I Used Google Bard To Make $2,000 Per Signup – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

hey guys today I'm going to show you how to use open ai's chat GPT and Google bard to promote high paying affiliate programs yes High ticket programs that pay as much as two thousand dollars or more for one sign up for one sale and it's actually pretty easy follow along and watch this video at least one time all the way through because right now what I'm going to do is go to chat GPT and ask it what are the highest paying affiliate programs that pay more than five hundred dollars per sale enter and chatgpt goes to work listing out the top high paying affiliate programs right like this it's actually very simple now most of these are going to be in the online education make money type Niche which I wouldn't recommend for a new person because it's pretty saturated however number six looks pretty interesting Regal Assets affiliate program Regal Assets offers precious metal Investments and IRAs and offers High ticket prices and may pay as much as two thousand dollars per sale all right let's try this out and knowing that this is in a niche that pays a lot of money I'm gonna have lots of options to promote lots of different things but first how are we going to make this happen Let's Ask Google bard what are the best ways to promote the Regal asset affiliate program it's thinking create a website write articles use social media attend industry events run paid ads everything's looking pretty run-of-the-mill except for this one here write articles and guest posts about gold and silver investing okay this one I like but I think we need to dig a little bit deeper because again this is going to be competitive so let's ask can you please create a strategy to promote this offer using press release release marketing press release marketing is something I've been using for years to get tons and tons of traffic to my website you can submit press releases for free or you can even pay for ones that you really think are going to do well and it's actually very simple you see what's going to happen is you're going to utilize the power of a website like prweb.com that ranks for over 1.3 million keywords in Google or even AP news that ranks for over 6.4 million keywords in Google and you might be asking well why does this work well quite simply if you were to look at the CNN website you could see that they rank for over 14 million keywords including a number one ranking for the word stock market take a look at the results on this page top stories ceiling mess debt ceiling we could see all these different results are actually coming from news websites now how do I know this works you can see here's one I did about web hosting deals that ranked really good for web hosting keywords which by the way are pretty competitive one I did about a tick tock Trend which actually new tick tock trend has news results right on the front page of Google and then of course the one I did in December for chat GPT this one did extremely well and got over 24 000 visitors so what we're going to do here is very simple step one if you can afford it get a website you can create your own website on a Blog platform or get web hosting or whatever it is this will help you get accepted to the affiliate networks and it'll help you have a place to drive your traffic to then what we're going to do is go over to Google bard or chat GPT and ask it what are the latest headlines about currency and economic crisis then all we need to do is pick one that has lots of searches I can see here that government debt is actually peaking right now today in Google search not only that but the home page actually displays lots of different news stories now it's important that when using a competitive keyword term like this we go to a keyword tool and find other words that go alongside it maybe something like credit card debt relief government program or something like that hey this one actually looks pretty good I could use that to promote credit cards or something like that however if we're dealing with the government debt and stuff like this we could simply take some of these terms like debt ceiling Social Security debt ceiling deadline news and on and on we go and then we need to think about how we're going to flip this into something like that Regal Assets gold affiliate program and this is actually pretty simple please write me a 2500 word press release about how about the government debt ceiling and why it's good to invest in different currencies after all gold is a currency isn't it enter and bada bing bada boom it spits out a very nicely written press release about the debt ceiling and diversifying your currency Holdings I simply edit this make sure it's true submit it to a press release site and boom I can get traffic literally instantly smash that like button if you enjoyed this video and check out these ones next

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