I Tried It $290,614 – Use Ai To Make Money Online!

[Music] making money online has never been easier and yeah I can prove it in fact over the last 11 months I've been silently using AI in ways most other people didn't think possible and this has been the biggest Aid in making me close to $1 million and it's actually very simple so in this training I'm going to teach you 10 secret hacks that you can use with AI programs like chat GPT Google bard and even the free Microsoft Bing co-pilot we're going to cut past all the fluff all the theatrics and show you stuff that actually works these 10 things you're about to learn can put money in your pocket in a super simple way and you don't need to have a big budget to start you don't even need a website heck you don't even really need to know what you're doing yeah just humor me and follow these 10 steps to the te make sure you take notes follow along and think about ways that you can use these every day to put money in your pocket so smash that like button cuz we're going to get started in just a minute but first a story back when I started affiliate marketing internet marketing and trying to make money online it was the year 1999 and 2000 back then we had to do lots of work we had to hand code our websites and use crazy tools like front page and other complicated page Builders we had to upload our files to the Internet so people could see them and no not like today where you just drag and drop we actually had to have a FTP program know the codes know the logins and how all the folders and directories worked it was a the royal pain in the butt and now with AI things have gotten a lot easier because back then I either had to write the content myself create a video from step one to step two to step three hire some programmer for like $300 an hour to make code pay writers a couple hundred bucks for some slap together content and it wasn't even that good but today we can use AI in the blink of an eye to do many different tasks that will help you make money online these tasks are things you can do on your own to make money with affiliate marketing AdSense Revenue share programs or even sell your services to businesses and it's actually pretty simple but you need to follow this exact step so smash that like button and let's dive in to the 10 AI hacks that are virtually guaranteed to put money in your pocket so get ready cuz we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to do is we're going to do a recap of what we've seen over the last 11 almost 12 months with ai ai came on the scene in December of 2022 was it I believe whatever last year was I think that was it and uh ever since people have been going crazy about the ability to make money but I think a lot of people have everything wrong I think they're looking at this in the wrong way and not really understanding the power that is behind AI some people think it's in creating articles some people think it's in creating social media posts and there's lots of different things that people think AI is really really powerful and good for but again I think that's just looking at the tip of the iceberg what we need to do is we need to understand exactly what's going on in the marketplace so that we understand how this tool can be used because I I mean let's face it right now while you are sitting at your computer right right there where you are in your office even on your phone this works on your phone if you don't have clobber fingers like me that can't type correctly you have the biggest productivity tool for online content creation and online money getting in all of history let me repeat that right now while you're watching this sitting there you have access for free to some of the most powerful tools online today for productivity moneymaking helping you shortcut different things and all sorts of things that can help you put the old money in your pocket and for those that were wondering we get comments all the time of people who say Marcus the money is fake and yes this money is actually prop money it would be kind of silly to keep like $4 million in my office I don't think that would make sense so we use prop money here but what we're going to show you is something very simple very strategic that can help you put money in your pocket in a really really easy way okay very important so what we're going to do here is we're going to be reading through this blog post which has the notes on it and we're going to show you exactly what's going on okay very important now this weekend we are going to have a major AI training class this is going to be a class where I am actually training my outsourcers a couple months ago I started an AI content generation company where we develop content for various different things so if you want to know that I know what I'm talking about even though as someone said in the comments I did get confused about what year it was for a minute there but we need to understand exactly what's going on and how this works because I've gone out there and I have created content to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for myself and my students and businesses all kinds of different things like that and they are getting results now in order to do that we had to do a crash course because if you're creating like $100,000 worth of content in just two months with 15 employees then I think you're going to learn something really really quickly on the crash course and that's what we're going to talk about today which is how this works and on Saturday and Sunday we are going to have a training class where I'm going to train my outsourcers and my employees on how this works it's going to be like a 4H hour each day it'll be recorded we're going to have people take notes it's going to be incredible but that's not what this training is about this training is about the 10 ways that you can use AI to make this work in a very simple way if you're looking to make money obviously number one is going to be articles and blog posts a lot of people know that yes using AI we can create articles and blog posts for oursel and for other people there are companies out there like IR writer hire writers or you could start your own company you can do Fiverr you can create stuff for search engines and promote different things using AI content now most people are going to go to chat GPT and just tell it hey write a Content write an article about X Y and Z they're going to get a generic article that does not do a good job for example when I went here and I was talking about how to get some AI use cases notice how we're prompting this and looking at the result and taking it a step further in order to get a good article with chat GPT that'll pass plagiarism test that'll pass the AI content test and actually give a good result right this is all about giving a good result a lot of people are going to try to shortcut the system and Google has you know come back swinging and they're like hey guys you know we need good content we don't care if it's AI or not we need good content we're going to talk to you about a recent Google YouTube update in pertaining to AI content that is very important as well but first notice how when we are going through and prompting AI we are looking at different things and we are pulling in different sources the key to making this work is to understand several different things so whenever you're creating something online we need to go through and we need to understand exactly who we are making this for is this for a business is this for someone searching is it for someone on social