I Used Bing AI To [ETHICALLY] Extract Money From Any Website [Ai News Update]

[Music] what if you could use AI to extract money from literally any website ethically of course you see in a world where information is the new currency and the internet is our Treasure Trove understanding the art of extracting profit strategies is like having the master key to the digital Kingdom whether you're a budding entrepreneur a seasoned marketer or simply someone with a thirst for knowledge you are in for a treat today picture this a world where you can decode the tactics of your competitors uncover the untapped opportunities in your Niche and transform your online presence into a profit generating machine no it's not science fiction it's the power of AI right at your fingertips throughout this live stream we're going to explore the Cutting Edge techniques tools and insights that AI offered to help you uncover profit strategies lurking behind every click every post and every line of code on the internet from dissecting the tactics of successful e-commerce Giants to understanding the content strategies of viral blog Market will be your digital detective armed with an AI powerered magnifying glass so fasten your seat bels grab your notebooks and get ready to tap into the infinite potential of AI as we embark on this thrilling Journey smash a like button because together we'll uncover the strategies that make the digital world go round and by the end of this stream you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to extract profit strategies from any website blog or online content you come across get ready to revolutionize your digital game because the future of online success starts right here right now all right guys welcome to the show today what we are going to do is talk about how to extract profit from literally any piece of content online now this is super important because when we look at this we have to really understand what's going on and how to use it now again when we're talking about extracting profit we were not talking about anything unethical anything shady or anything like that we were talking about eliciting the strategy I remember once Tony Robins said something good some of his stuff he says is a little weird but this was actually pretty good and he said that success leaves Clues which I'm sure he probably wasn't the first person to say that but when we look at it success does leave Clues and on the Internet it's like a fire hose of Clues it's kind of like a breadcrumb trail that if you pick up all the crumbs you're going to be able to to put something together for yourself and that's what we're going to be talking about today is utilizing AI to extract a strategy that is working now the way we're going to do this is in several different methods all right so we're going to go through and we are going to let's get our darker pen here all right what we're going to do is line up the extraction process what is it that we want to extract from a different website what is it that is going to make us money well we can look at why a site ranks okay this is super important because what we're going to do is we're going to stack these methods on top of each other now when we look at Ys site ranks we can look at stuff like keyword density right feel like Back to the Future I'm your density right we could look at title we could look at keywords we could look at backlinks all different kinds of data like this that will help now it's very important because a lot of people might be saying well Marcus you know there are tools out there that does this anyway why are you going to give us something better well because we are going to put this in AI to get the output we want this is very important because what we're going to focus on is training the AI much like you would train an assistant or an outsourcer we are going to train the AI to think in a certain way this is about using a product like AI to get it to give a different output based on what we were talking about very very important so we're going to go through and we're going to look at this and say okay we have the Ys site ranks now we also have structure of content all right structure of content is super important because a lot of times we look at this and we're like okay why does a piece of content perform well why are there videos and articles and things all over the Internet that have great information right tons of stuff why are some of the videos that I put out that have the best information some of the least watched videos because if people aren't watching the videos or consuming the content or reading the article then you're not going to make any money no matter how good that piece of content is there was a study done years ago about two different books one was in the weight loss Niche written by doctors the other was written by some gals who were boss babes and they were like hey you know we're going to teach you this workout stuff and the one that was not written by doctors out sold the one written by doctors like a thousand to one why I'm absolutely certain that the doctor one had better information but it was the structure of content now I've said over and over that content structured differently or information structured differently can make you rich now we have to understand this because the structure of the information is literally everything we got to get real here for a minute Google knows it all the websites know it you know it the internet doesn't need more content there's plenty of content everyone can watch content and read content till their heart's content so what we're going to do second is elicit the structure of the content then we are going to elicit The Profit strategy now this is going to get bigger in the up and cominging months as AI gets bigger and this is an opportunity that can work really well because when we're eliciting a profit strategy right now without doing a little leg work we have to go through and understand okay we're probably just going to get the onpage profit strategy it might talk about a mailing list but it's not going to go any deeper than that using other tools in the coming months we're going to talk about how to elicit that stuff as well so why does a site rank structure of content profit strategy and also how layouts work okay layouts are super important it's overlooked but we're going to talk about that as well because I think it has a lot to do with how we are going to profit online so let's go ahead and dive in and take a look at how this works it's super important that we understand exactly what's going on now I was messing around with AI last night and uh actually this morning and it was funny because how many of you guys liked the intro that was to this video you like little intro that we created that was actually I would say about 95% AI created which was kind of cool I got here late and I'm like I don't have an intro I asked Ai and I got it now what we want to do is we want to go through and look at the profit strategies of a business now I went through with AI and I asked it okay what are some prompts that I could use to help you find the profit strategy of web pages and traffic strategy as well the stuff that it gave me wasn't that good but there are things that we can use we can tweak this out a little bit okay so like what are the common monetization strategies for websites we could say what is this website doing to monetize okay now what we're going to do is we're going to use two AI tools side by side we could use three if you want to do Bing as well what I would do is I would use uh Google