I Found $40,425 Using ChatGPT And These Free Tools – This Is Crazy!

here is a list of items I asked chatgpt to find that are worth lots of money now what if I told you I was able to get all of the items on this list for anywhere from five to thirty dollars each that's like forty thousand dollars in profit and in this training I guarantee you are going to learn exactly how this works step by step so that at the end you can go and do it for yourself and make money that you get to keep but first a little story back when I was about eight years old I was a skateboarder we would ride our skateboards up and down the street up and down the ramps pretty much everywhere I went my skateboard went with me and one day my brother and I were skateboarding and we looked down in the gutter next to the street I don't know what it is with being eight but you're fascinated with the gutter go figure and in that gutter I remember my eyes widened and I got really really excited I look back to see if my brother in fact saw what I saw sitting there in the gutter then I reached down and grabbed forty dollars and back in the 80s 40 bucks was a lot more than it is today and when you're eight years old forty dollars is a lot of money and we were so excited to find that forty dollars because we didn't really have to work for it we didn't have to do anything we just reached down and got it and immediately before this even hit my wallet we were at Target buying video games and I remember we bought excitebike and kung fu and eventually we learned how to beat the entire game of kung fu in a couple of hours but it was a memory I'll never forget and it was all made possible by finding free money and in today's video I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT and three free tools to find money online in a super simple way and I urge you to watch this entire video and if you get through this entire video and you think what I have to say isn't exactly what I promised or you don't think you can do it or quite frankly you think I'm kind of full of it and this won't make you any money I want you to say that in the comments below that's right I'm actually letting you be the judge of this video but and I do have a big butt if you get value out of this video and you think like I do this is the kind of thing you can go and use right now and start putting money in your pocket yeah like game changing money money that'll pay for your mortgage or your car or put your kids through school yep these are all things this exact method did for me and today I'm going to show you everything step by step and if you're thinking well Marcus you've been doing this 23 years I'm sure you know a few things that I probably don't know and that is why we're going to be using chat GPT you see this year AI has kind of leveled the playing field and it's made it extremely simple for ordinary people like me and you and other would-be entrepreneurs able to find money in places they never thought it existed before so if you're ready to learn exactly how we're going to use this method see solid proof of how it works and how I've been doing this for 23 years learn the three tools and the tips that are going to make at GPT literally go out there and find you money then smash a like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we are going to put this to the test and find some free money on the internet so if you want to find free money on the internet smash that like button and everything like that and hopefully we're back online I know we did have a little bit of a crash just a minute ago if we're back let me know by typing something in the back uh in the box and uh we're gonna dive in here we got a lot to cover apparently the program can't handle all this money getting goodness now I got to tell you at the at the outset that the results you're about to see are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing now that could be for various reasons maybe they don't try hard enough maybe they don't do the right stuff whatever it is we're going to focus on stuff that actually works and what I believe I'm about to show you today is by far one of the easiest ways to make money you don't have to be creative you don't have to be super smart you don't have to have a bunch of money to start this is something super easy and we're going to put this to the test and just to show you that I kind of know what I'm talking about here I want to give you a little list of the things that I went through and found the the other day now this list I got to tell you is a little bit more difficult than what we're going to talk about today because as I dug deeper into this method it got easier and easier and easier and I was literally blown away because I'm like well if AI can do all the creativity and think for me and analyze things then I think this is going to be a game changer and if you're excited about this smash that like button so this is the list that we went through in Monday's video in Monday's video we went through an ass chat gbt to find different domain names based on auctions and domains that were available online Second Hand these are domains that were already registered now in this training we're going to talk about what is known as a hand reg that's a hand registered domain name that's like when you go to GoDaddy or namecheap you type in a domain it's available and you get it for nine dollars now a lot of these domains I think averaged somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars each so when we look at this these are ones that basically this entire list cost me one thousand dollars for approximately uh 48 domains now when you take a look at the estimated value again remember godaddy's estimate is like made up out of thin air but it is it's okay right if we look at home and Family Insurance do I think that this domain is worth twelve hundred dollars well if we go over here and look at why it says it's worth it we're going to take a look and see okay annuities and life insurance went for 1100 home and garden home and family so we're seeing that these domains do go for that type of value now the cool thing about this is when I did the test every domain I got was under sixty dollars so right now at the beginning of this training if you think the domain homeandfamilyinsurance.com is worth at least sixty dollars type 60 in the box if you think it's worth a hundred or more type 100 plus I want to really get to this because here we have this stuff and we see that these are in fact going for lots of money now again remember it's not typical implied or guaranteed if I wanted to sell this I would probably try to sell it if I wanted to sell it quick for like three hundred dollars turning 60 into 300 that's still pretty good right smash a like button if you're like yeah turning 60 into 300 I will do that all day every day and twice on Sunday and maybe even three times on Thursday because this is stuff that actually works now when we go through we're going to show you something even better because I'm going to show you emphatic proof that you can get these for like nine dollars this is insane now what I did in Monday's video is I went out there and I looked at GoDaddy auctions and I found different domains that were available now you can see right here right now emphatic proof that this actually works we can see oh nine nine dot cc is going for forty thousand dollars however I mean GoDaddy only says it's worth 653.

So I mean you do the math it's like okay this is worth uh six 600 bucks so if we were relying on GoDaddy here we'd be like okay please take it for 600 bucks however at auction right now with three days and three hours left to go and it has bidding people this is going to sell for over forty thousand dollars now no that's not the example it just happens to be almost exactly the number that was in the thumbnail but when we take a look here and we understand this is money right this is money Kelby training going for 9 100 a casino chain going for a 6500 and on and on we go so there's lots of stuff here that is making lots of money this is emphatic proof tight proof in the box if you're like I get it I get it there's proof this is being sold also if you were to go through and go to Google and let's do this off screen make sure we get clean results here and I go to Google and I do something like domains sold June 5 20 23.

I think they update it at like two days behind Okay so we're gonna go through and take a look at what's going on we can see here what sales all right domain name sales history and then we can even do like let's do uh six five twenty five I think that's how they do it here we go right here okay so we're looking at the sales here on domain gang and on name bio name bio I think we could do name bio date and we're going to look at the daily sales so here we see daily sales 300 373 thousand dollars on June 6th pretty cool and the most highest one was less than 10 percent of that amount it's actually right around maybe seven percent of that amount so we're seeing that on June 6 a lot of domains sold for a lot of money so if you see this here and you're like a lot of money let me know right let me know a lot of money boom there we go okay hopefully our our connection is being okay there uh let's see are we are we good we still live Okay cool so we see here a lot of money if you see that type a lot of money in the box now what we're going to do today is something very very very very important and very strategic you're going to watch lots of videos about how to make money online and they're all going to talk about mindset all right mindset means nothing if you don't have strategy all I'm going to do here is talk to you about strategy so if you're like hey I want a mindset go to church go somewhere else because here we talk about strategy that actually works I could will my mind to go walk across the street but until I actually walk across the street which is a strategy I'm not going to get anything so in order to get this money here's what we need to do we are going to take a look at the domains that are out there and we're going to take a look at different props that we can use in AI now again we talked about here these are domains that were bought at auction and second hand for a thousand dollars I'm going to show you where to find domains for like nine dollars or less you can use your favorite registrar it doesn't matter which one you use as long as you buy the domain you're good to go okay so we're going to go out there and and take a look at what's available on the free market now in order to do this I want to show you some real world proof of things that are happening here is a report from someone who sells domains on Squad help now Squad help is a place that you can sell a domain with like a a logo and kind of an idea attached to it now all of this stuff can be done with AI stay tuned we're going to show you how all that works but Squad help actually works and you can see that people are selling all kinds of stuff on Squad help we're also going to be using GoDaddy auctions we're going to use after Nick and several other places but first what we need to do is we need to find something of value because if you were the type of person that was like an antiquer right and you're like hey I'm one of those antiquer people and I know that I can go to a garage sale and get some antiques for cheap and sell them for a lot why are you able to do that because up here in the brain you got the knowledge of what is actually going to sell I go to a garage sale and I'm like this all looks like junk doesn't look like anything good my neighbor goes to a garage sale he's been an ebayer for God like 40 years or something like that I think you've got his eBay account in 95.

