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in today's training I am going to show you a domain name that I purchased just under three weeks ago we're going to show you exactly how we're setting it up to make money actually you can see over here on the screen the exact website we're talking about here are some of the rankings it has on Google and here are the traffic stats and remember this website is only a couple of weeks old yet it's already getting results what's up and in just a couple minutes we're going to head over to the computer over here and I'm going to show you exactly how I put offers on the website manage the traffic and ultimately turn this around to be a big money maker that's right nothing's going to be left out I'm going to show you everything so that you can basically copy this method and use it for yourself to put money in your pocket it's actually very simple but first I wanted to give you a little tour of the office and show you some of the new stuff we are adding right over here is a brand new setup for my sobriety Channel talk sober where we do live trainings and videos about how to quit drinking then down here I actually have a setup that we're going to be using next week where I'm going to show you start to finish How I build a brand new Niche and sell tons of product again nothing is going to be left out these are the same little businesses that I've been running for over 23 years to put millions of dollars in my pocket alright so in just a minute we're going to go through everything I'm going to show you the keywords this site ranks for I'm going to show you how I find the affiliate offers and put them on the pages so that they get sales and get commissions and make all kinds of money and I gotta tell you this is actually a pretty fun and easy niche market with very little competition that is why this site is able to rank so well so quickly but you might be saying Marcus how are you going to make money with this it doesn't really seem like a buyer's market and we're going to get to that in just a minute but first a story back when I first came across this Niche I also didn't believe it would make much money but I knew there was a lot of traffic out there and where there's a lot of traffic there's also advertisers willing to pay big money to put ads on your website so I figured let's give it a shot let me go out there get this traffic and try to make money and at first I was skeptical but the very next day after I set this website up it generated over three hundred dollars a day in passive income and I thought wait a minute here's traffic that's super easy to get stuff that I don't even really have to sell and now I'm set to make over a hundred thousand dollars a year this can't be real I mean sometimes I had to pinch myself because it seemed like a dream and then I continued on and built even more sites in the same Niche for the same type of traffic and our best day with the exact same Niche you're gonna see was over three thousand dollars I mean imagine setting up a site about happy faces and making three thousand dollars a day and the cool part it was all passive income so make sure to watch this entire video at least one time all the way through because what you're about to learn is how to take traffic that's easy to get that other marketers won't touch because it's not buyer traffic and turn it into an absolute Gold Mine smash that like button because we're starting right now [Music] all right let's get to it first of all this is the video that I made where I actually put the site up you could see it was three weeks ago this is the exact moment that I took over the site and we could see here that it's actually starting to rank really well for over 1900 keywords in Google including the new one that we got this week which is for eyes emoji which is kind of an interesting one we could see here there's a bunch of eyes and then down here we are ranking number 10 or it might be number nine or something like that and you could see that eight days ago this one started ranking and the reason I really like this one is it has over thirty four thousand searches a month and even though we're number nine or ten we're still getting like a thousand visitors a month from that one keyword then we also have lots of other ones as well now this is really cool because we're actually getting a lot of traffic and on the site we've only put up 10 posts so far these are the ten that we put up so far very simple very easy you can even see this one that was put up a couple days ago about the high five emoji is ranking as well we are actually ranking number one for high five emoji right here with some kind of like little images and stuff like that so it's really cool really easy you could see that this actually does in fact work and you can test it out for yourself now the question is how do we go from these rankings to actually turning a profit and that is what we're going over today so what we need to do first and foremost is look at the keywords and understand what they're ranking for so that we can make this go even further now I'm also going to be setting up a Pinterest and a YouTube setup for this one too which we're going to get to in a little bit smash the like button subscribe if you want to see this thing start making money live now we're going to go through and look at ones like eyes emoji what we need to do is we need to say to ourselves what would someone looking up eyes emoji want is there something that we can do for them and we need to figure out how we're going to make money now in previous videos we went through and looked at like maybe we'll do dating sites