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first what we need to do is come to this list here to see how much each of these is going to pay us then the next step is actually pretty easy we're going to go over to Google and search for the application and then the word PDF what we want to do is make sure that we find an application just like this in PDF format so that we can get paid so the first thing I need you to understand is how much money is in this job application market and there are huge companies out there willing to pay big money case in point last year alone Monster Jobs made over $600 million snaga job made over $42 million indeed.com red in a cool $890 million and Linkedin made over $15 billion so I think you can see that finding these job applications can be extremely lucrative and in fact here's an example I'm going to show you that's banking an estimated $1,200 a month here's another one making an estimated $199,000 a month a super small one making $171 a month and the Big Kahuna banking almost $50,000 a month all by finding simple job applications and in just a minute I'm going to show you exactly how this Works how you can get started with zero money zero Tech skills knowledge or anything crazy like that in fact we're going to use a free AI tool to help us make this whole thing work it's actually super simple and yes this is something I've personally tried and made money with but first a story back when I was a kid my first job was at the local McDonald's yeah yes I was about 16 I was moved out of my parents house and went to live with my brother and I needed to make some money so I could pay for rent and food and different things like that and back then we didn't have the internet I also didn't have a car so had to take my skateboard and my bike and go all over town to find different job applications rush home fill them out and then take them back the next day and I had lots of questions like what do you put on the line for references if you have no references what if I did have a job before do I know how to make hamburgers and all these different things and legless to say I did get the job at the Old MacDonalds but deep down I knew I could make a lot more money and one day I mustered up the courage to quit my job and start on my own Venture of making money as a magician and also making money on the internet back then the internet was just in its beginning phases but I knew there was a way to make money and so I mustered up the courage to go and tell my boss I was quitting and she looked at me called me a bunch of crazy names told me I was a loser and that I would be back working at McDonald's pretty much the rest of my life and there's nothing wrong with that but I wanted more so I set out to build my business learned everything I could about this internet and how people are making money on it and what I'm about to show you is the reason I haven't had to work a job in over 23 years but pay close attention because if you blink you just might miss that secret sauce that virtually guarantees you can put money in your pocket number one we are going to go through and find the applications what we're going to do is compile a list of big and small companies that people might be looking for applications for now we can go through and use AI to help in the process much like I'm doing over here with chat GPT to find different job listing websites and places where I can find the different applications I even went through and had it create a little table of some of the top companies that are out there so I can pair these with different things people are searching for and look at the applications and find them in a really quick way I can also go over to the Microsoft Bing browser and use the co-pilot AI add-on this is a free add-on that you can use to find things online and actually have ai do a lot of the leg work for you so you could do this super fast and then all I need to do is open up a notepad or an Excel file or whatever you like and put something like Starbucks application and then I'm going to go ahead and put the link I found or the one that AI found for me this is important for later so we'll save this over here we're going to do this with lots and lots of different job applications so that we can serve a much larger market then number two once we find those we need to understand the demand how many people are searching for them and what does that mean and then how how are we going to get paid well first we need to take a look at which applications are being searched for utilizing a keyword tool like semrush or a free keyword tool like the Hoth I can go here and type in application right like this and it's going to tell me all the different applications people search for Walmart application is looked up 135,000 times a month McDonald's 50,000 Target 50,000 Publix Starbucks Amazon and on and on we go or you could use something like a HR but if you don't have a lot of money just use the Hoth it'll definitely get you by so you can make some money without having to invest anything to start and it's important to realize that when doing this strategy we want to focus on entry-level jobs because those are the ones with the most people searching for applications then step number three we're going to use AI to help us out and figure out what else these people might want while they're searching for a job application from Walmart Target public service whatever it is and for this I find Bing co-pilot the free version to be the best tool out there and yeah it's free so I can go to a site here like job applications and I can get a rundown on what kind of information they're providing I can take that information put that onto my txt file right like this then I could just search for another one like Target job application right like this and what I'm going to do is try to find something that is about