I Made $19k This Week Selling Chatgpt Ai Content… [Crazy Success Story]

a couple of months ago I put out a video about how you could make money creating and selling simple AI generated content and an effort to put my money where my mouth is I put this to the test I came up with an idea to sell AI content on my own and the results were staggering I banked over seventeen thousand dollars this week alone selling nothing other than yep you guessed it AI generated content but it's not just me people around the world are making tons of money with AI generated content from the guy on Fiverr selling them for five dollars each two major companies charging hundreds of dollars for each and every piece of content two another company we're going to be looking at today content at scale that has a software engineered to write content using AI for specific uses and these guys have been behind the scenes for the last nine months banking millions of dollars selling yep you guessed it AI generated content and to show you the proof in the pudding I've been using content at scale on my emoticons website back when I first started the traffic was actually pretty small we took over the domain and added content at scale and now the traffic has more than doubled as you can see here we're at over 70 000 visitors a month and not only that but we've gained thousands of keyword rankings in Google and it's growing every single day and this is 100 with AI generated content with zero human editing and today we have Julia the president of content at scale to show you exactly how it works [Music] alright so since February of 2022 we have seen AI content related searches Skyrocket which means that the demand for AI content has gone through the roof and today we have Julia and Josh from content at scale to show you exactly how this business Works we're going to look at the ins and outs of the real world business of a Powerhouse that is out there selling AI content and doing done for you content in a super easy way so Julia Josh how you guys doing today doing good great to be here all right doing great excellent okay so tell us I think Julia you're the uh CEO of content at scale which I've been using for I think six months now yeah I'm the president I I it happens a lot just our CEO Justin McGill all right cool I don't know the difference between the two I didn't go to that school but uh I know they're both impressive so that's good um so now you came from the world of SEO you built blogs and sites can you tell us a little bit about that yes yes absolutely so for um since 2011 actually I've been a Content writer so full-time content writing um started out as a freelancer within three months of teaching myself freelance writing had tons of work so I'm like okay let's start a business that little writing business grew to 100 people and had a seven figure exit in 2021 so um you know we did a lot along the way part of my journey has been for uncovering the holes in the content industry around well how do we do this in a way that's practical in a way that brings money in a way that brings Roi so I write books on that topic along that I picked up a brand called the content hacker where I teach this so eight books out on that topic but um here the reason I'm here today is I'll tell you in 2021 when I sold my writing agency I did see GPT on the horizon in a really big way and what I saw was that it's going to impact writing but I didn't know how and so at the time I was very skeptical of AI in general and in 2022 when chat TPT came out and 100 million people adapted I tried to adapt and I honestly couldn't use it in my workflow it created very superficial mediocre content that I knew a client client wouldn't really pay for and in the end you know if your content doesn't bring Roi why put it out so at that point I'm like okay I can't use this but I still watched Ai and in January of this year that's when I found continent scale and it was a home run of an AI from the minute I saw it the way it was built the output it generated it's a unique stack of three different llms so it's not just an API call to chat gbt it's actually writing like a human so when I saw that I'm like hmm maybe I should try to work for this tool before it takes my job so I pitched the founder Justin McGill a marketing plan like that Saturday got hired the next Monday and it's been an exciting ride since it's crazy to see you know we have Josh the CEO here it's crazy to see this company doing the users on the user side there's 50 million words per month of production my writing agency Marcus did 10 million per year wow wow yeah no that's it it shows the demand and I think it's really cool because you know we come from the same kind of world where I mean for me I use Jasper in like 2020 and I I think I used it for a half hour and I was like no this ai's never going to take over and then it was December of 2022 I had been completely asleep at the wheel when it came to AI chat GPT came out and I'm like I need to make a video I did a video that day and it it went crazy and then ever since I was looking at AI content and most of the stuff you get out of just standard chat GPT I mean it's okay but a lot of people don't know how to prompt it a lot of people don't come from you know I understand how people are searching and what they would find valuable for this search term versus write an article about elephants you know and I think that's something that you guys have really nailed with with content at scale is being able to give it that term and get a full output that something one I mean there's a hurdle I don't want to pay for something a computer made automatically so you got to sell me on it and this is something to where I look at it and I'm like yeah it's a no-brainer it works and the demand is there obviously with you know a bazillion uh words per month or whatever that exact number was where you know there's there's so much out there and a lot of people don't realize that adding a little bit to AI is a game changer you know adding that little okay maybe I'm not a giant Powerhouse business but maybe I can do search intent and then help them get content or maybe I could you know help them polish up content at scale articles or whatever it is and it opens up a service industry that didn't exist before and I think it's super super powerful and when you look at the numbers I think they're saying AI marketing is going to be 107 billion dollar industry by 2028 which right now it's at like 15 billion and it just woke up and I think it's something to where you know we look at the business that you guys have and the power of it and it's it's really really neat to see and can you tell us a little bit about from a writer's standpoint what were your hurdles and what did you understand about this and what kind of made you take that transition now I'm going to interrupt right here just to talk to you about some statistics in the AI industry according to AI contentify over 85 percent of AI use is for written content according to Authority hacker over 65 percent of people think that AI generated content is equal to or even better than human generated content and not only that but unless you've been under a rock you've seen the growth of the AI content industry which is poised get this to make as much as 500 billion dollars a year by 2027.