or how to text your girlfriend or something like that but with something like eyes emoji we need to go through and we need to be a little bit more creative in what we offer so I'm going to go out there and I'm going to look at stuff like ClickBank maybe I can go to the marketplace see if there's anything about like emojis or emoticons or something like that or maybe even dating or whatever it is okay or if we don't find anything here which usually we're not going to unless we go for like you know flirting formula or something like that which which could work so we'll earmark that one but what we're going to do is we're going to go even more Broad and something that's going to make us money no matter who is on our site okay and we're going to do that by looking at Amazon so with the Amazon affiliate program we could do like Emoji mugs like this we could do different Emoji plush if people want Emoji plush let's spell that correctly right for like stuffed emojis and stuff like that we can sell these things now again when you're dealing with the dating stuff on ClickBank and the stuff on on Amazon here you have to make a sale so the odds are out of 34 000 people a month searching for eyes emoji how many actually want to buy something on Amazon related to Emoji probably not that many unless we can get a lot of clicks for something very specific maybe we could go and do something like eyes emoji right like this okay maybe we could do something like that perhaps maybe a t-shirt or this one here or this is how the eye roll or whatever it is again we're gonna have to sell something which is difficult so what I'm going to do is I'm going to find what I call a low barrier of Entry super easy do nothing and I get paid kind of offer and we're going to do that by going over to Max Bounty here on Max bounty we can actually go through and type in gift or s o i right like this if we do SOI that's going to find offers that are single opt-in what that means is that these offers only require the person to put their email in a box hit submit and we get paid whatever the CPA rate is so here's one for like survey voices samples and savings makeup Petco gift card and all different things like that now you want to make sure that these companies are on the up and up some of them are a little shady some of them are totally legit so you got to do your work and you can actually Google the company name to figure out which ones are good but what we're going to do is try to find something generic where it's going to appeal to everyone maybe like a Walmart gift card or Amazon gift card or even like a Nintendo switch giveaway or something like that and it's very important that we have something very Broad and the reason we need something broad is because this needs to appeal to everyone and it needs to get us the best EPC you're going to see this column over here which is earnings per click that means on average for every person that visits that link it makes 10 cents for the person driving traffic there which means if I get something generic and a thousand people go to this site maybe a hundred of them go to the other website then I'm making 10 cents per each person which would make me ten dollars and then of course we can have other offers and combine them in different things like that to make even more money so if we wanted to promote something like this let's say we wanted this Visa gift card one that says it's making like 40 cents per click that's pretty good that means if I get a lot of traffic I can make some good money again make sure it's legit and once you find out that it is legit we're just going to click on build tracking link we're going to hit contextual which means it's going to be on our website then we're going to go through and click on banners or if you want to text link you would just click on text link we can take this text link right here copy the link go right over to our post about the eyes emoji and I can put this in our post wherever I see fit all I have to do is go right here put a placeholder and then I can put that code right here and it will then put my affiliate link right on the page like this and I can even make it big and bold to make it stand out then once I have it there I can go ahead and put this multiple times on our website right like this very simple okay and the cool thing about this is it's actually ranking right now so the eyes emoji one right we are ranking on Google right here and now that I added that stuff you can see right down here and they can click it go there and then all they have to do is put their email in the box and I get paid two dollars and forty cents or whatever the company promises to give me and all they have to do is put their email in a box hit submit and I get paid now if we wanted to add Amazon to this site we could actually go through and find the various things that we want to promote let's say we wanted to promote something about eyes emoji maybe this t-shirt or something like that we can actually click the t-shirt and once you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program it'll actually make this little toolbar up here and we could go through and say hey we want a text and image link this will ask you what you want it to look like and then you just copy this code right here and we're going to put that right on the page as well so we could go through and say well we have this 500 gift card but up here I want to have the eyes emoji t-shirt so again I go here put a placeholder and then in text I'm going to copy this and then I can even go through and change the sizing because Amazon makes them kind of small so let's do like 480 by 240.

