I Used AI To Rank 33 Blog Posts On Google In One Hour!

foreign s of painfully testing every AI SEO generator program I could find in the hopes of ranking at the top of Google yes I generated hundreds and hundreds of pieces of content some of them completely flopped some of them got thousands of top 10 search engine rankings and in this training I'm gonna break down exactly how I generated 33 killer blog posts using AI in less than an hour and got thousands of top 10 search engine rankings getting me tons of traffic so that I can make money online so sit back relax and watch as I show you exactly how to create blog posts in minutes to get top rankings and make tons of money all right welcome to the show today we got a lot to go over we're going to talk about how to use AI to get search engine rankings how to use AI content and create content super fast in this training I'm going to show you how to use some free tools I'm going to show you how to use some paid tools we're going to show you everything pretty much I know over doing SEO and search engine rankings for over 23 years now I want you guys to remember I've been doing this for a long time I've seen lots of Trends come lots of trends go and I've seen lots of things that actually work extremely well that you can use with AI now it's very important to realize that whenever you're doing AI content you want to make sure that you're giving it the human element you don't want to just generate a thousand posts and hope that something ranks and hope that it's good content no you actually want to go through and make sure that this is good stuff that people actually want to read now the cool thing about AI is it only takes a couple of minutes to double check these and make sure that they're actually work working so I think that this is something anyone can do if you're watching and you've never ranked a website in your life if you've struggled with this and you don't know where to start or you just want a way to make this work I think we have a lot of good stuff we're going to cover here that's really going to help you out because my whole idea here let me see if I have a pen right I always lose these things my idea here is that what if you could go out there and create an AI blog post and maybe that AI blog post takes you I don't know a couple of minutes to set up a couple of seconds to set up or whatever it is but what if that AI blog post could then generate you let's say a dollar or three dollars a day every day and the question is if you could create a AI blog post in a couple of minutes give it a little bit of the human touch help it out everything like that and generate a dollar to three dollars every single day how many of you guys would do that and more importantly how many blog posts would you set up because once you start to look at the compounding effect of how this works this is where you're going to have some really good paydays hopefully and also you might have a good exit strategy as well where we've seen people exit their sites for hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply getting rankings is all it is right so when we look at this we start to say well yeah you know maybe I'll spend 10 minutes or five minutes or whatever creating this AI piece of content or maybe I'll just spend two seconds making it we're going to show you how to do that too and what if that could make me let's just say a dollar a day every day that would mean that the couple of minutes that you just spent would be generating you now 365 dollars each and every year without doing any other work other than checking your stats and making sure the ranking stays which is usually automatic right now if you could do that again the next day now you're at about seven hundred and thirty dollars a year all right and some of them you might go out there and say well hey you know what this one's making me three dollars a day there's over a thousand dollars a year on that one and you start to think about the income that you want to make and how this works and you start to calculate how many blog posts you're actually going to need and in this training I am going to show you exactly how to make this happen and exactly how to create these blog posts find the profit focus on what actually works and get rid of all the other junk yes ladies and gentlemen today I am going to show you exactly how I created 33 blog posts that rank at the top of Google for many keywords now I gotta tell you some of those keywords did not rank all right so we're going to talk about this and we're going to make this work in a real real world way all right so let's go ahead and get in here so I can see these comments make sure everything's there we go all right so what we're going to do here is take a look at what's going on now we need to understand that this page right here is worth trillions of dollars or you might say well Marcus you know the Google company you made an estimated 250 billion last year so you're off by a little bit well if you actually look at the value of search engine traffic that the search engines feed to local businesses then you're going to realize that this is a multi multi-trillion dollar industry and what is it exactly let's talk about what this is exactly I gotta remember my marker here so I stay in the in the frame but what is this exactly well we're talking about SEO rankings when we're talking about this we're like okay what if I do something like a termite treatment okay we take a look at this keyword for termite treatment and here we see we have like Dave's Pest Control sponsored sponsored sponsored and all this other stuff now down here we have Florida pest control we got Nolan we got Orkin we got native we got all this other stuff that's ranking including the old Home Depot what we need to understand is that these rankings are worth money we can actually go over to a program like spyfu right like this and we could type something in like termite treat meant all right take a look at this this is very very important digital says why does this not work in the UK it does you just need to focus on UK stuff or or focus on U.S traffic but what we're looking at here is that the word termite treatment has about 7 200 people a month that means every month 7 200 people in the United States and all over the world more people are typing in termite treatment now let's take a look at this a little bit deeper now we go down and we see that the average Advertiser remember these ads up here is paying like 10 dollars a click that means like you get 10 clicks and that's worth like a Benjamin pretty cool right it's like okay how many Benjamins do I want let's get some clicks let's make this happen now again remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed some people make nothing which is the vast majority and there are millions of bloggers and people doing this that make lots and lots of money so you want to be the money guy or you want to be the guy that's like going from this to this to this and buying product after product and getting nowhere I think you want to be the money guy or gal so what we're going to do here is we're gonna take a look and say okay how does this actually work now when we talk about rankings you could see here that on my site I actually put up a couple of blog posts that were Ai and we got quite a few rankings like right here my website is not about plumbers or memes however I had AI write a blog post based on my video about Facebook memes and how people were making money with Facebook memes how many of you guys saw that smash the like button let me know in the comments below if you saw the meme video if not I'll put it in the comments below after this training is done now this one here we went through and we're like okay I'm ranking for plumber meme which gets 1700 searches a month and I'm ranking number 64 without even trying interesting I didn't even try for that one now there's some others here that we're going to see as well there was one let's see here memes without words we had some keyword programs Niche memes and a lot of them were basically about this meme stuff so I was like wait a minute so this this blog post here that I literally just put up like you guys look at when we give away the notes of our videos you this is what we do we use AI to create them and we can see here that it's actually ranking for 11 keywords that I didn't even try for interesting okay now log this away in the back of your mind because what we are going to do is a very simple strategy of asking the search engine what do you want all right nobody thinks about this they just go out there and say well we want some rankings and I hope you better give them to me and I think this keyword will work because guru two three and four said that it'll work but you didn't listen to Old Guru number one which is your old buddy Marcus who's been doing this since the dawn of time internet time that is and we start to look at this and say okay what if I just ask the search engine what it wants because if I could spend one hour creating these blog posts I need to spend at least an hour or two finding the keywords for it okay A lot of people are going to tell you just go scrape a bunch of keywords put a bunch of junk content up and hope that something Sticks no no don't do this we have a much better plan that is not going to waste your time it's not going to waste your money and it's going to get you the exact results that you desire so let's dive in and talk about how this works if we go through here and start to look at all this stuff and we start to understand exactly what's going on we can see that some of the other sites that we're using AI on like this one here for new suv.org this one here is a website that I got new SUV and we're going here and we're like okay uh SUV with best visibility and we could see I think we're ranking number 14.

