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here is live proof of someone using this exact same method to make over 74 000 a month a month I myself have used this method to make as much as a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in just one month and what you're about to learn is 95 AI automated happens to be super simple and can yield super fast results but unlike a lot of other videos this is going to take a little bit of work so if you're expecting to just sit back push one button and be able to throw Stacks in the club like Jay-Z yeah this video probably isn't for you on the other hand [Music] if you're not afraid of a little bit of work you don't mind follow through and you like stuff that's super simple and dare I say even easy then I think this video is the one you're going to want to watch so make sure you watch this video all the way through because what I'm going to be doing right here right now for free is setting up a business right in front of you so you can see step by step exactly what I do start to finish so that you can follow along and actually use this stuff to make money and the first thing we need before starting any business please is proof that there's money on the other side of the tunnel because the last thing I want you to do is spend all your time effort do all the work and then get nothing yeah we've all been there and done that and seen those kinds of videos so today I'm actually going to give you some I'm going to eat so today I'm actually going to give you something that works if you do the work guaranteed yep it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when these instructions are so simple it's going to be hard to believe which is why you're going to want to watch this video at least one time all the way through preferably two or three times because there's little sprinkles and tidbits that are the key to you making money and then making even more money so if you're ready to learn follow along and watch this entire video smash that like button and let's get started so as I mentioned the first thing that we need is to know that there's money in the market because if we know there's money in the market then we can build something and get traffic and we kind of know what we're aiming for much like the whole reason they have a Super Bowl and football and all that stuff is because they know that advertisers are willing to pay for you to watch those games so even though you're watching it at home for free those advertisers are paying lots of money and just like that example this guy has an estimated traffic value of seventy four thousand dollars a month actually it's closer to 75.

Now we're not just going to be using search traffic and you don't need to have a website to make this work in fact we're going to use several different ways to make money just knowing in mind that this site is averaging over one dollar per click in this specific Niche so now that we know that this Niche pays money all I got to do is get traffic and that's actually going to be very easy because you can see here there's lots of traffic here there's traffic on YouTube you can see this guy right here is getting approximately a thousand views a day on YouTube now I know a lot of gurus like to use the social blade and the social blade says he's making like five dollars a day which I know isn't true in fact on some channels they grossly over inflate the income like on my buddies Andy's Channel it says he's making a bazillion dollars when in fact he's not and on some channels like this it says they're making nothing when in fact they are making money proof in just a second here's another one here that's getting again an average of 13 1400 views per day and then you can see here another Channel that's got quite a few subscribers and again it looks like with the exception of this deleted video right around 2500 views per day now let me show you that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the revenue this is the social blade for my channel we can see here that it says a good day for me is about a hundred and five dollars and on average I'm making 972 dollars per month and this is from June 3rd to today June 16.

So let's go ahead and go into my analytics and we're going to do custom we'll go ahead and do we'll go ahead and move it over to June two to June 15th it won't show 16th because obviously the day is not over yet we'll hit apply so as you can see here according to socialblade I should have made about 28 dollars maybe 200 in this time frame however we can see with that simple search I've actually made closer to four thousand dollars and the 14th and 15th aren't even calculated yet so they're off by like a factor of 10.