Chrome Microsoft Edge and Firefox use all of them each of them have different things and you want to be logged in differently so you get different outputs okay very very important so now when we look at this we're going to say well what is it that we can do now I went through and I took an article okay if you guys didn't see yesterday's video you need to watch yesterday's video it's about free traffic it's super important it's got things that are going to help you understand where traffic's at in that video we went through and we looked at the uh keywords that LinkedIn rank for in regards to reviews and I actually found out that there was one for this thing called like Vanilla Visa right and if we go into the LinkedIn and we look at the Vanilla Visa which I think it's a like a gift card or something like that if we go in here and we do keyword contains Vanilla Visa I'll show you this exact method because it's very important now again this method since we're looking at LinkedIn this is a method that you can use without having your own website as you can see LinkedIn is getting lost of traffic from Vanilla Visa balance however we need to understand why that's working like why does it rank for that why if I go put something about Vanilla Visa on Facebook or LinkedIn why does it not Rank and why did this guy's rank important this is stuff that we need to pay attention to this is going to go through and we are going to talk about this as part one why does the site rank now we know that it ranks because I mean come on it's LinkedIn but it's also you can't just go on LinkedIn and write whatever you want and get traffic so we need to understand what's going on so what I did is I went through and I put this prompt I said please analyze this article and get the keyword density for the word Vanilla Visa as well as other prominent keywords and LSI keywords now we could see here that if we wanted to go even deeper I could probably say now analyze it for this Visa balance right so I could say now please analyze the same article for this word word and uh keyword density right so it's going to go through and I'll put the word in there and it'll do this while we're reading the other stuff so I said please analyze this article get the keywords get the LSI KD and make some tables on what is making this site rank what what is this site about what is this page about and then it goes through and we post the article that was on the LinkedIn right like that and then it starts with its analysis it says let's begin by analyzing the keyword density for the term Vanilla Visa and other prominent keywords in the article so it says that the keyword Vanilla Visa appeared two times in the article now usually according to SEO captains right um that keyword shouldn't be ranking because it's not a good keyword density a lot of people say you need to be like the 3% 4% Mark but we're seeing something different here okay why are we seeing something different we're seeing something different because the structure of the article as a whole right looking at the structure of the article as a whole is what the search engines are doing they're saying well first what domain is it on it's on LinkedIn okay LinkedIn good all right now what is the the structure is this about that content because you can have content about a topic without repeating the topic over and over and over and over again right that's not people think that computers are just oh hey it's got the keyword on it there you go that's not the case and that's why this is going to help us so we are looking at this and saying okay what does this look like well we got the keyword density now I see that 4% we have Vanilla gift card okay great so let's see how it's doing for Vanilla gift card I'll bet if we go volume we will probably see that one Vanilla gift card balance Vanilla Visa Vanilla gift card okay so that is one of the top ones however that's not necessarily the one we're ranking for right so we got Vanilla gift card we're actually ranking for the uh balance better okay and that could just be because it's a lower competition but again look at this I mean LinkedIn is ranking for some pretty crazy terms with some crazy uh keywords and different things like that okay crazy competition so we're looking at that we're like okay give me an analysis of what's going on okay now this is about to get really good if you're looking at this and you're like Marcus you know this seems kind of basic I know about KD from you know Back In 1902 when the search engines first started that was a joke I know that they didn't start in 1902 but we're going to look at this and say okay what's going on Vanilla gift card Bal bance card check online zip code the website phone activation purchase these are all words related to someone searching for the balance right if I was searching for the balance it's normal to say check online zip code phone activation so it's given us some good stuff then it goes through and gives us the LSI keywords right like this okay manage fund shopping um all this other stuff okay now I also Al asked it to check some like how would I monetize this keyword all right how would I monetize this and we're like okay affiliate marketing ad placement different things like that and we can go through and look at that and make it work okay all right sorry family text you got to text them back right um so we're looking at that and we're like okay here's what we got we got the uh ebooks guides lead generation stuff like that now we could go through and make this even more detailed by saying well what are some products we can do we know that people looking to do gift cards maybe they'd be interested in um maybe something like uh loans credit cards Western Union PayPal different money sending platforms that pay us okay pretty cool so we're going to go through and look at that and say okay now please share some similar gift cards okay now do you guys see where I'm going with this how many of you guys are like okay okay I I'm kind of one step ahead of you Marcus but I see where you're going with this and where we're going with this and if you don't don't worry you're about to what we're doing with this is we say Okay Green Dot here's another one net spend American Express Serve different things like that so now we're getting a list of different cards that are being used and you can see that the strategy would work really well if if we were to do like um gift card okay I'm sure that LinkedIn has lots of keywords for gift card 18,000 keywords for gift card so this is a strategy that's like okay this thing's actually working and if you were to look at some of these articles like I did earlier you would see that these articles were created recently right so very recently it was like okay these things are ranking pretty quickly and this was something that we saw with the opportunity that exists with the new Google Update again again if you didn't watch yesterday's video definitely watch it after this one because it goes through where the opportunity is there and if you miss it you know there's a lot of money to be made here so we look at this and we're like okay analyze the article tell me the other stuff how to make money then I went through and I said awesome now using the same keyword density and format please make an article about the American Express Serve card follow the same format and everything please so we went through and we looked at the format and it's got the same kind of stuff there it's going through and making it work now it did time out so I had to do it again but um it was actually very