media and on and on we go because when I said at the beginning that this is an unparalleled time where you can create content that will put money in your pocket I absolutely mean it because so many people are out there and they're like well I'm just going to use chat GPT and AI to try to rank on Google and that's all fine and good but that's like one4 of the equation all right so if you're not good at rank ring on Google if you're not good at keyword research and stuff like that don't worry there is hope for you so what we need to do first and foremost is we need to ask oursel who are we making this for what is this going to be for because primarily what we're doing is using chat gbt to make code content video scripts Social Media stuff images and different things like that and when we understand that all of this ties in to something even bigger okay there something even bigger and if you get it if you watch this entire video and you get it and you're like wait a minute I'm literally sitting on something that could make a gold mine for me if and when used properly I I need you to understand the power of what you have and you know what let's let's let's have a little story we had story time in the beginning let's have story time and we'll go a little bit further back back when I was a kid I was about I think think 14 15 years old when computers got really popular and I remember you know we had the the 286 was my first computer and it was this old Beast of a computer it was like this big and it can hardly do a one one zillionth of what you can do on your phone the thing didn't even go online I don't even think it had a modem or maybe it had like a 1900 kilobyte modem or something like that and when I was a kid I I looked at it because my friends wanted to play Doom and they wanted to chat on AOL and things like that when the internet was new and for me I wasn't really into that I remember we'd go and we'd hang out we watch MTV and we'd talk on AOL and it would come up on MTV and we felt like we were famous for about 2 minutes and then you know it went away but back then that's what my friends were interested in now I wasn't I also didn't have a computer that connected to the internet till many years later and back then I I would look at my friends and I'd say dude you could probably like start a business and make money with this yes even at the age of 14 or 15 I was thinking this different way where I was like hey there is something here we have something powerful and I remember when I worked for a pizza delivery company um this guy was like kind of a crazy boss and uh he had me create coupons cuz I was like hey I know how to use this I'll create some coupons and he's like yeah I'll give you like 150 bucks if make these coupons and I was like wow I can use this computer to go to my boss and get $150 to make these coupons hey that's pretty cool I was like Wow $100 you know I work all day to get that and the coupons back then because my computer crashed about four times it did take me all day to make those coupons but I looked at that and I said there is something to this and that was back on an old E Machine uh that cost me about $260 I remember I got it onale sale and um people were saying you know that's like an old computer that's not going to work but I was able to get that working and make money with it and a lot of people didn't understand it and I have lots of friends over the years through the Woodworks I you know there was so many different things going on and it was difficult and so my friends were like dude what what what gives and over the years my friends have come to me and they've asked me for jobs they've asked me for all different things and how to teach them how to make money I mean people come out of the Woodworks when you start making money online and I thought well what was the difference between me and them back then the difference was I got it I understood this computer is more than just looking at the Facebook it's more than just looking at this it's look more than just that and I understood it and if you want to get it and you're like Marcus I'm ready to get it it is my time I want to make money with this is because even better than when you were back in the old day okay what happened was now it's easier it's easier now there are more tools to help you make money than ever before and if you get this and you understand okay we can use this in a way like I literally have a computer that's sitting here all right this right here chat GPT and other AI is one of the most powerful tools ever that's why it's all over the news that's why the government's freaking out that's why all this stuff is leading up to this and you're sitting there wondering how do I make money with it first we need it to click I remember we have another story here all right when I was in rehab and uh I'm almost 10 years sober today so there's that but when I was in rehab I remember that they had told us all these different things about how stuff works right and they would say things like you know uh Perfection is the enemy of excellence and they would say things about understanding the power of different things and they would you know help us understand that the mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on and that some people can have the same information and get a completely different result and so what we're looking at here is some people can have ai and get a completely different result and if you understand the power of what is in front of you and what it can be used for I think that is key all right so first of all again we have articles and blog posts that we can use we can recreate articles and different things like that now what we need to do is we need to always ask oursel when I come over here to Bing when I come over here to chat GPT or I go to Bard we need to say what am I doing all right if you're just writing an article because you think that the internet needs more articles well yeah you're not going to make any money what we need to do is we need to understand exactly what's going on we need to understand when I create an article or a blog post who am I reaching and what do I want to do how am I going to help people like this when I come on here and I create a live stream or a training we have to look at it and say who is it that is wanting to watch this well it's someone who wants to make money online now notice this is actually created by AI however we're delivering it in a way that's going to meet people that aren't necessarily just search engine people this is super important here so we're going to take a look and we're going to say well can I generate a blog post on the topic of this or can I do do this can I parse things from different areas one of the things that that I have done a lot with AI is to use multiple tools and use multiple sources for example Bing AI is fantastic at right now data all right if I go chat GPT and I say talk about the AI updates in September 2023 it's going to say hey you know what I only got information unless you do browsing with Bing it will do it if you have the browsing with Bing plugin but a lot of times it will not show you that and so using Bing I can actually go and I can I can Cruise the web and find things and actually parse it in live which is important so when I'm going about this what I want to do is I want to say well what is my article or blog post going to do what is the purpose who do I want to reach and then we can go through and we can start to detail our outline and we can start to look at okay here's what we want to