the jobs but not exactly the actual job job then I can go to something like this one and do the same thing please get me the structure of this article again it's going to go to work and do everything for us and we take this one here and again put that right onto our txt file right like this and now it's time for the magic to happen we're going to take all this info right here and we're going to use this outline to compile our own information that's step number four we can use a company overview hiring process job positions employee reviews and application forms and all different things like that I can now take this information go over to chat GPT or even stay in bing if I want to although I find chat GPT to be a little bit more robust for this part I'm going to go through and say I am going to send you some information so that we can create an article helping people find job applications and information about jobs available right like this then we're going to send it that information we had from our text file right here and now ai is going to go through and give us a little overview on what's going on in these different articles and how it can structure it best then we say awesome thank you always be nice to AI now please create an article for people looking at a job at let's take one of our top searched ones here like GameStop and the application process and now ai is going to go to work and create an article based on exactly what we want we can see here it's giving us a company overview the benefits of work working at GameStop growth opportunities IRAs 401ks and then it's going through and telling us the application hiring process this is actually really good information if someone was to look for a GameStop application and we could see some of the different available positions application tips preparing for the interview I mean if you were looking for a job at GameStop this would actually be a really good article to read if you agree type this works as as a comment below now it's going through and giving us some FAQs and we could see that we got a really good article about GameStop application all I need to do is pair this with the PDF I found in the beginning so they have the actual application and then I could find some other stuff that would be helpful kind of like these related search boxes I'm sure you've seen before which actually give us a little cheat sheet into what other questions people have and then what we could do is run this through a plagiarism Checker just to make sure that this article is actually not plagiarized or copied from anything out there we want to make sure we get some unique stuff to help people out and we could see here on the first pass it looks like it's 100% original so we're doing pretty good now armed with our PDF and our article that chat GPT wrote for us it's time to get paid and the way we're going to do this is actually very simple there are some free methods and some methods that cost a little bit of money first we can see here that there's people on Tik Tok posting videos about how to get a job at Walmart here's one with 165,000 views 135 400,000 and of course if we search job application we can see all different types of videos about different jobs available job applications the application process what they pay and pretty much everything to help people get a job and the obvious thing to do would be to take our information we created about the job with the link to the PDF and put something on Tik Tok and get paid by Tik Tok and also get paid by affiliate links and different things like that which we'll get into a little bit later but if you just wanted to go through and and create a little AI video about how to get a job at GameStop what the process is like yeah this is actually pretty simple now I prefer to create my videos by myself but if you wanted to automate the process you can hire people to create them or use something like pictory where you could just go through put the information in Hit proceed and it's going to create a video based on the script that you provided from chat GPT it's actually very simple and you can even go to audio and have it create an automated voice and have it create an automated voice over using one of the automated AI scripts or something like that and if you didn't want to pay for something you could use a free video editor and some of the text to speech software out there that doesn't cost any money I'll include a link to these over at download myn notes.com if you want to create these it'll be like notes of this entire video the second thing you can do is make a bunch of videos on YouTube about job applications where to find them the hiring process and everything like that now make sure that you create good unique videos and you don't have to be on camera as you can see most of these people are not on camera and you could and they're getting tons of views and the ways that you're going to get paid is through monetization linking to things like affiliate programs and on and on we go more about this in just a minute just a wait this is about to get really good another thing you can do is use Pinterest you can see here on Pinterest that Pinterest ranks for all kinds of different keywords related to Walmart job application Taco Bell McDonald's and on and on we go and over here the people doing this are literally just posting screenshots and sharing where to find the different job applications and I can use this to lead people back to my website my blog my videos or whatever it is that puts money in my pocket we can see here a guy doing this exact same thing only he's on camera but he's making a ton of money we could see he's got almost a quarter of a billion views on his videos about how to get a job job application processes and exactly what we're talking about here but if you don't want to be on camera don't worry about it we can