simple to make happen now this is the basics of how we are going to extract it how many of you guys right now by Smashing the like button to let me know how many of you guys so far you're like okay I'm getting the idea I understand that we can kind of get the lay of the land of a piece of content that's performing well we can extract what they're doing to make that content and then we could use it on something else a different gift card a different thing or whatever it is okay much in the same way that if we were to do this with a press release okay I went through and started doing a press release Here for a client yesterday um and by client I mean he was on our blog profit Network call and I created this for him so he only pays like 37 bucks a month to get help and I created this for him so it's pretty cool and I said I'm going to send you two press releases please analyze the structure and make an outline template now one of the things that AI does very very very very good is it looks at two pieces of content or data side by side so if I say here's number one here's number two why did this Rank and why did this not rank here's number one and here's number two why does this sell and why does this not sell something I did recently which is helping us in another business I own was here's a piece of content that passed AI detection and here's one that did not analyze them and tell me why this is something that I think a lot of people are overlooking when it comes to Ai and this in my opinion right now other than like taking a picture of your shoes and asking AI to tell you yes they are shoes which is fun and cute but it's not going to make us money however I can do side by-side analysis of different things that are working and different things that are not working and understanding that I mean you're going to get a better education from chat GPT looking at that than you are from like a lot of Guru courses and that's not to say much for Guru courses some of them are absolute hogwash but some of them are you know pretty good and this this will give you an education so if you're out there and you're like I don't want to pay anyone for anything paying money bad then use chat GPT and you can get an education in this stuff right very simple now um we're going to go through and say okay here's number one here was the article and it was about finances right so this was one I found that was about um Auto Finance right and I think it ranked for auto finance or something like that or Auto Topo auto finance companies in the US and so I had it extract the content strategy this was very important it's like okay we're extracting the strategy this is looking good this is looking great we are getting something then I did another one for the pay stubs right I was like okay let's extract it then I went through and I said now using both of these CU I know that they both rank for different keywords so it's going to be a different all together thing but if I can extract the basic idea of what's going on then I think I can get quite a bit ahead now it exactly did that and then I could go through and say okay now talk about um what it is that's working again we did the keyword density uh we did all this other stuff and we're starting to understand okay great so this is how we would do it then okay this is the important part very important okay when we go through and we are getting the structure we want to use that structure to train AI right and the cool thing about it is training AI sounds like this big elusive task when in actuality all we're doing is saying compare one compare two give me the keyword density show me the structure now write an article based on what you just learned right is that do you guys get that smash a like button if you're like yeah I get that that's making sense okay so we're going to look at that and then we're going to go even deeper now when we go deeper this is when we are going to look at Bing and other AI tools all right so when we go through and look at this one of the keywords that has always fascinated me that I've always wanted to rank for but it's a pain in the neck is how to start a blog now I know for a fact and this is something you need to pay attention to okay what we need to do if you want to make money online listen up what we need to do is we need to get our emotion out of it we need to get what we think and feel out of it and we need to look at facts okay so you might watch this like lots of people in the comments who are like Marcus prove it and even though I show screenshots and proof week after week and month after month they still want proof all right well don't listen to me don't listen to other gurus listen to the information that's out there I know from doing research that there are people that rank for the keyword how to start a blog that are making six figures a month promoting web hosting that is a fact and what we need to do is we need to get in the habit of looking at facts because if you know a fact and a constant you can use AI to reverse engineer what is going on and build that for yourself because there's two things going on here if we were to look at how to start a blog okay this is a keyword which I mean if we go over here to the the a refs or whatever it is we want to go for how to start a blog gets about 25,000 searches a month which means if you're number one number two number three you're getting traffic you're making money how many of you guys see that type smash a like button and type getting money in the box if you're like oh yeah I get it these people here are making money right and we can even go through and we can look at this on Google just because you're in um Edge doesn't mean you can't use the old Google so how to start a blog here we can see ads up here so it is a very coveted keyword then we have Wix the blog starter hostinger Reddit which is appearing a lot more in the searches Neil Patel and stuff like that so I know like Neil Patel is making some money with this post he's making money with it Ive I've watched this post I've watched this keyword over at least 10 years since I've been training probably watched it more even before I started training and I was just running my affiliate business okay so when we look at this we want to go through and say okay how to start a blog that makes money and it's going through and talking about this and then it's probably linking to um web hosting and things like that okay very cool very easy so what I would do is I would go to Bing and I would click the little B over here okay and we got our keyword so how to start our blog is our keyword I could go to Bing and I could say please look at this page and tell me with the KD uh keyword density related words and structure of content why this ranks on Google for how to start a block also talk about the LSI keywords to okay so this is going to go through and it's going to extract how many of you guys are digging this and you're like wait a minute so you could literally go and look at what's working ask AI why it's working train Ai and then make it work in a very simple way okay so it's going to analyze this place has a clear catchy title that includes the the keyword okay has a well-written introduction excellent so we're going to go through like this page uses headings now watch the magic is going to happen in just a minute if it decides to continue sometimes it does get a little slow we'll give it maybe I need some coffee we'll give it somee coffee here you go I'm just kidding the coffee is for me that was a joke calm down doesn't actually work that way okay so now we