Okay is that something to write home about not even close but what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how we are going to build these up and make them work now that we know exactly what's going on and you can see there we are right there on Google number 14 or 11 or something like that the rankings do fluctuate that's a normal thing and we need to take a look and say well where are we how is this working what do we need to do okay now we can also see that there's lots of other keywords and what we're doing here is a little bit different than what other people are doing what we are doing is actually starting with a winning strategy so the strategy here is to go out there and look for domain names that once had rankings okay domain did I spell that right that's a weird looking word we're going to look for domains that have some type of ranking what this is going to do is it's going to take out all the junk about finding a niche and wondering what you're going to do and we're just going to look at the data because if we look at the data we can use that data and put that into Ai and get something that's going to pop up in minutes this is exactly how I got those 33 posts to rank at the top of Google in merely an hour or less this is something that works very very fast and I know a lot of you guys are probably like me and you're pretty impatient and you want to make this stuff work so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go for keywords that I want I'm not going to go for worst SUVs 2015 because 2015 came and went okay I might go for lightest SUV which I did and that one actually ranks now again think about this Market because this Market is very specific this is a market where people are paying for SUVs they're paying for ads they're paying for insurance all kinds of stuff and when we look at something like this where we're ranking for lightest SUV here we go the lightest SUVs we got SUV for heavy people we got some fast and furious SUV and we start to look at this and understand exactly what's going on here's another one for visibility and and on and on we go now when we're looking at this a lot of people are going to say well you know Marcus that's not a lot of traffic you know you got 60 people a month looking for the lightest SUV okay first what we need to do is we need to look at the overall of the keyword so best visibility SUV we got 40.

We got a hundred we got overall if we go over here to our keyword tool and show you what this looks like and we do let's do SUV visibility okay and you can even use the free keyword tool we're going to show you how to use ahrefs free tool as well but when we go through here we could go to the free tool and we could type something in like let's do lightest SUV or our visibility I think it was SUV viz ability SUV visibility you got to spell it out because that's a weird looking word and we see over here you might have to click it a couple times till that little spinny thing happens all right we can go through and we can start to see did we spell that right visibility okay so let's go to this one and see what we got going on we'll go keyword Explorer and there's lots of free keyword tools you could use SUV visibility okay so over here we see that the keyword SUV visibility is coming in all together all the words at 570 a month now that's something I can use if I got 570 people a month to my website looking for SUVs I can get some some serious ad revenue on that I can also go and find affiliate offers and things like that so the question is is can this can this match what we're looking at with okay if I go out there can I make one maybe three maybe even nine or ten dollars a day from this post if I optimize it and do it right how many of you guys think I can you're like yeah I don't think that would be a problem a couple of clicks you're looking pretty good maybe a dollar a day maybe ten dollars a day it's it's in the market you guys see it there and so now we start to look at this and say okay this is pretty cool now when we look at this we also need to take a look at like I mentioned earlier with the Spy food stuff right so SUV with the best visibility let's see what these advertisers are actually paying for this traffic okay and we can see here saying nothing let's try SUV because I think that's a pretty small word but if we go SUV now we see they're paying like three to four dollars per click for this type of traffic on the keyword tool here we can see 450 180 four dollars and on and on we go so very important now when we're looking for domains what I'm going to do is use a tool like spamzilla or maybe I'll go to GoDaddy auctions and I will utilize those tools now I'm going to have some links in the description when you watch this video again because you're going to want to watch it twice check those links and we will have those for you now I just came up with this which is why the links aren't there yet right so we're going to go through we're going to take a look at it now when we're going through and we're taking a look at how to create the content a lot of people are going to be using chat gbt or something similar to create the content is actually very simple because what we're doing is we're doing everything backwards I find my domain I look at what the domain ranked for then I find those keywords I find the ones that are going to work for me group them together based on the URL it's actually extremely easy there's a video in the description that goes all over this and then what we're going to do is we're going to say okay now I need some content now utilizing the content I think we have a let's see where our our tool is here I know I have something here about that was it this one okay so like I could go in and say like please write an article about nine things you need to know before bringing a new puppy home or we could do a more advanced prompt you can use a more advanced prompt like maybe let's do kitchen drop shaking product I know there's a bunch of uh ones that I had SUV blog ideas this one will give you like the ideas and titles and everything but when we go through you could go through and