do if I was going to write something on um like this here's one I did for a press release what I wanted to do is I wanted to write a press release and we'll get into this in a minute about different topics of starting a blog so I'm like okay 2024 is coming up and people are going to have New Year's resolutions and we're going to go through and they're going to want to start a blog and I know that I could get paid with web hosting so all I would need to do is talk about all these different things so what I did was I fed chat GPT different information and this is another thing I learned in alcohol recovery is the input output what you put into your mind is what you are going to get out of it and when you have a circular way of thinking because right now let's face it okay and we're a little off topic but I think this is going to really help you understand understand this so if You Dig It smash a like button and let me know and what happens is when you have chat GPT okay chat GPT and other AI is trained on a data set now back when I was trying to get sober from alcohol what happened is they said well you know if you're here and you have your thoughts right and all your thoughts are within your head okay so right now you might be thinking well you know I can't make money onine online there's no way to make money online Marcus can't show me anything nothing works for me I just can't do it okay what's happening is you are thinking within your current data set all right so if you try to go outside that data set and there's an idea out here that will help you make money you're never going to see it much like with me there were ideas outside my head that would help me me stop drinking but I couldn't see them because I was relying on all this so what I needed to do was put new thoughts in my head and one of the things that I've done which I urge you guys to do if you want to be successful if you want to um you know break habits and things like that is to listen to outside thoughts listen to other people a lot of people come on here and they say Marcus you know I like your trainings but get to the point you talk too long it takes too long to watch you and I'm like well what we need to do is we need to look for it because if you're thinking that it takes too long to get to the point that means ladies and gentlemen you are doing the biggest fallacy ever which is listening for what you already know let me say that again the fallacy is listening for what you already know lots of people watch things they read books they do whatever listen to tape they go to Church they go to seminars and they listen for what they already know so that they could shake their head and agree with it and say well great and then it doesn't add anything to their current mindset what we need to do is we need to open our mind and add things to our existing mindset and this is super important Now ladies and gentlemen why did I go on that tangent because AI is the same way if you go in AI it's going to answer based on its current data set however one of the most important lessons I learned in life is that the mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on the mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on AI is like a lens and where you point it and the information you give it is going to give you the output and if you want output that is going to put money in your pocket this is what you need to pay attention to because when I go out here and I say hey I want a press release based on these keywords about how to start a blog in these different ways then I give it the data I just copy and pasted this data from my keyword tool and it said uh what kind of press release do you want and it came up with a press release about how to start a blog and get rich in 2024 with AI it included all the different things and then boom there we go now I have a piece of content that can work and I I was very specific that I wanted the other keywords I wanted Sports lifestyle mom blog Fitness Beauty blog and all these different things why because this was based on the data that had how to start a blog and things like that right very very very important so we're going to go through and we're going to look at that and say okay yes I can use AI to create articles and blog posts very good but again we are going to focus on creating Stellar content in a way that's going to meet people where they want and notice how this I mean I could have easily gone out there like most people would do right and they would say let's go to the regular ahrs here and I'll show you guys what this looks like okay and you can use a free keyword tool it just takes a little longer which is why I'm not going to do it here and what we're going to do is something like start a blog okay so we'll go start blog okay and what's going to happen here is we're going to get keyword data on how to start a blog and what most people will do is be like hey uh AI you know make me a piece of content on how to start a travel blog right I could go here and say um make me an article on how to start a travel blog okay now it'll do an okay job but this is what everyone's going to get okay embarking on a journey of a th000 mes blah blah blah it's not even getting to the point here Define your Niche and purpose okay well we already know our Niche it's it's travel right um so what I would do is say okay well how can I think about this different how can I say well Define your Niche and purpose maybe I'll go through and what's going to happen is as I read this I'm going to think of stuff okay please make a table on some different niches for travel bloggers okay so it we'll go like this and now it's got optimized for SEO blah blah blah blah blah so hosting platform that's where I'll put my affiliate link really cool now again remember I don't have to use this on Google I could use this on social media hey are you thinking of starting a blog this year download my free uh PDF or whatever and we're going to go through and get better data based on what's coming out right so we're going to watch this and say okay now make me the table and then we could say you know now now make me a table of the top uh keywords that pay the most within the travel blog or maybe now make a table of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers right and what we want to do is we want to think about this in a different way to where we're getting something to where someone came in and wanted to start a travel blog we got the best content possible Right spend the time and do the work because if you do it's like that old rule that says the people who do 10% more or 10% better are going to get like 90% more rewards and that's a fact it is an absolute fact when you understand it because most people will not go through and do the work most people won't actually think and that's what this requires is thinking with AI and prompting it in the right way now when we look at this we can do articles and blog posts that is a fantastic way to make money Now using what I just taught you the vast majority of people that are going to sell AI content to businesses are just going to sell a bunch of rehash junk content they are not going to think about the strategy and the plan that's why I'm able to make a lot with my AI content business is because we're looking at it in a different way and we're looking at the strategy because we don't need more content we need stry and so when we look at that it's like okay now I have something that's actually going to do really really well now I can go through and have a table