I Went From Broke to $50k a Month Online After Following This One Simple Strategy

it worked and I ended up being 23 years old making over 50 000 a month I think you may know him uh Kelly Felix maybe you don't think I've heard of him older online marketers yeah and yeah so that's how that whole thing started yeah affiliate marketing is fascinating man because I've personally paid out Affiliates six figures a year yeah and I'm talking kids in their 20s that had nothing so like how much did you need to get started I actually only spent like about a thousand dollars and I saw the money come back I did exactly what the guy said I generated leads for was some sort of investment company and they closed you know and I saw the commissions come in you know I spent a thousand dollars got them like 10 leads on Facebook ads you spent a thousand uh Google Google and Google search and return back almost tenfold at that time.

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