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here is a live screenshot of where I've made over a hundred thousand dollars last year and forty thousand dollars so far this year on just one ClickBank account and as you can see here from today's screenshot I'm averaging about two hundred and sixty four dollars each and every day in passive income and in this video I'm going to show you my step-by-step strategy that I've been using for over 23 years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on ClickBank and you can use this strategy without a bunch of money to start without having a bunch of skills or employees or anything like that in fact can start this today it's actually very simple and it works here is some more proof just in case proof is what's going to motivate you to take action because with this strategy if you take action yeah it actually works but first a story I got my first ClickBank account back in the year 1999.

Back then in addition to looks like I'm making a mess here don't want to get coffee all over my money there we go that's better as I was saying back in the year 1999 when I first got my ClickBank account I had set up a website with these plr articles private label articles that I got the rights to that I put on my website and like you I was trying the things that the gurus said to do back then there was only like three gurus yeah I didn't have some YouTube guru or fancy webinars to follow or anything like that I simply had to read what was on the page follow the directions and kind of hope and pray that it worked so there I was setting up this website I put over 600 different articles on this website and I was looking to get some search engine rankings that would actually make money and fast forward like a year later I remember it like it was yesterday in fact I wasn't working that day how do I know it was July 4th and I had gone to my dad's house for a barbecue to hang out with the family and swim in the pool and all that fun stuff and as I was driving home on the 22 freeway yeah if you've ever lived in Orange County the 22 freeway is aptly named because 22 is pretty much the maximum speed you could go on that freeway because of traffic and I rushed my computer to see how everything's going with this new internet business and I noticed that while I was gone having fun with the family eating hamburgers and watching fireworks I had made a whopping 21 automatically and this lit a fire under my butt metaphorically of course and so I went like crazy I started to build websites around all these ClickBank offers and get money and get traffic and I remember one day a website that I set up actually started making like 200 to 300 a day in passive income and I was like wait a minute is this even real I'm literally getting paid for some digital website I created like three years ago and I want you to imagine what that would be like what would your life be like if you were able to make an extra 100 150 200 a day without doing extra work yeah like what if you still went to your job but all of a sudden you got an extra two hundred dollars a day what would your life look like tell me in the comments below what kind of difference that would make in your life because 200 a day on the web is different than going to a job because the internet never sleeps which means two hundred dollars a day is approximately six thousand dollars a month all passive all automatic just kind of check out my sites add some content make sure the links are working and of course log in to see how much money I'm making and boom there you go so today what I'd like to do is share with you the exact strategy that I've used for over 23 years to make passive income on ClickBank now to make this even easier for you I'm going to show you how to use Ai and chat GPT to assist you in content creation because I realized not everyone has time to write countless articles about products or make videos or do all that stuff the other gurus are touting so I'm gonna break it down for you super simple I'm gonna make it easy so that you can follow along in this video and actually get results so that you don't log into ClickBank and see a bunch of zeros you start to see some real money and the way I'm going to do this video is actually Hands-On I don't have any idea what product I'm going to promote I don't have any idea how I'm going to promote it I'm actually going to hop in the computer fire it up and show you my process step by step so that you can follow along and get results for yourself if you're ready smash that like button and type I'm ready in the comments below because we're starting right now okay so first what we're going to do is hop over here to ClickBank make sure we're logged into our account and then we're going to click on Marketplace over here at the marketplace we can see all kinds of different things that are sold using ClickBank now you'll want to remember that ClickBank is a digital product seller and physical product seller with a built-in affiliate program that means that each individual product usually has its own company representing it so if you have like one company that's kind of shady you might have a good company that's like really good so you don't want to throw everything out you just want to weed through and find the products that are actually good as with anything there are some bad actors and good actors but what we're going to do is try to find something that's kind of Niche and kind of specific we could go out there and find something like this leopard gecko care guide which I actually have a student who's using this and is getting sales on his website and you can see here this is actually a legit book on how to take care of your leopard gecko here's another one for Camellia millions and different things like that there's actually a lot of different things in the pet Niche here on ClickBank you could go over here and type in something like pets and you'll see there's all kinds of things from like How to Train Your Pet Rat to caring for your pet bird dog training and on and on we go and these are actually really easy to promote now there's a few numbers that you're going to want to pay attention to number one is the average per conversion this means on average when you get a sale You're Gonna Make 38 dollars that's important because I want to know what I'm getting paid and we could see here that they're saying you get 75 percent commission which means the product is probably like 47 we get 38.

