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here is a screenshot of a live example of this exact method producing over 33 000 a month here is proof of the demand over 18 000 searches a month just from this one report alone here's another example making thirteen thousand dollar another 300 a month and this one over here is doing eleven thousand dollars and this side hustle I'm going to talk to you about today is so simple it's going to be difficult to believe because quite simply if you can copy and paste a small line of text over and over and over again then you can make money guaranteed and you might be asking well how does this work and I'm glad you asked quite simply each and every day online over a quarter of a million dollars of what I'm about to show you is sold and there's literally zero competition and that quarter of a million dollars doesn't even include new purchases yep that's just resale in fact there's almost 60 000 new purchases of this one thing each and every day so the demand is there the money's there it's super simple copy and paste easy but how does this side hustle work well first [Music] foreign a little story [Music] two years ago I was going through this special list that I had in an Excel file trying to figure out the values of certain items that I was purchasing and yes these items have everything to do with the side hustle you're about to learn and so I was going through this list and there was like a thousand different items on this list so obviously it would take me time to go through look up something put it on the spreadsheet and then tally them up at the end this was a tedious job that I didn't want to do so I turned to online job boards to see if there was anyone that would do this for me and it turns out that there was lots of people that wanted to do this they just didn't know that this service was available and so I found a couple people and finally landed on one that said yeah I'll go through your whole list I'll do the whole workup for a couple hundred dollars and I was like okay that's gonna save me a lot of time I don't really want to do it here's a list take care of it and about an hour later they came back to me with the entire list done yeah they made like three hundred dollars in one hour of course you might be saying well Marcus you know you're probably willing to pay more because you make lots of money but actually the going rate wasn't far off I found that the average was somewhere between 30 and 300 an hour depending on how big the list is and how many different sites they wanted you to check for the values of these items so if you think that making between 30 and 300 an hour would be kind of a game changer for you let me know in the comments below because the side hustle I'm about to show you is super simple can be started with zero money and lastly my favorite can actually be pivoted into a larger business based on the work you already did so if you're looking for a side hustle that can make you between 30 and 300 an hour it doesn't take a whole lot of work is pretty much copy and paste simple and can later lead to a business that can put money in your pocket automatically then type I'm ready in the comments below because we're starting right now all right so the strategy that we are going to talk about today works perfectly with a video I did a couple weeks ago about how I made thirteen hundred dollars in 12 minutes you are definitely going to want to watch that entire video after you watch this one because it's going to show you how to get new customers super fast it's actually extremely easy but first let's talk about what this whole side hustle is about here I have a blank Excel file you can use Excel you can use Google Sheets or whatever kind of spreadsheet tool they use on Macs and first what we're going to do is add our headlines first of all we are going to put on column B GoDaddy estimate on column C we're going to put s to bot and then on column D if we want extra credit we can put saw then we're going to take the list from our client and put them right here under column A for domain name we simply paste the list right in here like this then one by one we take each domain search for them in GoDaddy right like this and get the appraisal number so right here I would put two nine six right like that we just match it up then I take the next then I put it in estibot right like this prove that I'm not a robot and we can see here it says less than 100.