Now in this example I'm going to be using a domain name that I purchased at auction for thirty dollars you do not have to use a domain name and hosting for this example you can make money with monetization without having your own website however if you're looking to get to the big numbers such as the numbers that I do or make more than a couple thousand dollars a month I would highly recommend having a domain name that way you have something that you're building and growing that you can point people to this is super important especially in this Niche which is about franchising which has a lot of money in it if we go over here to the ahrefs free keyword tool and type in franchise just like this we can see after we click the button a few times that there are some non-competitive keywords in this Niche this is super important and of course if we look it up in the full ahrefs keyword tool which is recommended but again if you don't have money you can get by with the free tools we're going to see here that there's lots and lots of keywords that are actually not that competitive now this is super important because if I go over here to YouTube and I type something in like Chick-fil-A franchise we're going to see that there are lots of videos that actually have quite a few views and because this is in the franchise Niche this is super profitable and you might be looking at some of these and saying well Marcus the only expensive one is like six dollars however watch what happens when we type in franchise financing you're gonna see here that some of these keywords are 13 11 20 a click or more and since I know that people looking up cost of franchising are most likely interested in buying franchise this is perfect so now all I need to do is take this domain and add it to my Hosting account and if you need to know how to do this just hop on over to gohubsite.com I have instructions on how to get a domain how to sign up for hosting and how to set everything up so that you're ready to go and what this is going to do is give us two chances to make money now what you can do is actually create videos on YouTube using AI you don't have to use your face or your voice if you don't want to and then also put that same content that AI is going to give us to make the video on your website or blog to try to get some traffic that way then you would get money on YouTube for monetization you'd get money from your your website traffic and then you can also do like affiliate offers and things like that and last I checked like some of these franchise companies pay a lot of money for the seller to get a franchise so like there's a a broker much like a realtor who goes out there and finds franchise people who want to buy franchises and they get like six to ten percent of whatever they buy like like a McDonald's or a Domino's Pizza for which usually is like millions of dollars so this is something that is extremely lucrative and something that works extremely well because we know the money is at the end of the tunnel it's there all we need to do is get traffic and go get it something I've done for 23 years and all we need to do is focus using the free ahrefs tool we can type cost franchise this is going to give us all the franchises and all the words people type in about the cost of a franchise we could see low-cost franchise opportunities low-cost franchise and it looks like this one is is only using cost franchise so we might want to do it reversed maybe something like franchise cost that way we see how much does a McDonald's franchise cost that's what we're after here because this is going to be super low competitive competition traffic so we'll go ahead and hit find keywords and we can see McDonald's franchise cost 4600 Subway 3900 crumble cookie and on and on we go now the cool thing about this that you might not see with some of the free keyword tools is the fact that there's going to be lots and lots of sub category keywords with maybe just a little handful of searches every month maybe something like Planet Fitness franchise cost with only a thousand searches a month and you might say well Mark it's a thousand searches a month how are you going to make anything well we have to go back to this example here and look at the fact that 50 000 searches a month is making them seventy five thousand dollars so with my thousand bucks if my math is correct that's going to position me to make like twelve hundred dollars now again remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but think you'll see that if you if you stay the course and create good content based on these keywords this is going to be super easy now let me show you how this is done we need content that's going to go on our blog and our videos and I need to show you how to set up a video because a lot of people out there are talking about automated AI video creators and so far I've tried lots of them I've spent thousands of dollars on them nothing works as good as AI content plus stock images videos and voiceovers and things like that and 15 minutes of my time so if you're willing to put in 15 minutes of your time to get a superior product that's going to make you a lot of money then type 15 minutes in the comments below because I think like hey if I can make this a little bit better with 15 minutes of effort and get maybe a dollar or more per day that's 300 more per day for a little 15 minute extra work or maybe it'll make me an extra ten dollars a day or whatever it is and we need to stop looking at bargain business ideas because bargain business ideas are not going to put money in your pocket if you try to save money on making money you're gonna fail time and time again for example if you were to buy a Subway franchise saying well it's only seventy thousand dollars yes you're gonna buy a full-time job where you make 12 Grand a year however if you're like well I'm gonna buy the McDonald's for 3 million you're gonna make way more money and you won't even have to work at it because it's all automated and ready to go so we need to look at this now luckily online what we're investing is our time so if you don't have a lot of money don't worry about it as you saw from the domain I bought I'm only in this business thirty dollars so far and take a look at this domain it already has 51 rankings in the franchise Market it's getting two dollars worth of traffic every month and I could just take this and build this up in a super simple way this is franchise traffic that is worth money this is what I do all day every day go out there buy domains that rank build them up point to things that make money watch rent repeat and now with AI watch how easy this is let's say I want to do something simple like 1 800 got Junk franchise cost I can go over and prove my concept on YouTube and see if videos are actually getting views 1.4 a little over a thousand views 2600 1400 hey here's one that's six hundred thousand twenty six thousand almost a quarter of a million this is looking pretty good what do you think does this look good type franchise in the comments if