I Created A Perfect ChatGpt Article In 45 Minutes – [Make Me $50K In September 2023]

today we are going to write the perfect blog post together using chat GPT this is a very simple No Frills video that if you follow along you can get some good results now the first thing we're going to need is a topic and a little bit of knowledge about that topic so you're going to want to do some leg work some research to find things that AI normally wouldn't come up with let me show you an example in this example today we're going to write about a forum called The Warrior Forum this is something that used to be big in Internet marketing and we're going to talk about how it works so first let's go through and take a look at how jck gbt actually parses this information we could say something like tell me a little bit about the warrior Forum this is going to go through and get us some information about this topic and let's see what it comes up with because what we're going to want to do is add to this right it's going to tell us the basics and then we're going to go through and ask some more specific stuff and get the perfect perfect piece of content based on the keywords that we want we could see here it's going through it gives us the history of when it was created what the War Room was it's going to talk about the special offers here it's going to talk about the topics covered what kind of things people talk about on the Forum how the community works and on and on we go so as we can see it's doing some interesting stuff here to find out more about this Warrior for so we're getting like a little lay of the land of how this stuff works now what we're going to want to do is we're going to add things to this mix we're going to say well what kind of marketers started on this forum or if you were doing a certain type of Atkins diet maybe you can ask who are some celebrities that are on the Atkins diet what do doctors say that are against it what do doctors say that are for it or something like that so in this example I can say now please tell me some people who got big in internet marketing from this forum list at least 20 people and we're going to see different things like that where we had launches and different stuff that was created with this forum and then we can see when it was acquired and how it was acquired and what that means now we could see it says Alan says mike Phils who is another one who was popular Frank karna did his Mass control method there Evan Pagan lots of people started out on this forum and we could see here it's going on and on talking about different people that were big on the Forum and how they started their internet marketing career then of course doing a little bit of research on our own we can go through and say how about people like James Jones Jason fladen and other marketers big in the wso community this is going to go through and give us some other people this is super important because what it's going to do is it's going to give us unique content that other people aren't going to think about which is going to give us a really good piece of content that people are going to want to read and Google's going to want to rank on the search engines and here we can see it's listing out several other people here talking about the different wso launches and different things like that and then we can even see number 10 is the guy who started Warrior plus so we're going to get a lot of different things here and what's going to happen is we're going to be able to piggyback this on different keywords as you could see here we have Warrior Forum but if we were to go open up a new keyword tab here type in Warrior plus now we're going to see that there's over 3400 different results for the word Warrior plus which is interesting now again I'm not commenting on the validity of these programs or tools or things offered therein we're simply creating a piece of content about this topic I don't use either of these platforms but I think it's good to understand as part of marketing and you guys are going to see how this fits into my journey in marketing once I turn this perfect blog post into an upand cominging video so stick around for that but we could see here that there's lots of traffic for this keyword lots of traffic for this keyword and in creating the perfect blog post what we want to do is talk about what these are how they're founded and what people want on each of these platforms so what we're doing is we're starting out by just getting information on a topic we can see here we've got quite a bit of information to start with now let's dive in and say now please tell me more about Warrior plus it's going to go in and get the information on the warrior plus stuff which is very important this is something that is tying into the topic that we want so that we are getting something that people are actually going to want to read instead of going out there and just having chat GPT write some article or giving it some prompts for SEO in terms of what you think will rank or what other people say say will rank what we want to do is we want to provide the perfect piece of content based on what someone looking up these terms is going to want to read this is super super important and we could see here it's doing a good job of talking about the history the marketplace and how it works and now we have some good information on Warrior plus people who started on the Forum how the Forum worked and all different things of that nature and now what I'm going to do is paste in some information to let chat GPT know that we are going to create an article together I can say something like excellent thank you now let's create an article together it's going to say okay you're welcome and then it'll go through and say let's create this okay and we're going to go through and say first I am going to give you some information what this is going to do is it's going to let me give it information and it's going to read it and create the article in LI or in the mindset of the information now the information that I am going to paste is going to be a comparison that I had that I had chat GPT do on an article that did not pass AI detection and the same article that did pass AI detection what it did is it came up with a list of differences between the two articles that I can paste in here and say okay here are two different scenarios and different types of articles that are created one being the one that didn't pass two being the one that did pass obviously we want to pass AI detection so we're going to put in number two here let's use article two right like that and now it looks like it's