“If You Were Starting Over, What Would You Sell?”

welcome back so in this video uh Kevin and I are going to be really digging in brainstorming on what the digital oil well that we're going to Build Together live that you're going to get to follow along um we're going to just brainstorm what that is so this is all cold and you're you're witnessing it and following along as we go so when I'm saying Kevin what do you thinking what's the first idea of your head this is the first time I'm hearing about it and we're just gonna let her rip so Hop On It Kevin uh so one idea that I I actually did this years ago and um and so uh something like this and uh that I've always enjoyed is making um little cool well the the first version of it I'll say is t-shirts um you know like I uh I I live my life in t-shirts pretty much except when I play golf um my dogs are going crazy in the background sorry about that um uh and and uh so one of the things that I've done in the past that I really enjoyed was um taking little uh pop culture things from movies that are generally not licensed uh things and making uh you know paraphernalia based off of that I used to sell these wallets from Pulp Fiction that were the bad mother wallets and uh and then eventually um uh Miramax uh somebody else actually copied my site and then did a deal with Miramax and licensed it and yada yada so um so something like that I think would be fun like there's all sorts of product like fake product placements in movies like another one that I liked was um in the same movie Big Kahuna Burger so I always wanted to do like a Big Kahuna Burger t-shirt um uh you know it's a it's a fictional restaurant that uh Jules Winfield has a discussion with this guy about in uh in Pulp Fiction and so I think doing t-shirts from stuff like that would be hilarious I've bought a bunch of t-shirts from from things like that from like I have uh from the movie Old School I have a speaker City t-shirt which was uh which was Vince Vaughn's uh pump you know business that he owned and uh and then I have a uh you know so a bunch of those kind of things I think that'd be a fun thing to do it'd be fun to find those it'd be fun to um you know do all that so let me yeah that makes sense and it's the the barrier to entry on um that whole world is pretty fantastic uh because it's so low so right here this is kind of one of those Etsy ideas right because having a Marketplace to sell to that has traffic and and you can always like you can run Facebook ad traffic obviously to people who like the movie obviously to sell it directly from your store um but what I want to show real quick and we're not going to get into these tools specifically but in this world uh there's two research tools that work that plug into Etsy and they're literally like keyword research and search engine optimization so one of them is marmalade I believe it's called and the other one is called e-rank and e-rank even has a free level I think e-rank is like 9.99 per month um now I don't think the goal long term is to necessarily build a massive store but I think what it can do is help you analyze some of these ideas and it's always fun and good to get little different um data points to see where where traffic is where the sales are going because that data is actually available so I'm going to go in here just under men's clothing and men's shirts real quick and generally speaking what the algorithms are going to do is the algorithms are going to kind of load up to the top what is actually working right now and I'm wondering Kevin what do you think that people would search in this kind of a category would it be like um uh like pop culture references do you think they would search for movie names like what what is the user Behavior where where do we how do we where do we meet the uh individuals they'd probably Search for the movie right so the movie title yeah like Pulp Fiction yep and even so on the autocomplete I want to do that again um so when I typed in Pulp Fiction I didn't mention it the Pulp Fiction um oh it did say uh yeah yeah it said that on the drop down um so just paying attention to to what ultimately uh pops up because the algorithm wants to help customers buy what lots of people buy because Etsy makes money when people purchase um but literally I love that we have absolutely found what you were talking about here yeah that's cool I'm actually gonna buy that shirt after this is over right and so this is kind of the idea is getting really simple kind of designs done that reference something um do you ever use the USPTO the Patent Trademark Office um search Kevin on this kind of stuff have you ever played in that tool at all uh years ago I have but um you know like with the um um with the wallets I was doing there it was not like this was in the you know like early 2000s like 200234 right none of that stuff was trademarked at that point because it was just it was content inside of a movie totally and for people now this is not the be-all end-all but it's it's often good to give it a quick one-time over check um we're obviously not lawyers or this isn't legal advice by any means but if you go to just search USPTO that's United States Patent Trademark Office so USPTO uh trademark search it's going to pull up this database here and um it's it's relatively clunky for sure but we can just go in and search their trademark database and you can just pop things in and what it's going to do is it's going to give you a basic um it's going to help you rule out ideas is ultimately what it's going to do so you just click on the word Mark and I'm I'm going to type in Big Kahuna Burger is what I would look at on this one so I'm just gonna go and we're not going to do this for every single one right now on camera with you um I just want you to see this idea because obviously you don't want to get uh you don't want to go down the path of copyright infringement or trade right trademark infringement so I'm going to submit the query no records were found to match the criteria of the query okay so literally it's just this project now this isn't the be-all end-all okay uh and I'm looking for live and dead so live means it's an active trademark it so it will pull up some dead ones and it will say um oh these ones aren't done so if I typed in like Facebook for example uh just to help you see what it would look like when when we get results so you can see all of the different ones that they have and you can see over here that it shows live over here and again this isn't like the ultimate be all end-all but clearly we can see that Facebook has a live trademark on the actual word Facebook you can go into it you can get more all of the super stuff it's like the font typography it it gets really detailed but you don't ever really need to get into this level of detail you're just wanting to say like did they trademark this because sometimes uh within the movie industry the the whole world of merch is huge right like the whole world of merch is absolutely huge and I I believe and again I'm not a lawyer I don't fully understand like I believe the worst case scenario is Etsy would probably shut down your store that's literally like the worst case scenario uh maybe you would get a cease and desist letter um annoyances uh but I think that you want to build a store that has Longevity if this is kind of a direction that you're going um I want to go down in the world of cryptocurrency um yeah that's a good one sure So cryptocurrency shirts and arts are showing up right here but I just want to look and I think the mugs so we were looking at Mugs and remember the spreadsheet mug we looked at that actually had like a spreadsheet on it um so I was almost thinking like what if we took the chart of Bitcoin the chart of ethereum like all-time highs and put the chart on a mug and like obviously the all-time Highs are moving um but I feel like that's kind of something so right here I'm just I haven't even typed in cryptocurrency so like we both are kind of interested in cryptocurrencies uh so hence us looking at this right if you're not interested in cryptocurrency it's probably not the the hole for you to be digging for oil in yeah but I can see that there are several different things available now I'm really keen on the idea of selling spreadsheets and I don't fully get that mentally but the idea of building like a net worth spreadsheet or like a a spreadsheet that tracks your cryptocurrency value that somehow like apis into the different places we're probably a little bit complex for like 1.0 but what I think the users watching can understand from this is like Okay so let's say we do a cryptocurrency shirt and then we find one that works if we do a state or a mug and like a couple of these things start working we can kind of build out this little cryptocurrency store maybe we can get into the tools like that's what I see when I see people searching for a cryptocurrency spreadsheet that means they actually want a thing that does something for them and to me people often pay money for things that do things it's like a super micro software so to zoom out I'm like ah there's like three or four different Pathways we could possibly go down here and now get off the freaking soapbox and I'll actually click and look at something um and of course right now doge is being um marketed here I think so like as of this recording we're in this uh historic run up on Doge and of course somebody's just they're right on top of it this is a print on demand this is Elon with Doge and just these are meme shirts and I think um pretty interesting to see that doge is 100 on top of it so you can see people are using because I don't think the ethereum logo this this icon is is the ethereum like I don't believe I think they're all they've all open sourced all of this kind of content um and it's I mean even literally the Bitcoin like I don't think they actually trademarked Bitcoin I'm gonna go do this what do you think about this while I go do a little USPTO on it I did I I think that there's a million shirts that we could do with crypto like so the interesting part about the crypto stuff is that most of the people who are um like it's such a um how do I say it like a it's in a gold rush and the people who are um attempting to um the people who are attempting to grow their crypto I think are so um I I don't think that there's a lot of um uh people who are going to be trademarking and patenting their names and stuff like that because of the nature of the desire for decentralized Stuff I think I think that that the nature of that person is more of an anarchist or libertarian type person so I think that there's probably a really good possibility that um you know you're going to be able to to make t-shirts and stuff uh for their their thing just for for a a couple of reasons that they are going to you know really want um I think that they're going to really want to have um adoption of their things so much that I don't think that they're gonna have a problem yeah so it's like the network effect right the more people who Who start using it and like it the the value of the thing itself goes up um and those who hold it are following and they kind of they win when it goes up right like everybody using Facebook