of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers and I can ask it okay what would the intent be of someone looking this up what would be uh the the steps and things like that and like Mr D Silva says people rely too much on artificial intelligence and it's going to change the way that we think and it's AB absolutely true and this is the time for us to rise to the top there is a window right now where you can use these tools and make it work in a very simple way right when we understand how to put this stuff together right and then we go through and make an article and look at how fast it does the research and how fast it looks up all this stuff for us which is actually pretty insane I mean we didn't have this when I started internet marketing right we had like junk things that that did this but nothing at this level which is important so now when we look at that it's like yes I can use uh AI to do articles and blog posts I can sell them I can use them for my own stuff right now we're using this on hundreds and hundreds of blogs across the internet in in many different niches and we're getting great results I mean we have some that are getting insane results they're ranking well they're getting tons of traffic because we're focusing on a strategy and and focusing on providing good content based on what people looking for now the next thing we can use AI for is to create landing page content now I stuck this one in here even though uh we had a list of like 50 different uses of AI I stuck this one in here because it kind of goes hand inand with some other stuff that you can do that doesn't have to deal with SEO I know a lot of people are looking at oh ai's big strong point is SEO and video and you know it does do those well it does really well at making content but again when you have something that works that well and is that easy you're going to have a lot more people flooding the internet with content and it's going to it's going to get like it did before where it seemed to be too competitive now if we're using landing page content right let's say we're going to go through and say um I want a landing page so what what is a landing page a landing page is quite simply a page that you land on and what I mean by that is if you were going to use SEO you would say oh someone goes in and searches for how to start a travel blog they hit your landing page okay and your landing page would be the page that they land on which could be it could be this page here that we created in chat gbt although I wouldn't use this I would use something else so when we look at that what the idea of the landing page for me would be is okay what if we made get my free travel blog guide it includes a 100 different affiliate programs that you can use to make money plus 10 different ways to make money now before ladies and gentlemen before I did not offer this service we do high ticket niches we sell them all the time and up until now we're starting to do it on on some select ones now I wasn't able to give the guide because it would just I i' have to go and pay a writer 500 bucks to do it I'd get crappy content I'd have to pay another writer to fix it in order to do that the high tiet Niche program would be like $10,000 by the time we're done but now using AI I can get a really good piece of content with one of my workers for around $ 202 to $50 and it's actually a very very good piece of content it is well thought out and we are showing how it works now if I had this landing page now I can create a name and email I could say put your name and email to get my travel blog report right and I could say what are some examples of travel successful travel blogs right and now this is where we could go through and use multiple stuff so I'm going to use chat GPT and then I'm going to go over here to Bing and I could type in let's see Bing I could type in something like search let's do um let's do successful travel blogs make make money right and what I'm going to do is I'm going to go here and here's some that make money I could go over to news and find some news reports right see how these are working this is why the press release thing is is so good for stuff like this and we can go through and find them um and say okay here are people that are making money with travel blogs right so we can put travel blogs in here in quotes and get some specific travel blogs right so 10 strategies I used to make money travel blogging now I can go to a page like this and yes it does look pretty good here and then I can go to the Bing co-pilot and say they summarize this blog and story about how they make money right so now we can go through get this summary and side by side I'm going to throw this back into um chat GPT and I'm going to get a very very specific article and and boom now then we go so here's 10 strategies they're going to talk about how it works I'm going to put that in here in addition to the ones that this gave us and now what's going to happen is you know I'm going to spend time so if I spend 3 hours 5 hours 8 hours making a really good giveaway maybe it'll be like 20 to 30 pages on how to start a travel blog right now we're going to go through and we are going to look at this and be like oh now this is something someone would want I can go in travel communities on um Facebook or wherever and I could say hey by the way if you're interested in travel blogging I have a 50 page guide on how you can do travel blogging and what happens is now you're separated from the run-of-the-mill people that are just making Medi ochre content hoping that people find it right does this make sense smash the like button if you're like okay I'm seeing how this makes sense because I can use this to make a landing page now please make a landing page script or content to get people to put their name and email for this free travel blog money guide right we can go through and we can make this work in a simple way and even if you don't know coding Watch What Happens next so here we got our header turn your tra passion into profit get your free guide now unlock the secrets of making money with your travel blog are you traveling this so it goes through and it does all this stuff here's our benefits it's actually following along very very good um enter your details instant access start your journey so this is looking really good here's some testimonials I would probably not have the testimonials because you know that's not true it just made them up so I'm not going to want to do that um here's our call to action don't miss this chance and then I can go through and say now please make the HTML code that I can put on my blog with aweber as my uh mailing list program my aweber user name is one do whatever okay and it'll actually make the code and it'll go through and and create that for you once it's done with this I think let's see there it goes right and it'll actually make the code and I can use this um very simple right it's going to try to do this yes it does need so all it needs is an aweber if you use that and it'll actually do uh the HTML code okay and then I could literally upload this to my blog right now um and chances are it might take a little tweaking and stuff but this would actually work and you can create pages in a very simple way um you can create duplicate Pages for other stuff and then I could say okay now do the same thing for fashion blogging food blogging you know diet blogging workout blogging and all this other stuff and it'll go through and make this in a very simple way we can all yeah if you want to use convert kit just tell