He goes to a garage sale and he knows what to buy he knows what's going to sell all right for me I I don't know I'm like hey I have no idea right but if you knew domains that were going to be worth money do you think that would be a worthwhile business do you think it'd be like yeah if I register these and then eventually some company is going to want them I I think that might actually be very very good so what we're going to do is we are going to use AI to predict domains that are going to be worth a lot of money now this is super important you're going to want to take notes you're going to want to look at this in a simple way first what we need to do is we need to train the AI to think like a domainer now a lot of people are going to say well why don't you just tell it you're a smart domain name generator give me some domains no no we need to train it the way that we need to think which is based on data this is what you get on this channel we don't talk mindset because I don't I don't care about your mindset you can have whatever mindset you want we're going to talk about data and strategy data and strategy alone like you meet lots of people who are millionaires and their attitudes and their mindsets suck right which is whatever to each his own but how did they get there they got there with strategy very important so today I'm going to give you the strategy you're going to get that strategy you can take it and you can use it and I am going to show you how this works so when we go through we're going to take a look and say Yes domains are buying they're buying them they're selling them all kinds of stuff so what I did is I went through and I said look please analyze this report and tell me common themes among the top selling domain names this is now in chat gbt I gave it the top domain names that sold onehelp.com sold for three million and we see lots of others okay so we see lots of domains and what I did is I said analyze this list tell me what you think now I wanted to know what it thought because I wanted like an output but more importantly I wanted to teach it how to think because AI is like it basically wakes up every day and responds to what what you give it okay so it's responding to what I give it and it's going based on what it is it's like if you have a conversation with someone with like short-term memory and after that they don't you have to kind of start over and re-introduce them to the topic so what I'm doing is I'm reintroducing it to the topic then I said based on what you learned above which of these domains is most valuable okay fair enough now I went through and I got this list guess what from AI right I went through and I said find me some some domain names for a pet insurance business okay pretty cool we're like hey this is pretty cool this is giving me domains for a pet insurance business then I went through and I started another AI that was talking about um telling me the best ones so here's the best ones that it came up with from the examples it came up with from the top selling domains do you guys see how that works we're stacking it on top of each other right I'm like learn about the domains yeah yeah good wonderful then I want you to find some domains based on what you learned yeah yeah good wonderful then I want you to tell me the best very important so this is what it came up with pet protectors Guardian insure and so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use this in conjunction with the different tools I have now again remember GoDaddy said this was worth 60 to 50.

GoDaddy says this is worth 653 and in fact it's worth 40 Grand okay so we're going to take this with a grain of salt here but if I was to take pet protector or one of these different domains and put it in here we would see that it ran into a it's it's Tech day you ever have those days where it's like none of the tech wants to work um so this one says it's worth less than a hundred dollars so that might be one we might not want however it does have the word ensure and it it does look okay let's take a look at some of the other ones okay very very important here pet safety net okay so this one says it's worth sixteen hundred dollars pet secure and again you're gonna see where we're gonna find the value of these in just a minute okay so we'll go here pet secure plans and we're gonna see okay so that one pet secure plans I think that one's actually worth a little bit more when done correctly and then we're going to go through and see uh pet Shield Pro or whatever it is okay and this is going to give us an overview a lay of the land of what's going on there's another one that's worth um eleven hundred dollars now how many of you guys if you could buy a domain today for nine dollars and then sell it sometime this year for a thousand dollars how many of you guys would be like show me where to sign I would like to do that because then I just buy domains and sell them I don't have to be techy I just click a button and let AI do all the work this is something that actually works I know there's a lot of videos about side hustles and making money this is literally allowing chat GPT and AI to find money for us this is super super important now what we need to realize is that there's certain things that we can add to chat gbt another tip this is a tip which by the way if you guys want a list of these tips I'm going to have them available at uh download my notes okay so if you want to get them they will be there um very important okay so what we're going to do is we're going to add to this by saying okay um how about coherent domains and things like that now one little tip that I found earlier was by utilizing what sold because if you ever want to know the value of an item look at similar items that sold right when you go to buy a house they're not going to be like well houses in Miami are worth this and I know you're in Ohio so it's probably no they're going to be like houses in your neighborhood sold for this Therefore your house is worth this simple so same with domaining right domains similar to your domain sold for this therefore yours is probably worth this now what I wanted to do is I wanted to type in site colon Squad help.com and then in quotes is no longer for sale now why would I do this well what I want to do is I want to find out domains on Squad help that sold now Squad help is a place where you can see their domains sell for quite a bit right you could see all different kinds of domains here 3400 3400 1800 and on and on we go right and a lot of these are hand registered domains right they're hand registered and they're buying them for nine dollars or something like that let me switch screens there we go um site colon Squad help and then we're going here and you can see that some of these are for sale at a big amount and a lot of them are like you Deals Deals Elite lead deals so we see a lot of them based on the name deals okay now what I want to do is I want to see what sold we could see here 868 different domains that sold we're gonna go and we are going to just keep going down until this thing times out it's going to take a while right it will just keep hitting more more and then what we're going to do is we're going to take this list right like this okay get a bigger list and then what I'm going to do is I'm just going to control a control C very important and Now ladies and gentlemen it is time drum roll please for the free tools here we go we're going to go through and we are going to use the profit scoop let me find it here come on too many screens open the profitscoop.com right like this okay we're going to go right here and I'm going to go to domain extractor okay these are free tools you can go here you can get all the tools I actually built this for myself but hey it gets good traffic and you guys buy my stuff when I give you free tools so have at it we're going to go through we are going to tape take all that stuff that we copy and pasted and we're gonna put it in here then we're going to hit submit what this is going to do is it's just going to strip out the list of all the domains cool so now I can go into chat GPT I can go new chat and I can say analyze which by the way a lot of people that are using chat GPT for content and all this other stuff I think they're missing the point that like you literally have a data analyzing Mega machine here which is very very important okay we gotta look at this um and we're gonna go and say analyze let's go back to the screen here analyze this list of domain names and come up with 100 variations based on info from the top selling domains in history okay boom and now we're going to go through and we're gonna I got the wrong list okay let's see let's get that okay we're gonna do a new one here because what I need is this list see trying to do this live is a little bit difficult so we're going to copy that box okay it's okay if you spell wrong with chat GPT it it fixes it for you so we're going to do analyze this list based on top selling domains and come up with 100 variations okay and this should give there we go now we have the list there all right so now it's going to analyze it and it's going to come up with nice little variations how many of you guys are like dude this is cool this is something I can do right how many of you guys think you can do this smash the like button say yes I can in the comments and yes I can in the chat box all right so here we go we got 96 and then it stopped there we go one more okay so now we're going to go through and take this entire list and we're going to look at what looks good squad savings I mean this is this is actually pretty good okay then we're gonna go through and we're gonna