like that Network effect grows and it's like cool now I can my grandparents can see what I'm doing like that's not I don't get the value from that but in cryptocurrency so it's almost like um the point here is the idea of identity uh so people invest a lot of money to identify as like Knitters want to identify as Knitters Quilters want to identify as Quilters right like it is a thing Hustlers want to identify as Hustlers right the whole hustle game uh grind and hustle the rise and grind type World um and people want to to reinforce that and they want to display it and a t-shirt is kind of a natural display opportunity I also think in the T-shirt World um I haven't bought like well okay so I have a branded t-shirt because they're long Eddie Bauer because they only make they make tall shirts from I'm too tall for normal shirts but like when I was younger um I'm like six one uh so not terribly tall but but like a lot a normal large is like just shows a little yeah it doesn't quite cover anyways random um but like um when I buy a Hurley shirt or an element shirt when I was in my teens or 20s like you're paying 40 for a shirt because it's got their brand on it like well that doesn't make any sense and it was a statement about me I'm this kind of a person so so I think that that the um t-shirts like I'm starting to to think that this kind of makes sense in one way shape or form and now I'm gonna go look I want to show in the trademark because this is uh I didn't actually I literally didn't even think we would be in there that was just an off-the-fly moment but I think this is super helpful so I searched Bitcoin in the trademark thing okay and here you can see that Bitcoin itself is not trademarked and that makes sense it was open source it's like you said it's very libertarian that was by Design but people are trademarking other things so pay me in Bitcoin is a phrase that's trademarked okay so uh there's one down here I like Bitcoin which is now we're kind of getting to like the meme stuff like I like the stock right the gme the game stock type thing so so this is where I this is what I would do is I would just personally and I'm to the viewer like when you're like oh I could do something for you know I love quilting type thing uh just run your exact phrase through here once before paying a designer to design it because you just don't want to make you don't want to waste any money on this but from what I'm seeing here in my non-legal and non-full like I don't fully get this stuff by any means um but from what I'm seeing I would personally be comfortable uh the risk reward is in the right place for me looking at this here um I do want to glance at Mugs real quick just to see what shows up there is h-o-d-l trademarked that is a real huddle that is I I would be surprised if it's not so let's do h-o-d-l yeah it is somebody owns the trademark on it so you can see there's there's some live ones here it might be the same person there are different serial numbers I don't fully know how to go too far down into this but um so right here you can see goods and services so this is a word Mark for goods and services card game electronic card game equipment set so party games tabletop games electronic games so so it does not look to me like it covers for shirts and again I'm not going to go through all of this like like I'm I'm actually because it sounds a little bit like I'm giving advice which I'm not um but you can see there's some dead ones here and so so that's what you could do you can look into it you can learn this if you ever really want you can go on upwork and you can you can hire a lawyer if you think you're in a gray area you're nervous about it you can hire a lawyer who gets this stuff for very inexpensive to do a proper search for you if you want that level of assurance um in this so cryptocurrency mug the other thing I'm noticing Uh Kevin that I just want to kind of share with you is um I'm seeing ads up here on top I like seeing ads up here I like seeing relevant ads of course yeah and so I'm only noticing one Doge and I think we're a little late because you never know when that thing's gonna fall back down but who knows maybe it's just going to go on forever but like I'm not seeing all of the Doge memes on the mugs like I was on the t-shirts and so so what I'm kind of observing for the viewers is like the hierarchy of where other entrepreneurs and creators like you and I where where their brains are and it maybe it's like ooh so the world of t-shirts and the people playing in the T-shirt games might be moving more quickly and potentially maybe be a little bit more competitive which isn't a problem by any means it's just just kind of a uh a basic idea sorry I just got lost on this well well it's a it's a it's a it's a part of the model right part of that game is that it you the the it's it's in some ways probably the easiest money that you can make but you've you've got to be nimble yep yeah uh Nimble and I do believe it is that it's almost I don't say exponential testing but but you're going to do a lot more testing because it's print on demand which means all you need is a design which means all everyone else needs is a design and I guarantee you there's people out there teaching this as a method and there's people who literally have built their entire lifestyle off of this but when you get something that works and so we're really focusing on Etsy right now because it's just got this kind of crafty thing so let's say you get that dialed in Amazon has something called merch it's Amazon merch it's uh print on demand from Amazon because guess what people search for t-shirts on Amazon you can do pseudo Arbitrage you can look at what the best sellers are on Amazon make your version on Etsy et cetera Etc so there's there's potential of scaling out wide onto different platforms when you find something that works but generally speaking staying really focused on one platform because there's all these little nuances that you're going to need to learn along the way and I personally really think you're going to have more longer success learning the ad product learning the basics of optimizing an Etsy versus an Amazon which is why I don't think you go straight over to Amazon at first but when you're like man this thing is selling three four five a day you can flip it onto Amazon then you can learn the Amazon ad game you start running Amazon ads to it then you can build your own store um yeah your actual store would have it then you can start running ads on Facebook and this is this is where a small idea which might seem like oh it's a t-shirt on Etsy when I saw three like maybe if you sell three a day then you roll that out over here that you roll that out on eBay then you roll that out with Facebook ads and it literally could potentially go uh I didn't think Twitter ads would be something I would personally test with this kind of merch because crypto Twitter is is large and real so yeah yeah and and so like I maybe we this maybe just turned a little bit farther on strategy than my initial idea um of the video but I think it's just super helpful for people and the one other thing is there's a company called uh printful uh let me actually I'm going to share my screen and like I want you guys to see how easy it is to to like figure this stuff out on your own so we're going to go over here and I'm just going to go to Google and I'm going to type in on Google um let's go Etsy print on demand Integrations so you can see it automatically pops up and what I want to show you is that there's companies that actually they tie directly in and when you want to learn how it works you just come right here and you just click and look which print on demand this is from etsy's community so Etsy has a full community of people answering questions so like we've got your back obviously we're here to help you learn this to scale but in the game there's nuances on this stuff um but when you find like okay so printful has this so let's now go to printful and like this is this is what entrepreneurs do we figure out the path we just literally figure out how to put this right there deconstruct it so now I'm here okay what products do they have men's clothing okay so I got t-shirts three quarter sleep okay so there's these leggings shorts Etc hoodies and then I want to go into accessories um bracelets necklaces iPhone cases so there's there's like these are just all of the things that water bottles coffee mugs bingo so here's here's my access to coffee mugs um right like like this is the game okay so it's all here so in theory the technical side of what we're talking like the technical execution of this is relatively simple and we'll talk about designs here in the future but I I maybe think we should kind of um get back to the brainstorming because because that that went a little deeper but I I think it was helpful yeah well this is how brainstorming works too though I mean you know you go down rabbit holes you know my wife said this the other day she's like you're like the king of rabbit holes aren't you yeah and I was like well you know it's how you've sort of able to drive that Range Rover um so uh I wouldn't poo poo rabbit holes too bad yeah totally and so I had a teacher uh English teacher of mine my senior year in high school and he said something to me that was um it always stuck with me so he asked a question and I just grabbed my book and I opened the book and I was like I remember reading this I Flip Flip Flip Flip and I found it and I raised my hand and I read out the thing and he was like you know that was a genius and he was like miles do you know what a genius is and I said no I don't he's like a genius is not someone who knows everything a genius is someone who knows where to find anything that's right it's it's this willingness to Google it YouTube it figure it out it's this willingness that's what gets that's that's what that's why you're where you're at Kevin you've created a lifestyle you have and that's why I've CR my wife and I have created a lifestyle we have no one held our hands through this process it was like oh try this figure that out adapt tweak watch a video figure out how the Oh how do I integrate how do I connect these two things together you just you figure it out yeah well and and I would say probably if I could in impart any skill to someone that's going to if if you could give someone one skill it would be like the ability to learn something quickly that like rapid learning you know research learn and Implement you know that is the that's the master skill so yeah so one for me that that's been fairly high on my list and it might be mildly more complex than the print on demand but as worth talking about is sleep um and I've seen some headlines recently uh most people don't sleep very well do you how do you sleep Kevin are you are you a deep sleeper do you sleep every night fall asleep stay asleep the whole time yeah I'm good my wife is terrible though okay there we go um and I think honestly a part of our lifestyle you know you get the the cash flow in the right place and the lifestyle and the cost of living and all the numbers work it's like ah I sleep a lot better um the stress is gone so I think a lot of people struggle