That's pretty good the next number that the gurus talk about all the time is what's known as the gravity score on this one we can see the gravity score is 3.7 that means that over the last month 3.7 Affiliates have promoted this and gotten a sale now you might have had like 10 000 Affiliates promoted but only three got a sale what I'm guessing is there's probably three major Affiliates that always get sales and a couple that don't do anything again remember when trying to make money online the average person makes nothing however what I'm showing you is a strategy so we want to keep that in mind because this is a business it's not some pie in the sky pyramid thing this is actual products being sold and we can see here that this one actually does get sales here's what it's going to pay you and in order to promote it all I got to do is hit promote then click on create hop link and then this link here is a link I use that I get paid on you can see how it works just by clicking on the link and we can see here this is what the product page looks like and then when we scroll down and click on proceed to order form we can see that it is actually tracking our affiliate ID which is pretty cool right very simple that means when they buy I get paid that is kind of the most important thing to look at here now we can go through and we can look at all different kinds of things like software maybe look at audio courses meditation whatever it is they pretty much got stuff for any Niche out there and we could see all kinds of stuff from monitoring software hey that's actually not bad and it looks like it has a rebill and an average sale of 46 dollars so we'll keep that one in mind and another thing you can do is actually click on all offers view all offers then you could go by the highest ranking offers you could see like this one's gravity score they got a bunch of Affiliates which means yeah it's going to be competitive too and we could see a lot of it is health related tinnitus some kind of dental offer and on and on we go here's one for some kind of wealth manifestation thing that would be actually pretty easy to promote using the system I'm about to show you we can also see some kind of biome weight loss soul mate sketch this is actually a very popular one that's promoted on Tick Tock and social media and it's very easy to promote I have astrology reading live chat jobs okay that's kind of interesting we could see this is something about like how to get paid to do live chat Java burn some kind of smoothie diet here get paid to use Facebook conspiracy theories and pretty much anything and here's an interesting one here about like how to get some guy to be obsessed with you or something like that and this actually is pretty interesting because we can use the dating Market which has lots of traffic and lots of back doors that you can use to get traffic where other competitors aren't actually at let me show you what I mean let's say I want to look at a product like seductive text or how to call an email and text men text chemistry and all different kinds of things about romance and getting your ex back and tons of stuff like this and these offers actually make lots of money so first what we're going to do is take our offer set now notice I said offer set because we don't want to just rely on one offer we want one that has lots of offers like text and romance this is important because this is something that we can actually do in a really easy way so we have all these text and romance offers that pay anywhere from like nine dollars to about forty dollars per sale this is very simple very easy and we can see irresistible text text your girlfriend back text game decoded and I'm also thinking we can tell them to like get flowers and stuff like that which obviously we would go to offervault and get some affiliate offers for something like flowers that pay anywhere from nine dollars or three dollars a lead and we don't even have to sell anything that's just for a lead more about that in just a minute so we have these offers here now what well first what we're going to need to do is pick a medium a medium is how are you going to promote this offer where is your home base going to be I mean obviously we can go to ClickBank get our link run it through bitly or at URL shortener and promote it that way but again that's going to be a waste of resources what I would do is I would highly recommend getting your own web hosting and website you could do this at gohubsite.com I have instructions on how to do that now when we do this what I would want to do is try to find some kind of domain that has the word text in it and to do this we can use chat gbt I can say come up with 50 domain ideas for texting and romance that are less than 10 characters long and.com only please and it's gonna then it'll come up with some ideas for us that we can use in a very simple way we could see lots of stuff hop over to the GoDaddy bulk tool hit search and then we could see which domains are available obviously we don't want to spend like a hundred thousand dollars on a domain but we could do something like cute txt.com txtdesire.com and maybe even love words or whatever it is there's lots of simple stuff that we can get and depending on where you buy these you can get them for like five dollars or less more about that on gohubsite.com so then when I choose my domain let's say we do txt desire that does pretty well right we are going to go through and put up a blog or website on this domain next we're going to need a good keyword tool to do some research now this is a keyword tool that I use that it's actually pretty expensive we'll have it in the description below so you can check it out as well as the notes from this video you can get all that in the description so we could do something like text romance or something like that and we're going to go through and we're going to build a strategy around keywords that people actually search for so I could see that lots of people look up love text message for him romantic text messages sweet love messages for her that one's actually pretty good there with over 22 000 searches a month short romantic text messages and on and on we go so lots and lots of keywords lots and lots of traffic and we could