do bulk search at places like namecheap and at places like GoDaddy okay so this is going to search for all of them at one go boom okay apparently the tech Gremlins are just out to get me today what's going on here you know it's a good training when the tech Gremlins don't want to work let's try this in a different uh browser here yeah come on now go daddy bulk domain search all right so here we go let's try this again here if you guys are digging this smash that like button let me know because this is actually these types of trainings are very difficult to do because of all the tech stuff and you kind of never know what you're gonna get um and if you guys saw what I see here with all these screens and stuff it's pretty hectic okay so it looks like it did work in Edge Microsoft Edge so this is actually pretty good so of the domains we put in here of the domains that chat GPT came up with 95 out of 100 are available wait a minute what now you see that they're 21 that's because GoDaddy they give you a month special but if we go to like namecheap you can see that they are actually come on get out of it you can see that they're actually quite a bit cheaper okay so I can get it here for like eight dollars or something like that nine dollars a year so lead Hub connect I don't like the two B's in that one um time Trove app okay so there's some in here that are just completely like stupid sounding um but some of them will be good like true deal solution maybe a daily trainer Pro okay that's something I can probably use or even this one here um and if we go through on the tool over here let's see what it's valuing them at so daily trainer Pro okay that one doesn't have that great a value but I would think daily Fitness tip daily trainer Pro those are pretty similar I mean I how many of you guys think I can get more than nine dollars for this one right if you if you think so type nine dollars in the Box okay and that's all I gotta do I don't have to make a thousand all I gotta do is make more than nine dollars let's try this one here okay and again some of these are going to be pretty interesting but what we're going to do is we're going to try to take a look at the data based on what's actually working so that we can actually make this stuff work in a real world way come on now this thing wants to be so slow here we go work please work all right there we go so this one here I'm busy now or something like that and then we're gonna go through and see what would work now we can actually go through mind mind or something like that and try to find ones that are smaller like this freezify that would probably be good for some kind of business payback rewards you can see that one has a value on it now that is expensive so would I buy that for six thousand dollars no but I could say get me some variables so watch I can go through and I can say now please make some variables variations that are 12 letters or less boom now we're going to go through and we'll get some variations that are um less so tasty Thrills stuff like that now again some of these will be taken but again this is making it to where we don't have to be creative at all I could literally go through and make this work so let's see here we'll go back to our bulk search okay right like this put all these in here and I think this is a yeah this is our smaller list and then we can go through and take a look and say okay now I know what's a and actually surprisingly out of that list of 20 that are smaller quite a few were were available as a hand red so you know we can hand register them for nine dollars and then we can go through and isolate even further now when we get into this what we want to do is start to think differently we want to start to think about what's going on and you guys can see that I have lots of chats with the old chat DVD here that are saying Hey how do we understand this domain stuff and this is super important because now we can go through and say what is it we want and I could go through and use variations like this and this is the first prompt please analyze this list note common themes and everything like that another one we can do is something like trisom two-word domains with the word hey in front of them I noticed that hey was very popular so I could say something like this okay or maybe even uh with the word money in them or whatever it is now please use ones that make sense grammarly and have actual words okay and it's going to go through hatred deals hey Squad finder hey Equity hey that's interesting hey Equity um hey mingle like that would be great for a dating site hey pay wise hey coffee Joy um and on on hey promptly that would be pretty cool for like AI or something like that and when we start to understand that there are different things that we can utilize that will help us make money maybe we can do instead of hey use the word profit okay profit true deals okay so that literally just uh no it's a little bit different so like profit boosted.com uh profit care Hub profit Equity interesting okay that's probably not taken but or it's probably taken but you know there you go that's two thousand dollars so we can do now I can say well that one is is two thousand bucks make 20 variations of this profit equity okay so now we have some that are a little bit different okay and we could do like this in our bulk Search tool okay how many of you guys are digging this smash that like button and let me know because I think this is super important we're going to talk about where to sell these and what to do with them in just a minute so now we have profit Equity now profit Equity advisor and now we're seeing that this is starting to give us some pretty good stuff right apparently there we go let's reload let's see so go like this and this is saying profit Equity advisor I think that's probably a bad estimate I think we can do better especially if we're doing Squad help because if we look at Squad help and we look at like what is available or what's sold right over here date datagile.com so this one actually sold and we know that Squad help is usually like 2 000 bucks or more so let's see what we have here this is saying 1773 so now we can do okay now make some short versions with the word data okay and what we're doing is we're starting to let this think for us and notice how I mean we're 30 minutes in this call and there's a lot of stuff that we've already uncovered where before this would take me all day to do right and now we have like uh data Equity so there's quite a few here that are interesting data probe and again we're just going to go through put them in here see what's available and a lot of these will be valuable domains if you look at it properly and if you guys are new here smash the like button subscribe because we're going to show you the thousand dollar test where I'm actually going through utilizing those these domains there was a bunch of them that I bought here tons of them and we're going to go through and actually sell them so we could see here dataprofit.net that's interesting I'll bet that's got somewhat of a good value again remember all I need to do is be above the nine dollars I pay for or I think a.net might be eleven dollars okay so how many of you guys think data profit.net is probably worth more than nine bucks and hopefully GoDaddy will help us out here with the old appraisal tool come on go daddy let's try it over here I'll try a different browser maybe it doesn't like Chrome today GoDaddy appraisal right like this okay uh wjw7 says a lot of steps well do you want to make money or do you I mean how many of you guys would actually do that I just did this in a half hour and I found some in these lists that I think are worth money so like I don't know I mean how many of you guys want to do this you're like nah I'd rather watch the guys who who uh just tell me I'm Gonna Get Rich doing nothing let's try it so dataprofit.com went for 2300 that's a good sign that's a really good sign um and Dot net I could probably do uh pretty well right so I could go through and be like hey I literally found domains in this call that I think would be worth money and we can take a look at some others now make 200 variations keep them under 15 letters okay right and how many of you guys would do this right how many of you guys are like yes I would do this I I literally spend 30 minutes a day watching videos on how to make money online I might as well take that same 30 minutes and make money online right and we take a look and we're like okay um here's some interesting one equal data profit quitty some of these are actually pretty good like there's some that are good there's some that are complete junk but I think a lot of these are are actually pretty good Okay and like John says would you put some content on a site and design a logo create a Content plan that would increase the value yes when we're talking about using Squad help that would absolutely work right equipnet.com let's see what else we got so we'll take these here and some of these like Prof Equity that's one like that would probably work really well uh with a squad help kind of deal so let's see what's available here but dataprofit.net I mean I don't know how many of you guys would be like yeah I'll probably risk nine bucks on that like you might lose nine dollars I doubt it though like I mean again results not typical implied are guaranteed yes you do risk your nine dollars on that but I think like okay profit data dot IO I mean these are pretty good and and ladies and gentlemen I'm talking from 23 years experience just last week um I got an offer on a domain that I got for forty dollars it's forty dollars plus I think it was 20 plus 19.