sleeping and are you familiar with Center Point researches Hall of sink program nope so Dan Kennedy wrote the sales letter for this back in the day he did all the marketing and it's like a 30-day audio meditation program and I've always had this idea of showing a Facebook ad at 2 30 in the morning between you know run the app local time from from Midnight to four Can't Sleep listen to this free MP3 and it'll help you um there's some ideas about brainwave States and and beta is like our thinking mind and then like Delta is sleeping and there's like brainwave entrainment audios like uh isochronic tone type things so there's kind of like I've always seen the ability like this I've always seen the sales letter for this thing and one of my questions on that is like okay so they're frustrated because they can't sleep they download the MP3 they put it on and they're like this [ __ ] doesn't work and so it would need to be positioned as like a 30-day program type thing right of right of like listen to this one for seven days then listen to this one for seven days and then by the end of 30 days you have a new habit that is sleeping um I don't know I've always just thought that's uh and then once you have a list of people who have bought that you could start to offer other things blue blocking glasses um weighted blankets and that's kind of like I wouldn't necessarily manufacture though that's kind of like the um affiliate side of Maxim like like building the oil field is I guess what the the idea of going into an oil field yeah I love that I I I also think that um along those lines uh one of the things that I listened to a lot um mainly because um sometimes there will be uh um uh people in the house you know I've got teenagers and sometimes my wife wants to have something you know on or whatever so I I put on these YouTube videos of the um binaural beats and lucid dreaming stuff and things like that and listen to them so along the lines of what you're talking about I think anything that people like a digital product that is not skill based to create is a fascinating uh idea to me so uh any of those type uh um digital products like recordings and yeah uh things like that those are real I think those are great great um oil wells because people want that little Edge yeah 100 and when you mention lucid dreaming I just went to type in Lucid D and all kinds of stuff showed up now I don't know much about lucid dreaming I don't it's not my world but just from an observer perspective so if a viewer is watching this and they're like oh lucid dream like I love that like I'm totally down that rabbit hole like the seeing all of this from tea to a tincture to a spray um blend tarot smoke kit poster Crystal like there's a lot going on here there's a lot of potential there but when I did the same with sleep so let's do sleep so I'm looking at what it is it's like okay Beauty not really our world we're already beautiful enough obviously Kevin so we don't need to be sleeping um but then I put in M for meditation and so like I didn't go into those tools that I showed you although they are there and they could give you a competitive Advantage those two tools I showed in the beginning I'm just using autocomplete literally to see what's going on but I went sleep me for sleep meditation which is what my idea was nobody's looking on Etsy for it so what that means is the like Marketplace millions of users who buy stuff on it it's not something they're looking for whereas we know they're looking for teachers in certain areas which means Kevin and I would have to do the landing page we would have to write all the copy and we would have to own the traffic we'd have to send all the traffic there ourselves yeah it's doable it's in our skill range I think if we were doing something um 100 for like scale potential and and for like an actual business if we were like Kevin like let's just really blow a million dollar brand out of the water I'd be more excited about this um but I think it might add on complexities for people who maybe haven't [Music] um made their first few sales yet they haven't kind of got the the beginning momentum going and for anyone listening who's like okay and as you said Kevin the idea of a simple digital oil well uh that doesn't really require much expertise so we could go on Fiverr or upwork and we could hire someone to write a script for a like a sleep relaxation um it almost borderlies hypnosis right so I think this whole same strategy could be applied in the world of hypnosis so we could have a hypnotist write a sleep hypnosis in fact a great sleep product would have like the sleep hypnosis and it would have it would have multiple in it so you could hit all the bullet points you just hire somebody to write the script for you and then you hire a voice over actress somebody who has a very nice voice and you have them record the script and then you hire somebody else to make like the MP3 raindrops and music uh isochronic meditation background uh mastered all together and there's your mp3 make I don't know three five seven twelve MP3s um probably write the sales letter first and see what comes out of it from there but but boom there's the business model okay so it's like a no expert driven model um I will say um I love selling MP3s my wife and I have sold hundreds of thousands of MP3s made millions of dollars selling MP3s I believe MP3s are very uh they're they're easy they're a lot easier than a video course to put together um with that said I want to go look on another platform something I uh if I could add please to something to think about along these lines is buyer and user intent and so some of these platforms people are on the platform to buy something like when you go to Etsy you're shopping yep you know that's that's that's a thing whereas you could sell say these MP3s through other platforms like uh you know uh for instance YouTube but people aren't necessarily on YouTube looking to buy something they're looking to educate themselves or entertain themselves or or something and so what that generally means is that it takes more skill to consummate a sale um and and on a platform where the buyer doesn't have built-in intent and so that's something that's worth thinking about is uh you know like these platforms that we're talking about here it they they they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you just by the fact that the person's on that platform um that's a helpful thing because uh like you selling millions of dollars worth of MP3s is probably through YouTube but you're very very skilled at that right and the average person trying to do that from scratch they're going to have to do put in their 10 000 hours as far as high the bar is a lot higher so and and so I think the one one word I would add to that and you've probably used it but I'm just going to reinforce it if so is trust uh so people trust Etsy they've already bought from Etsy if they haven't bought from Etsy they know Etsy is legit and they can trust that when they put their credit card in on Etsy that it's gonna be fine that they're they're gonna get what they ordered and if for some reason they don't then and see they'll take care of it that's right um just like Amazon just like Amazon and a lot of the time when people don't buy from you it's because of trust they don't trust you they don't trust it's gonna work for them they don't trust that they can do it it's one of these layers but it comes down often to trust and so by partnering with a platform you're able to leverage their trust immediately it's just boom right there like eBay boom people know that that well I guess eBay might be a less but Amazon is a better example of that um people know when you buy on Amazon it's going to show up and if it doesn't show up or something's wrong there is something resembling customer support available for you there whereas as you said my wife and I we spent six years building trust with our audience building an email list building that credibility up before that machine kicked on and my whole goal my personal goal as being a part of this course and why I jumped on here to co-create this with you Kevin is because I want to help people shortcut that I don't want people to think that they have to go create organic content for three years straight before they sell something because family gotta eat maybe gotta eat like you got to make some like we're not entrepreneurs until we're making money straight up like making videos that doesn't make us an entrepreneur making blog posts that doesn't necessarily make us entrepreneurs it really is about um building things up in a way that um you're you're actually cash flowing so it's like how do we expedite the process then you tap in you find your little hungry audience and it's like okay what other things can I sell them just like we brainstormed off of um looking at printful uh with the idea of crypto boom boom okay we got mugs okay we can do that teacher okay like necklace chain thing okay I wanna like I can even look at they have keychains and Bitcoin oh baby right like you wouldn't surprise me but there's a there's a market for that um yeah of course so sleep I did not see I looked on Amazon oh I want to show on udemy so udemy is a platform where people buy and sell uh courses essentially and I think it's a great place to look for ideas I personally wouldn't necessarily sell my courses here other than to test I would um I would try to get off of this platform and build brand because your margins are going to go up you you hold control a lot more but just typing in sleep on udemy is like okay sleep sleep hacking I would love to know what that is sleep training that's actually probably a better phrase of what I was even thinking about yeah maybe people don't look for sleep meditations even though that's what I consider it and this is again I'm allowing the marketplace to go and so if I was really keen on this and I was like this is the one for us here's what I'm going to do is I click in it's going to show me the most relevant I can go with the most reviewed and the highest rated which obviously it would be really good to see what the different is in all of those but then I'm just going to look at this one that's showing up top I'm going to click on the Sleep solution it's 12 bucks personally I would like to sell a higher price solution because I think sleeping is a painful problem for people um but then I'm going to look down and see what it is okay Session One um massage unit so so okay so they've got two uh so their sessions this is exact hypnotherapy this is exactly what I was thinking it would be it's it's essentially they might be videos they might be video and audio combined but it's so they have six um sessions with two quote-unquote lectures in each but I think these are probably just audio files so ultimately they're selling 12 audio files and an intro uh for 11.99 I'd probably be shooting for uh 47 with some sort of a 97 upsell right like and again I'm like Kevin we can scale this buddy let's do this but at the same time I honor all the other folks listening um all right what what other ideas you got in that um in that brainy or is my man well I think uh so some of the things that are fascinating to me