it to do convert kit now the reason I use aweber is because that form works really well like I know that'll work I don't know if convert kit works the same way um but again you know you can go and you can make one in chat GP and you can use that as a giveaway and that's what we're going to talk about in these things is like we want to think outside the box it's not that hard to do you just need to think differently and you need to be willing to put in the time to make something good I mean if you made a really good travel blogging article that was you know 20 or 30 pages once you have that it's it's game over now I can go and I can get in front of all the people that want to do a travel blog right and I could there we go um I can go on podcast I can say hey by the way we have this here and we could see exactly uh what's going on there's lots of people looking for travel blog um start a travel blog and all different kinds of things like that uh which is really cool okay next up uh we talked about press releases right so again stack on top of what you're doing because I can go here and say now please make a press release about this new travel blog money guide okay and it'll go through and it'll make a press release on this stuff now using press releases is twofold because I can actually make the press releases to get traffic okay traffic I can use the press release to get traffic for myself so if I wanted to promote that guide I could put that up I will probably get some traffic using pressure Rel we were on a a one of our blog profit Network calls yesterday A lot of people were doing press releases for Black Friday offers and they are ranking like they're they're there they're ranking they're getting results right now now another thing you can do is you can have that as a service as well right I'm sure if you go to Fiverr I I'm sure there's people that are doing press releases let's see fiverr.com and you can do it on your own this is something that I'm doing in my content business as as well so if I do press release okay we're going to see that on Fiverr you got uh press release $20 $30 $100 I will write a captivating press release as your copywriter 100 bucks I will write a press release and do the distribution for 195 now one of the things that I like to do is I like to find a gap this is what we call drop servicing but I do it in a different way so drop servicing drop servicing that says drop servicing drop servicing is where it it's basically like my content business okay so let's say if I didn't have a bunch of employees and people on staff okay let's say that I went and ordered these let's say you use something like content at scale okay I could use content at scale I can have my customer come here and say hey here's some money all right here's his money and I want a piece of content for X Y and Z and I say okay great so you give me $50 for the content I pay content at scale $15 and I pocket 35 okay that would be an example of um drop servicing now what I like to do is I like to add a cavat that other people don't know okay so what we're going to do here is we're going to look at this and say okay great um what if I could make this do press releases but I buy the press release right so I'd go to the press release company and say hey I'm going to buy these all day long can I get a deal right and usually I'll get a deal I've done this many times where you can do that or maybe even find some free places where you're like hey if you order a press release from us we will submit it to the free places for you for free okay so hey you just order it and there you go um that's something that works extremely well uh because what they're doing is they're getting value in addition years ago uh we would do something where it was like hey if you get this you get $100 in credit for this other thing and people liked it because it was like well I pay you 100 and I get 100 credit so it's basically free yeah that's kind of the idea much like how you would do with affiliate marketing where you're like oh hey if you get web hosting maybe I'll make you a theme or I'll build your site for you or if you get um this software I'll teach you how to use it something like that or or maybe I'll give you some templates for it this is something people did uh with like clickfunnels and and all those other funnel Builder softwares where they would create templates that you can use thus making their value go up what we need to do this is it okay a lot of marketers talk about this but no one says it no one says what it is because they can't Define it and they don't really know and it is making you the value what are you going to do that's going to make you more valuable anyone could promote a web hosting offer anyone can promote an Amazon product why are you the best one now there's two ways to have value one is get them to see it okay if you get them to see it I come on here and I'm like hey you know today we're going to talk about uh little banana paper weight or whatever it is okay and you you might not have known there was a banana paper weight therefore you see it from me my value is in getting people over there that's all it is it's not like a huge value it's just traffic or you can have value in the way of saying well we're going to give you this free travel blog guide and if you sign up for web hosting through me we'll give you our travel blogging kit and we'll help you set it up and we'll have weekly calls with you or whatever it is right that is where you are going to add the value based on the specific stuff travel blogging versus hey just make money blogging or whatever it is all right same thing with press releases right there's lots of people who are looking for uh how to submit a press release and they don't know how to do it they don't know how to write it they don't know what to do and some of these companies are a complete pain I remember I was trying to do one for my alcohol recovery YouTube channel and I wanted to get some press to it and they still haven't accepted it because it's like oh you need to re you need to get these and now using AI I could probably get it accepted like that um and that would be the value is like hey here you go here's the format okay so here's press release template okay so I could go through and be like um new chat what does a press release template look like okay and I can actually go through and I can make this in a very simple way or I could give this PDF away for the people people looking up the template and we know they're looking up the template again we're going to stack these okay here's my press release template put your name in email to get the press release now I'm now I'm getting in there and I'm understanding this right how many of you guys are getting this are you guys getting It smash that like button and let me know in the comments if you guys are getting the power of hey we can use these in a really really simple way and AI is going to help us do the leg work and create a lot of the things for us and we can go through and say okay great now please make the template with fill in the blanks right watch this watch how cool this is so I could do now make the template with fill in the blanks there it is then I can say now please make a form and page that a user can input the blanks and get a press release okay so now what it's going to do is it's literally going to make the code that I could put on my site and it's like hey you want to write a press release put your business name put your product put this put that bada bing bada boom and it's going to go