It's right around forty dollars total um and I just got an offer on it for forty one hundred dollars and this happens all the time I've bought domains for nine dollars that have sold for uh tens of thousands of dollars I've bought a bunch of them that have sold for hundreds of dollars a lot of them have sold in like the one to four thousand range and again I'm not actively selling them these are people coming to me just because I buy them right um and that's something very very important and I sell domains every single day so when we look at this we can see what is for sale so these are ones that are for sale so what we're seeing here is chat GPT came up with 50 that are available out of those 50 one two three four five are on sale for anywhere from two to twenty seven thousand dollars and so now we're seeing wait a minute this could be promising and so what we're going to do is we're going to look at this and we're going to play the odds now when we're doing domaining I do domaining way different from a lot of people what I focus on is well let me see I think I gotta fix my pen here I focus on what is this called wyacom there we go um I'm going to focus on something very very important and if you don't focus on this you're not going to get good results so let's see screen area monitor two monitor one monitor okay I think we're monitor three four there we go fourth time's a charm okay so here we go uh what we're going to do is we are going to focus on cash flow okay so here's the deal if I go out there and I buy 100 domains that I think are worth money okay this is going to cost me roughly 900 to maybe eleven hundred dollars okay if you don't have this kind of money don't worry about it um we're going to go through and make it work uh do I have a course on this we do have a course on it it's it's not live right now we might run it again um but what I would urge you to do is check out blog profit Network because I'm going to teach AI domain stuff on Tuesday in blog profit Network we'll talk to you about that later because I want to I want to give you the good so you understand how it works and I've actually taught a lot of people how to do domaining for a profit and now doing this like the people that I've taught domaining that have gone on to make a lot of money they kind of had the creativity and the mindset issue that worked and I think with chat GPT this makes it very simple so if we go through my question has to be if I was to buy 100 domains what are the odds that one of them is going to be worth a thousand dollars okay I think I think pretty good right how many of you guys are like yeah I think that's good odds like Okay um type a thousand in the box if you think that that's pretty good and that's usually what I find my odds are that usually out of a hundred random domains there's one that's worth a thousand dollars now I've been doing this a long time so my odds are quite a bit better but when I do just regular hand reg ones yeah you know some of them are going to be worth a lot some of them are not but if we can rig the game in our favor and do this in a cool way and look at okay what are we buying for maybe Squad help right we looked at Squad help and the top seller on Squad help I think uh where is he made 439 thousand dollars I mean I don't know that that's a good amount I think right there you go but when we look at it it's like okay what what can I do to make this work and how can I focus on cash flow and protecting by investment okay this is super important because even with me I I got money but I don't want to just go blow it on a bunch of domains that I think are cute no I want to focus on data and that's where chat GPT and AI is going to help us because it's actually going to go out there and study what worked and then all I need to do is come up with okay what's available and what looks good right so I found hey a lot of domains so I went through I said analyze the domains and this was the analysis of one day right so I went to name bio okay name bio daily sales word name biogo here we go name bio daily sales I looked at the daily sales from I think you can do whatever day you want so let's do domain sales date range there we go June 6.

So if I do just June 6th domain sales okay and then I do let's do a hundred results I'm gonna go through I'm going to take these domains and I'm going to put these in we can actually just take the domains if you want or you can take all the data and I'm gonna go to chat GPT like this okay I put them in here and said analyze these and tell me what they had in common it went through and it said okay here's this and it gave generic stuff so I said please do it again just on the domains it did it and then I said based on what you learn come up with 50 variations for this all right then I go through and I'm like okay what are some good variations for top hotels and again all I need to do is go back and forth with a bulk registrar I find godaddies to be quickest you could use that and then register them wherever you want and you can see yes they did do a good job you can see what is on sale here and I mean imagine if like you got a domain that was worth like 30k now I'll tell you I've been doing this 23 years the best domain sale I got was a 15 domain it was a net I did not intend on selling it I thought I was going to use it and I sold it for twenty five thousand dollars now I've sold lots of them for ten and five and a thousand and 100 here and thousand here um but when we look at this it's like okay what about like maybe top surf hotels or whatever and some of these when we look at cash flow we're gonna play the odds and say well maybe I'll find a bunch which I could sell for thirty dollars all right well if I bought a hundred thirty dollar domains for a thousand dollars and sold them for an average of 30 or 20 each that's 2x 3x my money so we got to start to look at this in a different way now again remember this is risky I could lose my thousand dollars but based on what I've seen I think we're using chat GPT and AI to find stuff that's actually going to work well and when we go through I could say well um come up so discover Brisbane 2500.