you think this looks good now we need to take a look at some subcategory keywords using the free keyword tool we're going to type in junk franchise they saw to catch all the keywords we need and we see here lots and lots of people searching competition's pretty much nothing so what I'm going to do now is go ahead and fire up chat GPT and Google bard we're going to use these side by side and there's a reason we're going to use both of these what we're going to use barred for is finding up-to-date information I can say please find me some info on 1-800 junk 1-800 got junk franchise costs what you need to get started and some similar franchises with the costs involved also please find some news articles on this on junk franchises boom this is going to give us the overview information that we're going to take to chat gbt and have it write some content for all right looks like it's stuck let's try this again it's being a little slow today there we go okay so now we see all the information you're definitely going to want to fact check this and make sure it's good so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to take this info here okay right like this and it looks like it actually did exactly what I wanted right it did this even though it said it wasn't going to I just prompted it again and it did it so now we're going to go through and I'm going to say please please create a simple info video on the following script on the following information focus on three to eight minute video with facts and interesting interesting information then we paste in what Google bard told us and boom here we go and now we can see that it's kind of prompting exactly what we want here let's start with one of the most well established junk removal franchises got Junk very simple so we could see that this works extremely well and it's actually making the script and doing all the work for us even tells us hey you know find the clean space and and find this kind of stuff so it's pretty much doing everything we want to do now I can take this and I can run it through something like Elven labs and I can go ahead and get a voiceover now I think in the future voice over AI stuff is not going to be monetizable we've seen some issues of that in the past so what I would prefer to do is just record it myself or maybe even go to Fiverr and find someone who does a voiceover now doing something on Fiverr is probably going to make your video cost anywhere from 20 to 100 or more so I would highly recommend just doing it yourself and if you don't want your voice to be on camera I mean it doesn't really matter right we can use a voice decoder or we can change the pitch or something like that or just use your voice I mean if you want to make money you want to make money so you might as well use your own voice and that's the end of it right so when I use my own voice I use a very simple microphone that I keep hidden up my right here then all I need to do is go through and record this info now the tool that I'm going to use to create this video from this AI is Camtasia it's actually the tool that I'm using right here right now that I'm recording this video on what I'm going to do is I'm going to hit new project then I'm going to hit record right like this this will record this will go through and record my voice right like that you can see that little thing moving right there and it'll record the screen if you want to do that if not you can just record The Voice then what I'm going to do is read the script so I hit start and I say let's start with one of the most well established junk removal franchises 1 800 got Junk known for their catchy name and strong brand presence 1-800 got junk offers franchisees a comprehensive training program and ongoing support however it's important to note that the initial franchise fee is thirty thousand dollars and the investment range Falls somewhere between a hundred and seven thousand and a hundred and forty thousand dollars so as you can see very simple I hit stop it is going to go ahead and import that voiceover into my timeline right like this let's start with one of the most well established junk removal franchises then all I'm going to do do is get some images and some videos and things like that I'm use that using a program called storyblocks that's what I've been using here to make the music and the videos so I can go through and I can find some music like this or whatever it is right let's find something that's kind of like inspiring [Music] oh [Music] you can do something like that so we'll just take this here put this into our timeline right like this it's actually extremely easy to do this you just gotta follow along you gotta be willing to do it right very simple and if you're willing to do the stuff that other people aren't willing to do you can make a lot of money it's pretty much what I do and again if you don't want to use Camtasia don't worry there's lots of other programs even some free tools that you can use so now we have our voice let's start with one of the most well established junk removes and our music behind it then we could just go through go to stock footage like this and we could type something in like junk right like this and while I'm waiting for that to load I'm going to go to the profit scoop .com right like this click on easy video caption maker I'm gonna go ahead and set this up so that I can make all kinds of little image based text for my video these are the same things you see on my videos that I use this exact process that I use so we go through and we have like junk like this or we can have some junk let's see something about people removing junk would be good let's do hauling got to be something for hauling yeah here we go this guy looks like he's coming to get some junker like this guy here right this is cool so we'll get this little dump truck here and we can put this right on our timeline right like this let's start with one of the most well established junk removal franchises now we can take our image thing that we were talking about earlier here we'll type one 800 got Junk right like this right then you could choose your color but what this is going to do is it's going to download each line of text as its own image right so I could take this here put it right on the timeline and what will happen is this will pop up like this right and you can add little fancy stuff to it animations behaviors let's say we wanted to to pop up like this let's start with one of the most well established junk removal franchises 1-800.junk right known for their catchy name and then we can even do like you know if you want to do a different scene for franchises we could do something like franchise see if they have anything here and they actually do this is pretty cool right so we'll do like this franchise and we could put that right in here and then you're just gonna make your video very simple right let's start with one of the most well-established junk removal franchises 1-800.junk known for their catchy name and strong brand presents okay right like that then