do something very similar and very simple where we are actually going to create a prompt based on exactly what we want this to show right so I can go through and I think I have my prompt up here where did it go just give me one second I thought I had it saved but apparently not let's see where did it go uh no it's here somewhere there we go okay so what I would do is use this prompt here so we're going to go to a new chat and watch how easy this is it's literally super simple you could use four you could use three I haven't found a huge huge difference but you know see what see what you find and see what you like so we're gonna go in here I'm going to say as an experienced copywriter generate a comprehensive SEO optimized blog post outline so first we're going to do the outline and we're going to do that based on this here okay so we're going to put our keyword right in here and then we will do targeting a family or let's just do targeting people looking to buy a new SUV okay so what we have here is as an experienced copywriter generate a comprehensive SEO blog post outline for this keyword and then boom here we go what it's going to do is it's going to go through and it is going to give us the outline okay very simple and we wait for that literally takes a couple of minutes and then what we're going to do is we're going to make sure that the stuff is up to date and then we're going to think a little bit differently so while this is working I want to talk to you about thinking differently because AI thinks in one certain way so far okay I might think differently later on we don't know yet it's still early but right now ai thinks in one way and it's going to do exactly what you tell it to do hey go find and make an outline based on such such and such it might not know to go and find the top SUVs so we might need to do another prompt and say find SUV okay or or maybe maybe only do 20 23 SUVs or 2021 or or used or new or whatever it is and we're going to take that content and we are going to create that in a very simple way now we are seeing here that chat GPT is actually doing a pretty good job of like hey here we go here it is it's got these different things here with the different words and stuff like that then once this is done we are just going to prompt it for something like act as an SEO expert and create this article and when this is done we will just put this in here and it'll create the entire article now if it pauses or stops or whatever we're just going to say keep going very simple now there are other tools you can use I've been testing with content at scale which is a paid tool it's a little bit pricey but I mean if you if you want to save time I have created uh 50 blog posts using this in a matter of like an hour and a half and that was that wasn't even me that was someone that I hired to do it and they just learned how to do it that day they did it and boom there we go and as you can see they are ranking now is that going to be a whole lot different than maybe um using chat gbt or whatever well maybe maybe not again there are things you can do to get these to pass the um the what do you call it the test of is it AI is it plagiarized and stuff like that then we're going to go ahead and have it create the article okay so it's going to get us the outline then it's going to give us the article I think that's important because it's actually going to go through and think about what it's writing and then we can prompt it even more so now we see this one is navigating the SUV with the best visibility in 2023 so it already went through and did the 2023 so I am literally creating this blog post at the speed of light almost the speed of AI thought rather and this is something very very simple now full Frenchie says and and we will do q a at the end of this so if you guys are excited about the Q a where you can ask me anything about AI SEO anything like that um smash the like button so I know to include that at the end they'll definitely have that but I need lots of likes if you want q a um but full Frenchie says if your domain has a 40 domain ranking do you still suggest go for keywords that have low search volume one of the things I found is the domain rating doesn't mean anything what means stuff is where the domain ranks okay what we're looking for is primarily proof in the pudding because you can have a domain rating of like seven bazillion all right if you don't have the rankings to back it up like if this thing never ranked then the domain to me is is almost useless now there are some exceptions to the rule but nine times out of ten what I'm doing is I'm looking at what the domain ranked for and there are different videos that I have on my channel that talk about how to find these domains in a split second and we're actually testing some tools to find them with AI as well so what I'm looking for primarily is the ranking and then I'm creating content that I think will rank better so let's take a look and see how this article is and again that's exactly what I'm doing here right I'm looking here and I'm like okay this is a article based on where this ranked right we could go through the calendar here which this is one of the benefits that se uh that ahrefs has that a lot of others don't is the calendar feature which to me is important because I can see here what it ranked for like best SUV for tall drivers 300 searches a month that that would be one I would want to go for and that's also one and that you know I'm like yeah that's it ranked for it before it's easy content I could put that up right away so that shows me that hey this thing ranked right like if I go through and I do let's do a custom range and I'll do before I bought the domain let's do like January to March 1st okay so before I actually bought this domain before I took it over put any content on it we can see what this ranked for and it was like okay best SUV best cars best SUV for tall people and we could see this thing ranked right away like best SUV for tall people before I took this site over and put any content up we're looking at this and we're like okay this is looking pretty good I was number 19.