have this here and we can even go in and ask it other things about how the money works okay so it's going through we wait we wait and keep waiting and then we can even go through um and get another one so while we're doing this I can search Google how to start a blog let's say we want to use I want to find a smaller publisher not like a huge one so like the minimalist okay that that might work or gathering dreams or something like that so we can go like this contrl a contrl c hopefully it's not too long we could do a new chat and gpt3 is probably fine we could say let's see if it's too big first I am going to to send you an article to analyze okay and then while we're doing this one we'll just do multiple and hopefully this will okay so it's a little big so we'll go through and I'll say I am going to send you an article in two parts okay and then when we do this we could just open a notepad or something and break it up into two parts very simple right like that and then we'll do like part one wow this is a long article this is where Bing is comes in handy is is uh shorter like it's going to read the page rather than having to type it in okay one that should work good and then we'll do two which starts right here like this and we don't need all that other stuff there cool all right and then we'll go through and do two boom and then we could say okay it's a little bit big but you can actually see okay we might have to do two parts or three parts it's a little bit of a pain this is why I like the olding let's try regenerate okay so yeah you would post that in there and say okay well um you know analyze this article tell me about uh the the keyword density and stuff like that okay I won't get into it too much here because you know I mean you basically just break it up for yourself there and make it work okay or you can save it as a PDF and then upload it uh to chat GPT as well okay now let's take a look at how our our bang article is doing so we got all this info here okay so what I can do is I can take this info and I can go to chat GPT and I could say um let's do Advanced Data analysis that's the one that usually works pretty good and I'll say something like I am going to send you some information and we are going to create a blog post together okay please follow along smiley face got to be nice to the robots I'm telling you right and then while we're doing that I'll say what is the main monetization method of this website web page okay here we go go right like this and let's see how this is doing over here the chat GPT excellent um here's the information it'll summarize it for you and then all I would need to do is be like okay let's try a less competitive word for how to start a blog okay maybe I could do how to start a food blog that's a little less competitive or how to start a travel blog or whatever fashion blog right so now we're getting into the lesser KD so how to start a blog on Instagram okay that would be a good one right I mean web hosting pays a lot I literally make money with web hosting all the time people starting a blog on Instagram should also get web hosting and a domain name so this is perfect how many of you guys are like oh I get it that makes sense and of course if you don't get it AI is going to tell us so it's saying that this is selling a digital course okay uh let's say what about other affiliate offers on this page what are they promoting most okay let's see here WordPress plugins he does a free ebook that's actually pretty interesting the fact that it said it has a free ebook strategy is kind of like oh hey that's kind of cool looking good let me fix the uh light over here there you go apparently got to plug it in battery doesn't last very long okay um so now it's saying yast Uber suggests blue host so it says blue host is the number one right and again if you don't have ahrs you could do this with the free keyword tools I mentioned in my AI keyword video right there's tons of free tools I use ahrs because it saves me time you can also use semrush whatever you want okay so now we see that blue host is the main attraction here so we could go through and say okay good so now we got the structure of why it ranks and that it's compelling okay now I can go through and say now please create an article outline of how to create a Instagram blog and why someone would need web hosting and how to profit with the Instagram blog and how to get traffic okay very simple now it's going to make an outline and notice this outline isn't like other outlines this is based on what we talked about earlier which is why it ranked right does that make sense to everyone we're like oh okay now I see you're creating something like way ahead of the game because most people are just going to go to Ai and ask it oh hey just make an article about this because the internet needs more content and apparently if I have more content the internet will be happy wrong that is absolutely false what we need to do is we need to get it to focus okay so now we're going through and we're like okay good I got I got this this post that is starting about Instagram blog right it's not super competitive right we got how to start a blog on Instagram it is going to be based on this now using the info we went over above about LSI and ranking and engagement please make the article and have several plugs for where I can put a hosting affiliate link for blue host please focus on people searching for how to start a blog on Instagram boom now this is going to go through and it's going to make this in a very simple way we're like okay good now again remember this is doing the leg work you will want to look these over fact check them and you know go through and and fix the things that are weird so here we have this and we're talking about the basics setting up your Instagram blog it's talking about all this stuff very simple right how many of you guys are like okay yeah this is helping me understand how to create content in a super super easy way and what we're doing is we're looking at this and saying okay we are extracting the structure of the content now we have uh the other one bing AI over there already looking at the profit strategy okay so we're going to incorporate that and then we're going to look at the layout and make it all come together in a very very simple way so when we look at this we can see it's creating the content monetizing great and it's it's actually writing the content for us which is pretty cool now let's compare this with something like how to start a blog okay do you want to start a blog fast they got some it's looking pretty good there okay and then you can even go through and say awesome thanks now please run the KD and LSI check on the article you just made right so I can go through and say okay well the KD on this article is XYZ let's compare it with the new article right so here we go so it's going through yes please okay and how many of you guys you're already like wow this is going to help me create content in a way that I never thought possible like this is something where we're creating something not only unique but it's based on facts and things that actually work um we're going to go in and talk about some others as well um we're going to look at the franchise Niche and maybe like the dieting Niche and different things like that so we can exract okay what is it that is making these work because again it all comes down to facts if you know something like I know for a fact this works I know for a fact I've seen it I've been around long enough I've had my own page personally I've made I don't know I started