physical products outside of um shirts uh and mugs and stuff that other people create like I I you know with my original thing with like Hustler secret that was just such an easy thing when it happened and I think that um you know something to do like you were talking about the soap um yeah I don't know there's there's just something to me about having shelves full of stuff that you're like I I feel like people want we're in such a consumer driven Society right now like people buy little things like this without a second thought and and I I've I feel like um you know Finding and discovering a good um you know product or two or three or four would be a really fun Journey um you know like my daughter's doing a candle business so that is you know really fun and I the the thing that's interesting to me about doing a physical one is I think that you have all these built-in marketplaces which is nice and then you also have all these ways to Market it that are so much more so Dean Jackson has this idea that he has talked about for years called horse for sale um and the idea is it's like when you have a horse for sale you don't have to ride a long sales letter to sell it you just offer it horse for sale right and and it's sort of the same thing if you come up with the right juxtaposition of of of factors you can just sort of offer it and people are going to buy it you know like if you have um uh a certain candle that people want you just offer it and you can you can advertise that via VIA um Tick Tock and all these new new platforms which is really kind of cool and exciting to me so um something something along the lines of a physical product would be really interesting to me I think so with your daughter's uh candles is she are you guys pouring and playing with the wax in the whole ditty or is it literally buying it recently yeah she's going all the way to the manufacturing side yep yep she wants to learn how to make them and actually yeah and so she has uh she has all sorts of um so she she uh can't do gluten or dairy or any of these things and has all these allergies and stuff so she's gonna make candles that smell good but don't have all this you know harmful stuff in that like for some people might uh activate their allergies and things like that and I I think I told the story in another video about the soap about my wife with the um lavender allergy so to me I think that for them you know having a uh this idea of I I think that there's a huge Market that people want things that operate like stuff we've bought forever but without all the harmful chemicals in them 100 I think that's a big market so I agree and so on my list one of mine that I have no clue how to pull this into uh existence but I'm gonna throw it out there is the idea of bioplastics um I just think there's there's things that we use that are so consumable like um disposable razors there's like little floss up things or little plastic things and they just get used by the millions they're plastic and they all just end up in the turtles and in the in the oceans and and it's uh we're kind of killing ourselves as a ourselves being one planet uh you know one piece of plastic at a time and I've always had this kind of desire to just create the positive alternative which is uh you know it goes in the landfill and it just dissolves it just turns into you know it's just plant-based it's soy or whatever whatever it is so if you if you have an inside track on that let's talk but um I feel like there's a way to so you're talking about creating products that people love consumable products that people love and use in a way that eliminates harmful ingredients um and all the way the bioplastics so it shows that there's there's a number of layers to where where this all can work I want to show folks just on the candle thing real quick um let me go to screen here and I want to show people a little bit about the path okay and the path in my opinion so here I'm looking at candles and it's like okay candle mold holders candles and jars candle labels so there's all sorts of products around candles um and I want to go type in funny candles because I think so funny candles for friend for women so so even just taking a candle that you get in bulk somewhere and making printed labels that have funny names and people are literally looking for funny candles as a gift so it's like okay well but if everybody goes and does candles what is your angle on the candle becomes one of the questions but then let's say your your daughter is just all about it and she makes them and she really gets it so over here on udemy I just want to show that candle making is actually a course so while while building the skills that ultimately allow you to deliver the product that you sell that is like layer one phase one there is the potential for sharing what you've learned for others who want to maybe just make candles for themselves um I do want to put it in beeswax well and I think soap is so interesting you know you've talked about soap a bunch of times and I like any of that type stuff to me is um it's fascinating and I think that um like like uh one of the ones that blew up a few years ago are those um I don't know what you call them exactly they're the balls that are basketball put in their bathtubs bath bombs yeah those things my wife I mean she still uses those like crazy loves them and just a show on that those are like course those are like horse for sale right I mean it's like you just you just offer that and people buy it it's like cocaine 100 and here again we literally have uh soap making so it's it's the idea that there's the potential of going farther um so every time we're talking about the idea like this is what we could do we could sell soaps there's also going to be a path to what I would call a full business and if you just want to flip soaps and you just you get enough in and out you make your forty two hundred dollars a month and you're just happy as a lark and you pay your taxes and that's enough for you and your family and you want to just volunteer at your congregation or awesome high five but if you want to take it and you want to scale this thing from 4 to 200 a month to forty two thousand dollars a month there's always going to be a path there even though we're starting with really really simple ideas and here we're looking at bath bombs uh bath bomb molds which means if people are buying molds and there's a way to make bath bombs um and I think that your wife has insights about these things that you and I are absolutely clueless on and of course we're kind of back to that that original idea of like we're a couple of dudes just talking about what interests us um and there are so many of these kinds of Worlds out here and even on the candle mate yeah like just the beeswax can't versus like there's there's always these subsets that people in the know know and when you know of all of the different subsets and all of those little different pieces so for example like in the cryptocurrency world so it's one thing to know what the different cryptocurrencies are right like okay so I know what xrp is I know what Ripple is I know what these ones are whether they're real or not whatever is mildly irrelevant but understanding the culture of the different tokens is the Insight that would allow one to actually craft a catchy to know the memes of that subculture that's what it takes to go to the next level so for example the wall Wall Street bets World The Diamond hands ideas that whole gme um we like the stock like those types of memes that you're you might be like what are you even talking about miles um but there's this whole Groove I was actually like nine million people in the Wall Street that's subreddit at this point in time they know what those things are they know what oh yeah is they want to represent it and now they're starting to apply the diamond hands idea and the aping in idea in other areas of their life and if you're not on the inside if you don't know just like I know I know nothing I know F about F of bath bombs perfect not my world but a very interesting world and you can go skill up you can go learn what's in it you can go learn how toxic most over-the-counter bath bombs at the dollar store are and that's how you can paint your story about what makes you unique in taking what Kevin was just saying is that that idea of higher quality um kind of uh chemical free approach and or healthy ingredients type approach um you know magnesium our bodies need magnesium we absorb magnesium better through the skin than we do drinking it so bath bomb that has magnesium in it is actually going to be better for the skin and the body and it helps you get a nutrient or mineral that we all need um wow pulled that out of nowhere but I know it's actually true because my wife uses magnesium in the bath all the time well and and so uh something to think about this just as a general uh thing is oh as you are doing your own brainstorming you don't have to have an affinity for the thing right it does it does help though if you have a story as to why you want to do the thing um because that helps you with the uh well two things one I I think an authentic story uh if it does become a bigger brand you know definitely um all your marketing pieces that you ever do having that story to to be the the the the message that you put you know sort of like in the Bible right it's like the the you have the you have the the answer and the message right and everybody's doing the message and it's so much easier when you're selling to be talking about the message which is like your story than it is to be putting out stuff that's like buy my [ __ ] buy my [ __ ] buy my [ __ ] and and so having that it'll make your marketing a lot easier but I think even at first if what sorry about the dogs um you got alligator in the pool no it's the neighbor's dog's bark and then our dogs like to bark and you know it is what it is I guess um so anyways um even at first when you're first getting like the the the the the very Basics off the ground of the thing I think that having a story to to put into the the description of the thing will differentiate you from the other listings that may be selling something similar on a site like Etsy like if if all things are equal and I see two similar products the one that tells me a story of why they're making this product is the one that I'm going to buy and so the worries are everything I mean even you look at gigantic Brands like Coca-Cola right like what is what does that red can mean what is the story there and they actually changed the story in different cultures so when you go to Asia the Coca-Cola story is a little bit different um and it's kind of interesting to see but it's it's always the the story that that powers it from there so It's relatively simple to go on Fiverr or upwork and hire a designer to make a t-shirt to then put it on printful to integrate it over and voila it's live but knowing the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market hold huddling through the crash of 2017-2018 and then the phoenix-esque Rise From the Ashes to the 65 000 Mark or 55 000 notice that today as of this recording Etc um that story when they see the mug and they're like oh that's cool and they click and they read the story and you're you're reminding them of that journey and the mug becomes the the empowered reminder and the statement piece of like I'm a badass I held through that and I'm still here like diamond hands forever like literally it's the story that gets them like like whoever made this mug gets me yeah I'm in it's the it's the over the top type thing and does everybody read through looking for that no but when it clicks and when it catches us and it has a decent smidge of Storytelling and basic um copy uh everything can work from there yep I think also um sorry along the same lines anything that you could do um that has any of the uh elements of connection like I you just made me think of something else it's like I buy coffee mugs um from places that I go and my wife likes to get all the Starbucks ones that have a little piece of art on it for the city I like to get something that's unique like for instance this is my San Francisco mug and I saw it in a shop in Chinatown it's got a big old dent out of it you know I've had this thing for probably 10 years and I don't know why but it just it reminds me uh maybe 15 years because it was like the first time I went to San Francisco which was back around 2003.

