I got for selling about four of them on Amazon however when we talk about CPA marketing which is cost per action or cost per acquisition affiliate marketing you can get this guy right here which is one of the most popular incense burners check it out this one right here on CPA marketing cost 19 dollars wow what if I told you that I'd give you thirty dollars every time you sell one of those for 19.

What do you think you could make money with that of course all right so that's the business we're going to be setting up we're gonna go out there in just a minute and I'm going to show you what my garage looks like yes we had to move it to the garage because I literally could not breathe in here because the incense was so strong so we're going to show you what the setup looks like and I got to tell you we have a list over here of what this business is like first of all I went ahead and got you some domain names we got incensecafe.com which is valued at thirteen hundred bucks cost me 12 bucks we got incense overnight which is valued at 932 and that one cost me I think 12 also now I got a couple of others I got incense meditation.com so we can make meditation videos for people to relax and then the last one I got was my incenseholder.com which is valued at a hundred dollars but I paid 500 for it no I'm not crazy trust me actually this one has rankings in Google and backlinks in Google to help us boost the content so what we're going to do is we're going to take these we're going to make videos okay we're going to make a website and we're going to have ai create content about the wizard or the cactus and all these different incense burners because literally I got these for about twelve dollars each some of them were nine some of them were 29 like the cactus was a little more expensive but I think it's kind of cute so there you go so here's what we got I'm going to show you the garage in just a minute and if you have a garage or a corner of a garage or a room or a place outside you can do this extremely inexpensive we got about 50 bucks maybe 80 bucks worth of brick panel we got roughly six or seven hundred dollars worth of incense burners you can see here where I bought them on Amazon and we have an entire niche ready to go so ready to get started yes I'm ready all right congratulations let's show you your new business all right so let's check out your new business okay so first of all we have this little thing right here which is a little spinner and it spins the product around which I'm going to show you in just a minute then over here in the corner of the garage go ahead and follow over here we can see that we have all these brake panels right here and we have the product spinner right over here now what you can see here is these will actually spin the incense product around like this that is so cool so what we're going to be doing is we're going to use these backdrops which for most people watching you don't have to go all the way up you could probably chop them right about here and use one panel which is about fifty dollars next what we're going to do is we have a little light here that costs about twenty dollars we have the big product spinner which is about forty dollars but I found out the small one actually does pretty much the same thing so what we're going to do is we're going to put the camera over here and we're gonna film these incense waterfalls all right Kate you ready to see your new job I need you to be honest and tell me if you can do this all right first you take the incense cone I apparently can't do it but hopefully K can then yeah light it on fire thank you then what's going to happen is the incense is going to trickle down and because we're using this camera here it's going to look really really nice we can use this to make meditation videos Tick Tock videos product demonstration videos and the whole nine yards so what we're going to be doing is we're actually going to use this setup we're going to film a bunch of these incense things spinning around standing still getting all Smoky and whatnot then we're going to hand those over to Kate and we're going to put those on social media and show you every step of the process how we make the videos how we edit the videos add music to the videos make them fancy get tons of views and ultimately sell a ton of incense waterfall burners how's that sound amazing can't wait foreign okay so what we're going to do here is first start with the domain name I went ahead and got you four different domain names you can see the different values we talked about those earlier as well now what I want to do is I want to take a look at these because some of the domain names I actually got you have rankings and backlinks and different things like that so what we're going to do is we're going to go over to the ahrefs keyword tool right like this and we are going to go into a bulk search batch analysis and we're going to check out these domain names and kind of see what they have so we could see here that the best one is incenseovernight.com and that one I believe I paid about twelve dollars for so I think it was a pretty good deal definitely the next best one which I paid about 504 is my incenseholder.com now the reason I got that one is because it was more geared towards incense holders waterfalls things like that the third one I got I did not buy for the backlinks or rankings I just got because incense Cafe is something that's easy to remember and if you're on Tick Tock incense Cafe is not going to take up like 14 different phones worth of font it's going to be really easy to look at so what we're doing is we're taking a look here to see what's going on so incense overnight we could see that right now we haven't even done anything I just had the site set up today this is what it looks like so far okay nice and what we can see here is that it actually already ranks so you're taking over a site that ranks in Google right now for incense overnight or overnight herbal incense and different things like that so what's going to happen is this is going to give us a jump start to building our business right this is going to give us something where we can start build on this and start getting a lot of traffic which is really cool okay now the next one we had was my incenseholder.com now this one here we got different incense cones and colors and charts okay and I'm thinking here that this would be a good play for like Pinterest right having a little chart different colors out of the blue one means you're relaxed the the the purple one means you're spiritual or whatever it is and what's happening is now we can we can piggyback on this now the other two as I mentioned incense meditation I was thinking is going to be very good for when you look on YouTube and you look up uh incense and incense meditation right like this so we got waterfall here and what we can see is here's one with 619 000 views 1.2 million 12 million wow I mean there's a lot of views and this one here is important because this one actually ties in to the product we're going to sell over here at smartadv.com this one here if I go over here and type in search and we type in incense you're gonna see that this offer here is paying thirty dollars for that little incense burner I showed you earlier right over here you could see 30 CPA um and that's what it pays and it's actually a very very good landing page this will make money now if you're new to affiliate marketing what you want to pay attention to is this button here which allows you to create what we call a tracking link now the tracking link I just copy this right like that and then when someone goes to this link and purchases that incense burner for 19 bucks they're gonna send me a check for 30.