promoting web hosting back when I built sites back in uh 2000 and I made $10 a sale back then I was like hey hey cool 10 bucks check it out uh now I get a lot more than that and I've probably since then made well over a half a million dollars promoting hosting which isn't even my top offer um we've had some months where I've made as much as $6,500 or more just promoting this and if you understand this there's something hidden that a lot of people aren't going to see there's something you might have missed and I want to give you a minute to put in the comments put in the chat box if you see the one thing that might be missing here because I think it's super important and it has to do I'll give you a hint it has to do with the Instagram example right we went through we found the Instagram example how to start a blog on Instagram we found other examples as well but we came from the proof in the pudding of something we know Works which is the web hosting how to start a blog very important because once you get this this can be adapted to anything um there's a marketer by the name of Dan Kennedy that a lot of people follow he's got some some people who don't like him but I think overall his stuff is good in terms of marketing pricing structure not so sure but in terms of marketing uh one of the things that I learned and I'll give you a little crash course in the year 1999 back in the olden days when Marcus was just starting his marketing business I was also a magician and I came across this guy in the magic magazine that says get more bookings okay and this guy actually works for Dan Kennedy now interesting right so when we go through this and look at it where did this idea come from well there's an idea as a whole which is here's how to get more business how to promote yourself how to get more business yay wonderful great what this guy did is he said well what if I expertise in getting more business for magicians okay I followed his advice I got more bookings I went from making like $900 a month to making $4,000 a month as a magician now I did have to drive my old beat up car all around La and Orange County and Riverside and my car was just breaking down more than it actually drove but at any rate long story short I got more bookings he helped me get more bookings now if he was in a regular magazine and he said get more business I wouldn't have responded because it wasn't for me okay like the Instagram one the Instagram person is not looking to start a blog normally they're looking for an Instagram blog all right so what Dan Kennedy did is he said break this up and I listened back then I listened and I said well I am pretty good at finding keywords and ranking websites on the internet search engines right I did it with a cigar website I did it with several other websites and so I said well instead of saying hey businesses here's how to get more business I said hey limo company owners here's how to get more people to drive in your limos that's a limo all right well pretend that's a limo and because of that the sales were easier to make and at Skyrocket now that's not to just to say that all I did was limo stuff no no no no I went on the PayPal shops and I found a bunch of other businesses But I contacted them with a message unique for them if you're a magic store owner here's how to get more people to your magic store if you're this owner here's how to get more people to this if you are a what were the other ones we did limo we did cigars we did all kinds of them but I made it unique and individualized this led to more sales and less competition if you try to rank for get more business it's hard to do it's very difficult if you rank for how to get more limo bookings way easier how many of you guys get it so far you're like okay this is making sense I get it and now when we look at this we're like okay so now we know the constant is how to start a blog that makes you money that's the fact that keyword makes money now I can't get that keyword but I can go for other keywords like Instagram and then you could do a sports blog you can do fashion Fitness writing book personal lifestyle mom blog how many of you guys are like oh wait a minute so you're literally telling me that the keyword difficulty under 10 is going to have all of this stuff for me how to start a sports plug okay cool yeah that's a low competition right now I can go through look at the KD so here we have this here's the KD difficulty so it actually did pretty darn good it actually made a pretty good article and it's going through and and it's talking about this so let's take a look at the extraction so again to note what we did is we found something we know works all right so we that is step one find something you know works if you go look at something that isn't working then you know I don't know hey Patty how you doing I think that's Patty from uh some video thing I don't know I haven't been in my right mind lately so I don't remember anything but I do remember how to use AI to extract money and so what we're doing is we're like oh how to start a blog on Instagram and it's going through and it's like okay okay you want blue host uh we can even go through and look at it and say okay well what about like picking a domain name what about choosing your content what about this and monetizing and all this other stuff and we can have it expand on that so I could say now please expand on the value of your own domain name and web well let me show you guys what I'm doing here there we go and uh website hosting website and how that will help with traffic and building your business SL blog on Instagram boom right so this is going to go through and help us make a hundred bucks on I mean uh help us provide good content but it'll also help us make um more money with uh hosting as well and this is something like anyone one can do it the hosting companies are out there they will pay you for commissions that's literally what they do um you could do the same kind of thing when you're looking at other stuff right I could go through and say okay well maybe with LinkedIn okay maybe we'll go back and I'm going to do this offscreen because sometimes LinkedIn ranks for some interesting terms let's do reviews and show results and let's see here reviews okay I think I think I think we're okay we're in the the safe Zone here I believe all right so we could see something like vshred reviews this is a coveted keyword that people probably want related to like vshred vshred reviews so I could even go through and say okay well let's take it a step further let's get the fact fact traffic equals money when done correctly fact if you're reviewing a product and selling the product it's going to work fact if you get people and convince them they need need hosting in a good ethical way because yes you do I mean sorry everyone who wants to make money online free you should probably get yourself some web hosting so now we're looking at this and we're like okay let's do vred reviews apply show results and we're like okay vshred revie let's just try vshred there we go V shred apply show boom 79 keywords all right great we rank for V actually surprisingly LinkedIn is ranking better for vshred than vshred reviews which is interesting let's do these by traffic and see which ones are getting the most traffic all right vshred owner founder vshred guy V shred guy a lot of people are interested in who the vred guy is and again I'm not commenting on how good this product is I don't know it just happens to be something that uh they rank for so we could go through and do like yeah okay uh what does