That should be about the same size and then leave everything else the same way because that's going to be your affiliate link which tells Amazon yeah we need to pay this guy for his traffic and we can see here that that will then show up right here right there and we can even mess around with the sizing and see if we can get it even bigger or if you wanted you could go through and just say well you know maybe I just want the text link right like this let's say we just want the text link right here and I can take this text link and I can actually put a picture of the shirt on my site so let's say I want to go like this save image as we'll call it emoji eyes and then I can put this shirt on my site nice and big just by going like this so we'll remove this box and we will get our t-shirt picture here there it is put that in there that way it's nice and big because I like to have things to where people can actually see them rather than not so we could have this like this and then I'll put a click here to buy on Amazon click here to buy this shirt right like that Center it will make it big and bold right like this and then we'll put our link make sure you open the link in a new tab and then we're going to link the image also right like this all right open in a new tab update and then you're going to see that this is a lot better than just having that little Amazon link on there this is actually going to make it very very cool right like that so there we have that use of the eyes emoji now we're going to actually go through and start putting images on this website as well so the way we're going to do that is by going over to Discord and looking at the mid Journey bot this is a paid bot I think it's like sixty dollars a month but we can actually go through and type in Imagine eyes emoji emojis right like that okay and it'll go through and it'll create little eye emojis that we can include on our site to have some more content and if you're wondering where I'm getting the content for this site we are actually creating this with AI using content at scale you can see here my assistant who builds our high ticket niches is the same one that builds my websites and she has actually gone through and built this site up about the Emojis let's see if we have it here here it is right here you can see all the content being created with AI which is pretty cool now we're going to add to it and add these little guys here but these eyes didn't really work so we'll do imagine emoticons with big eyes like that that should do the trick let's let's hope it does the trick there but again we're going to go through and we're going to try to look at each and every one of these keywords and say well what is it that we can add to this page to actually start making money and we can see here like the fire Emoji one that we put up here maybe there's something on ClickBank for like fire Emoji or maybe there's something on Amazon Fire emoji right like this um here we go yeah so you have like a fire Emoji t-shirt fire Emoji hat so there's a lot of stuff that we can offer here and again we just do the same exact thing where we would go through and maybe have uh this t-shirt here save image as fire Emoji right like that or you can even do like hell Emoji or or whatever it is and it'll be very basic very simple and then we're just going to go through add that there okay maybe we'll put the T-shirt down here fire emoji go over here we will get the text link right like this copy and then again we're going to put full size like this link it to our Amazon link and the cool thing about the Amazon affiliate program even though it doesn't pay a whole lot percentage-wise you are actually if someone checks out within 24 hours of clicking your link you're paid on everything in the cart so like just yesterday I bought like a thousand dollars all that stuff you saw in the the other thing by those bricks I bought a thousand dollars worth of stuff so if I had clicked your link added the fire emoji shirt to my cart and even if I didn't buy it you're still going to get paid on the thousand dollars I did spend because you were the last click and the last click wins the sale so we'll say click here to get this shirt on Amazon right and then obviously when you're doing this you want to make sure that you do have a uh affiliate disclosure saying hey I am an affiliate and you do get paid or I do get paid when when you click my link and buy stuff so very important that you have that so put this here open a new tab update and we'll just add that there and then of course we can add several different offers here from Max Bounty that would actually fit this market so maybe we'll go through and say well maybe these people are interested in uh gifty or or something like that or maybe we can even do coupons right I could go in and say well maybe there's like a coupon type thing here so savings save on ink and toner some kind of coupon traffic and maybe find something that works like here's one that is get paid to fill out surveys right this one is paid on the first page they put their name and email in and I get a dollar twenty so it could be like hey you know you're interested in this get paid to fill out surveys online or or something like that you want to find something again that is very very generic here's one that is a single opt-in gift card quiz and this is for a Target gift card and these can invert really well again make sure they're legit but like I'm literally getting 3.75 when they put their name and email in the box and I think it says converts when the user earns nine dollars on make money five is already awarded on sign up so it does take a little bit more to get this person to convert but it is something that's kind of fun that might appeal to them and we can go through and find all kinds of different things like that there's lots of different gift cards and different types of things available when a trip um Airlines Zell here's some kind of Zell gift card I think Zell is like a banking app or something like that sweepstakes Amazon gift card Amazon Prime for a year different things like this will work really well because again it appeals to a broad group of people here's 500 250 PayPal cash this could be something that could work well now this again is it's got a lot of stuff and there's it's going to take a lot but it is saying it's like two dollars or 25 cents per click which is pretty good so again make sure you find a legit offer we're gonna put that on there maybe a Netflix gift card or something like that or maybe we can do something like fun see if there's some kind of fun offer or maybe a giveaway something like this that'll work really well and what we're going to do is we're going to put several of these on our blog on the pages that are getting traffic so then boom we're ready to go and again all you got to do is click the link build it click the click the offer build the tracking link and put this tracking link on your blog it's very easy and again you're gonna see how this works we want to really dive in and think about how we can really really focus on this Niche so if I'm going out there and I'm saying well here's this one about the wink Emoji okay this one they're talking about flirting so