How to Turn What You Know into an Online Business

your skills and expertise that you have right now can be turned into an online business and I'm going to walk you through exactly how to do that in today's video so of course there are many different ways that you could take your knowledge and turn it into a business but the number one way I would recommend for you is to create an online education business there's so much opportunity with this business model and it's also pretty simple to set up and to run especially when we compare to different business types for example you could have a very successful online education business with just you or just you and a virtual assistant and you don't have to deal with a lot of things like shipping inventory and stock issues so what do I mean by online education business I mean that you are taking what you know right now and you are monetizing that through coaching courses memberships or other digital products and you use the tools available to Us online like YouTube and social media in order to grow it so how do you build this the first thing you're going to do is get online and you're going to start to share what you know you're going to get on YouTube or Instagram or Tik Tok and you're going to start to build your Authority in this particular subject all right so you have to do that you have to get online you have to start getting visible and showing people that you do have expertise in that area once you've done that you're going to start to package up your knowledge into different offers for many people they start with one-on-one coaching or one-on-one client work because that is the simplest right you can charge a higher price point for it you require less customers so it's a really great way for you to start bringing in money in your business and it can totally work even when you have a small audience so you would take your knowledge and you would put together let's say an 8-week coaching program or a 12we coaching program or maybe you have a certain offer that you can put together and you can actually implement the work for someone awesome so as you do this your experience is starting to build and you're starting to work with clients and starting to see what they're really struggling with and what they need the most help with and then from here you can start to create more scalable products like courses memberships and digital products so it's a different format but again that's you taking what you know and packaging it up in into different products and these are really exciting because they don't require your one-on-one time and allow you to help a lot more people so no matter what your skill set is no matter what your experience is I know that you can do this we are so fortunate with all of the tools and the reach that is available to us today that you can literally Reach people who need help with the most specific things okay and if it has been valuable for you if it has changed your life in some way then that is a fantastic starting point so these are the foundational pieces of an online education business then of course from here you're going to start to develop your skills in marketing and sales you're going to start to figure out how to accelerate your growth on whatever platform that you've picked you're going to learn that you need to create an email list and then from there you're going to be able to sell at an even higher volume but it's really exciting it's a fantastic business model it's a one that I've chosen and have been doing for the last 6 years now it just provides so much opportunity and it provides opportunity for you to continue learning and growing and as you do that you can just release more products as your knowledge grows as your expertise grows there's so much opportunity for different things that you can create so as you build these skills in online business it's going to start to stack up and you're going to get even bigger and bigger results so that is how you take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into an online business I share a ton of more detailed steps that you will need to create this type of business here on this channel so make sure that you hit subscribe if you like this video let me know by giving it a thumbs up ask me any question that you have in the comments down below and I'll see you real soon with another [Music] video

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