through and it's going to create this in a very very simple way so it's going to use CSS and it'll probably actually create it I think with a little bit of trial and error we can get it to create this stuff which is really cool because then you can do like a title generator a business name generator all different kinds of things based on what people want and there it goes making the code for me so this is the form right I put that form on there looks a little skimpy I might have to have it rerun it um but it'll show the different stuff and then boom there you go very very simple and um it's not difficult to do so utilizing articles landing page contents press releases podcast trans scripts now this is twofold when we're doing podcast transcripts we could do it's actually three-fold so one okay we can have it make a podcast outline okay now I can do this for businesses I can go to businesses that have podcasts I can help them create their own podcast outline right very simple so I'd go through and be like okay um now make a podcast outline for how to make money in 2024 as a travel blogger with the info above and I think we're in the wrong one so we'll go in this one see what's going on uh GPT wasn't Keen to make an actual calculator for me but I suppose time you can get it yes for calculators it's actually pretty good um Bard is better at coding than GPT so you know maybe maybe mess around with it in Bard and one of the things that will help again is give it examples right I could go through and I can say mortgage calculator script JavaScript okay and then I can go through and say okay well here's the Java mortgage calculator um how can I make this work right so I could go through and say um you know look at please look at this calculator we are going to make one for BMI okay and then we'll put that in there I think it has the calculator stuff in it it might be able to look at it right but again the key is prompting what you want can I give it an example because what that's going to do is in the uh automotive industry they call it throwing a wrench in the transmission it's going to screw everything up because right now ai is in its own little bubble and it's thinking its own little way which is great but what we're going to do is we're going to be like well put this with this and here's the example and give me this right it's like an algebra equation only you don't have to know algebra because don't worry I didn't pass that class either but we can go through and look at this um here and say okay make me the calculator um and that's something that can work really really well and if you're interested in that I would urge you to check out the videos in the description of this one because we literally went through when chat GPT came out this was how I was making money with it um by creating simple things like this and a lot of the tools that we made on the profit scoop which this site makes me money all the time a lot of these tools were created with chat gbt the iframe generator this was created with chat gbt I just slapped my logo on it um and different things like that we had a QR code generator this is one that creates QR codes this was created with chat GPT and utilizing these little tools works good but I digress because we were talking about podcast and so now we have um our podcast over here where' our podcast go start a travel blog okay so now we have our podcast that it's saying here's how we would we would run this um and then you could say now keep going please right and this is going to go through and make it work um which is cool uh the scariest thing might be that doctors in 2040 use chat GPT to get through medical school well I think that um there are a lot of medical things happening with AI um and I think some of them can actually be kind of good because it's it's like okay your you know normal doctor can't look at all the data that chat gbt can um and as far as data it's good would I want you know chat gbt to perform something complex probably not not yet at least uh but we're starting to understand hey this is looking pretty good it gave me a an hour long hour and five minute uh podcast about doing a a a a Blog for travel blogging right and so it's doing a good job and and using that can work really good you can sell it and come up with ideas again what you need to do if you want to be successful in the new economy that is involving AI it is happening whether you like it or lot or not right you need to make yourself a pro at understanding what to get and how to use it because it's not just about more content it's about understanding where it's going to be used another one we can look at and I'll say I think let me see if I had yeah we have this one down here um is infographics right I can use AI to create infographics based on a morning routine a product for sale Black Friday offers something very very simple and it can create infographics in a snap Based on data I could go and get keyword data I could get data on how much the average person saves and what we need to do there was a really interesting book I read it's a little on the Sinister evil side because it was written by news corporations and it was about how to use statistics to get people to your point of view now this was talking about you know using bad statistics like how CNN or Fox News will present some things that don't really correlate but they'll correlate them what we want to do is that in a different way we want to say okay well you know maybe when I'm doing something about travel bloggers I can say uh great what are some statistics of people making money blogging and again remember take this with a grain of salt the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but we're going to go through and look at this and it'll get us some statistics on bloggers making money oh it's actually visiting a refs interesting well hey there you go right um and it's going to go through and it's going to find that stuff in a very very simple way um so it says that's why I'm here you are in The Cutting Edge I'm like a sponge I think you could be a college professor in AI maybe I don't have any uh fancy degrees or nothing but I think it's very simple that we look at this and you know anyone can go out there and create a business where you are providing these services to other people and I'll tell you when I started we'll have another story time here when I started my business I I was okay at getting search engine stuff but what I did is I used other businesses as my my testing ground right they would pay me to do Services I'd learn how to do it and and get paid and then over the course of time I would learn it for myself and that's one of the best ways to learn this stuff is to understand that hey you know what I can get paid to learn it um in an easy way and so what's going to happen is it's going to find these statistics and it's finding a lot apparently it's just going for it but it's going to find these statistics and put them together and I can have it create an infographic I think the new chat GPT does allow that which is pretty cool like the new chat GPT 4.5 or whatever it is is actually pretty robust and that's why when I tell you guys like this platform is so powerful so many people don't get it they're just oh hey it's cute look it's you know gave me a recipe and I I don't want chat PT to give me a recipe it doesn't have taste buds is probably not going to do the greatest job job but I can get something else and now we're getting General earnings overview 33% the average full-time blogger earns 51,000 a year top