I Asked Bing Copilot AI To Find Me Free Money – $7,223 Proof!

today we're going to find money online using Ai and this is a very simple strategy this video is not going to have fluff or Frills or any theatrics we're just going to get straight to the point of what actually works so that you can put money in your pocket yeah and did I mention I have absolute 100% undeniable proof that this works like crazy so let's Dive Right In first of all we can go over to Bing right like this and we can say what are some of the highest earning blogs in history and Bing co-pilot is going to go to work finding some of the top earning blogs ever but this isn't the actual strategy this is just a little teaser of what's to come because I can take a look at this list here and see that some of these blogs and some of these people have made lots of money in different Niche markets and I think we know by now that finding the right Niche means everything when it comes to to making money online so wouldn't it be safe to say that if you were able to find the right niche market you could make tons of money type show me the money as a comment below and I'll show you exactly how to find these niches next we're going to go through and say now please find the URLs for each of these and it's going to go through and find the URLs so we can figure out what's going on it looks like it's putting the URL but then it deletes them so we're going to say please just list the URL like this and it should do a good job let's see if it does it okay so it got one right let's say please make them all linkable like the last one this is super important okay let's try again now please put the URLs only in a code box so I can copy them let's see if this does the trick there we go that's the ticket right there and now we have a list of top blogs that we know for sure make tons of money and if you're thinking Marcus am I going to have to blog the answer is no don't worry keep watching now please remove the numbers and put in a code box we will get this right I promise and now we have a list of some of the blogs that have made the most money in all of history this is going to help us in finding Niche markets that pay lots of money but first here's a little bonus tip for those of you who have an a DS or semrush account this is a paid account but don't worry the rest of this video is going to be about free methods we can copy this list of URLs put it in the batch analysis right like this and we could see exactly why these blogs are making money what keywords they rank for and what the competition looks like and this one actually doesn't look very competitive which means there's a little loophole that we can use to make money keep watching this is about to get really good so now we know that some of these blogs are making a million a month 250,000 a month 880,000 20,000 yeah they're making lots of money we need to find some blogs that we can actually use to get ideas to find hot profitable niches that we can use to make money and the way we're going to do that is super simple we're going to use AI and visit business flipping websites yep that's right stuff like Flippa Empire flippers Fe International website broker Buy sell Empire and on and on we go I actually have a list of these that you can get over at download myn notes.com along with lists of how this strategy works so let's say we go over here to something like flip up what I'm going to do is Click browse choose websites and then I'm going to do content blog that way we could see the content marketers that are using blogging because this is the easiest loow hanging fruit simple way to make money and now we can see all the different blogs that are for sale but I want to take this a step further and make sure that some of these are actually Legit by seeing if they actually sold so I'm going to scroll down here and uncheck open and then check recently sold this is going to give me a huge list of all the blogs and what they sold for for example this one right here only makes like $300 a month and they sold it for $10,000 that's a pretty good payday if you ask me not to mention the fact that the site's 7 years old and it's been making $300 a month that adds up really quick plus most of these websites are not built out to their full potential this one here is about job descriptions and just last week we talked about how to use job applications to make tons of money I'll put that video in the description for you but I digress what we're going to do here is fire up the Bing co-pilot right like this I'm going to say please make a table first I want to make sure I get as many sites as I can in one go we're going to hit 100 items like this there we go now I'm going to say please make a table of all the websites on this page with the amount sold for monthly traffic the niche market and average monthly earnings with monetization method what this is going to do is create me a giant list of all the blogs that recently sold the niche market how much they're making how much they sold for monetization method yeah the whole 9 yards ready boom and as we can see here it's going to work making a table of exactly what we want there's the website amount sold monthly traffic the niche market the monthly earnings and even the monetization method do you see the power in this type powerful method as a comment below to let me know you're paying attention because this when used properly can help you make tons of money I can now take this list copy and paste it right over here to the notepad I was working on with the other websites right like this and then I can say now please find and just list the URLs of the ones available and this is now going to give me the list so I could do the same thing with my keyword tool but once we find something that we like maybe you're interested in Fitness or theme park brochures hey that one was only making 62 bucks and it sold for 6500 now what we're going to do is go over to the Hoth Keyword Planner right like this we can choose the website traffic Checker right here and we can see which ones actually have traffic and rankings now I can take this a step further maybe take one like router control then choose the Google ranking checker on the Hoth right like this and I could see exactly what this site ranks for and what this Niche is is all about and I could see a lot of these have to do with different things about routers internet service Comcast AT&T and on and on we go and this one makes an average of $1,600 a month and sold for $45,000 but don't worry we have a much more Simple Plan and you don't have to spend $45,000 in fact when this domain first started they bought it for around 15 bucks then they just built content around this niche to show exactly what's going on for example is 50 Mbps good for gaming the answer is probably no however 720 people each and every month search for that keyword and since we know they're interested in the speed of internet we can get them over here to offers like fiber Broadband Safelink wireless internet VPN Services Xfinity Comcast and on and on we go and all I would need to do is start answering the questions in a very simple way I could do this with a faceless YouTube channel blog post post on other SES like Reddit quora Pinterest or whatever it is and make money super fast or I can take a look at this one for theme park brochures this guy's ranking for like Epcot map theme park maps not Berry Farm and all different kind of maps related to yeah theme parks and as you can see here there's tons and tons of different websites doing this exact same thing where they're literally just showing you how to find maps for Epcot and we could see here on Pinterest this guy has 10,000 followers he's just posting info about Disney now of course make sure that you don't do any copywritten stuff don't step on any trademarks but sharing information that's available free anyway could work really well and as we could see here they got tons and tons of info about Disney and you might be saying Marcus but what are you going to do there's not really anything to sell well what I would do is travel rewards credit cards is there a rewards credit card for Disney as we know Disney isn't cheap so having a rewards credit card could actually save you lot lots of money and here we see there's actually several different credit cards Disney Premiere Chase Sapphire Capital One Venture and on and on we go so I'm going to take this keyword right here rewards credit card I'm going to go over to spyfu and I'm going to type in rewards credit card right like this to see how much advertisers are paying for every click to their website and we could see here drum roll please $8.13 for one click to their website coming from the keyword credit card rewards so all I would need to do is pick out the keywords I would want to rank for that have low competition post on a free site if I'm doing a free site example or set up a Blog if I want to go that route check out my video in the description about how I've made millions of dollars blogging and then I can put my content on Pinterest YouTube guest blogs then all I do is point that traffic back to me and make tons of money and as you can see here I have a list a road map if you will that guides me straight to the money and it doesn't just stop at flipa we could check out tons of these other websites that are selling other people's blogs websites and businesses and we can see exactly where the money is and if you're excited about this smash a like button check the videos in the description and keep an eye out for Monday's video that's going to show you more about how to get free money online

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