Come up with 100 domains with cities and countries with the word discover in front of them like this and we'll put discover Brisbane in there okay we know for a fact that went for 2500. okay so now it's going to go through and it's going to give us all of these now chances are some of these will be available okay some might not but you know we're gonna that that's what we do we're gonna use chat GPT to find the info and make it work discover Athens that would be a cool one and travel companies will buy these in the droves that's who's paying for them right so I can go here put these in our bolt tool and how many of you guys are like this is not difficult this is something I can do it I might have to go over to Edge because or is it not working an edge now too I don't know okay search what is going on come on we might have to go to Firefox apparently uh the old thing don't want to work here it's funny when I was doing this the other day we literally got locked out of GoDaddy because I was doing so much uh work on this stuff so let's do this here and we'll try the bulk on Firefox over here boom search so out of a hundred 31 are available you can see they do sell for a lot discover Aman Beirut okay so a couple there's a couple available as hand reg most are not let's see if we could do some others right then we could say um come up with lesser less popular places 100 domains with discover in front of them and you can also do like visit right like I could go through and use chat GPT or just like a finer place but I'm lazy so I'll use chat gbt replace discover with visit boom that how many of you guys are like dude this is cool this is something I can do right and it's got to take some work like making money does take some work but we are literally letting AI find us money like this is the closest thing you're going to find to actually finding money right so we're going to go through hopefully this doesn't time out on us because I don't think I have another browser on here so uh so on this one visit amps that that might work visit Amsterdam now it has an s in front of it visit Amsterdam I wonder if we can do it without but that is looking pretty good let's see how we did with the Lesser known cities um let's try now just places in the USA okay now we're getting somewhere okay all right like this and we can go to our bulk search and again remember the key is to focus on cash flow right like a lot of people are gonna be like oh hey I want to sell this for a million dollars okay probably won't sell but what if I could turn my ten dollars into 200 or a thousand now I got a thousand dollars to buy other domains and if you can kind of roll this out it's going to work really really really well uh nolic says even if the idea Works aren't you afraid that telling everyone about it and now there will be a lot of competition I've been telling people about domains I'm still the big player in the pond hardly anyone ever does anything with what I teach them that's the sad fact but hey you know what it's pretty cool um and again like a lot of people aren't going to do this a lot of people are just going to watch this and go watch other videos about side hustles and never do anything with any of them um but when you understand hey this is something that can actually work uh there was a student I had that I taught and I think he does this pretty he still works his job but I think it's like a full-time income or something like that um and it's very simple so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at these and say okay how can we get chat GPT to come up with things that are going to work right and then we can say come up with some two word domains related to the stock market or something like that okay yep we're going to get to the sale part in just a minute okay so now we have 20 different stock market ones these are probably I'm guessing they're probably going to be taken but let's see okay bearish fund that's not bad I can probably do something with it let's try some others now 100 variations with lesser known stock terms okay so now we have this here value course so these are actually some of these are pretty good and we'll see what's available and if you do this long enough like we're only 50 minutes into this call and I have seen about maybe six to ten that I I would think were worth buying and not only worth buying but ones that I think can be very profitable and again the idea is play the odds understand what's going on add value so now on this list we got 50 so bearish bet that was a lot like the bearish one I had earlier that was nine dollars right how many of you guys are like dude this makes sense smash the like button okay so we have volatility cyclical play Breakout wave that's interesting that's probably one I do for like Squad help um contrarian pick ooh that's that's kind of cool I like that uh sector hunt sector Vortex Penny Chaser bullish Beacon uh takeover expert there's quite a few here that are looking pretty good bearish bet bearish trade I mean there you go right and you start to look at this so bearish trade GoDaddy appraisal okay how many of you guys think you can do this you're like yep I could do this should be pretty good and again don't go Hog Wild just focus on what's actually out there so we see don't pay attention to this so much because as we could see it could be way low it could be way high but what I do see is the word trade is selling for a lot interesting someone said they just joined what's the prompt we're going to have all the prompts available um let me see where the link is somewhere over here I got a lot of stuff open it's going to be available here okay so you can get all the prompts there so we can go through now and say okay now find 100 with the word trade in them okay and you can see that this can be super super simple and also kind of slow but how many of you guys are like yeah this okay this is pretty simple I mean I'm literally just copying pasting kind of asking it what's going on looking at the data having it look at the data and finding out what's available that looks good like this list here these are all worth money it just depends on what's available and I'm going to do this here and I'm not even going to buy these so some lucky people might be able to buy the ones I'm showing here and all I ask is if you sell it for a lot just come tell me so I can brag about you right so we're going to look at this here out of a hundred we have one or two one available cheap trade Excel Okay so two of your 41 are available let's try maybe a little bit longer how about up to 15 letters okay maybe a little bit longer do I check the data first in ahrefs before I buy in this strategy we are quite simply just flipping names so no I mean you can that's an extra plus but you don't really need to okay so now we have a list with 15 letters so I'm guessing our um are amount that are available is probably going to be better on this list so out of 99 we got 43 okay some of them are expensive trade flexible not bad trade enhancer trade Creator okay that one's expensive specialized trade optimizers that's kind of cool um trade complex trade prospects trade generator pioneering so some of these are looking like hey that's pretty cool trade flexibility cool so that's looking not bad let's try how about with the word Financial right how many of you guys are digging this let me know we only got 109 likes I think I don't know I think this is worth a little bit more than 109 likes but you tell me you be the judge right because this is something where I can literally go out there and figure out what is available look them up and and with that sample list this is the estimated values of the sample list that I got now I'm guessing like that freshrefinance.com how many of you guys are like are you kidding me that's a pretty darn good one coin Finance trade Auto Finance Zone clean credit yourself smart profit income how many of you guys are like dude this list these are easily worth more than fifty dollars each if I do Squad help or something else it could be worth even more how many of you guys are like this makes sense and you guys watched on uh Monday's video where I bought these live now this is a little bit different because here we're looking at the nine dollar guys because here's the deal if I buy them for 50 you can get nine dollar ones five to one right so you invest five uh fifty dollars you have five domains five chances to make more where I'm only at one so you can kind of take a look at this and say yeah this this can work and then what we're going to do is we're going to talk about aggressive ways to sell these because you can actually reach out to companies and and start looking at uh selling these which is super important so let's see what we have here we'll go back over here and see what we got see what's available okay a lot of these see how a lot of these have value that tells us like you could look at this and be like oh man these are taken they're too much money or I could look at it and say chat GPT came up with domains that are worth money let me say that again chat gbt came up with domains that are worth money so we're looking here of the 67 domains most of them are actually worth money because they're on sale for money so we're going to look at this and say okay what if we do Financial rocks Financial Peak let's see Financial Stoke Pros Financial touch could be good Financial rocks I say I don't know what Financial rocks are but let's see what it says here so that's saying it's worth 1500 Financial Rebel events stories Financial domain self so if I could do this long enough and find good ones would Financial rocks work Maybe I think it'd be good for like a company that is to help people that are struggling financially um and and that's something that we can go through and say hey okay so now let's do you know let's let's see what sells so I could go to name bio I can do let's do this year 2023 so what do we see for 2023 that is selling okay I think I forgot to show the screen so we'll show it now um Holdings interesting okay so Holdings has quite a bit let's do this let's see um Holdings let's see if there's a lot that sell for the word Holdings there are okay and some of these are 100 bucks 50 bucks whatever and you know what they're all over nine dollars which is good we could do by price because I think yeah these are by date so if we do by price how close is the GoDaddy evaluation to prices domains actually sell for um so when you're using GoDaddy appraisal the domains are going to be grossly under valued for domains that are good for domains that are complete garbage it's overvaluing them so we have to do the work here that's why we're using chat GPT so like here I can do now come up with 100 domains with the word Holdings Holdings less than 15 letters for a financial investment company okay so now we're going to go like this okay where do we sell the domains I'll get into that in just a minute I want to make sure that you guys get this part because this part's super important and I will tell you if you have a good domain they will find you most of the time if I have a good domain they reach out to me like someone from GoDaddy will come to me and be like I have a buyer for your domain what do you want to sell it for and you know I'm not going to jump at the first price like I think the one last week they started really low I said seven thousand we settled on four thousand and that was a domain I bought for forty dollars so you guys see this stuff works now um it is it can be risky because you're investing your money but you have to understand okay let's see so a lot of these are DOT net there's some dot dot coms and basically if there's anything here Prime C Holdings proceed Holdings I don't know why I put the C invest Holdings funds Holdings that could work uh let's see it's here Holdings Global invest Holdings so quick holdings.net maybe global let's see what else we got secure fine Holdings top Holdings so there's some good ones in here that are looking pretty good nothing super standoutish let's see now try only.com and with no random letters okay so we'll do like this all right so now we're getting somewhere I'm guessing a lot of these are probably taken but again it doesn't matter like all I'm doing is playing the odds copy and paste copy and paste find something good buy it resell it so we look here and we can say like this and I'm actually coming out with a tool that's going to bulk look them up for you so the profit scoop will have that just follow my stuff if you want the free tools we're going to have more actually wow there's quite a few here that I thought this list was not going to have a lot available but it actually did value Holdings um is this the same list let's see okay I don't know if that was I think it might have been the same list as last time let's do this again how many of you guys are digging this smash the like button uh right now I'm using chat gpt3 because I don't want to time it out okay so here we have invests Holdings smarts Holdings Global quick so there's a couple in here it didn't really do the job of getting rid of the extra characters let's see what else we got let's try see what else there is here on the top domains this year because that's like okay if I can find some this year so help.com went for three million okay so maybe let's see let's say try some try 100 domains with the word help dot at the end such as best let's do mental let's just do help.com like that building like that it should do the trick and again remember it's actually um it's actually going through and it's basing this on what it learned already so this is coming up with quite a few actually 100 to be exact ly right and so all I got to do and you will find some good ones it is going to find some that will sell now I will tell you focus on cash flow do not focus on trying to get cute and guess the best domain that's not going to work we want to focus on cash flow can you do the cute method yeah you will get some once in a while but what we want to do is focus on this like a business because what happens if a business runs out of cash flow it's out of business so what we want to do is take a look here say okay we got 98.