Right is this making sense to everyone let me know if it makes sense by Smashing the like button I think this is super super important and super good because it's like okay mid-sized luxury SUVs number 28 that tells me that I can probably get that ranking again and I think we did I'm pretty sure um I think we ranked like number something on that we just put it on the home page to see what's happening and what happens is we're going through and saying okay now we get the ranking now I'm gonna go through and look at what I want to improve on and as you can see here chat GPT did a pretty good job of creating the content I think okay the future Tech improving okay so this here is just giving us the outline so then I would just go through and say please redo this section with actual SUV models and prices ECT then I'll put that section and hopefully it'll know to do that it does it is doing a really good job here of creating this for me but I wanted it to go there it goes now we got the Subaru 25 000 bucks we got all the the good things that's actually pretty cheap Subarus are pretty good cars too right there's a Honda pilot and on and on we go so we're like okay this is looking pretty good now I can utilize this to get rankings based on what people search for and I'm going to get a really good piece of content out of this right and now I'm starting to understand yes now I just go through and when I create my blog post I would just replace this section here with what it's writing now and that's also going to get my word count up it's going to make it very good and it's going to make it very simple and it's going to be good content now again I want to go through and I want to make sure that this passes the grammarly check I want to make sure that it passes the AI check and I want to add a little bit of the human touch because what's going to happen here is when you add the human touch you're going to be able to sell and make more money because when you add the human touch that means you're actually reading the article right and we want to do that we don't need to like read it all night and study it and be ready for a test but we do need to read it to understand is this legit is there good stuff where can I put ads in the content and this is where a lot of people that are going to do the let's put up a bazillion articles and see what ranks this is where they're going to fail because they're not looking at it in terms of a marketer and they're not looking at it in terms of hey I need the right keywords this is why when I titled this video I saw a lot of people out there that were like hey I am ranking or I I got a thousand articles with AI I don't think you guys have any business getting a thousand articles that would be what we consider spam right and it will be short-lived we talked about this in a video earlier which if guys aren't subscribed subscribe smash like button we got lots of good content here if you guys are interested in this stuff and making money and what they're doing is they're just spamming and it is short-lived we saw a site that you know he made a bunch of money quick but the search engines are getting hip to what's going on and he's now out of business that one website shot up really quick they paid ten thousand dollars for the website I don't know if they made it back they got a lot of traffic but now they ain't got nothing the site is completely de-indexed because they were spamming so what we need to do is utilize this in a way where we're saying okay how do I get good content based on SUVs for heavy people or the most cargo space and what's happening is this is now giving me the list of the keywords to use right how many of you guys by show of hands and smashing the like button think that it's a lot easier just to take a domain and say well what did you rank for good here's my keywords right and now we're looking at this like oh okay so it's not about going going to the keyword thing and saying well let's just go for SUV okay let's scrape all these keywords no no no no no because you might I mean a lot of people are going to say well Lexus SUV is pretty low competition well yeah is it is it did you Google it because if you Google it you're gonna find out it's all local results you got Alexis you got CarMax you got big huge sites you are not going to make it to the front page of this right AI handwritten doesn't matter you're not going to do it most of this list you are not going to get not gonna happen yet the other people are telling you scrape the list put it in the AI hope it ranks and you know what they are right on one thing you will eventually get something to rank right he will throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks does work okay is it short-lived is it short-sighted and is it going to put a lot of money in your pocket probably not so what we need to do is we need to be strategic we need to be strategic and say well I had these rankings these are things that can work um someone says what is a good rate to publish that won't be considered spam well spam is defined as unwanted commercial junk basically that's that's the short term for it so the question is can you provide good value at a scale that isn't spammy right do people want to watch your content and unfortunately you know there's lots of uh YouTubers that get lots of traffic and they just repeat the same stuff over and over and over again um in their videos it's like hey here's side hustle side hustle side Hustle but it does work so essentially that's not really spam because people are consuming it and by consume we mean watch Time by consuming articles we mean the time spent on your website if they're coming to your website they see the article and they see that it's not what they want and they leave that spam so what we're going to do is not necessarily look at spam as the amount of output but the quality of output is it keeping people on the site that's why you do want to read them over and make sure that the stuff is legit when I look at this here right I can go and say okay let's do um SUV's visibility right so we had our keyword over here where to go as in chat gbt there we go right and we had our keyword which was um SUVs with the best visibility so we go here and we start to look at this and we say Okay SUV with the best visibility let's see what Google thinks is relevant and what people are actually consuming when we go here and we look at these okay is it decent so this one here has a slideshow which we have a plug-in that does this it's actually very cool and it'll change the text and links and everything and so this one is a slideshow talking about the SUV so could you then take your AI content spend five ten minutes get some images that obviously have the rights to or in the public domain and make this slideshow I think you could not only that but this is like 2019 stuff so mine's actually going to be more up to speed and more relevant now granted I am not Auto by tell their domain is the reason they are ranking number one for many words this is what we talk about when we're looking at the Domain rating and values and things like that if we were to go here and look at this domain and we go to our overview you're going to see that they are a Powerhouse domain now I don't know if you caught anything but look at this so This has a domain rating at 73 you are of 80.

It's got a lot of traffic and guess what ladies and gentlemen my AI content is ranking alongside them that's pretty good now will I rank for some of the major Big Kahuna keywords that they have no not going to happen build a car I ain't gonna rank for that right but I can go through and find things very specific and when I talk about this and we talk about how to create these blog posts and and how to rank them what is going to work is is having a good domain which again I will have a link in the description to that video which goes over how I buy domains we've spent well over a hundred thousand dollars last year on domains I heard from GoDaddy that I was like one of their top buyers which was kind of surprising I'm like really that's top buyer I guess I mean you know I thought there was bigger bigger people in there but you know there we go and so we look at it and we understand exactly what's going on um now B says that my theme looks modern but only if I time travel to 1988 89.