bloggers can make over this great so now now please make an infographic about this is where your thinking comes in so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go and I'm going to be like okay um what is the average income in USA okay so the average income in the United States of America right as of 2019 let's see if I can find 2022 as of 20 okay so household income we want the average personal income so the average personal income I think was about 35,00 000 how blogging is better than the average hourly income in the USA right and it'll go through and it'll put those together but we need to understand that it's not going to do that until you think the step ahead so now it's going to go through and it's going to make an infographic title and I can put this into um dolly or uh whatever and get something that's going to work or or ladies and gentlemen this is where it's going to get like you want to make serious cash what I could do is I could get good at figuring out that info and I could be like hey now I can take all these little things I make in chat gbt I can get some outsourcers depending on where they're at it could be like $5 an hour or something like that I think that's pretty close to where we're at right now for some of our outsourcers and they can make make an infographic every hour or two so in I give them the stuff at night in the morning I will have anywhere from four to eight infographics that I can use and to show you how this works um I actually have a Pinterest that I don't run I don't even know how to use Pinterest um but I have an assistant that does Pinterest and what she's doing is taking all of these different products where'd we go come on now all these different products and putting little infographics about here's the useless book The Emoji french fry holder and on and on we go and we have all these different things it's basically funny products that make lots of money and we're getting uh 2100 monthly views just from these and that that was her job it took her like you know two weeks or something to put tons of these up they just they just keep going going and keep going and keep going and so now what we're doing is I'm going through and I'm like okay so here's all these products and I'm thinking okay this works good for like people who want to do Drop Shipping and so now what she's doing I think I just got a drop from her this morning from um some of these and what they're doing is they're making content on them right and if like how many of you guys see that this is so much easier now I can get content right so so it's got the infographic there right and it's getting me traffic then she goes through and gives it the info and it's a template and it gets you uh content so let's see here here's uh this much money with a with a whistle right and then it shows different products how much they're making how the product works how much it sells you could get it on Alibaba it shows related products all different things like that and now it's just a quadruple prong approach where it's like okay now we have like the dog mask poodle I don't that's a weird one let's do um Turtle sh shell pillow right so this one's the turtle shell pillow and again what's going to happen is now I'm going to Ping on all this traffic right it's like Okay Turtle shell pillow it's kind of hard to say and it's like oh check this out boom 700 500 300 so not only will I actually sell these things cuz I'll probably rank for him but I will also get people that are like oh now we're going to look at this guy's Pinterest because he's talking about Drop Shipping products we're going to read his blog because he's talking about Drop Shipping products we're going to get this now I think this Marcus guy knows a little bit about making money online maybe I'll check out his courses or whatever it is and so it's like a a multi-pronged approach where it's like okay and actually I have an outsourcer that is also so we it's started with Pinterest what I did is I said here's the logins for my jungle Scout my aats and I think some other program so they can find the data get the data make a pin right so it's like okay let's get the pin here's the useless book it's a template here's how much it's making here's what the book looks like here's my little blurb on where to go next right then I go through and I'm like okay here's the content they're making a video and now it's a multi-pronged approach that's working really good B on infographics and when you realize that I can now put these together right so now all I would need to do again remember we went up here and we talked about articles and blog posts where most people are just trying to get search stuff no no no no no I'm going to go through and I'm going to say okay great now make me a list of the 100 crazy products on Amazon where to find them what they pay how much they make and make a giant 50 page report how many of you guys right now if I was like I got a 100 page report on crazy profitable Drop Shipping products that you could get on Alibaba for a buck and sell for this much how many you guys would think that was valuable right so will all these people looking at my Pinterest and we start to understand that this works with literally everything and that's where we come into writing an ebook right now I can go through and say hey here are the top products write an ebook about these or I could compile the ebook myself or a white paper the white paper is kind of like an ebook but the short form version where I'm going to go through and be like okay the white paper um is is going to be here's the use cases for AI here are AI tools that businesses are using to make lots of money or whatever it is um another use for AI is video script right so now I could go through I I got the podcast script I could say now please make a video script with examples on how to start a travel blog and how much they earn focus on 8 minutes okay this will go through and it'll make the script for us again don't just copy and paste it from the get-go go through do the work think about it um really look at how it's working so that's another one you can do and again you can see like if you're like I just want to make money video script here's people that are getting paid to make video scripts th000 video scripts 10 bucks each dudes made 10,000 bucks on those at least probably made more cuz some are longer um 186 13 so these are selling here's another one video script writer $900 or 900 uh orders 125 bucks each that ain't bad right um so these are getting orders you can see this is good stuff now if you go out there and someone says write me a video about elephants I mean you got to do the thinking and make it good and understand what the user wants if you just get junk output and give it to them that ain't going to work right so you have to really really really really focus on hey how do I make this really good and this actually looks pretty good it's showing the examples um and again look at that we we are an hour in and I have some how many of you guys you're like wow we're an hour in and Marcus actually has some pretty good content on how to start a travel blog like I think there's some good stuff here we got a video script and different things like that um which is really good another thing is product descriptions right so I could go through I could say you know here's my product give me a description for Amazon Shopify um Etsy right we could get all these different things uh in a very easy way another one is email campaign so we talked about okay I can take my travel blog