creating an article about human touch in digital content which isn't exactly what we want but we're going to let it go ahead and continue anyway because it's actually learning about human content versus AI content and I think this is helpful and now that it went through and said this we're going to say okay great thanks for that now let's use the info earlier about wso Warrior forum and Warrior plus to make an article in the same idea as article to the human one with all the info we talked about these platforms who uses them ECT now it's going to go through and create based on this topic and again we're going to get the information we're going to be curious about what's going on we're actually going to read the content and see where we can expand and make it better for example remember how I went through and said okay give me some people who used it but then I used my knowledge of who actually used it and put those in the mix as well and again these are going to be very very important and very pivotal to your success online and now we can see that what it came up with is actually pretty skimpy it doesn't really talk about the warrior for as much so what we're going to do is kind of lead it down a path we want to go down so let's go up here and take this chunk of information right here and say now please create an intro about the warrior Forum using this info okay now it's going to go through and it's going to tweak this info here and write the intro based on that information so that we can get a more robust article now as we go along to create this perfect blog post I'm going to go through and I'm going to create them in a word pad and compile them in a way that's going to build the perfect article for me so we're going through here and we could see okay ever stumbled across this here here's the wso here's all this stuff okay very important and again we're going to go through and we are going to take information that it gives us expand on it get information that it gave us in the beginning and expand on that as well so now we have have this here and we can see exactly what it looks like so diving deep into the warrior Forum a digital marketer's Oasis let's do something like how about an intro using all the info and points and let's title the article the warrior Forum was it the beginning of making money online question mark and we'll do something like that that way we can kind of direct it where we want to go with this article because what I have in mind here is I want to create something that's kind of like oh was this like the grandfather of all the Mak money online offers that are out there or how did it start and we're seeing that it is changing it a little bit for us talking about what these people did how they started it how it worked and everything like that okay so now we have a good start now we're getting here and we'll put this into our our word pad so we can kind of see where we're at so we have the warrior Forum was at the beginning of making money online in the ever whatever landscape it's going through it's talking about how it was founded in 1997 at its core what was it it was about discussions wsos um SEO strategies paperclick then it went through and jumped straight to 2014 so we're we're going to go through and we're going to fill in the gaps here right like this and we can actually go and create this piece of content here now it's very important that as I go along I'm going to want to put these in a plagiarism tool like grammarly and figure out okay is this actually plagiarized is it good content what's going on here and we'll go like this and just make sure that it passes the test now the reason I want to pass the test is because I actually do like this stuff here and it's seems like this is the only thing that's not really plagiarism that's probably on millions of websites so I didn't I don't so I don't need to worry about that one now let's go ahead and add this in here and we could see from integrate discussions so I'm going to paste this right here right like this and then I can put I think it was 8 7 six five and then I think it just went up I think it was eight I believe so so 4 3 2 one I believe we have it right let's just make sure here we got uh one history War Room yes so we're looking good here so now we can go through and say uh this is how it started right here is an overview of the Forum and how it changed through the years okay boom right like that now we can see we got the beginning looking good now we have the overview which is the one two 3 four five 6 7 8 okay then it goes through this is when it actually got sold it's got the free content and then it's talking about so as we delve deeper um was the warrior Forum truly the Genesis of making money online or was it a pivotal chapter in in a much larger narrative excellent now we are going to go through and take the parts that we talked about earlier with the people who started um then we could say something like here is a list of marketers that have been big on the platform so we can go through and it's got 20 up here and 10 here so what I could do is I could say now please make a master list of these put those ones in there these ones here with the descriptions and also with the numbers and remove any duplicate names that way we're not getting duplicate people on this so now we're going here and we can see exactly how this works now again being armed with the knowledge before you get started is going to be very very very important because what we know is we know okay from doing this for a while I know that JV zoo was born out of the warrior forum and was born out of warrior special offers and and Warrior plus and stuff like that so when we go through we're going to be like okay now throw this into the mix and what's going to happen here is that is going to give you some information that other people aren't going to be able to have other people that are going to struggle and they're not going to know this stuff because they're simply just asking hey write an article about the warrior stuff or whatever that's not going to give you good output what we want is very very very good output and we could even go through and do another pass on this information watch this this is going to be crazy so once this is done the next pass I'm going to do is talk about some of the top products these people have this is going to be an article that's going to be absolutely amazing when it comes to the make money online industry and that's kind of what I'm after here is I want something that's like the make money online industry overview and how the warrior Forum played into that excellent