how many are and reg Home Makeover help teamwork help career guidance help so in this list in my opinion again I'm not an investment counselor all I do is buy and sell domains is what I've done for a long time um but what I'm seeing is there are some here I think I could probably sell and again my goal is what if I can sell them for nine dollars career advice help that one I think I can probably sell right career advice help this is saying okay dating advice help went for 50 EDU Business debt help career advice help let's try career advice isolate it to career career advice went for 15K dot net careers advice career Solutions I think I have a winner there I think that could definitely work let's see what else we have um investment advice help content writing help that's pretty good that'd be a good one for AI right Fitness and Nutrition help let's try shortening them try less than 12 letters okay okay so now we're getting can you make 200 and we wait and wait sing a little song while we wait if you like the singing smash the like button all right here we go so now we got 200 of them okay that gave us a lot of dot helps uh.com only not help please there we go okay now that missed the point but it did give us some interesting ones so like these look like good ones that would be good for Squad help where you're actually making like a business let's see how many of these are available right how many of you guys think um this is fun I don't know maybe I'm a weirdo but I think this is actually pretty fun um and we can go through and be like okay let's see what we got here okay so it did do a good job some of these are worth money orbixio that one I mean I don't know I'd take a little risk on those 30 bucks for all of them if I get them at namecheap not bad all right and then we could see okay are is there any value it's going to be weird if valuing these ones but hey look at there's some weird ones there that that sold um and we can even use name bio or estebot to figure out what they're worth but let's go here and let's try this list okay and again if you guys think you can do this smash the like button this is something that's super simple you don't need to buy a course you just go out there and and you do it again be careful because you would be investing but if you wanted a way to do this with no risk you can actually go on Fiverr and find domains for people like I think if you go let me see if I can find Fiverr here and I've actually tested this out uh buying them let's do domain name domain name right there's people on Fiverr that are selling domain names right creative business domain I will brand or business name with domain 225 brainstorm business names forty dollars Handler some domain thing craft of domain ten dollars catchy business name seventy five dollars I mean this is pretty cool like this is something that you can do and it's not that hard to do right you just put it up there and some of these guys like this one here that's some WordPress here's a domain name one he's got 271 sales 258.

41. so I mean people are definitely buying this stuff which is looking pretty cool how many of you guys are like yeah this this makes sense this is something that I can see actually working right this is something that you know is not that hard to do let's try another one let's see what other stuff there is giveaway um bonus you can do bonus or home let's try home how about 12 letters or less with the word home please only.com and all words must make sense 200 domains please okay so it's going to go through like this um okay 200 please right like this come on feel like at the bowling alley when you when you're about to miss and you have to like stop to make it go that's what we're doing here right I remember seeing here how this works there we go all right so it gave us 110.

well we'll we'll just go with it so here we have these again some of them will be taken some of them won't but we need to go through and say okay let's make this work because there's gonna be some zingers in there Nest Allure dreamy home home desk home home humility so there's a couple in here that are looking good um let's see what else here let's try how about how about domains with the word AI in them dot com only please in words that make sense up to 15 letters okay pretty cool how many prompts can you do in gpd4 I think 25 an hour okay so here we have lots of AI ones can you do 200 so we'll go here and again if this comes up like you might come across to Zinger that's like holy cow that thing's gonna sell for a lot um and you kind of have to know what you're looking for which I have some other domain videos that'll talk about how to do this and if you know how to do that which we're showing you here so you should know how to do it it's pretty simple so we're going to go like this so here's the AI domains synthin AI discover aiai path IAI open mind a optimind AI that's kind of cool it's 350 bucks but it's okay um that one does not say AI in it but you know to each his own I don't know what AI is thinking on that chat GPT you might be reading the wrong website there perform AI uh logic IAI mind AI so there's a couple in here that could be good let's try try 200 but without the extra letters in the words okay okay so that no AI some of these are actually okay aipow.com let's see here yeah some of these are interesting like this is looking like a good list for Squad help or like an actual business or something like that and again if we focus on cash flow that's where the key is that's where the rubber meets the road because then we're going to go through and say oh this is something that I can sell and of course like I want to know that I can lowball this if I had to AI pal aware n a i so and some of these you can actually go through and say well maybe just maybe I can tweak these a little bit and come up with aware AI come on so we're saying that's got a good value and this will really show the rubber meeting the road because AI stuff is crazy come up with 200 domains like this one word plus AI and I mean imagine I've been on this this training for an hour and 15 minutes how many of you guys would spend an hour and 15 minutes if you could buy a domain that was worth a thousand dollars or five hundred dollars or um 20 bucks right how many of you guys would do that and again results not typical apply to guaranteed but I think you're understanding hey this is something that if done right like look at this some some of these are going for a ton and so we start to look at it and say okay um negative v a i negative VII it keeps adding extra letters um let's see maybe we could do like remove the extra letters or something please remove the extra letters from this list gotta say please gotta make the robots uh happy right okay so that removed it looks like it removed something by not whites is that because where a I know okay so you might need to go in each one and remove that which you could do simply by just going to like a find replace uh let's do please change all instances of aiai to just AI John says total legit Biz I I agree I think this is a incredibly legit business if you look at it the right way again look at it like a business focus on cash flow focus on what I can actually use and then focus on where you're going to sell them because where you sell them is going to be important and we're going to get into that in just a minute okay so we got 107 and then it stopped there okay so there we go and I got it to remove them which is good now I'm guessing that a lot of these will be taken which is fine we're gonna play the odds and say well maybe there's the diamond in the rough that we can find using Ai and actually I'm actually pretty surprised that a lot of these are not taken and if we look at them we will be able to find them again it has to do with looking at them and seeing what we can do did it actually take the Vai okay maybe I now it's got the Vai here is that the one v a i let's see yeah there's a couple there and then we can look at other stuff that's selling here home AI generator see that like that AI generator went for 81 000 which is crazy and I could be like okay come up with 100 variations of this domain using the word a i plus one other word that makes sense okay yes so this is giving us a lot here and again we're just going to play the odds I'm going to be like okay virtual says I wasn't already doing this all day long the trick will be to sell them well what you're going to do is you're going to sell them so we're going to use GoDaddy auctions and we'll get into this in just a minute GoDaddy auctions we're going to use Squad help we're going to use after Nick and we're going to price them right okay what we want to do is look at it like a business and looking at it like a business I know a lot of people are gonna be like oh hey this one's worth a lot okay AI curator 27 or 2500 it still hasn't sold yet it's probably been up there a long time so is he priced too high or is he in the wrong place that might be a good one for Squad