So I've had this mug a long time because it reminds me of that trip and like this this thing and so if you're if you're like like that's something that really that you can tie into with your your oil wells as well and just have a steady stream of things because these mugs actually they're on Amazon now I don't know what the deal was uh but but somebody enough of them got sold and broke I guess that now they have it on Amazon so and they're probably all manufactured you know a lot of this stuff isn't it comes off handcrafted esque and maybe it isn't maybe it is right if it's in a trinket shop in on California Street then then that's it just kind of is what it is but it's the meaning behind it and that's what's really important and that's what you're buying right in that scenario you're not really buying a vessel to bring the beverage of your choice to your lips you're buying something that means a little bit more than that and when that's that's what selling ultimately is anyone who's sold anything like like you get it and so on the idea of the Soaps you mentioned having the inventory a couple of racks of shelving where you got all your inventory on it if someone goes down that path the value they would get in their lives by booking out a booth at the local farmers market even for just a season buy yourself a pop-up tent and stand there would you like some soap do you know what's in your soap how how do you what words what conversations what happens that makes the visitor the person standing at your booth staring there because they go to people go to farmers markets to buy stuff that's the goal it's a Marketplace just like Etsy is what is the expression what is the conversation what is the topic what is communicated and then they go okay I'll have three of those thank you right what that aha moment and seeing that physical response then you take everything you just learned that's how you scale a soap business because now you know how to sell soap because you were there elbow to Elbow shoulder to shoulder belly to belly making it happen um the potential goes up drastically from those kinds of experiences and it's it's important to think about those local real world and for some people that that's like the scariest thing in the world um but I think ultimately I am one of the people I go to farmers markets I seek them out um and I I literally try to push myself to spend more money because these people are taking their Saturday and they're Hustlers and I've been blessed in in the scale of my business of what I've created and I'm like cool I I don't even know that I'll buy it like this one kid was selling these magnets and they helped you sleep better you slide anything 180 magnet pad thing for from bought it he was 22 years old clearly was just a little out of place a little awkward and Sedona just selling his things and I was like perfect I'm gonna buy that from him just because so you'll meet people like that there but you'll get this feedback loop that we don't you don't know why somebody clicks back on an Etsy store you don't know why somebody clicked through your Facebook ad read your landing page and then leaves and we can do split testing we can we can hash out these ideas over time but boy that the ability to just be there with people it's invaluable and the greatest you know Zig Ziglar he sold pots and pans door to door the greatest copywriters in the world they sold stuff hands I've sold cars you know like uh yeah it's um well it's interesting I saw I'm buddies with the guy named Kevin Harrington who is one of the guys from the show Shark Tank right and and he was like he he you know how this is I don't know if it's you just claim it and it's sort of true or if it's really true but he's he's credited by some as the inventor of the infomercial because he was one of the first guys if not the first he was certainly one of the first guys to start buying dead air time at night and and um you know putting things on there and one of the uh first things that he put on there was he saw a guy at a trade show who was demonstrating these knives and it was the Ginsu knife and this guy you know Kevin tells the story I mean this guy was just mesmerizing with his presentation that he had there and to your point it's like that guy like scale happens from the unscalable so you hone the craft if you're at a farmer's market selling your soap you you'll you will learn so much that you can use on the digital media or in video and things like that you'll learn the language that people use around the product that you're selling so there's there's so much value to doing that unscalable stuff at first because it teaches you your whole thing and so and then they obviously went on to sell I don't know how much but a lot of knives absolutely Game Changer and it feels like you're going slow but it's it's the little bit the minutia that you're learning so in my journey from my first money online in uh 2003 to today um I did a period of selling services I did WordPress Services I did search engine optimization Services I did anything like literally just just pay me 25 bucks an hour and I will do do everything for you grossly undervalued my time it was easily 7 500 an hour stuff but if I charge that I would only get a few clients and all I cared about was volume of experiences I worked with small businesses big businesses I worked on Magento e-commerce stores I worked on little restaurant all of them and I spent two or three years and it was it was a brutal two or three years and it hardened me it forged me it sharpened me and everything that I'm able to like the my dis touch that I now have with taking a brand taking it getting building traffic optimizing for any platform based on search it's because I understand things at a level that's almost I can't even explain it to other people is because I worked on a hundred or so client sites in dozens and dozens and dozens of niches and local and everything and I just banged on the algorithms and I banged I just got all of that experience and that was a very challenging busy time um and it had but it made me who I am to be able to grow my YouTube channel to spend out ten thousand dollars a month in just nine months right it's it's a it was a a necessary step on the path and sometimes I I think more people would be way better served uh digging into the unscalable which is why even Kevin on the idea of like having a shelf in your garage where you're actually packaging your candles or we looked at the the wine decanters um you're you're buying things from one platform you're repackaging them you're adding brand you're you're leveling them up in a little bit of a way and then you're selling them somewhere else and you're fulfilling them yourself it's not the long-term goal obviously but when you're that engaged with it and you go down you made three sales and you gotta you gotta go down to the post office it solidifies it in like a level uh that just those who try to be completely hands off and and ship from here to fulfillment center to their they're creating nightmares for yourself trying to automate things before you proven it and oftentimes just just getting your hands dirty and getting in the mud is one of the best ways to get going well I would say too like the reason I'm having my daughter make it from scratch is because I think that there's something about um the experience of really getting in the Weeds on the thing you're doing that allows you to create a better product it allows you to like you you so contrary to what all of the people who want to sell you a course say you really do have to become good at something like even even here with digital oil wells like like selling T-shirts which is one of the easier things I think that anybody could ever do there's still skills involved in that and I think that uh um you know people don't want to they don't wanna like it hurts sales if you tell people hey you gotta you gotta actually work here you gotta do the thing right and and uh but the truth is is that um I have not met a person who built something and lasted a long time who was not addicted to the process of going deep on the thing you know it's like learning your stuff is it's not only it's not only um uh necessary but for the for the person who is going to really get this it's fun it's like like I wouldn't want to sell if like if it were me and I were gonna do a candle business which you know how it is when my daughter does one that means I'm gonna probably end up doing one um but if you want to get on the copy a little bit here and there yeah if I were gonna do a candle business I wouldn't want to be selling somebody else's shitty candles that I buy from China I would want to actually be making the the candles so that I can tell a story that is authentic and true and also I just think that's part of the cool part of it you know it's like having a having a candle shop you know or a soap store like our soap making thing you know I mean like that like I watched in uh Fight Club how they made the soap I thought that was cool back then you know so so I think that's that's a part of this that is hard to um hard to overstate or over emphasize that getting into it and really becoming like a deep deep knowledge person in your thing is one of the it's it's it's a moat around your thing you're you know it better and most people are lazy and won't do that work and so that's why I think it's a real opportunity for the people who who get that and I I like you know like I said I I think it's it's a big part of the fun and it's a mindset shift and I think there's a lot of passive income done for you super oh it's easy make money online and the only people making money on that are the people selling the scams and yet you look at shark tank you look at the Marcus lemonius the prophet like people who realize how this game works and creators of value right versus consumers um it it becomes addicted like you can't it's impossible to turn this off and I know a grand total of zero people