do this via blogging no don't worry we're not talking about blogging about what you ate for breakfast and talking about your day we're talking about using blogs as a platform to get traffic from the search engines as we can see here some of these websites are making lots of money with traffic from job application PDFs this one here is about Baskin Robins application here's another one that ranks number 12 for Walmart application Baskin Robbins Dollar General and we could see that some of these guys have a traffic value of $1,200 $119,000 $48,000 and on and on we go and all they're doing is literally putting up content about where to find job applications and in and some information to help people yeah get a job and all I would need to do is get a domain name for about $9 get some web hosting for like $10 a month or less and start blogging about all these keywords that are related to different applications jobs and things like that and the easiest way to make money with this is going to be putting ads on your website you can use AdSense aoic or any other paid ad platform and since we know that those companies in the beginning pay a lot of money well yeah these ads will pay really well or if you wanted to take this a step further you can actually purchase a domain that already ranks in Google here's one I found the other day that actually gave me the idea for this video this is topjob application tips.com we can see that this one actually ranks in Google for over 5600 keywords now it's at like 900 bucks which means it's probably going to be a couple thousand to acquire this domain name but I think with all this traffic and the money method I'm about to show you you're going to see how this is kind of a no-brainer but if you don't have money don't worry these money strategies work with the free methods just as well so what we're going to do is go over to a site like offervault or ClickBank and find affiliate offers that these people might want based on their search for a job here's one called lenza that pays us $150 when someone puts their email in a box to get updates about jobs in their area yeah that's right I don't even have to sell anything and I get a $150 here's another one about job interviews that teaches people how to Ace that job interview this pays $20 every time someone buys it another one how to become a flight attendant $16 paid online writing jobs this would be perfect for people who don't want to go to work and want to make money writing that one pays $131 a sale here's another one live chat jobs $69 a sale how to start a photo business $150 getting paid to do app reviews $33 and then of course some of these that pay even when you don't sell anything like getting people to sign up for door Dash pays $112 a lead here's one where people can become a model targeted careers and on and on we go and a lot of these pay when someone puts their email or zip code in a box yeah it's really that easy and all I would have to do is say now please share some tips on how to Ace a job interview then I just link to the job interview product and every time someone buys I get paid or I could say click here to sign up for door Dash people are making x amount per month obviously make sure everything you say is true and always remember that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed while I have used this method to make lots of money online and lots of other people are making tons of money with it that doesn't mean you're going to in fact the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so take this with a grain of salt but I'm hoping that you're seeing the opportunity right here right now and now for step number six these are the quick money strategies using this method that you can do right now to get results super fast number one is to find gaps we want to go through and look at the keywords that maybe something like Pinterest ranks for we could see that Taco Bell applic we could see that Taco Bell application isn't doing that well so we can actually do better post a better application post on Pinterest and get some of that traffic for ourself then of course what we're going to want to do is utilize that application to link to our website just like this guy's doing right here and of course on our website we're going to have all the information that's going to put money in our pocket the ads the clickbanks the offer Vault offers the door Dash and on and on we go the second quick money strategy is to post on Fast traffic sites we want to post our stuff on things that get picked up really quickly press relas releases YouTube Pinterest guest blogging and anything that's going to build us up really fast I'll put a link to my quick traffic strategies in the description of this video number three we can build a mailing list this is where we go through we provide all the different jobs that are available but we also say do you want a free guide on how to get a job fast put your name and email in the box then we can start our own mailing list of people looking for jobs and email them tips and ideas and strategies to help them get a job again we want to make sure that in addition to the PDF we find that we don't plagiarize we don't copy and we always provide good information that at the end of the day people can't ignore they're going to say that article was amazing thanks for the article and for giving me the PDF so I could go and get a job and then of course the last quick money strategy is you is to use AI to put all of this stuff together and I'm going to link to a video in the description that not only talks about the free traffic strategies but also goes into how to use AI to create all this stuff super fast without doing a lot of work it's actually very simple so check out those videos smash a like button and let's make some money online together

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