vred teach okay good what does vshred teach so this is something I can go through and be like okay people are looking at this they're looking at the reviews good now I can go through and I can take the article that is ranking I don't I don't even need to to go to Google I just click this here and we'll do vshred reviews okay so now I could go through with this one make sure it's clean and it actually looks like a very very very simple post that's ranking there's actually not even that much content here which is interesting okay why would that Rank and it was two weeks ago they got the ranking I mean it's looking pretty interesting so we can ask it why does this rank how do we do better okay very very important so we're looking at this we're like okay we can now analyze this piece of content okay and we could do let's open a new one here and you can go like this and you can could say um now please look at this one and tell me the same thing keyword density and why it ranks for vshred reviews boom okay and it's going to go through and it's going to do all the stuff okay Andrea says how do monetize being good with animals well I mean being good with animals is not really a niche so we would need like okay are you good with with dogs that are Maniacs are you good with um you know dogs that aren't calm are you good with big dogs little dogs you know I sound like the Go Dog Go book it's a very good book by the way uh that is a book that I understand really well very good book um so we look at this here that's probably like right around where my reading level tapped out right go do got to stick to the four uh the little words you know um so we're looking at this here and we're like okay now it's going through it's got the honest shred reviews right so we could go through this and then utilize that as part of our strategy very simple and then you can see his his profit strategy as well so we're looking at that we're like okay this is looking good and then if you wanted to do like an animal one you could go through and do you know um maybe you could do like pets okay see what ranks for pets and again we don't need to do that with just um with just LinkedIn we're going to do this on our own blog as well LinkedIn is just showing you hey this is stuff people rank for this is stuff that works I mean you can even go through and say okay uh blogging does LinkedIn work for blogging um and it probably does right look at all this stuff travel blogging jobs uh blogging jobs a lot of people wanting to make money blogging all right again this is something that you could go through and these are all keywords that would sell web hosting right instead of finding a food blogging job with no expertise you could start your own food blog here's how to make money or you can go through and look at something else but when we're extracting the strategy and we look at this and we say well what about something else what about something like um McDonald's franchise cost okay what if we look at something like this and we're like okay McDonald's franchise cost we got Investopedia which outranks McDonald's franchise help uh and all these others topf franchise.com world of franchises so what we're seeing here is that there are a lot of franchise help sites that are getting lots of traffic now again when we look at this strategy we need to understand what the constant is what is the constant what is the fact okay the fact is well I know for a fact franchise traffic equals money okay just like dieting traffic web hosting traffic Financial mortgage whatever traffic okay franchise traffic equals money type in the box if you get it say Get It smash the like button very important so now what we could do is we could take a look at franchise help.com and again we can analyze this all right we're going to go over to Bing that way we don't have to copy and paste put this in a new tab here and then we can clear this by hitting new topic I don't know if it saves the old one now it looks like it clears it all so you'll want to copy and paste it so we're going to go through and say okay we got where' we go we need this all right copy that put that in here excellent please analyze and you could even like you could even copy it right so we could go up here and scroll up okay we want analyze sent article here we go okay this is the one so we're going to copy this prompt and what you'll learn is that prompts are evolving okay so we'll go here and we'll say please get this info from the page I am on okay horses that have problems with their humans okay like what kind okay so here we go calculate the key KD so it's going to do all this stuff for us oh we don't want Vanilla Visa oops okay so we'll redo this stop responding clear and we'll say um this one is McDonald's franchise cost there we go I like that okay good good good I think we're looking good there we go okay so now it's doing all the stuff here okay so now it's giving us the structure which is good here's the LSI keywords excellent so we're looking at this here and we have the structure okay now please extract the structure of this content in an outline that can be used for lots of franchises okay and then we're going to ask it the money part too and again make sure that you do everything ethically don't plagiarize don't mess around this is about looking at the structure so that we could create something okay so we're going to look at this here right like this and then I'm gonna do I'm gonna open up because I don't know if I have a find replace tool on here other than the old front page so we're going to do this in front page where' it go f front page do I have front page on here I think I do somewhere where is it okay I thought I had front page on here but at any rate we could go you know what we'll just use chat GPT to do it so we're gonna go here and we're going to open up chat GPT we'll just do it the easy way please replace the word McDonald's with and then we would just go uh Chick-fil-A and again we're doing this to get the the structure we're not doing this to go and do a find replace on content okay we're doing this for the structure very important you don't want to copy what we're going to do is get the structure let's see so we'll do like this or actually you know what let's do you could do replace it with keyword keyword watch this so this will help us out big time let's do one why does it do two there and one there there we go okay so we'll do like this and we will get this part here like that and here we go and then what we can do is take the keyword density copy like this this looks like a small one so actually would just do like this overview and that okay cool so now awesome okay so now I'm going to open a new one please get the let's do please get the KD and LSI keywords from this article for the word McDonald's franchise okay put the article and let's see how it does okay you guys digging this smash the like button let me know okay this is doing a oh wow that's it gave me some fancy that there is is fancy looking uh software report hello Marcus anyway way to get a fully expired index domain from GoDaddy without auction it's rare yeah like if you want one that's that's ranking right now it's usually you're going to have to do an auction okay so we're going to get the KD here right like this and we wait if you guys are digging this smash that old like button there and let me know all right so while we're waiting on this I can actually go through and say now please tell me how this page is monetizing and ways I could monetize franchise Seeker traffic as well okay so go like that and see