so we could put less than 100 right like that then we go over to saw and we can see here this says value less than 700. right like that do you think this is something you can do type I can do it as a comment below if you think you can do this because over here is a company doing this exact same thing just using GoDaddy appraisals and they're charging like about five cents for each domain and wait a minute it says they had over 120 orders in the last 24 hours and not only that but there's a bunch of people here on Fiverr that are doing the same type of service again it's just super simple copy and paste let's see how many I can do in one minute sometimes at times out in that case we'll just try it again there we go [Music] if we get this error we'll just switch over to another browser like Microsoft Edge or Firefox or something like that so in about a minute I was able to get through 20 domain names at five cents each that's one dollar every minute and if you're a little bit slower than me let's say you only get through 10 every minute that's still 50 cents a minute or 30 dollars an hour and while this side hustle can make you a little bit of money what we're going to do is we're actually going to combine it with the different estimates from different places now I gotta tell you there's lots of people out there that have hundreds and thousands of domain names myself personally at any given time I own around 4 000 domain names and it would be nice to have someone go through the entire list and get the different estimates so I can see at a glance what my domains are worth so that I can go and sell them now pay attention to the last part where I said so I can sell them this is important if you want to turn this side hustle into a full-fledged business because there's only one reason someone would want their domains a price raised yeah the same reason you get your house appraised so you can sell it more about this in just a minute so using Excel copy and paste the domains we're going to get the values that's going to be the report that we send to the customer and we can see here that lots of people are wondering what the values of their domains are there's over 27 000 people a month looking up different GoDaddy appraisals and stuff like that we can even see here that there's over 4 000 people a month searching for GoDaddy bulk domain search and GoDaddy bulk values which means that these people are domain buyers and they want a very quick appraisal of their domain names and we're going to go the extra mile by getting them not only GoDaddy but also estebot and saw now if you're using estebot you will need to have a 30 a month plan but of course you only need that once you get your first sale and you can use that money to invest in the program and then use it later for right now all you're going to do is appraise the domain names using GoDaddy which is free and you can also use saw and alter which are free as well and again you can see this is copy and paste simple alter actually gives it a value of 130 which is interesting now with this side hustle obviously if you're getting like five cents a domain you can do like thirty dollars an hour but you do have to get the sales and find the people and everything like that which isn't too hard you can use Fiverr you can use forums you can use the method in the video in the description in the video I'm going to pop up at the end of this one that one is perfect for what we're talking about here now if you want to average 30 to 300 an hour or sixty dollars an hour again remember the results are not typical implied or guarantee teed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so keep that in mind this is a business it takes work it takes effort and even then like most things in life there's no guarantee of income but what we're going to do is something better we're gonna turn this into a big business what we want to do is get something that's going to make us like a hundred thousand dollars or more each and every year and the way we're going to go from the thirty dollars an hour to the hundred thousand dollars a year or more there we go more right like that I'm gonna have the more in there right is we are going to take these people and really look at what they want ultimately because no one just wants a list of domains with prices they want to be able to sell these and get money and what we can do is offer a broker service or offer a service where we actually auction these for them and they tell us the prices they want to get we're run the auctions we run the listings and we take either a percentage or we charge them for the service outright it's actually extremely simple and this is something people like me with giant list of domains just don't want to do and we don't want to hire people to do we want someone who already knows what they're doing to make this happen and as you go through you're going to learn about domains that's one of the benefits to this side hustle is you are going to learn the domain industry while getting paid I mean imagine that imagine they're like hey you're going to go to school to learn something that's valuable and we're going to pay you to do it right that's pretty cool that in my opinion is the best side hustle and if you think so type side hustle in the in the comments below now what we're going to do is we're going to offer the broker service and we're going to help them out in other ways now if you don't want to do the broker service or you want to do the broker but you also want to add on to it what we can do is we can offer software and tools that are going to help these people watch this we go over here and we see estebot which is the most accurate domain appraisal tool this is the one that is kind of the industry standard now is it 100 accurate of course not but does it give a good result yes the downside is is it's like a hundred dollars a month now for guys like me a hundred dollars a month for our domains to look them up is nothing it's literally nothing and we can see here that this one actually pays 25 commission which means if I get a domainer and I say hey by the way here's your GoDaddy list but you might want to look into getting estebot I'm going to get 25 every month they continue to be a subscriber so I could say hey click here for this just put it right on the Excel file or I can say why don't you use a tool like spamzilla and you can look at all your domains at a glance right like this and find out how they're doing this is a program I use all the time and to show you that I actually practice what I preach here are the results from me actually being an affiliate of this program I think I get like 25 commission or something like that and so far I've sold over 36 000 worth of this product putting almost eleven thousand dollars in my pocket now again remember this is supplemental income so this doesn't include the thirty dollars an hour I got for making the report this is just on top of it and it doesn't even include what would happen if you started a domain brokering domain selling service this is something that you can build into a full-fledged business but if you just want to stick to doing it as a side hustle you can do the thirty dollar an hour method now if you want to learn how to promote this the right way check out this training right here and in the description it's called I made thirteen hundred dollars in 12 minutes go watch that now and what you're going to do is you're going to use the footer explained in that video to point to your domain appraisal service and if you dug this smash a like button

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