who are living off of passive income and doing nothing which is the the big sell from the fake gurus and the greedy gurus uh there's a guy Mr Money Mustache who retired in his mid-30s um by just saving money aggressively like even he now built a co-working space it's like a collaborative Creator space he built he bought a commercial building and they do everything from brewing beer to Art to fixing bikes and he sells a membership and that's spinning off money he's been blogging about life and that's spinning off money like like the truth is that once you realize that creating value in the lives of others from physical to digital to t-shirts whatever it is it's freaking fun it's cool it's it's the ultimate game and the the gamification of this game is money it's real dollars and if you unlock this and get it figured out and really understand what moves people and really understand the stories that work really understand the ingredients it is automatable and it can spit out you know what eighty three thousand three hundred thirty three dollars per month is a million dollars per year and any of these businesses were talking about have the potential to step up to that if you want or you just stop at 8 300 and you have a hundred thousand dollar your life and and go from there but you said something that I want to jump on he said you you're like I don't want to buy rubbish stuff from from China and just turn around and resell it you'd want to make the candles and I I hear you on that but just in case anybody would like to just buy stuff and sell stuff uh the next example is something I have mentioned here how'd you like that for a segue was that yeah yeah no that's good and and just so that I just so that I say it like there are things that I would be fine with doing from China but 100 because that's where everything's made that's right a candle isn't one of them and that's that's you know part of you're breathing in the exhaust from a unit yeah or if you're rubbing it on your skin those are the kinds of things that that um and we'll talk about that but here so I'm searching in hori hori it's a uh Japanese garden knife tool I don't even know where my wife learned about these things but I I've got a big old Garden here uh 30 fruit trees 100 and something berry bushes and and this tool is so freaking useful in the garden and nobody knows about it so there's my hook is the you know the forgotten about or the unknown the Lost Japanese tool so I'm looking at this thing here and I clicked on it I loaded it here so what do I see here it's got the measurements serrated on one side that's all standard three three um rivets in it and a little loop at the bottom they clearly took their own picture Okay so like it just is what it is it's a basic thing so yeah go over to Alibaba look at this one right here this one even comes with a sheath theirs doesn't even have a sheath right the thing to put it on which is trust me it's helpful because you always set this thing down you're like where the hell did I put my tool um so this it hooks I don't wanna probably don't want to put your knee on it either no no it's actually sharp but it's good for cutting through roots and stuff um like it's clearly already selling them uh so 80 pieces five dollars and 30 cents each so what is that 400 something bucks uh if you search you can look I've shown how to use this in other videos you can possibly find ones that have less but it's ultimately uh more valuable because it has a sheath so what do they do they took their own pictures obviously you put some almost blossoming flowers with it 37.49 and they've sold almost 2 000 of them almost 2 000 of them that's 60 something Grand in sales right here here from a gardening tool so then okay this is the the niche the wedge into a Marketplace but once you're in the gardening tool world there's a million one gardening tools that you can offer that you can sell there's a million one of these types of things and you can be clever and the brand can be like the gardening tools from around the world that Americans just don't know about and you can go find the gardening tools from other cultures and that could be your whole bit and then you get them and build the store around that but you could also go from this to like t-shirts and to the other kinds of things um you know I'd rather be in the garden than drinking my coffee kind of a mug type thing but I've always thought that this is something because there's so at 37.49 with no sheath I think I could at least match that price with a sheath and then even just looking so with that I would need to sell what 130 uh Earth at forty dollars each to make I would have to sell 15 of them in order to pay for a lot of a hundred is about where 80 to 100 right is about where my mindset is so I might have to sell 15 which means 85 of them would be pure profit yeah my risk reward I'm pretty comfortable with that risk reward personally um not necessarily yeah the the physical I live 30 minutes away from my for my mail house so uh physically uh I'm in the middle of freaking nowhere so um but anyways that's that's not a hero but like I just it's something I know about there's a story I know the story enough I have enough of a bit of an idea of like oh I could I could I could kind of take that angle voila I could probably go after the person who's ranking Tip Top right here and the question is okay so they're paying for this as the ad but the number of sales they've generated has also got them up to the top here um so they they have the organic spot because of the sales volume they've generated from their paid can I get the product my time to package it the shipping and the click cost fifteen twenty dollars per because if so I'm making almost 100 Roi on every single one of these that sells and what am I going to do when that happens I'm just gonna sell these things like it's my freaking job and if I buy a lot of them and I can't sell them I'd probably go to a swap meet uh a trade show a I would go physically sell them to people I would go to the Master Gardeners meetup group I would I would get a booth at the um well the farmer's market would certainly work exactly yeah that's what I'm saying and I would just I would just engage with people and like these are the yeah figure out how to sell the thing um all right you know it's it's interesting too the the thing about it that is powerful about this um along the lines of of what you're talking about the garden tools is you know it's such a niche um community of people that you know there's there's when you sell one of those you automatically have a customer who you can sell many many more things to for uh a massive profit like when you're when you're in a a very broad General niche um you know the the what you're fighting against is Walmart you know and and so there's always this commodity pricing uh that you're fighting against and all this sort of stuff but once you start getting into people who are buying you know Japanese inch ruler knives like they're they're not price sensitive about a lot of things and so you can Inc like the game if you will is to get your lifetime value of a customer as high as you can in an automated fashion right and so with with having things like this that you're selling it that is just so much easier you know if you're like the thing that everybody always talks about is golf as a as a great Niche product but really golf isn't Niche anymore golf is mainstream you know golf is like baseball or any other thing uh um like what do you call the thing that you do permaculture yep that's the best culture that's Niche right I mean like there's there's not you can't go down to the local Corner Grocery and buy permaculture stuff you know you can't go they don't have it at Walmart and so that is a powerful powerful type um uh Market to choose because all you got to do is make that first sale and you're in yeah if if your thing is good right and then you got the ability to sell more and more and more and more yeah and and so they're like permaculture um you know backyard orchardists right people who just want fruit trees and then there's all kinds of tools for the orchard side of things there's just there's all these little unique stub sets and tools and they can they can overlap they can vary they can be separated out I just want to show one other thing I haven't shown this tool yet it's been hanging in my um it's been hanging on my tabs uh it's just Google Trends um not that this is the be-all end-all of information for us here but I just have been gardening as a topic and I'm looking at the past five years and you can see last year uh 2020 was was a unique ride but all-time highs okay and the way you look at the way you look at Google Trends is 100 it's all relative so whatever's sitting on the 100 line that just means the highest within the data set so this past summer was the highest ever and right now you can see that even on April 4th which is very early for the gardening season right the peak is probably closer to June um oh April May okay so so it's coming up but we're still higher up than we were completely in any almost any of the last previous year so so it looks like it's there's stuff going on right like this is just it's just a little Quick Check of looking where to go there and then you know you mentioned the permaculture thing so um you know being able to teach permaculture design design course permaculture Made Easy Like There's intro to there's a million and one components of it and then we can go as far as like Google okay so that's two Niche so I I probably just misspelled it but there's even layers of this agricult like Google culture is like a German style of uh gardening that that like I'm two Niche right if I spelled it right obviously I would need to Google that uh so and they're we're just I'm just using these different um tools basic free tools to see like okay so is the world of permaculture growing or ah all right kind of kind of pseudo flat-ish I don't care it's a part of my lifestyle at this point in time so it would be irrelevant to me just seeing this but it is also kind of interesting sometimes to just pop in an idea and see what comes out with it so interest in the hori hori is going up over time right that's the past 12 months so I can go zoom out for the past five years yeah man like that tool like huh that's so funny uh all right somebody's gonna run with that thing I don't know if it's us or somebody watching but like I swear like hori hori is going to take over the USA and I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna take uh you know a little bit of pride in that moment well I'll say this too I think uh uh uh just an interesting uh piece of of this to think about is so you have like on the one hand like where where I started with the t-shirts and the um sort of real sort of gimmicky um type products where you know your your business model in that is that you've gotta you know constantly be putting out new products and your your value of a customer is probably going to stay pretty low but there's such a broad appeal and and the actual trend of the thing is so powerful that the right people are gonna buy it because of the the the nature of the market and then on the on