well the themes that we use are used because they convert right there's a very strategic strategy and I remember uh there was someone who was talking to me they put a comment on one of my videos and they're like Marcus you make really silly faces in your thumbnails and I can't stand it and you know what Marcus it does not work and I'm like no it does work like I don't want to sit here and make faces I just want to get the clicks and and we went through back and forth on the comment and he was like well you don't understand my click-through rate is seven percent five percent eight percent my best one was eight point five percent and I said okay fair enough the one with the silly face is getting 13 and then he you know stopped commenting but but a lot of people tell me that my sites look old they look old for a reason and that's because they make money this simple message this simple strategy fast loading easy to read easy to edit easy to make content in is what really works and you start to understand okay it's not so much about how pretty the site is like I would think I could outpole this site's conversion easy I could easily outpole this site's conversion because there's too much going on right you're like do I want do I want the Prius do I want the the Corsair do I want a new car quote am I looking at used cars what am I doing right and then you come over to mine and it's like hey you want the SUV here's the one to get click here to get it and and then here we go this is very important to look at because that is what is going to get the conversion and there's a balance between getting the conversion and getting the traffic and that's what we need to focus on and when we start to look at this we're like okay we are doing things very very specifically very specifically we don't want waste even though AI is like free and quick and easy you are going to see a lot of spam and you're going to see a lot of waste and we need to focus on what works because I would rather spend an hour and create 30 really good blog posts based on things I rank for rather than a thousand on a new site just hoping they work right how many of you guys are with me did Smash the like button if you're like I would rather do stuff that actually works and get results and results we got you can see here another site that we are working on is a termite website now this one here is a student of mine who bought this site from us and we're building it up and showing her how it works in our new high ticket Niche AI program and we can see here that this one's actually getting rankings for words that are like 11 a click and not just eleven dollars a click but also 1200 searches a month for a very specific keyword and yes ladies and gentlemen this is all AI written content now I can write this content we've tested side by side with chat GPT and fancy stuff content at scale is pretty quick like the speed of it is is good and I like that it's set and forget I like that I can use YouTube links but again it is on the pricey side which for most people trying to to start out it will out price it but I will tell you there are prompts that you can use to get the same kind of output for free and you know it's it's going to save you a lot of money and it will help you but for people like me that are like I don't have time to go and prompt away you know that might be something you're going to look at is doing the free methods um and we're going to start to look at this and say okay well how is it doing well we got does termite wood does damaged termite wood need to be removed and we see here there's a featured snippet we talked about this in yesterday's video if you did not watch yesterday's video and if you don't binge my watch my content daily like if you want to make money we got the goods here I've been doing this stuff for 23 years and it works right I've seen lots of things come and go I've seen lots of Hypes and fads and stuff that that people get excited about and we have to look at this and make it work in a very very simple way now we can see here that we are actually ranking on the first page of Google with AI written content very simple very easy I mean it's literally there it is right pretty cool and we're starting to look at this and say okay now I understand how this works because instead of a let's go get a thousand blog posts right now make them rank hopefully we get stuff we're actually going through and I'm like yes these were created based on stuff that ranked right these were created on on stuff that's already there and if you were to go to like let's say GoDaddy auctions right like this what we're doing is we're finding stuff that ranked and some are expensive like I bought the termite site it cost me like 1500 bucks but you know what it's ranking now some sites I buy for fifty dollars and they do rankings as well are they as good as termite um the one that's short and and had the rankings probably not but for 40 bucks you could probably get a decent domain and what I'm usually doing is I'm going to here I go to um time left because I'm impatient and then what I'm going to do is I'm just going to scrape all this content which we have this tool available as well for our students and then I'm gonna go to ahrefs or semrush whichever one you fancy and we're gonna do a batch analysis and then what I can do is I could just go like this Boop you gotta have the Boop if you don't have the Boop it ain't gonna work properly there you go but we're gonna keywords right like this I'm gonna see the keyword ones and I'm gonna find what looks good I found the veggie one I was like okay maybe that's about vegetarian stuff it ended up not being that good there were a couple here that were pretty good but what we're going to do is try to find stuff that actually is going to work well like this one here this fire drill one I was like okay that's pretty good now it was overpriced for me but I I thought about the idea of oh wait all these people are looking to to have home fire drills like that's perfect for homeowners insurance does everyone get that like smash the like button if you're like oh I get it and then this one here for some hammock thing and um all this other stuff and what I'm doing like there's one for a roofing that would be good for roofing and gutters and then I would just go through and I would look at this domain right I think it's uh let's see what it cost as of now so right now it's 500 bucks that's a little pricey for most people but again you're gonna see here's a 15 one and on and on we go and again you will find them if you if you look um daily like I do and then what we're going to do is just put that in there and say okay well what is this old site rank for and we'll put it in like this and we'll see what it ranks for and what's going to happen is our odds of ranking for these keywords are insane right so like I could literally get this site I could do AI stuff about gutter cleaning in Iowa and what the cost is and stuff like that I can rank it as a gutter cleaning site either in Iowa or maybe somewhere else maybe I can expand and go for uh generic gutter cleaning which I think this did start to get generic down here somewhere let's try by volume okay and we're like okay A Plus Roofing came up so like Maybe I could get some of those rankings and then sell it to in Iowa Roofing guy or whatever okay or I could go for other words or other domains and you will find that there's always good stuff available if you know where to look and again some of them are like 15.40 or whatever and what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at primarily what they ranked for and this is how I found the termite one and when we start to look at this right site's pretty simple like the guy said it does look like it's from 1982 which is cool we all like Back to the Future here right it's a good show and we start to look at this and say well it's ranking and it's getting the results and that is the key um [ __ ] says aren't AI auto-generated sites all about volume like a hundred thousand posts well if you want to be a spammer yes like that is that's spamming that's