actually search these keywords and see what people are talking about here's something about Drifters wish messages and what we're going to do is try to find something like this that is actually talking about different texts and we can see here they have little content about the different text with some ads and things like that so it's looking pretty good let's take a look at what this website site ranks for and to do this you can use the keyword tools that we have listed in the description below or you can even use the Hoth free keyword tools they got all kinds of free keyword tools now they're not as robust as the paid ones but you can get by if you know what you're doing and we could see here exactly what this domain ranks for and there's all kinds of stuff from good morning text messages to messages for her love messages and on and on we go and you can see a lot of these have a lot of traffic this is what's going to make us a lot of money so we're going to go out there and find maybe 5 to 10 competing sites okay very simple very easy we're going to download the keywords just by copying and pasting this or if you're like me you can print it out as you can see I print out pretty much everything because I think it's easier to keep track of but we could go through and we could start looking at these in a very simple way now we want to focus on romance stuff since that is what ClickBank has available and that's what they're paying on irresistible text and different things like that now what we're going to do is we're going to make a strategy this is going to be a three-pronged strategy number one we are going to rank in search now utilizing chat GPT and other AI we can go out there and say create me a list of 100 spicy text messages to send to my girlfriend in the morning boom and it's going to say all kinds of different things like hey hot stuff ready to turn up the heat that's looking pretty good right and we can go out there and we can create lists of all this stuff using chat GPT and make it very custom so maybe we could say you know maybe describe your girlfriend maybe she's got blonde hair or red hair or maybe she's sensitive or maybe she's tough or whatever it is and you could put in all this stuff and get specific text for each specific thing which is actually pretty cool and then we go through and we create that content around all these keywords that people are searching for that we want to rank for that's part one and it's actually really easy you use chat GPT to help you make the content you embellish on a little bit make it very custom and then you post it on your blog and get ranking right like this people come search for a term in Google they're going to find your website just like they'd find mine here and then on your website you're going to have links to the affiliate offers on ClickBank and when they click and buy you get paid pretty simple right but wait there's more because we don't want to just stop there because if we already made these texts and this content then what we could do is something even more Sinister this is prong number two what we're gonna do is create simple video content now I know a lot of gurus are talking about faceless YouTube channels and making money on YouTube without your voice and without your face but this is how it really works if you were to go over here to YouTube and you look at this site phony texts they have an entire YouTube channel about fake text that they generate using free online tools wait a minute what it's literally just a sequence of texts exactly and you can see here they're getting tons of traffic over a quarter of a billion views and people are watching their stuff like it's going out of style and not only that but you could see that over here on YouTube they're doing the same exact thing and they have over 2.1 million followers now you might not be able to get that big but what if you did this in this specific niche of romantic texts I could simply come over here to chatgpt and say create a sample text message back and forth romantic and spicy between a man and his lover make it realistic and engaging boom we go through it's going to go through and create this and we can even say hey use emoticons which it looks like it's actually using emojis there and now I could take this sample text and put it into a program and make a video I can come to something like text message Creator right like this I could put in a name I could put in a message and I could actually just record this and make a video and then at the end I could say hey go to my website txtdesire.com it's actually extremely simple so what we're going to do is create content to rank and search then we're going to use that same content to create videos we can put those videos on social media Tick Tock Facebook YouTube whatever it is you name it then we just point back to our domain name and it's very easy and of course step number three you can actually make sample images of the text and the response so I could say something like you know good morning love you look like a flower today right and then have the response and then at the bottom you put hey you want Unforgettable text check out txtdesire.com and again the idea is to get as many people to look at this stuff as possible utilizing keywords and utilizing a traffic method that's extremely simple and then of course on every page and every post of our blog that we put our affiliate links super prominent and we can go to ClickBank right like this and you can see that a lot of these people actually have tools and things that you can use including banners and different things like that if we were to go to this page right here for the seductive texts we could see that there's all kinds of different banners and swipe files and different things that we can use to make this work in a very simple way and again all we got to do is drive lots of traffic using the very simple social media strategy and the blogging strategy and different things like that now we can get fancy with expired domains and backlinkings and everything like that and if you want to learn more about that check out these videos right here and make sure you download your notes using the link in the description

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