help you probably get a lot more over there when you look at AI let's see AI coder Studio not bad a i n genius AI Mastermind AI visioneer That's is that spelled right that's pretty decent AI visioneer that's spelled correctly so that there is a hand Reg ioneer says it's worth a thousand I mean I don't know I think that domain alone was probably worth the last hour and 20 minutes I spent how many of you guys type 90 minutes or what is an hour it's almost 90 minutes so type in 90 minutes if you think it's worth it let me know because it's like okay if I can find these AI visioneer or something like that AI Visionary Pro AI curator Pro um AI connect that one went for a lot um or was going for a lot yeah Constructor AI advisor and we could just do this all day long AI crafter Pro um let's try 100 more please try using words related to content and AI okay so now we got content ones and it does its work while we sing AI marketer Pro not bad it's starting to get a little tired you can tell maybe maybe chat GPT you need my coffee I don't know maybe we got our T-Rex coffee cup there all right so we could take this one and go back to the drawing board here right here proud says I only put real I only I put only use real words yes that can help sometimes adding an extra con thing would help though so AI content genius Pro AI video master I could sell that AI content nah um AI content lab Pro AI Media Hub AI social media Pro okay AI video editor so I mean a lot of these are actually available now these are they're not like super amazing AI content pro hub AI text editor Pro okay that's probably sellable am I gonna get ten thousand dollars for it no but if I buy it for nine and I can sell it for anything above nine I'm in business I mean like I don't know Walmart and Amazon get completely Rich selling things for a little bit more than they buy them for AI copywriter Studio right that would be a good one yeah copywriter Studio okay let's see if there's some others um let's see AI Media Hub AI video master I did like that one [Music] okay AI cloud system so some of these are going for a little bit there let's see what else we got so many tabs open AI media video creator dictionary words works for me yeah you can do that tell him say something to say a chat bot similar to chat GPT you could use that yeah um let's see AI content labs let's try shorter ones try shorter versions with dictionary words only are you guys digging this smash the like button there I think it's mad at me it's like Marcus I I'm done finding you money okay let's say please please 200.

I will wait and we wait all right so that's kind of the idea of what we're doing and again you can see so when we go to sell them we're going to take a look at different places to sell them um so here's here's a recap number one we need to recognize the value of our domain we need to understand and use chat gbt to kind of help us understand what sells and why next we need to set realistic goals and actually go out there and and look at what it is these are going to sell for okay then we're going to go through look at market trends keyword popularity and demand you can use keywords for this as well then we're going to use appraisal tools like GoDaddy appraisal estebot evaluate and others now we need to look at these as guidelines not as full on this is not gospel truth here then what we're going to do is we're going to sell these on afternit GoDaddy auctions Seadoo flipper or Squad help now if you're using Squad help you can actually use AI to make a little brandable business type thing now if you want to go a step further you can actually build the site sell it as a website again when when you look at it if we're using AI to set this up I could spend two hours get a domain build a website make a logo set it up and then offer it for sale as a whole package very simple and you got to ask yourself if I do that in two hours would it be worth it to sell for a hundred dollars or three hundred dollars or five hundred dollars or whatever it is based on the value of the domain and when you start to understand this it's very very important and this is a business that anyone can do and if we go through and we start to look at this in a objective way like a business that's where the key is gonna be right and we start to understand okay here's some more AI ones the shorter ones are going to be key like if I can do this long enough and find a short one that someone didn't catch I could potentially have a really really big payday right how many of you guys get that type big payday in the Box because if I can do this and be like okay I'm just I'm gonna do this all day if I could do this all day and find something that looks really good and then go and actively sell it boom I could be Off to the Races now this one a little bit different here nothing available okay so let's try uh more okay 200 more and I can just keep doing this literally takes a couple of seconds that is if the AI is nice to us right so smash a like button if you see that this could be a big payday and that's Joseph Joseph is in the chat um he actually joined our domain class I think in 2021 and he's bought and sold lots of valuable domain names he's actually made a good bit with him okay and what do you think about this strategy here uh Joe based on what you've learned and what you've done uh with your domain stuff because I know you've had a couple of big paydays and let's see here okay those are taken let's try let's try getting out of the AI world and maybe maybe we could do some with blockchain or let's see Cloud Tech maybe Tech how about some with the word Tech yeah it seems like yesterday you're loving it okay cool what was your most recent big sale okay so here we have these he already bought a few from this web I say I can't multitask otherwise I would have bought them so Joe will let us know how he does with those ones he bought and um now what are you seeing Joe based on what you've learned here like are you seeing something that's of value as a domain buyer or do you think uh you know Mark this is just another AI Fancy Pants thing or are you seeing some that are like oh yeah I can make money with those those are looking pretty good now here we have actually have a lot Tech AI Dev a AI Pioneers Tech AI develop Tech AI mind so there's quite a few here some are like complete garbage some are good Tech AI Studio AI makers Tech so some of these are really good some of them are like complete junk let's try another word here Joe says it's a great strategy so we'll we'll take his word for it there and he is a domain buyer it's funny I remember I was on a um on a call with this guy about domains and you know I just kind of do my thing here in my office I'm not um how about with the word refinance I'm not like big in these industries um as far as like talking to other people I just kind of keep to myself and so I was on this call these people were interviewing me about domains and they're like did you know that like eight figure domain buyers and sellers watch your content they actually watch you and I was like really I just I'm just here in my house I didn't know anything about it um and they actually watched my content because apparently I I know what I'm doing and apparently I remember last I think it was 2021 I got a call from GoDaddy and the phone rang yeah exactly Joe don't go crazy spending too much money be very strategic I would say by 20 25 sell one before you buy any more unless you see like you know something like a Zinger but be very careful and if you're if you're iffy handwrench by the ones that are nine dollars right so if I can go refi but GoDaddy called me and they're like yeah hey how you doing I'm like good and he's like yeah I just want to check on you I'm like okay this is weird and he's like hey did you know you're one of our biggest domain buyers I'm like me really like like you're not talking to the guy behind me me I'm one of your apparently um I am so like refinance radar that what do you think of that one Joe or refinance Matrix uh let's see what else refinance Mastermind refinance speed assistant refinance mind I mean there's some here that I would think are like refinance scope or Radar Radar I could sell that one I could probably sell I mean not probably I could sell it but disclaimer just in case I can right um refinance Zone uh 1800 bucks and on and on we go which is pretty cool Joe says so AI prompts are two popular trends that are big right now yeah absolutely so prompts we can do how about 100 domains with marketing terms and the word prompt like copy writing prompts .com please.com only I'm going to put 200 just because I like Saving Time right so we're gonna go here and we'll do this here um you would flip these ASAP the AI ones you would okay so now these are a little long promo strategy prompt okay so some of these are a little long but some of them are okay let's see what's available and again how many of you guys think you can do this I want you to let me know in the comments below if