we can go through and you want to keep them changing so that people are watching them and engaging with stuff so we can see here this will this would be great for like the brand presents and all that stuff see if there's anything else that you can do this is kind of cool uh maybe this one here right and there's all kinds of different things that you can do to make these videos in a very easy way like don't overthink it it's super easy to do just focus on providing good information based on what the AI is giving us and again remember this is something that I made offers franchisees in a very simple way right so let's see what it offers comprehensive training program so training program so we could go through and say training right like this there's training or this is like this guy's training really good there we go so we got training program and watch how easy this is [Music] franchisees a comprehensive training program there's our training program and ongoing support however ongoing support so we could do support right like this and then of course wherever you see it fit to give the text on the screen that would work well so here's support here boom all right like this and again make sure that you're giving good quality information based on the the franchise info that we got from chat GPT because a lot of these here like some of these videos that have a lot of views I mean some of these make a lot of money right some of these videos might be making thousands and thousands of dollars I think there was one that had over a million views and in this market he's making a lot of money because of the fact that like this 15 million views and on and on we go now these ones are making a lot of money even this one here with the most profitable franchises right this is a very expensive market and I know this for a fact because every time that I make a video on credit cards or web hosting or even keyword tools it makes a lot more money than the regular video about some other topic so if you're staying to like the franchise Market or something expensive this is going to be an absolute Zinger so we go through we make our video right like this now it's very important that you focus on having a good title and a good thumbnail notice how a lot of these guys like this one here has a good thumbnail this one has a yeah that's not that great of a thumbnail this one's pretty good this one here is on point that's very good and there's lots of good thumbnails that they're getting and the thumbnail is what gets people to watch the video and if they're not clicking the thumbnail because they're not interested then they're not going to watch the video and you're not going to make any money now what we need to do is create a good five to eight minute video based on this franchise again the first one might take you about an hour to do but as you get better and you start to template this out it's going to be a lot easier then what we're going to do is we are going to go down the list of all of this stuff right we're going to go through and say okay now let's do a video on what are some low costs what are some low-cost franchise opportunities available in the USA right and we're going to go through and we're going to get this info and then we're going to have chat GPT make our script and also we're going to go through and say now please take that information and that script and turn it into a 3000 word informative blog post about junk franchises and how much hauling companies make please include news reports and links okay very simple very easy it's going to go through uncovering the lucrative world of junk removal franchises how much can hauling companies make are you tired of clutter so it's going through and it's doing this in a very simple way and now it's going through talking about the gut junk this is actually pretty good content and what you're going to learn with AI is that the more you give it and the more you prime the pump and kind of give it extra things that's what's going to get you a good piece of content if you just go out there and say write about franchises it's going to give you junk but if you no pun intended but if you go out there and say Hey I want you to find the junk franchises I want you to find out how much haulers make find out how much these cost compare this with this it's going to do a phenomenal job and it will Rank and of course if you pair it with the domain strategy it's going to rank even faster and if you're pairing it with the video strategy you're going to make even more money then we can go through and even make an infographic and using an infographic is very simple because you can template it out and this is actually a Pinterest account that I started and I actually have an outsourcer doing all the work on it I have not uploaded any pins and you can see here that some of these pins are doing really well we're getting traffic and not only that but the template is the same if you look at all my pins it's basically a color up here the text the screenshot the link and then the images match it's something you can do in minutes or if you're like me you can pay someone 50 bucks a week to make a bunch of pins for you but again remember we're doing this all based on keywords so I'm not just going to go out there and do low-cost franchise over and over no I'm going to make a little infographic on Little Caesars and 7-Eleven and every one of these keywords here because I know this is what people search for and I know there's money at the end of the tunnel so I make my video I point them back to my blog I make my Pinterest I point it back to my blog I use the AI to create content and it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when as you guys see a video that I put up over a year ago is still ranking on Google and I haven't done anything to it it was actually put up as a joke from my video about Google Maps you can see that these things rank all the time and get traffic we even rank for Lyft affiliate program and if you were to search for SUV with the best visibility you are going to see new suv.org which is a website that I own that actually was written 100 with AI and this is the kind of thing I can take the text to a voiceover hire someone to do the voiceover and make a video then I can make a Pinterest best SUVs with visibility the sky is literally the limit and the key is focusing on a market that we know has lots of money so we're going to be doing this as a test with the franchise example and AI smash a like button if you want to follow along and if you want more details you can set stuff up and follow along with me check out the links in the description and also check out our high ticket Niche program because I'm always buying these sites building them up and selling them to my students so they can get a head start in marketing it's one of the best ways available that you can work with me directly so I look forward to seeing you in part two smash that like button and check out the links in the description

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