exactly what's going on here and let's see how this is doing it's going it's going see why I use multiple tabs very very important okay so promoting affiliate products offering membership stuff lead generation okay good so it's actually doing really well okay so now we have all this and we can put this in as well right so I could go through and be like okay so now we're creating this okay good franchise all this stuff excellent excellent thank you now let's use all this info and the following right like this to create an article about the Chick-fil-A franchise cost okay there we go now use all this to make a good article about Chick-fil-A franchise cost okay and then what you're going to want to do which is very important while it's working is think about other stuff that might work better like if I was going to make a better version of this page what could I do so he's got these franchises here with a directory okay um I actually don't think these are as related so what I could do is I could be like okay now show me three other franchises one that's under 50,000 one that's this much and one that is this much okay so we look at this and we're like okay great so how we doing now let's make this for the Chick-fil-A see see how it's drawing on the Strategic plan we are extracting well let me go over here so you can see we're extracting the strategy and using it in a way that can work and we can do this with with literally anything um and then we're going to go through and we're going to think about it in a different way and utilizing this I mean you can spend an hour or two and get a stellar piece of content and when you think about it again pay attention the results are not typical implier guaranteed the average person trying to make money online including people who buy courses makes nothing the average person makes nothing but if you understand well wait a minute what I need to do is I need to start looking at facts I need to stop listening to people that talk about whatever and I need to listen to facts what is a fact a fact is Google searches make money a fact is the guy ranking for web hosting is making money a fact is if you have enough content about franchises and cost and good info that is valuable traffic and we start to understand and look at the tool tools right we could go to spyfu right like this and we can say something like Fran buy a franchise okay buy a franchise $2 you could do um start a franchise and you're going to see that these are words that make money finance a franchise this is a key word that makes money I know it does it just did I spell it wrong Finance franchise franchise maybe cost a franchise or something like that but what you're going to see is that this traffic is a lot of money so that's a fact like you can't argue with it you could say I don't like Marcus that's all fine that's all good this is a fact you can't argue with that people are paying and we start to realize oh so if I had all of this stuff like here's one franchise opportunities under 10k okay interesting so this is traffic where I can make good content I can use this with what I taught you last week to create AI videos about franchises and you just do good job make good content make it work and utilizing AI what it's like is having a writer in your back pocket and it's like oh hey now I'm writing in a structured way and this is where it's good because AI is a computer which means it's very analytical all right if you have a writer who isn't that analytical but is you know good at writing they're not going to keep all this stuff in mind but AI will they're not going to go in a valuate a web page but AI will and looking at this and saying okay monetizing a Chick-fil-A franchise complete guide the cost Partnerships how it works I mean this is looking like a pretty good article then then I could say now please create a table three tables with one franchises under 10k two 100K plus 3 1 million plus okay and it should have the little tables hopefully it might do a little leg work there researching it so now we have a table for franchises under 10k over 100k and over a million okay and then we can even do like fast food franchises right we could do other now make a table with other fast food franchises in the similar price range that see if I do that Google's going to see this as more relevant because with this guy he's like oh here's some other franchises I found okay good great that's good but like what if I do oh well let's let's continue on and get some info about similar franchises in the same price range as um whatever one we're working on here I think it was Chick-fil-A yeah so here we go chicken hut Burger Town talk see how it's doing oh hey this is this is pretty solid now please add a column for average store earnings or revenue or something like that notice how what I'm doing is extracting the profit strategy from other places U utilizing it to start our content and then letting it go even more like what are some other things people would want what are some ways to finance these for people who don't have $10,000 how do you get accepted at the franchise how do you become one all this stuff and now we can do like this and what we're doing is we're getting a really really good way to go now Ray says what is the monetization for this excellent question and we actually used AI to extract that right so it's monetizing with affiliate offers memberships courses and resources about Fin uh franchising and then also ads review sites lead gen all that stuff so what I would probably do is like find a good franchise lead gen offer run some paid ads because those will pay a lot and boom we're ready to go right so we're looking at this and we're like okay this is this is looking pretty good and now we can go through and tweak it and and and take a look at it um and then say okay now let's compare it like I think in my brain okay okay well if a Chick-fil-A makes 4.5 million and a McDonald's makes 4.5 million why wouldn't I spend 10K and get a Chick-fil-A instead of two million and get a McDonald's well let's take a look at that let let's be curious and I will tell you ladies and gentlemen do you want a tip and let me know by Smashing the like button if you want a tip that is going to help you make way more money than you ever thought possible with AI disclaimer the average person makes nothing don't expect to make a bunch of money this is a business right you can't just be like I'm going to make a hamburger and get rich like McDonald's no you gota you got to go and do the the the leg work but when we look at this the tip is curiosity what would you want to read and it kind of helps like I have a little unfair Advantage because this stuff interests the heck out of me like I look at it and I'm like yeah I want to know about this is interesting I like this stuff but now I could go through and say okay let's be curious right okay what are some other similar franchises that are super expensive with similar earnings let's take a look here so now we have this here are like okay premium fast food franchise do you guys see how this is like oh I'm going to get a really good piece of content here this is something I can work in a really easy way um again fact check do the work but do you guys see how like we're not extracting everything from a site it's not like a fine replace copy and paste it's more of a hey let's look at the structure of what is working in a niche and let's use it to do better right do you see that structure use it to do better it's a lot like I do here on my channel a lot of people look at my videos and they're like