you think this is another junk side hustle business video that you cannot use conversion prompt did we just find a Zinger Joe conversion prompt I am going to resist the urge to buy that one because I really want to I mean digital marketing prompt Camp I'm a strategy Joe thanks bro this is this is a good one how many of you guys are looking at this and you're like uh wait a minute did we just hit the jackpot I I think this could be conversion prompt market research prop campaign prompt promo and all I ask is if you buy these tell me how much you sell them for so that I can brag about you content marketing brand strategy I mean I don't know I think I think you need to give Joe a thumbs up because he's the one who told me to use prompt and this is looking pretty good some of these are junk search engine prompt decent uh lead conversion creative ideas brand identity prompt let's try um the word brand can work or let's try shorter versions please 15 letters or less okay and again like Joe said don't go crazy you don't want to go spending thirty thousand dollars on a bunch of domains you think are going to sell now start small sell one first prove the concept first go out there and and be strategic and if it doesn't sell make it sell right like even even though I have money to invest in these I'm not going to go crazy right I'm going to be very strategic about what I want and why and I'm going to think what is it I'm buying this for like these here what is the actual reason I'm buying it who is going to buy this if you can't answer who's gonna buy it then you shouldn't buy it right you need to know exactly what you're going to do now some of these I think we got 84 available I think of this list my chances of making my nine dollars back is pretty safe right so I I think we're looking okay let's try another one and then uh we'll go from there you guys digging this we can go a little bit longer if you want type keep going if you want me to keep going I'll be like AI you can just tell me to keep going and I'll just keep going um influencer prompt hey digital Mar market research Pro cust prompt contempt prompt some of these are okay growth hack prompt I don't like the two h's together um brand there's a couple like influencer prompt I'd bag that one definitely um how about some related how about how about some 200 domains with the word Dental or dentist and relevant words 12 letters or less boom so we'll keep going here and I can go for another 10 minutes because I do have our meme profits call after this so now we have a lot of dentist ones and again like this is a lot of people don't believe it but this is what I do for a living right this is what I do if you go through like hey let's see what's available and now with AI it has gotten so much easier so we got Dental Center Pro let's see Dental Works Plus Dental wise Dental direct dental places and some of these you'll find there will be a Zinger in here let's see I liked uh Dental Center Pro Dental wise try some variations with words like uh Center what else budget City Etc would you restructure these to make them more profitable before trying to sell or place them up for sale as they are it depends on the name so like we're going to look at the name and say okay what can we do with this and is it sellable as is and again what's our cash flow like now here's the deal guys when we're dealing with AI I could literally have ai build the site get the content make it build and there we go right super super simple um and that's kind of what we're looking at like Dental Smile that's 18 Grand that's I mean that'd be a pretty good one to buy for nine bucks if you were able to come across that and that's what this is about so here we have dentistbudget.com and different things like that let's see Dental Care text dentist budget interesting dentist budget dentist budgets so there's some interesting stuff in there and if you can start to look at like okay what is it that is actually selling what is it that we can use and how can we use this in a simple way and when you start to look at that it's like okay now I'm getting somewhere and I can use this in a very simple way and then again when I go to sell them I'm going to look at all this stuff and say okay well am I going to put it at auction if I put it at auction you know maybe I could sell it for 100 bucks or a thousand bucks or whatever it is and you might be surprised at some of them that sell if we were to look at today's auctions I don't know if I have it open here let's see GoDaddy auctions GoDaddy auctions um you're gonna see that some of these like they don't really make sense right you're gonna see like okay um maybe we'll go go switch to Classic because we like that but we're gonna see okay so that I have no idea why this is worth so much no clue I mean we could go to ahrefs and see like is it actually you know um nothing like so it's it's literally nothing why is that worth money like if we go to the GoDaddy appraisal tool it says twelve thousand now I don't know maybe it's a one word in a different language but I mean you look at that and you're like wait a minute why is that worth so much and then you have stuff like organic life okay I can look at that and say come up with 12 letter domains with the word organic and some other dictionary word that makes sense okay and we're seeing that this is based on data organic life 15 000 already with six days to go I think organic domains are going to be pretty good uh do you pay to promote the domains at auction you can but I mean if you get good domains people will come find you and then another way to sell them that people don't talk about is put a page up like you guys know um I sell mine all the time over at domains.blogprofit Network domains dot blogprofit network.com I have this simple little site that sells domains all the time I just list them here um and the cool thing is is they will show up so if you Google these a lot of them will show up um but we're seeing here with this list right we have organic so now we have these organic domains right here and we can do bulk search see what's there again hit and miss some of them will show up organic Verve um organic Flair that's not bad like is it going to sell for 90 bazillion dollars probably not but can I turn a profit on it I think so and organic Flair that's okay organic spire organic dust organic whatever and you could just say okay keep going 200 more right like this what happens when the auction time is over can you sell it again if it does not sell yeah you could put it back up so here's some organic ones it's waiting and waiting like this and like I said watch this video a couple times because there's some things in here that you might have missed there's some good stuff in here this is literally one of the ways that I make a living um here go here and then the video in the description will go deeper into it and then download my notes .com is where uh you can get my notes so we'll go here like that and there's quite a few so it's looking pretty good all right guys if you guys dug this video uh smash that like button I think there's a lot of good stuff that you can use to turn a profit this is a real actual business that you can use if you are focused virtual says what starting price well if you want to get it to kind of boost up you can just start it at the the regular 12 or whatever and then let people bid it up or you could start it higher I find that letting people bid it up usually is going to do better so you just kind of have to focus on that do I have to pay to be on auction I believe you pay when it sells depending on the place that you're selling it so it'll be like a commission or whatever but a lot of times you'll just get an email that's like hey I want to buy your domain or whatever um organic lively that's actually pretty good organic cluster so there's some in here that are pretty good and I think in this training if you go back through it you are going to see there are some domains that probably will sell pretty good so smash the like button check out the video in the description head over to downloadmynotes.com for the notes and then if you want to be on my AI domain buying and selling training check out blogprofitnetwork.com that's my training where you can go on there every week every Tuesday we have a call you can ask questions you can go through and and get answers you could ask about sites you could ask about domains and this week on I think when's what's next Tuesday and it gets the something whatever next Tuesday is we're going to be talking it is the 13th we're going to be talking about Ai and domains so if you want to learn more about this blogprofitnetwork.com is the place to go we have calls every week we've got all kinds of tools and stuff awesome stuff that's where you can get training and learn from me personally if that's what you want to do I think it's great A lot of people are in there cool stuff Have Fun smash the like button check

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