what it is if you're gonna get a hundred thousand posts you're not doing good keyword research you're not focusing on stuff that works and I think if I can find the site let me see if I can remember what it was I don't remember what it was there was a site we looked at a couple of months ago and it literally just tanked overnight because they were using that H it had an eight there it is yes thank you for the auto complete on ahrefs thank you um but this was the site here and it was a Powerhouse right it was a complete Powerhouse and let's let's take a look at how it's doing so this one here was a super Powerhouse it was a human rights site so now I don't recommend this method they bought a human rights site and what they did is they tanked it right so you can see here they bought it right around uh December okay then they put all their spam on it got up to about a hundred and three thousand keywords and then all of a sudden it just completely tanked and it went down to like nothing but after Heyday it was getting a hundred thousand visitors a month but again look at that window of time that it it literally tanked and then I don't know let me make sure this is this is clean before we pull this up here but I think this is interesting because this is what we are going to look at and this is how it's going to do it now it looks like it did get picked up by another spammer they did try to get some of the stuff back it wasn't even near where it was and it looks like now it's just a junk site just complete garbage um but this is what happens so yeah if you want to do a hundred thousand posts like that guy it will be short-lived you might make money it is going to be spammy it is going to be junky why not get a termite site and rank it like I'm already at fifty dollars traffic costs that's cool I haven't even done much on it and it's ranking and I haven't even gone in and optimized it because what we're going to do is we're going to take each one and yes we will have a q a in just a second I'm going to take each one did our camera and make sure our camera is there so we could show you this fancy part here hopefully the camera stays on for us I don't know why this camera just likes to shut off sometimes so it happens when you pay a bunch of money for a camera it just has a mind of its own maybe it's AI but what we're going to do here is we're gonna start to look at these and then we're going to optimize them because what's going to happen is you're gonna find all these rankings like um the SUV stuff or the termite stuff right and then what you're going to do is say okay well now I got 50 posts okay I got 50 posts that were written with AI they're good posts they're based on what ranked they're fancy yay wonderful good now what we're going to do in addition to this there we go is that better cool all right what we're going to do in addition to this is we're going to look at which of these 50 posts does well then we're going to make it do better right so if I get like a number 30 that's telling me hey I'm ranking number 30 for this I could probably get a number 10 or a number five or maybe even a number one and we're starting to understand that we are letting the market kind of guide us and show us exactly what to do and this is your guide right you could use whatever keyword tool you want Samurai you can use spyfu you can even use the free ahrefs tool it will get you by you will be okay with that and we're going to start to make posts based on this stuff and then I see oh I'm number 64 or I'm number 11.

Or whatever it is and we start to see okay now I can build this up and we're going to look at one important thing which is the nature of the keyword right we're going to start to see some changes in the nature of certain keywords there's going to be certain keywords that Google AI is just going to dominate because they're like we think AI is better than your blog post even though our AI was based on your blog post but hey have a nice day we're going to be in the top here because AIA fun great wonderful but I think it's going to be short-lived because I think I think having AI answers is eventually going to diminish ad Revenue and I think that not everyone wants AI answers right how many of you guys you want to go and search and ultimately you like looking at multiple sites like how many of you guys have searched a bazillion internet gurus until you find some people you like What If instead the search engine was just like here's the only Uber this is the one we like this is it and what if there's a flaw in the system and we start to understand okay this is going to be a shift up that's going to change things and if you're like me I'm like no I don't want AI to decide what is best for me I don't want that to happen unless it's something you know that's out of my wheelhouse but I like the idea of hey I type in what are the best recipes for whatever I don't want AI to be like hey cook this hey now cook that now I want to be able to look at it and and check out the menu that'd be like going to a restaurant the server comes over and they're like you're having eggs that's it right it's like I don't want eggs you know I want something else but that's kind of important and and interesting and what we're going to do is we're going to look at what the nature of the terms are and and we talked earlier about this this week in the video that is in the description very imperative that you watch that if you haven't watched it yet watch it again we're going to go through and understand okay some keywords are going to have stuff so like if we look at autobital.com and I do serp features and I do where Target ranks meaning this website ranks with a featured snippet we have seen that featured Snippets have dropped traffic drastically for many websites like wikiHow and I think there was one report I read where this one website dropped by 68 of their traffic which is like that's bad I've had that happen before and it's not fun um but again we're going to look at the nature of the words what cars use in eae 85 what to do after replacing map so you're seeing that the type of words that have the featured Snippets are most likely going to be the words that get the AI treatment okay so this word here Rolls-Royce MSRP whatever okay this word has the featured snippet so Auto by tell is getting that but you don't really need that content right like I don't need to go to their website because I just read that and that's what we're going to look at it's it's very important to understand that right and now we're looking at it like okay is this going to change the game in some instances it will for all you guys out there that are like I just want to get a thousand posts or a hundred thousand posts guys it's not about quantity it might be if you want to be short-lived like this guy over here where was he well he was over there somewhere right uh what was he n h something or other NH uh had an H in it I know that there we go PD right um and we see here like there's doesn't have that many here and their traffic just literally tanked just literally tanked because they were using that method um and you if you look back at this site you can look at my video on it or you could look at it in the Wayback machine you will see that right on the home page of their site it said this is AI written content we didn't check it it is just literally regurgitated content and you're going to start to see sites like that come and go it's going to happen just like back in 2003 2012 2008 and even in like 2018 there was one of them uh where this happened but when it comes to writing AI content that's going to last we need to see if this stuff is literally going to last because here you have this number seven and it's like okay do we actually does he still rank for it well we got sponsored Amazon Amazon YouTube Walmart he doesn't rank anymore right and what they're saying is that in in one of the things that people don't realize is Google tells you what they want you look at the homepage of Google what do they think they think that people that type in metal cat litter scoop are people that want