the flip side what we're talking about here are more of the the hobby type markets where people are very passionate about this thing and you know you gotta probably um well because of Etsy it's so much easier now than it ever has been but for a long time you had to kind of work a little harder to get to those people in some respects uh with with sites that are niching down into these these things um you know places like Reddit and Etsy and stuff like that it's easier these days um but the game if you will for for these is is different because you are definitely um more trying to deepen the relationship and sell them lots of of more lots more product and that's uh that's uh just a a distinction to think about like I have my test prep business which I consider a digital oil well that it's very it's it's it's not hobby related it's it's like a a life a life event related thing like you need to pass this test um and so because of that my um my customer value is is like one sale that's all I ever get but the library value is the average order value that's right that's right and and whereas with like these these uh knives um that you're talking about here the customer value could end up being like four five six times what the first purchase is um right and then I wanna 100 and I wanna show kind of like a remix idea here so let's say somebody's gonna get on this path they're like Yep this is the one um so I want to go load this I'm in the wrong tab so so they're like all right I'm gonna I'm Gonna Roll the Dice on this but we go back over here to Etsy and I've got a programmed a garden gift okay so now just Garden gift basket Garden gift for Mom Garden gift box garden gift set men okay so there's at least I don't know four to six variations right here so I'm gonna look down here what's in it well you've got essentially the same darn hori hori here and a pair of scissors and then some some tool sharpeners okay and that's a 70 product at this point let's see roughly how many they've sold again about 2 000 sales on this um so then I hop over here I'm like okay Garden scissors okay these are 12 piece minimum order so I could get the hori hori I'd have to buy 80 of them I could probably look deeper and find but then I get go get 12 of these and I make 12 gift pack like so the idea is I wouldn't put all of my chips on you know red 32 I would be spreading my bets out as as effectively and intelligently as I could basically leveraging these kind of um product ideas right just just what shows up what kind of things are are popular my whole idea on the garden gift is because I was looking at this on hurry hurry and I saw the garden gift box and I was like oh that makes sense oh there's another one here like those are rising to the top um perfect I'll I'll look into those more and you can see that this one has a the different angle on the same sort of thing and um yeah the potential here is is uh noteworthy and then yeah you go into the prepper space gosh they just buy everything because it's it's fear of missing out you got to have it now you gotta have 10 of them now um hyper buyers is what I would call the prepper space on that yeah and then on on some other kind of interesting ideas I thought is uh so SAS watch I'm up in the Pacific Northwest um all kinds of different things around Sasquatch shirts decals right ain't nobody um trademarked the look of Sasquatch right that silhouette that look um so I was looking at these yeah Bigfoot right so Sasquatch believe like these are just just clever things that are obviously moving I actually kind of dig that one but then I looked at this one I was like okay Loch Ness UFO it's like oh man conspiracy theories like I I know you got a part-time conspiracy theories theorist in your in your brain I do like I think most people these days are in that so then conspiracy so literally like conspiracy shirt conspiracy theories conspiracy theory shirt mugs stickers yeah I had I had the idea like um there was a movie with Mel Gibson um 25 years ago called the name of the movie was conspiracy theory right it was it was uh him and Julia Roberts and he was the guy who you know published a little newsletter and come to find out he had been you know a Manchurian Candidate in the uh MK Ultra program and the guy from uh X-Men and and Star Wars oh not Star Wars uh Star Trek was the bad guy I forget his name uh the bald guy you know Professor X um anyways you know the whole premise of the movie was that he was doing this newsletter and he got some of the stuff right and I've I mean I told my wife she's like you're not gonna do that you know because she's always afraid that I'm gonna end up getting whatever like I was telling her I was like man I I think publishing a conspiracy theory newsletter would be fun and fascinating and a cool business in a setting like how crazy uh I don't know I just like that that to me would you know like you're going down the conspiracy Rabbit Hole how hard would it be to have like t-shirts like like it's like the ultimate Market I I want to start buying them and I'll say your demeanor you got this smile on your face when you're explaining this because you chuckle it is and and so here's one um I want to know if anybody um are you familiar with the uh birds are not real conspiracy theory oh yeah dude see you're fully down the rabbit hole so like look at this shirt right here if it flies it spies and for people who don't realize like you can go over here on Reddit birds are not real it's actually like a joke conspiracy mocking the flat earthers and they're trying to seed a conspiracy and it was like done consciously and now people are like truly believing it and and they're arguing about it so it's it's this weird it's a it's a meme it's a it's a moment within a very small Niche subculture um and obviously I would recommend in this space you've got the whole Reddit conspiracy and you can search by the hot the top so all the memes are gonna rise to the top anyways all of the clever funny things um are pretty gonna be right there in the comments because they all rise to the top because entire all of Reddit is based on essentially um upvotes so the things that get upvoted the most rise up and essentially you can just take a meme and turn a meme into a teacher and then again this is an identity play they're they're like I get this joke I'm on so it's like literally it's it's giving them an opportunity to publicly display that they're on the inside of an inside joke and most people are going to see this and be like what the heck is that and a few other people just be like oh dude like you get it I'm buying it I'm buying it right now he's literally like like that's the one thing I've learned is just show Kevin all the cool stuff on on t-shirts and and they'll get bought but it it also is I think you were kind of alluding to this before the shirts the mugs they're like impulse buys it's like you know it's just like oh man uh yeah that I gotta get that 12 bucks like like nobody thinks about it 19 bucks it's it's a small enough purchase I'll wear it enough to where it'll be worth it to have that thing um social distance yourself from the government I love that the you know and so these people are just going after it and what can happen is you know I wouldn't necessarily recommend someone starts too broad in like okay I'll do the horihori thing I'll do the conspiracy t-shirt thing and I'll do the crypto mug thing like you want to kind of build this out with a little bit of the path in in mind from the get-go and so like how it was even just saying you know oh dude having like a conspiracy theory newsletter like dude imagine having a sub stack that was like a 10 a month newsletter of all the conspirate like to keep there's so many conspiracies going on you can't keep up so I'll keep you up to date so then this is where you lead kind of into that sort of a game and and you build kind of a niche brand you could do multiple Niche Brands and multiple Niche stores but I wouldn't necessarily have like one shop that has gardening tools and the conspiracy stuff because you're missing an opportunity to show that you are really like long-term there for them giving them more things to buy because people are like dude I love the shirt what else do they have for sale that was so clever like I'm gonna get that shirt it's in my cart but let me go see what else they have because if they get me on the birds are real if it flies it's fine if they get me there like what up they they have to have some other good stuff in their shop if they get me at that level um I I I mean I dude I like if if I went to a conspiracy theory Etsy store I don't know that I could control myself I might I might end up with 12 I might end up with 12 you know and like the the I I say this um I think that I'm building this one whether we do it together or not um this is this is this is the one for me I'm sure of it oh that's awesome yeah because this is this is not work for me like this this would be fun and I think that that's like we're pretty I got like two other ideas I'm just gonna throw out there randomly but like but like we've arrived okay and for everybody who's watched I I know our videos go on I I get that but like you're taking a freaking College course you're taking a PhD Masters course from two people who have been in this game like there's no way for us to break this down into seven minute videos and 32 of them and Away you go your lifetime it just doesn't work that way but Kevin just hit the spot like the spot is I don't even care With or Without You this is just flat out gonna be fun because you're going to goof off you're already reading stuff you're already down that rabbit hole you're already playing in this you you probably read some of these subreddits or some of these sites on your phone in the evening sit on the couch half watching the show you don't want to watch and you're going to see things in those you're like dude I'm just gonna send those over to a graphics person they're gonna spin up designs I'm gonna tell them that one sucked these two were good redo that one throw them on a shirt it api's in is done and you get to kind of keep doing this thing that you think's Goofy and you're kind of going to sort of make shirts that you think are fun and funny that you're gonna love being a beta tester of your own stuff and you're going to build like a little tribe of people who who get you so um Seth Godin had this definition of culture People Like Us do things like this okay and so permaculture right people like us do things like this we build Gardens in a way that I don't have to bring nutrients and I don't have to keep planting new things and I don't have to weed the damn Garden I just build it in a way that it's permanent edible Agriculture and it is a closed-loop system people like us some people like doing Gardens where they plant every single year they I don't I don't spend that much time I want to spend three years planting it and I enjoy it forever over Landing is another space I'm way into um which is vehicle assisted travel people used to call it camping it's long road trips people drive from the top of Alaska all the way down to the bottom of Argentina um they'll ship vehicles in containers to other continents