and now back to our show hmm yes well personal adaption was really critical for me I couldn't get behind anything you know a Content hacker I have people that follow me trust me they're literally on the edge of their seats when is Julia going to adapt so that was really important and for me it came down to a couple things was this content going to be plagiarized for one and I'll tell you like I went to the founders I used the tools and nobody until consonant scale actually had an answer for me on here's a place plagiarism Checker it's inside the tool you can click a button and instantly know if your content is plagiarized or not I ran a writing agency we had to run all of our content through copyscape a client would ask you know did you do the plagiarism check so I know these things so I'm more skeptical of these tools you can't just expect it on one generation to give you something that oh it's ready to go in a book and that's the myth right that we think we can hit a button and just get something that's awesome well a lot of you people watching and I think Marcus too you're probably smarter than that so I'll give you more credit but that is something that was baked into continent scale one of the few tools that had a direct API call to copy escape from the tool itself and the actual output also um it searched it looks at Google real time so it has its own semantic algorithm parser was looking at Google results real time not from 2021 but real time the minute you click right post that was a differentiation for me as well because you need to do real-time research you can't count on something from three years ago the world has changed infinitely so that was baked in there as well and it's just it's an amazing stack where you know I could personally adapt because it was nothing like chat gbt where I had to still do all the research do the pleasure and check rewrite almost everything so for the long form inbound content perspective that website traffic Builder which is what we're talking about right you can't really just use something as thin I want to say as chat gbt this is a full stack and that's why I as a writer was like okay I can get behind this and not hate it there's things baked in that allow me small transparency about okay this is content that's good which is really what matters in the end absolutely and I think also one of my favorite tools that's baked in is the video Tool uh because for me it's like okay I put out a lot of video content and I don't make notes like most of the stuff the notes I have here are just Google notes on the future of AI um I never script my videos and it makes it difficult because when I go to AI to get content it doesn't put together the things that I put together and it just does not give me good output with yours I actually tested it and I was like is it going to connect these two dots which usually people don't connect but let's see if it does it and it actually did which I think is good now with that I think like you said you know there was a worry when is AI going to take my job and I think in terms of taking the old job yeah there is worry for a lot of people I think in terms of the new job what would you say if there was someone out there and they're looking to make money as a Content editor Builder AI assistant what would you say would be the top three to five skills that they would learn and put alongside uh chat GPT or whatever AI they're using to be able to be profitable in this new world oh great great question yeah well I think first of all the first thing I've been teaching helping writers and their teams whether it's the marketer writer website owner it's a mindset shift right so instead of powering up word which is what we've done for how many years you're going to power up a tool like consonant scale the AI itself and you're going to start there so that whole process it's a mindset shift because it's easier right now to go back to word it's what we know that human analog process but I'm telling you if you kind of face that initial Obstacle of okay I gotta really dive into the AI and that's like the next thing you do when you go to write and you don't go back to Old Habits bold habits die hard I get it that's the first step is actually use it and it's funny right because I see writers and they're not using it yet so it's like step one use the tool get your hands on it get dirty get in the soul and then um The Next Step you know we teach a series of steps under something we call Aio which is a new way to approach content instead of SEO content the human way do it the AIO way which is you're optimizing the content from Ai and in that process we have five steps we call it the craft framework so each lettering craft stands for something you're cutting the fluff you're reviewing the content you're adding images visuals media you're fact checking of course AI is notorious doesn't always fact check itself although ours consonant scale it researches real time and it pulls in links which is really cool and then the last step is trust building so you're going to add in personal story personal experience but you need to know what to do with the AI output right that in itself is like such a big skill what do I actually do and the misconception is that the skill of writing is going away no not 100 No in fact it probably got more important than ever because that's what you're going to use whenever you're looking at the out output you're actually going to use your skill of writing