to buy a metal cat litter scoop that's what they want so if you're not having the products it's probably not going to work now we do have YouTube showing up which this could be done with AI right I could go out there and I could say okay well is this a competitive keyword and is it worth it okay and this is for people that that want to start from nothing if you don't want to do the domain method I would just go get a domain or maybe use a blogger or a press release Method All of which we teach here on the channel we can go through and see exactly okay metal cat litter scoop great no competition I could probably go out there and say Okay um AI right I would do make me a seven minute video outline for the top metal cat letters glitter Scoops benefits features and prices okay and it'll go through and it'll do that for me and now I can create a video and a blog post on this and this is where AI starts to get really really beneficial because now I go through and I'm like okay now I just need to go through and I have my outline here and then I can say now please include the products the actual products and prices okay and then in the drop of a hat I can create an outline a blog post and then I just go make a video now we're going to talk um later on if you guys are new Smash the like button subscribe we're going to get into AI video creation as of now I think Friday's video is actually going to be on this as of right now the AI video creation tools I don't think are up to to my standard but if you could take an AI generated article and create a video with a voiceover or music or whatever it is and maybe 20 or 30 minutes how many of you guys would be like yeah that would be time well spent because going back to Marcus's idea of hey this blog post might make me three dollars a day hey now the video might make me ten dollars a day I'm making thirteen dollars a day hey this might make me that or maybe this and and now we're starting to understand wow this is insane this actually works and I can create these Based on data that actually works instead of doing a hundred bazillion articles we don't need to do that right I created 33 in in a matter of maybe an hour and they are ranking right the ranking for the SUV site they're ranking for the termite site they're getting results they're getting traffic it's something very very very similar uh simple Doug says will a site without any relevant backlinks take longer to rank yes it will and it might not have the strength the strength is what we want like if everyone this this is back to let me see if I have this or actually we'll just do it on on the board over here uh this goes back to SEO 101 right back in the old days in 2003 this is super important so even if it's boring pay attention because it's important back in the old days of SEO let's see if I can get me in frame here there we go back in the old days of SEO uh what happened was they had what was known as on page SEO which means what you wrote on your web page is what Google used to rank you so if you were really good at doing on-page SEO meaning writing content Google would say come on over to the top of the search engine yay wonderful you would get money things would be great everyone would do that yay they would hoist you up and say congratulations you got money but what happened was people started to game the system and their on-page SEO was more about keyword stuffing and garbage than it was about people actually wanting to read stuff which meant people went wait a minute maybe Google's not the best search engine because I just searched for Philadelphia Pizza and I got a bunch of junk and this was actually a true story back in that day if you searched for pizza in certain places there's all kinds of junk that came up and so that came up and they said no we're not going to rank based on on page we think that if other websites say hey this site is legit and this site is about the topic at hand then that would give this site a boost because if everyone else out there says this site is great and this site is about clam chowder then you're gonna rank for clam chowder right because they're like hey click here to see the best clam chowder recipe click here for this site about clam chowder or whatever it is and it's going to start to rank so this is where the importance of backlinks came into play now backlinks are going to be very important in the AI age and yes it will take longer to rank a new site however there is ladies and gentlemen a caveat you ready smash the like button if you're ready for the caveat the caveat is [Applause] having the right who wants to finish that having the right what piece of content backlinks then and out if you're brand new and you want to rank it's about having the right keyword if you have a keyword that has low enough competition you can rank with anything I have tested this we are still ranking for the Cheesy Gordita Crunch calories it was a joke I did on a video to show you the power of this strategy my website is not about Taco Bell calories it is about making money but I put it up there to show you we also did this with the Cotton-Eyed Joe um Concert Hall thing right you guys can see that it still ranks go look at those videos back a year two years ago they're still ranking this stuff works if you focus on the right keyword and if you do you won't need the right domain and that's what these people are doing with the 10 000 post thing now they are spammers and I don't think you should do that that is unethical and bad but what they're doing is trying to go for all the keywords that are super easy to go for now in that example with the pdre site or whatever um he had a powerful site so it's going to rank for some stuff but as you see it tanked so what we're doing is something very strategic we're looking at the keywords we're looking at what ranks we're focusing on stuff we know we can get uh let's see here what are the best off-page SEO techniques to rank on Google backlinking guest posting things like that which by the way AI is a genius at Guest posting because now I don't have to write stuff I actually had AI write a press release which is set to go live in just a couple of minutes I had AI write a press release um I think it was about three months ago thing took off like crazy it was amazing um let's see here I want to know whose videos do I watch on YouTube I watch a lot of videos but I also get Snippets of videos um I'll try to stay in frame here I also get lots of Snippets of videos as well so let's go ahead and go to the Q a section here let's take your questions um look at this and and start to see what's going on so admin says how many keywords should be for one single page what's the best approach so you want to group your keywords based on what people are looking for and you're going to see that on sites that are big let's say we go to like termite okay termite MD here we're going to see termite um that's going to group so you're going to see here that some of these like there's a larvae one there's a larvae one and then you're gonna group them so what we want to do is not necessarily how many keywords per page we want to make a natural topic based on that and see what it ranks for right because there will be specific things that it ranks for like this one here ranked for termite cost California I I didn't go for that keyword that was a byproduct of having the content so it's very important and we need to look at exactly where we're going to be and what's going on all right next up and we'll do q a for like 30 minutes or until I get way too hungry to continue on haven't had lunch yet okay so let's see here Ken can just one to two very good keywords get those improved Impressions rankings clicks or do you need more uh John I think you're saying like optimizing so like with this one you would want to optimize for whatever it is and we did this yesterday on our on our training we changed it from it was like this big long thing to termite treatment cost don't get scammed because I thought that title would rank better for that keyword so that's what we're optimizing uh Lanell game plan find low