Wow so that's the idea right so what we're going to do is we're going to set this up we're going to build the site around this page here then we're going to use the others as well okay some of them will be a redirect like I might take incense um incense Cafe and redirect it or something like that now what we want to pay attention to is what people are searching for on Google and also what they're watching on YouTube so when we start to look at a business and scale it what we have to look at is what is already working we don't want to go out there and reinvent the wheel they already got wheels we want to go out there and focus on what's working so we're going to look at our keywords here and we're going to see that here's some keywords we already have so we might as well make content for that and we can use AI to create content in chat gbt or a program like content at scale or if you want you can write yourself about different types of insets right we could go in if you do chat GPT we can do Diablo incense all right there we go and we'll just type it right in here like this Diablo incense meaning please write a little paragraph and I'm going to show you a little hack here since you came all the way from I think you're in Tampa right clear water clear water yeah that's the nice part of Camp I love Clearwater so what we're going to do here is we're going to take a look and say okay well here is the Diablo incense and the meaning then I could say now make a table of other incense types and meanings and what will happen is we'll make a little table like this and it'll say Sandalwood is good for awareness lavender for relaxation and this is content that you can use not only on your website but also in your videos right so now I can make a video about Sandalwood incense I can make one about lavender or frankincense or whatever other ones we're looking at so this is going to be very very simple and are you starting to see how this stacks on top of everything that we're doing how we're we're picking the niche and then like a row of dominoes everything falls into place right it makes a lot of sense it's genius really yeah so we're going to go through and and take a look at that and say okay well you know we'll just go down the list there and then always focus on what people are searching for so we look here incense waterfall burner and then think a little bit outside the box so maybe we can go in and say incense meaning if I could Spell correctly incense meaning now we see Dragon Blood incense meaning 800 searches a month and since burning meaning and then all these different types Patchouli incense meaning or we can do something like incense types right like this okay and this is going to give us a whole new Branch out and what we want to do here is look at like okay incense types of incense in the Bible okay this is an interesting one it's got 30 searches a month which means if you rank number one on Google for that you're probably going to get about one visitor a month really yeah but if you were to make a video on types of incense in the Bible this is something that would probably get a lot more views as we could see here the Tabernacle incense 16 000 views why does this use incense the meaning of incense at church are you starting to see how this Niche is a lot bigger than you might have originally thought yes like there's so many other ways to think about it that I wouldn't have otherwise like thought yeah exactly and that's where we're going to go through and say okay this is this is how this works it's very simple and this is going to happen with every keyword we use you got types of spiritual incense right go to your chat GPT or whatever you're using in it again we're going to use chat GPT as a guide I'm not just going to copy and paste this on my website we're going to use it to to guide our content and help us and you can see here here's all the different types and then when you start to pair these together Watch What Happens Sandalwood incense now we got tons and tons of traffic for this wow then you're going to go to the next one and so what we're going to do is we're going to use the videos that we make we're going to pair it with the content we create here we're going to put everything together start getting traffic okay it might take a little while we might have to go out there and do 10 videos or five videos and start to see what happens and how we can get that traffic and drive them to what it is we want and what we want to do is make sure that we have something at our website that they have to go get okay so you'll notice in my videos I always say go to downloadmynotes.com to get the notes from the video yes I have noticed that the reason I do that is because I really can't give you notes on the video because you can't really Download a pdf from a video so it's natural for them to go so you could say download our printable incense guide or incense meditation or something like that and when you start to stack this I could even go through and say okay now oh I'll create a sample frankincense let's see if we can see under there frankincense the camera's in the way um incense meditation script and this will go through and it'll make a little specific frankincense script setting via intention as you inhale deeply visualize yourself and this is kind of thing where you know you can read it you can have it on the screen it's something where hopefully you're starting to see how quickly you can line everything up once you make that decision of this is the business I am now building right does that make sense how does it what are your thoughts on this so far well so far I see how you're kind of connecting the dots um you know you picked your Niche so I think that's probably the most important part of this uh and then you can kind of think outside outside the box and find ways to connect that Niche to different things that people may be searching for exactly and then you're going to use the different modalities that Pinterest right we can make a little video or an image on Pinterest we can make a guide for the best incense for depression or or headaches or whatever it is I try to stay away from the health type topics because you know we're not doctors so I don't want to pretend to be a doctor if I'm not one because that's a legal Nightmare and you always want to put good stuff out there but you can go through and you can start making these and if you had the videos and you had 100 meditation videos and 100 relaxation videos or 100 videos on different types of incense things or even you can do like a compilation video of types of incense burners or something like that right let's see I don't want that one burners right like this and you can see okay now you have 1.9 million views and then types of burners and all kinds of different things like that and you can do a video like top 10 backflow incense burners 87 000 views right now what's happening is a lot of people are not making money with stuff like this because they don't know how to monetize it we can see here they have interesting stuff now they do have incense waterfall.com which okay it looks like a store but I don't know if they're monetizing it as good as they can and it looks like it looks like the prices are a little higher um but I mean imagine even if you were to drop ship this if you were to drop ship the one that's like 30 or whatever um you're probably gonna walk away with eight maybe twelve dollars whereas doing CPA affiliate marketing I have a guaranteed way to get thirty dollars right um so that's kind of what we're gonna do and and we're going to start to build and grow and every video you make we're gonna make a post on the blog every post on the blog you can pair it with a Pinterest and you know it sounds like a lot but when you look at it it's like well I already have the video I can repurpose it I already have the image I could put that on Pinterest I already have the content I can put that on my blog and that is how we're going to set it up so what we're going to do is we're gonna go set this up we're gonna work together very closely and make this thing work and show you guys exactly what happens every step of the way so are you ready ready I am ready all right smash the like button subscribe and check out part one of this video in the description and make sure you watch all our other videos so you don't miss anything as we make this business profitable together yes let's do it all right

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