then yeah this one I would go over to ClickBank and type something in like flirt flirting right like this and then I would find like secrets of flirting with men the flirting master and I would just hit promote get my link here like this and then I can put right here the wink Emoji will hit edit and I can say click here to learn my flirting text let's do text flirting secrets and you could even put like dating sites for some of them because some of these people might be on dating sites and they're like hey what does that mean when she says the flirty Emoji or whatever right very simple we go through add that there and then I'm going to go through and think about okay well maybe there's some kind of wink Emoji stuff over on Amazon and we want to make sure that we make this very on point with what they want most affiliate marketers are not going to do the work to actually fit each individual offer with each individual keyword if you do you're going to win so here we have the wink emojis right we can go through and say hey check out this wink Emoji stuff here's a wink Emoji plush right let's go ahead and save image as we'll save that actually I think we need to open it save this image as wink emoji boom and it's actually very easy to do I've I've monetized like five of these while we've been sitting here and again they can pick whichever ones they want and you're going to get paid on whatever it is they buy as long as it's within uh 24 hours so I'll just take my wink Emoji here put that there insert right like that shrink it down a bit and then I can Center it click here to get the wink Emoji right like that Center it go through get our links on Amazon right over here get text link copy and add that right here and again make sure you do the time because you know most people are not going to take the time to figure out what each person wants but when you're dealing with stuff that might be getting 800 visitors a month or a hundred or whatever it is you want to make sure that you're giving them exactly what they want because that's what's going to make you the most money and the cool thing about this is fitting the offer to the specific search term you don't have to be a good sales person all you have to do is say click here to get this because people will be interested in this stuff I can even go through and say Well they're interested in wink emojis maybe I can do like flowers and tell them hey if she sends you a wink Emoji send her some flowers at work or whatever it is and this one I get eight percent of the sale or 11 and this one is paying a dollar 45 per click right and there you go very simple now it might they obviously do have to buy stuff but you can go through and find things that work really well maybe you can find a romance course or something like that very very simple and again what we're going to do is just make sure that our links are now filled with our affiliate offers and the stuff that's going to make them money now I like to put the affiliate offers on my site several times like here here and down here I could put the t-shirts I could even go through and do something very simple like I could go through and say emoji t-shirts right and I could go through and get several of them like I could take this and say oh hey here's some cool smiley face t-shirts okay I got this as a screenshot here right there and then all I would need to do is say click here for Smiley merch or something like that right very simple and then this is something that I could literally use for everything click here for Smiley merch file save as Smiley merch boom and then now I can put this here so I can actually link to this search rather than a product right text link boom copy and that should take us right here to this search there we go so now they can see all the different stuff and it's really cool because I mean if you're on emoji site and you see this you'll be like hey that's kind of cool or I want this or whatever it is and it's super easy and then all we have to do is go in here to our page get our image right like this and then insert shrink it down so it fits good usually like 946 or 800 or whatever will fit good you can Center it link it open in a new tab and then what this is going to do is it's going to take my site that this site is getting you know 40 50 000 visitors a month from Google now it's going to get I don't know a thousand people 2 000 people a month maybe even more clicking on my Amazon affiliate links right and all you're doing is getting curiosity make sure you spell click correctly though right very simple very easy you can even go through and say well let's do um emoji stickers or whatever it is right you could do Etsy Etsy has an affiliate program as well now what I'm going to do and this is super important and I'll leave you with this till the next video what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to watch what people buy because chances are two or three products are going to produce the most of my revenue and if I find out that emoji stickers or Emoji magnets makes a bunch of money then what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over to Alibaba or drop shipping and I'm going to find different Emoji things like that and we'll go through and now instead of making you know a penny I could go through and get a bunch of these emojis for two bucks and sell them for like a hundred dollars or twenty dollars or whatever it is probably not a hundred I think they're like 20 or something but very simple very easy and now we're like oh hey maybe I could sell you know a thousand of these a month or whatever it is and you could probably buy a big bulk amount of these here's some like little uh slinkies or something like that and there's all kinds of different things that you can promote and what we're gonna do is we're gonna use our site to get the data we're gonna put AdSense we're gonna put um zoic we're gonna put other ads on there and then we're gonna put these specific ads from Max Bounty the ads from Amazon ClickBank the flower ads whatever it is we're gonna pack this thing with stuff that's going to make us money and we're going to track it and see what works best and then once we know what works best then we're going to hone in on that and really really Hammer that home on every page that makes sense for that offer and that is how you build a website that's going to make lots of money stay tuned for video number three in this series which we will have next week we're gonna have it live on Wednesday and watch out for Monday's video because on Monday I'm going to show you a niche and how you can get started with like a couple of hundred bucks or even less and build something that's going to make you long lasting Revenue this stuff works you see in the comments people saying they're making money with it but remember the average person trying to make money online makes nothing however I think with a lot of work and some stick-to-itiveness you could probably make some money too but again treat it like a business and make sure you check out the video in the description that is part one of this video series follow along watch me make some money and smash that like button

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