competitive keyword or phrase that is profitable make an article using chat GPT with good helpful info and have a call to action and wait for the money to come in tense yeah I mean you want to create the content knowing what you're gonna make money with like I don't want to just create it and be like oh now let me find how to make money no I want to know exactly what I'm doing okay what's more important buying a domain with authority backlinks or keywords in my experience it's keywords right and there's you know like if the backlinks are complete garbage and it still has keywords I'll probably still buy it because it did rank right so that's what I'm looking for keywords is most important to me what is your thought process behind placing the ads in the content great question so here you could see this was just a little test we did um I'm using button Voodoo which is one of our plugins as part of the blog profit Network um and and we're putting um strategically like under images under important parts of the content and then you can also like if I was doing the the cat litter thing I would have links to the products as well okay all right let's see here just tuned in from Alaska welcome I got a lot of family that was from Alaska um how do you fact check the AI information you can go to a fact Checker or if it's a niche you know about just kind of glance it and see there okay all right guys any other questions we'll go for a couple more minutes smash the like button if you guys are digging this I think there's a lot you can learn here when creating lots of blog posts very fast you can either use a tool like this you can use Jasper you can use copyscape we actually did a video a couple of weeks ago about all the different tools so that I would highly advise you to watch you guys got to binge watch my stuff there's lots of good stuff here after this video check out the videos in the description I think they'll help you as well so we pick a domain purchase it put up a one-page Blog find keywords we look up not necessarily A one-page Blog you're just going to put the blog up and then start putting content on it I'm going to add the content as posts and as you can see here I started putting the recent post right on the home page of our blogs that way all the new stuff does start to get picked up and you can see um it's pretty quick I don't know if this one got picked up yet but it's usually really really quick that this stuff will get ranked and again this keyword here I actually found by accident so I created a content on that because I was like yeah that does it was ranking number 70 so by making a new post about that I can probably get a number one or three or whatever it is okay um ask chat GPT for references yes that's a great way to fact check I didn't even think about that so thanks for that mama told me um what do you use for check AI content you could use um just Google you know best AI Checker or something like that um my question is how to improve conversion know your audience know why they're here know this intent behind the keyword and conversion will come because then you're like okay cost for termite treatment now I can convert that by saying hey click here to save on termite treatment or click here to find out how to get termite treatment for free or whatever it is and maybe there's like homeowners insurance or something that covers it doing keyword research should you match blog posts to current keywords yes when I go through I am actually putting them up on posts that used to rank where do I hire people uh I've hired people on online jobs pH I've hired people on um up work several other people several other places rather after you found the keyword how do you decide what ads to use so you're going to think more about what they want so like SUV stuff I would probably go for like insurance or car loans stuff like that and you can even ask chat gbt um like if we say okay great now what are some good offers I can run as an affiliate on this content right and it'll show you discount offer bundle deal limited time sale okay that's not exactly what I wanted so let's do SUV one this will probably do better what I actually wanted was like pet insurance and stuff like that which it will do if you prompt it correctly um let's see we'll do the same thing over here it's being slow today gotta go auto dealerships extended warranties that's good auto insurance so this is telling us kind of what's going on um is termite MD using an opt-in eventually it will but not yet we're waiting till the traffic ramps up what tool do you recommend for keywords and other on-page like yoast I don't um yeah I'm not I'm not going to use tools like that I'm just going to put the content up and make it about the topic second things I create an email content about my blog but don't know how to use it to profit that's a question that you'd probably want to be in blog profit Network for because then I could actually look at your stuff here it's very difficult to look at stuff because you don't know what you're going to see though you know how do you know a good how do you know a good place to get good chat GPT prompts for copywriting I'm actually working on that so stay tuned on my videos one of my videos is going to be named free AI prompt tool and that's the one you want to watch because we're going to have a prompt tool generator for you so wait for that otherwise use the prompts in this video but definitely watch for my next it's going to be probably next week we're still finalizing the tool but watch for that one that'll have the prompts all right guys I think that's about it for questions if there's any last minute questions type them in and if you guys appreciated this this training uh smash the like button and we'll go from there have you worked on Discover oriented site what's a discoverer I don't know what that is all right cool all right guys hope you enjoyed this smash the like button uh remember results are not typical implied or guaranteed uh Doug says would a site that ranked previously for a local business be used be able to be used for a general site sometimes yes sometimes yes um so you know you just kind of have to look at it will this work with credit repair and Consulting it'll work with anything yeah you just need to know like keyword research is everything getting chat GPT to spit out the content is the smaller part of the equation yet so many people are are focusing on that which I don't think I don't think that's what you need to be an expert in like we are going to have a video I think Friday's video or no it's Sunday's video we're going to switch over Sunday is going to be side hustle Sunday and we're going to come out with a side hustle um and we're going to talk about an AI side hustle that is absolutely ridiculous I think you guys are going to love it if I have the energy to make a video on Friday and Sunday if I don't have the energy you just kind of have to wait add a note I'm I'm 40 now so you know uh what products do you offer besides blog profit Network everyone should start with blog profit Network because it's our cheapest product it's it has a refund policy where you can get a refund if you need it that one start with that see if you like it if you like it upgrade later no code says I'm blogging as we speak I love blogging it's cool a lot of people think that blogging is you know writing about your life and taking pictures of your eggs when you go eat and it's not blogging is a way it's a Content management system that's all it is and we can use that to get lots of rankings I have used blogging to get hundreds of thousands of rankings millions of visitors billions of AD Impressions um I think it's it's just really simple to look at and you just have to understand that this is all about keywords and ranking and understanding exactly what's going on all right guys so thanks for being here hope you enjoyed it I'm Marcus the affiliate marketing dude paid too much money for my sign but hey I think it's pretty cool have fun smash the like button and we'll see you in the next

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