and they'll drive around other continents I've had several over Landing vehicles I just picked up another one it's a whole world I can get into like I'm gonna be out in my rig all summer like that's just what I do anyways and it's like I can come up with all these clever ideas bingo build a shirt a shop around that on my own but it's it's finding that overlap for you viewer at home where you're like is just fun like I would just love to do that like that just sounds like fun um and if you don't if you're not there and you haven't clicked on that it's okay to experiment it's okay to try a few things see how you do Flipping some horrories or something like that find another product of the wine decanters we talked about the other ones just get into motion and oftentimes we are able to refine our path and what we do based on I don't really like that well I made some money on it so I got some skills got some experiences I understand the platform it's now believable to me because I did the full cycle once let me refine this for the next next batch and do something I think will be a little bit more interesting aha iterate that way over and over and over a few times and then all of a sudden you get into that sweet spot and you're like this is fun I just made sixteen hundred dollars I just did a little bit of work in between compared to the commute and the boss breathing down my neck and the cubicle and and the people I don't want to be around at work that's the best damn 1600 I just made I'm gonna do that again that was fun what other thing matches on to that so like the Hari Hari that's just an entrance into a space with a physical product that ain't the end that ain't even the starting point it's barely the starting line it's just an entrance in and then figuring out what else to offer from there um NLP certification is when I put down I think that's on the level of your test prep I don't know NLP I don't do it but people love certifications and and we would have to that would be a big project to hire out an NLP practitioner build it but but that thing would sell um and then supplements I think we haven't even touched on supplements there's no way we're going down the supplement 1.0 route here for people but I think that um lady boss she's selling strawberry cake flavored weight loss stuff she started in the weight loss space now she's selling supplements the organifi is just powdered greens and he's now selling protein on it Joe Rogan's thing selling protein powder um Russell Brunson had I think neotropics the whole um brain science stuff like the the brain hacking the biohacking um Silton he had neurocell which was a neuropathy thing um got it neurocell um Brandon burchard has one so personally I think I would love to go down that route and Longevity stuff I'm really into I think that's really interesting but although it's all white labelable and it's all private label and if you're so inclined and you think that space is really interesting just start googling um white label supplements private label supplements private label supplement supplement formulators they're everywhere they'll send you test bottles you just give them your sticker and they they make it because all the stuff on all the shelves and all the health food stores and being sold by all these brands that you watch they're all manufactured in the same freaking place there's like two or three places doing all of its skin care as I mentioned in the beginning toners wrinkle creams Boom by cine Joseph it's all manufactured in the same spot and it's the same place that made Kylie Jenner stuff that she made a million built a billion dollar brand on it's the same stuff that revlon's made at and all the brands they use the same companies you just put your label on it you gotta have a story what's interesting about the Kylie Jenner thing is that she's built the billion dollar company and only has seven employees right the I mean think about the power of that um you know none of us will likely do that but just that it's possible to me is a fascinating thing like I know people that have 10 million dollar companies that have a hundred employees at it and you know for her to have a crazy lifestyle billion dollar company and only have seven is pretty crazy it maintains lifestyle right it keeps both and a part of what she was able to do is she scaled the audience she had that captive attention of the audience first which is it's difficult it takes a lot of time and energy to build up the audience but once you have them and you have their trust the monetization becomes easy um last one I have on my list is um manifestation and the Law of Attraction uh I know some people in that space who have eight figure businesses um and it is just it's a hot offer that just never turns off and whether it's audio files around that whether it's an ebook a course um I don't think let's actually I'm gonna go type in manifestation on um on Etsy I'll do it with everybody watching because I haven't researched this at all it's just literally oh here's the one for your uh for your conspiracy 5G shirt um the finally got 5G which is a vaccination joke because we're currently in in the vaccination period like that's kind of hilarious and I think people who see this who who are like who get it are just gonna think that's the funniest thing in the world and they're just gonna be like yep uh so I just wanted to throw another one in there um so manifestation um so we got Journal pant candle right there so like literally taking a candle putting a manifestation label on it offering a bonus MP3 manifestation audio so when you send the candle you put a little a little three by five index card inside or not like a little business card that says go get your free manifestation audio at you know manifestation candlemagic.com they opt in for it now you're building a list based off of etsy so you can get a front-end offer running on Etsy selling candles to people who you know care about manifestation or crystals or a box or a kit or a journal or a planner um disk.com makes planners and journals right yep yeah I know I know Joel the owner of disc and he'll make anything like you know that's awesome so disk.com does products and fulfillment um so on here journals right there so you can make your own manifestation Journal um I I don't know much about I know I know of these folks so um but literally like we'll probably see some fancy person we know uh their journal on here but uh product launch formula that's Jeff Walker right there yeah so Jeff's getting it done here so you can get journals made these could be manifestation journals obviously you need a little bit of a hook but they're they're selling over here manifestation journal and yet again that's another way then you then you link them over to the MP3 boy does this this kind of looks like what we were just looking at doesn't it million one places to get this kind of stuff made um I know there's a lot of offers that that I could send we could drive traffic to Via emails to manifestation courses and stuff the Jack camfields of the world it's just it's a huge huge industry um that's what I got man I don't know I'm uh yeah you know I I just I I like again um it's it's interesting the the way to think about this if if somebody's stuck with us for almost two hours here you can you can go so um how do I put this there's a thing called The Curse of knowledge and what it is is that Miles and I can't unsee things through the eyes of experience and we're we're trying to let you see how we think about the stuff but but in some respects you don't have to do or think about things at the level that we are doing now as far as like what Market we're gonna serve and and going deep down this Rabbit Hole of all the other things we could sell them and all this stuff you don't have to do that just just come up with one product one ID it doesn't have to be a business that you're building this could be just a product like the Hustler Secret was a product idea and I don't want to be a golf Guru and I don't want to you know this I didn't want to get into the like I love playing golf and I owned a golf course and found out that jobifying your passion can suck so I don't want to sell anything else to the Golf Market you know but I'm happy to sell this because it is a unique solution right so uh so so so so you don't the reason I'm saying this is I know it can be overwhelming and it can cause inaction you know the the the like you can brainstorm to the point where you never pull the trigger and I I would say don't do that just just come up with your best idea for a product and let's let's you know put it out to the world and see if they if they think that your idea is good um and then we can work on building out all these things you know but for me having the like I said the curse of knowledge I I see certain things like I see this conspiracy theory thing and I see the whole business I see right you know all of it very clearly so and I love that curse of knowledge idea and for people really it's like get into motion get your first sales become an entrepreneur right become someone who creates value in the lives of others that others are willing to pull out their credit card for and buy that is one of the most difficult things to do in this world okay and you get to leverage the trust of platforms you get to Leverage The audiences of platforms and you get to leverage some of these ideas in and around what we've been talking about ultimately the last kind of note whatever your income goals are right four thousand dollars a month forty two thousand dollars a month and Beyond it's a number of iterations it's the number of tests trials did this work tweak test trial it's a number of iterations together so what Kevin was saying is make your best first guess because that gets us to the point where we can help you iterate on that then we can come up with a second one we get a feedback loop going on the third idea is often better than the second one and on and on and on and we're either stacking up a bunch of little cash flows at work to get you where you want to go or we're going deeper and deeper right width or depth which we've talked about before it's one of those two paths we can help you get there you can do it you got to pull the trigger you just got to make a decision at some point and go on the next video in this series we're gonna actually come back together and we're really going to brainstorm we're going to choose one which maybe that already happened uh and then we're really going to brainstorm out the path and the execution so obviously tune into the next one but before that it's really important that you either for yourself write down what you're going to build get committed and you got to take this first step before you can take the Second Step so let's get you into motion taking that first step any last uh words of wisdom for us today Kevin no I would just say nothing happens until Money Changes hands so that's that's the thing so get it get something for sale that's it let's go make some offers and uh let's go ring the cash register uh all right appreciate it we'll catch you on the next video Until then be well sounds good

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