that skill just got 10 times more important but again only if you're using AI don't do the hold the old human analog process where it's taking seven to ten hours to write this blog because that is dead like you heard it here on Marcus's Channel that's dead we do not need to do that anymore so if we don't need to do that then what do we actually do with the AI and that's the real fear because writers approach this with a lot of Integrity well if I don't know what to do I'm not even going to use the tool I get that like that was me as well so here's what you can do here are the steps you can take and that craft framework we hope is going to really shed light what do you actually do with this output how do you make it publish ready absolutely and I think it's it's interesting too listening to different perspectives because for me I I was in SEO by trade not a writer if you read my writing you'd be like dude go back to third grade please learn how to spell and commas and you know things like that um but what I learned with AI is that the speed at which you can connect dots and have ai help you and then help with the final output is Big so case in point one of the reasons I have I think I have the biggest membership at content at scale and one of the reasons I keep it which please don't change it once you hear this one of the reasons I keep it is because I could literally go find nine YouTube videos on a topic I could throw it in there for a little bit over a hundred dollars it's going to get me output on all those videos now compare that to what I used to do which was go to Rev pay outlandish Rush fees because I have no patience and I come up with an idea the day I put it out and so I'm in it you know six eight hundred dollars and then I gotta go sit and and mark it up and say what's the important points where with content at scale I do that in a second and I can literally make a blog post out of it I can make a video out of it or I could just understand a topic like that um and I think what a lot of people don't realize is the ability to connect things and and and make things so much faster in your research because like you said eight hours to do a blog post was insane a lot of people don't have time to do that even with like is it going to rank whether is it going to make me five bucks 500 bucks I don't know and they don't put that time in but now I could get the same kind of output in maybe 45 minutes or with a Content at scale type tool like 12 minutes or something I think is the average uh very very fast and and it's it's changed the way that we do content I had a Content service I I ordered before we gave them more money than I'd like to admit and now using content at scale we have completely gotten rid of it with AI which is cool because it's like this is in demand and I think if people understand that and follow the framework and the stuff that you've talked about you don't have to be an excellent writer you need to be a good researcher and and good at directing things and I I talked about it on a webinar the other day where one of the most important lessons I learned in life I learned in rehab nine years ago and they said that the mind is like a lens and you get what you focus on and for AI That's even more AI is a lens and if you tell it to write about Circle balls and and and and basketballs and whatever it's going to go that direction but if you say connect X Y and Z and make it relate to Q it's going to do that in a perfect way and when you understand that it's not just about oh write me this topic and and please try to do good then you start to realize it's way more powerful than ever and that's a skill that anyone can use and make money online well said Marcus I just want to clap excellent all right well thanks for that and thanks for being here I think it's really good to see something that has scaled your business and something that's made completely out of AI because you know a year ago two years ago this kind of thing didn't exist and I think if the numbers were correct your first three weeks were like thirty thousand dollars in monthly recurring Revenue with AI content which is amazing so here you have it people literally making a living a very good living for lots of people on the back of AI content so I hope you enjoyed this interview and understanding how AI content works and that AI content is the future of many businesses online including yours and in just a minute I'm going to talk to you about how to learn how to set this up in a strategic way so that you could put money in your pocket but first a story back when I was getting into AI content I was coming on the backs of hiring actual writers to do the content for me this was expensive time consuming and very difficult but thanks to tools like content at scale Jasper chat gbt and countless other tools this process has been made much easier but there is one small problem very few tools actually get the idea of how to write content that's going to make money and that's why I'm gonna have a special training tomorrow that's going to tell you everything about how to create content with AI not only to sell on your own but also to sell products services and pretty much anything you can imagine and it's actually quite easy and if you want to be on that training we got some surprises for you head on over to get websitecontent.com register for the training smash a like button and I'll see you tomorrow

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