oh you know you have this video on Google Maps does it really work well what we're doing is we're doing it in a different way I take the idea that's working people are watching videos about X Y and Z I flip it into my strategy use my monetization methods and now I have a good piece of content that actually works in a really really simple way and so we start to look here and we say okay here's some some similar ones okay initial investment average store revenue or whatever it is and now we're getting something that works well and we can create a video we can do all this like Stella says we are using AI to reverse engineer what is working and that is super super important and we want to look at that and start to understand well what is the structure of this why does this sell well right we could go through and we can look at like how to start a blog or whatever and we could say well why does this sell well why would this work um we can structure it and say okay website setup okay clear this out please look at this page and tell me why it does a good job of selling web hosting to people looking to start a blog okay let's see what it comes up with here okay this page does a good job of selling it has a catchy headline okay it says less than 30 minutes a video tutorial clear detailed structure helpful screenshots and links tips and best practices that add value and credibility strong call to action now we can see this here and say chat GPT Now using this information from a website about hosting please make this content sell a franchise guide optin offer that is free okay so I want to build a mailing list boom we're gonna use this and we're gonna make it to get the mailing list stuff okay uh structure is your favorite keyword for replicating making money online uh yes it is a very good uh way the structure is so key and apparently it's just going to be the dot there okay unlock the secrets to franchising in less than 30 minutes this actually is doing a good job okay here's our video tutorial so like this would be a kick butt splash page for my franchise content right so watch I'll show you in just a minute just hang tight smash a like button just a minute we're going to show you how this would work so this would be a page so I'm going to have basically when this is done we are going to have all this franchise traffic so we'll have our Chick-fil-A McDonald's Hot Dog whatever this one this one this one this one all of this stuff is going to lead to a page on the page on the McDonald's page and the other page and all this we're going to have a banner and that Banner is going to lead to this and this is going to be this piece of content right click here to get your free franchise guide now please make a headline for a banner leading to this content you just made made the one for the optin okay now we're going through and we're like oh okay now I see how it works are you guys seeing how we're like oh this completely discover franchising Mastery get your free start free guide and start your journey today okay that's cool um how about one with more benefits you can do five examples please okay and then this is going to be what links to that so unlock franchise success franchising Made Easy dive into our guide and this is the same kind of thing we would do if we're talking about like calories and a banana click here to get the free calorie guide build a list about calories are you guys seeing how it works type it works if you guys are seeing this and you're like oh okay um now we can do this in a very simple way and when you look at this it's like oh hey now I got all these keywords about franchises that I could literally just start making content about now you might say well some of them will rank some of them won't rank but once we have that content and if it's good content I could literally go over here and be like oh hey check this out let's make a screenshot or an infographic about these franchises now I can make an Instagram about it and I'm sure there's a guy on Instagram that talks about franchises and like that right is this making sense to everyone let me know because I think utilizing this to go in and look at other things that are working and emulate them again no copying No Junk we're emulating this piece of content that I created is completely unique we go through we plagiarize check it everything like that and it's based on what works so what we're doing is we're emulating emulating the strategy rather than just oh hey here's a page that works copy it and make no don't no that's not what we're doing spend the time and make it work you got to ask yourself if someone out there is making 10 50 $100,000 with a post about hosting I mean what is my effort worth so many people are out there talking about oh let's just create five bazillion AI pieces in two seconds okay that might work for a little bit but again it's doing a disservice to the internet the search engines are going to catch up they're going to be like this is junk people aren't going to want to read it we need to go through and say well how do I create something that is going to work how do I make something that is going to follow a path that we know how do I create the best post possible about my keyword with the help of AI and I'll tell you it's all about curiosity be curious about your Niche you don't need to be an expert in it AI is going to do that for you be curious and start to understand why is this working how do I make this work how do I monetize in a way that is going to take people from the simple easy thing and put them to the complex thing people looking up franchise McDonald's it might be settling a bet oh no bro McDonald's is $5,000 no I think it's $4 million all right let's go to Google check it out so a lot of people might be doing that but what we're going to do is we're going to build our content in a way that gets people interested and say oh well what about these franchises did you know that franchising is a a good opportunity for X Y and Z here's why right and we're going to lead them through the path we want them to take if you are a marketer if you're a content creator that wants to make money we need to lead people through the path that we want them to take not the one they're naturally going to take like if you go to download myy notes.com and get my notes it's going to lead you through the path I want you to go through which is laid out so that it'll help you and also have a better chance of you buying something from me this is very important and we need to structure this in a way that works and AI is going to do this in a very very simple way and using AI we can extract and look at and dissect and analyze profit strategies at the drop of a hat or the click of a thing a snap is what we're looking for so if you're interested in that and you want to get some notes on further stuff that I'm doing and if you guys are new here um I provide my notes from my videos every week we put them on the blog right here um they are not there instant I know a lot of people are like where's the notes Market I I don't I don't trust you well it takes a to make notes on a video because this is a live video and I don't know what the notes are going to be yet we have to go through and make it work so we're going to go through and have that happen and it's very very important that you look at it and you can do that uh by going over to download myy notes.com uh check out our other websites we got all kinds of stuff uh to help you learn this strategy and make it work so thanks for being here

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