so now we have this list now please create the list again exactly how it is but add two to three top products from each person listed what this is going to do is now it's going to give us the products that those people have listed that are popular and the idea here is that this will also ping against keywords like Google Sniper which does in fact still get some searches so we can pick up some extra traffic by having that in the mix and we can see it's actually doing a pretty good job creating the different products and things like that that are based on what these people did and now we can see it did the list of 30 and it has all the products that they had listed under each person so now I can go through go back to my word pad over here and right where it says this stuff I can say now let's look now let's look at some top marketers who used this forum right and then we go through and put those down here now before we get the final output again I'm going to want to run this through grammarly right like this make sure that the plagiarism check passes right here like this and it does look like it's 100% original so you can see here we are actually getting a very good piece of content here that is going to give people a super awesome overview of what the warrior forum is how it worked people who used it and different things like that so now we have was it the beginning intro history War Room Warrior special offers different things of this nature now what I'm going to do is I'm going to ask it more about Warrior special offers and how it became uh how Warrior plus was born now please go into detail on wsos how they worked how popular they were and how Warrior plus came in the mix and then eventually JV Zoo okay so it's going to go into detail in this stuff and as you can see we're getting like the monster of all articles good stuff about this topic for someone who is interested in learning about these platforms and how they work so now we can see here it's going into the wsos it's going to give us a little rundown of how it worked now it's going into Warrior plus how that was founded how it worked talks about the instant payments for affiliates which is one of the big platforms that JV zo that jvz took from them and now it's going into JV zo and how that platform works as well so now we can see we have lots of good stuff here that talks about the differences and the growth and everything like that we can even say now please rewrite this section with some dates earning amounts if any and more info on this stats of these platforms or even Milestones like oh when did they make their first millions or something like that okay here we go now it's going to rewrite that with that information in mind and again we can take these and and run them through the checkers and kind of put them where we see fit to get a really good uh overview now we have the popularity here success stories it's a little vague but I think we can use it for now and definitely has the dates which is very very good definitely has some good numbers here giving us the milestones and now we see the concluding thoughts on that and we don't really need the concluding things I think we can just enter this info into our article right then and there again before we enter it we'll just put it into the uh plagiarism detector over on grammarly and we could see that it's about 4% and this is probably from something else that was about ink now so I don't think that's actual plagiarism I think it's just a sentence that someone else uses that's very similar okay and if you want you can change it and say they also got a spot in the Inc 5000 in 2026 2017 right or 201617 now it's passing the test right so that that's something very simple that you can do now when we go back to our word pad we're going to add this here and we can say okay here is the difference between the wsos and different things like that and talks about the warrior plus now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through and I am going to obviously put our numbers in here right so there's the warrior special offers how they worked posting everything like that now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through and say um what are some ways people can still make money using wsos and the warrior Forum okay very simple and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take it a step further and I'm going to ask it for some platforms that are similar so notice how what we're getting here is a much better piece of content than just saying hey make an SEO optimized article about about the warrior form no what we're doing is we're thinking ahead and understanding and anticipating why would someone want to read this how is it going to help them and also how can it help us understand the topic in a better way so we're going here and we're seeing okay here are some things they can do to make money on the warrior Forum okay so we can do this we'll just copy from here and we'll go down even more down here okay and we're seeing here that it actually does have some good tips that we can use and then I think some of these are a little too vague so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to stop at this list of 10 here so I'll do like this here put it into grammarly and we could see if it has any plagiarism stuff very important looks like it's original so we're good there put this into our topic here here are some ways you can still make money with the warrior forum and wsos okay put that info right in there you can go through and 10 n and sometimes if you use Microsoft Word it will still keep the formatting but I mean it's not that hard to go in and number these and one of the things to realize also is that this works even if you're selling content like you can go and you can look over on Fiverr for AI content content so if you do like AI content over here you can see people are actually um charging for AI content which is pretty cool so we can see here's a AI content generator um AI content editing custom AI prompts and different things like that here's proof reading um AI content 20 AI content articles so like this here uh 20 AI content articles for $60 here's one for uh $15 and on and on we go and we can go through and a lot of these people will want articles so if you do articles and blog post you could see $20 here $60 here and I've done this we're at minute 34 on this video I've been taking breaks but I I've kept the recording going for the specific purpose of figuring out how long it takes from start to finish to create this article so if you were able to charge 60 25 20 bucks or even uh 7 $ like this guy right