big guide I can make a landing page to get them to put their name and email now once they put their name and email in what am I going to give them well I could go through and say uh come up with a mailing list I think I yeah right here um I said create a 7-Day email series about how to start your first blog so now I could get all the people in here's the travel bloggers here's these bloggers here's the food bloggers here's the elephant bloggers I don't know what an elephant blogger is but if there was one he would want my report it's a good report and we could say here is a 7-Day email series outline start your first blog subject line welcome to your blogging Journey uh here's the benefits here's this stuff and now I can go through and say great now please write email one and the call to action is starting the blog with a free checklist on my web website okay so now it's going to make number one where I would say hey go to my website to get the checklist to start your blog the goal would be to get him to get web hosting um which is how I would get paid and now it's going through and creating um there you go someone says elephant bloggers work for peanuts well I don't work for peanuts all right who knows that movie quote that's a good movie it's an older movie but it is a good movie um and so now we have our our cont for our email which is really cool because I mean I spend a lot of time writing emails every week and bulk emails to my list and it's actually doing the what's ahead in the series and it's doing a good job and again I'm sure there are people looking this stuff up um email series or let's do autoresponder right so there's people that are getting paid to write autoresponder stuff let's do two words I think email copy there we go email copy all right so here's all the people that are doing email templates um cart abandonment email series and these guys are just like duplicating stuff yours would be custom which means you get to get paid more and what one of the biggest things about AI is um the fact that I can customize something and charge a premium without really being an expert in the topic right I could just go through and AI will do that for me which is really cool so email campaigns are really good social media posts right if you want to be a social media manager I know a couple years ago it was all the rage to be an smma or whatever it was social media marketing manager whatever something like that I remember Ty Lopez and all these other whatever guys I don't know if their stuff's any good or not never gone through it but they they were Hawking this social media uh course and you know you had to do some thinking you had to have a team and you had to do the work with AI I mean you don't like you could literally go through have ai create the templates and then adapt them right that's something that's really cool is you can adapt the templates and help people get much better results because let's face it most of the people out there that are getting lots of traffic on social media they are not doing good when it comes to monetizing and getting people to the blog most people are just using something like you know link tree or something like that rather than getting people in you guys will notice um link tree just has a bunch of links what I do is something specific that's why I always tell you guys go to download myot notes.com I put my notes on my blog so they get ranked you guys get them and I build a mailing list so that you guys can see other stuff as well uh next up we have uh social media posts you could do video you could do um all kinds of different stuff with social media Facebook post Instagram different things like that there have been people who have literally made personalities that are Ai and they build a huge social media following uh next up is FAQs we can give it some info like you can go to uh Amazon you can get the descriptions from all different kinds of stuff throw it in Ai and get an FAQ of what people are asking what the problems with the products are what are good what's bad and on and on we go next up tutorials and guides this is a lot like the PDFs and stuff like that where you would go through and say okay now make a a guide or a tutorial on X Y and Z very simple uh visual content that's another thing you can use and then there's a couple others I wanted to go through as well um let me see if I have these here we had the tools we went through uh language translations um cultural adaptation like okay here's a blogging thing here let's adapt it to you know some other country or whatever moderation plagiarism detection um analytics you can use it for a lot of analytics tools checklists and templates uh we talked about that in I believe it was Monday's video um all different kinds of things like that where we are literally getting the output that can be used in business for ourselves for other businesses Outsourcing and different things like that where we're understanding oh I can use AI to really really focus on something specific and what I would say is if you're looking to do this as like a drop servicing or a side hustle where you're providing Services get good at one thing right like maybe do this for pizza companies or you know people who sell a certain thing or Etsy sellers be a specific Niche and get really really good at using that Niche with AI and you can make a lot of money now again as I mentioned uh if you do want these notes and other notes go ahead and go to download notes.com also for those that are interested it is the most expensive one-off webinar I've ever done because it's going to be an 8 hour class 4 hours on Saturday 4 hours on Sunday we are going to go through and I am going to train my outsourcers and you get to be a fly on the wall right so I'm going to be in there I'm going to show hey we're going to get email content here's what we're going to do here's how we're going to prompt it hey we're going to get video content here's how we're going to do it I'm going to have my video person on standby there um here's how to do articles for SEO here's how to do this here's how to do that and we're going to make it in a very very specific way and I'm going to show you how to create this content and at the end of those trainings you will be able to go out and start your own um agency you can go out and you can create your own content for yourself and be an affiliate marketer or promote different offers or sell your own products or whatever it is and it's going to be very very very specific and it's going to show you step by step how we do this um it will be recorded there will be notes made and we will give you all the prompts that we we use on the uh training as well but at the end you will be able to go out there and hopefully again results not typical implier guaranteed the average person trying to make money makes nothing but I think at the end you will have a better graph ASAS of how to use AI to go out there and get some kind of results even if it's doing Fiverr or drop servicing or creating press releases or whatever it is to really hone in on the marketplace and understand yes this AI can and is the most powerful money-making tool next to the internet ever and if you understand that smash that like button check out download myot notes.com and uh if you can join this weekend's class check that out it's over there on my blog after you uh get the notes and if you got any questions let us know but thanks for being here smash that like button go forth and make money with the

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