that would be let's say it takes me an hour that's still $70 an hour which is not anything to slou at that's a pretty good uh living for some people and we can see here that we have a good piece of content started now what I'm going to do is I'm going to say now please make a table of similar websites like the warrior Forum right like this okay it's going to make a table of the different um websites and different things like that and they'll probably have like benefits or or different things that will give us an idea of what they work with so here's a website and the description so we got digital point Forum pretty good that's that's a very popular one black hat Forum so notice how these are all very specific to making money online forums this is actually a very good piece of content if I was to pay for this and and I used to do this a year ago before AI I would pay someone to make all the notes on a topic for me about something like this and it would cost me usually I'd have to get three people to write that way I get enough between the three of them to put something cohesive and good together and then even then a lot of them would fail so it would cost me $300 and take a couple days for them to get back to me and I mean using AI we're getting a much better product and we're getting it very very fast I mean again like I said we got um this in just a matter of minutes and we could see here here's our table again if you wanted to do this in Microsoft Word it will copy over the table for you or you could even do it in um an HTML editor or something like that and and copy it over that way so now we have our table here which is looking pretty good and then we could say something about now please close this whole thing up with a good few paragraphs on making money forums how the industry actually you know what I'm going to go back I'm I'm not going to go there yet first I'm going to say now what are some controversies around the warrior Forum JV zoo and Warrior plus okay that way we get like oh hey here's The Good the Bad and the Ugly getting a good thing then we'll have it wrap it up so now we have this here and it'll say here are the issues quality okay and that's actually this intro is fine I have no problem with this one here so moderation upsells so here's here's the problems people have with it which is looking pretty good okay now it's going into Warrior Plus and it's got a little blurb about how they're actually pretty good even though they've had some some controversies so we'll put that in there okay now we have this under the platforms then we can say now please wrap this whole article up in a few paragraphs and talk about the past present and future of making money online and forums and stuff like that okay so it's going to go through and it'll wrap it up for us and make it a very very put together article in a very simple way it looks like it's duplicating some info so I might not include this one here I probably would just start it here as the internet matured um something like that so this this will probably work here yep I'm going to get rid of this one cuz it's doubling up and I'm just going to get this one here so now we'll take this put this into our word pad here and we could format it make it fancy looking and everything like that and let's go ahead and take this here we're going to put the whole thing into grammarly right over here boom put the entire article into grammarly check it for plagiarism and we can see the only plagiarism thing here is ask questions experiences learn from one another uh let's just put each other right like that and that should solve it there we go now we have uh 0% plagiarism there except for this one which we already except for this one which we already changed and again you would just put Inc 500 list in 201617 like that again now we got zero right so now we are completely free of plagiarism right like that we can also see that this article is right around 2600 words fantastic it's got a table it's got info it's looking pretty good next what we're going to do is make sure we pass AI content detection right like this and it should do pretty good since we put in uh those two examples in the beginning of the Articles and we could see here that the bulk of it passes AI detection there are a couple things that we can tweak so if you wanted to clean that up we can go through and take each batch like this and have the AI rewrite it for us but again as long as it's a good article and it fits what the people want I think it's going to do okay and then if you wanted to take another pass at it we could say something like now please put everything together like this put the article and follow article example 2 to pass AI detection and what it'll do is it'll give it another pass here and kind of go through and see if it'll pass the AI detection for us and this actually this is a much better easier to read AR article which is pretty cool like this is actually kind of probably how I would talk and we could see here that this one is now going to have a better chance at passing AI content detection and we put it in like this and it'll probably give it a score of human text so all we would have to do is go through run another pass make sure that it's keeping the info like here we could see that it actually did fail at putting all 30 here so I would say now now please do the same thing on all 30 people right like that or one of the things I noticed is that portion of the article didn't really get flagged with AI content so I think we're okay there but again going through here you can create the perfect article we're at minute 45 into my creation of this article which means that I think with some Ingenuity you can create a really really good piece of content in about 45 minutes or less you can get it to pass AI detection you can create something that people are actually going to want to read and look at and and utilize and this will do really well and Google will see it as hey this is content that fits what people want and then we're able to lead it to the things that are going to put more money in our pocket with affiliate offers and different stuff like that and if you want to learn more about that make sure you smash a like button and stay tuned for Monday's video where I'm going to be building content for a brand new domain that I'm setting up to show you how I take a business from zero to hopefully $100,000 a year or more and based on my track record I don't think that's going to be too much of a problem and if you want notes from this video check out download myn notes.com

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