How to START Affiliate Marketing (I made $1,000,000+ doing this)

today I'll show you how to start affiliate marketing personally I've used these exact methods to make over a million dollars online across multiple platforms and in this video I'll show you how to drive massive amounts of 100% free traffic to your affiliate links and of course how to convert that traffic into sales all right step one get excited because I'm about to share with you a crazy strategy I'll show you how to find keywords on Google that have zero competition just like this one here this is a common search that a lot of people type in every day into Google and check this out there is zero results competition this is a huge opportunity for you guys because if you put any type of content online it will rank in Google search as long as you put in this keyword into your content that can be a Blog article that can be an Instagram ra that can be a YouTube short anything that you put in online on this topic will rank in Google and get you traffic and it will get you sales so your content will start ranking here on page one and you will start getting passive free unlimited traffic every single day from people just searching for your stuff on Google step two of the method is to choose your Niche and I've got three Niche suggestions here for you in general what works well with this method is niches that have got a lot of different model numbers and brand names for example guitars that's suggested Niche number one if you look at a list of all the different Gibson guitars you will see that there are tons of different models of guitars there is Gibson es5 es-125 ES1 35 es-137 and the list just goes on and on and on and of course you're not just limited to Gibson guitars there are Fender guitars there are all different sorts of Brands and again if you look at Fender guitars they've got lots of different models there is Bronco bullet Coronado Esquire maroda and so on so Niche number two would be cameras for example you look at the Sony cameras Sony have got a ton of different models of cameras a7r A1 a7r um Mac 4 Sony A7 CR Sony A9 Sony a6400 and the list just goes on and on and on there are dozens and dozens of different Sony cameras then there are of course Canon cameras and of course there are various other brands with their own model names too the third Niche where it works really well is microphones for example if you look at Road microphones you'll see there is lots of different models of microphones again there is ntg5 Lev go there is K2 tf5 M3 and so on again dozens and dozens of different models of just Ro brand but then of course there are other microphone Brands like Shure and Blue Yeti each with their own lots of different models and you're probably thinking why why do I have to have all these different brands and all these different models let me show you something imagine you want to buy a camera what do you do these days you do the same as millions of other people every day you jump onto Google and you start researching you'll start typing in something like Sony zv E10 review and now very important please pay attention to this you'll see that Google is actually suggesting the following to me and that means that this is a real search term that people are searching for every single day this is something that is a common search term because it's in Google's database and Google is giving you the predictions that perhaps this is something that you researching for as well so Sony zv E10 review is a very common search term and because Sony cameras have got so many different models if you multiply these searches by the number of different models that people are researching every single day there are basically tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of people looking at various Sony products every single day now what happens is this someone will type in Sony zv E10 review they'll take a look at some of these pieces of content and perhaps they'll click onto this link and they will read the review now here's what's going to happen someone will take a look at the different results that they getting from Google and they'll say okay this looks pretty interesting I'm going to check out this review and they'll read this review and if they like this information they might end up clicking through onto this link here that says C price now as soon as they click this link that says C price they'll be taken to Amazon and then they can buy this product from Amazon and just in case you're not familiar with affiliate marketing this link over here is a specially encoded link that will drop a cookie on the visitor's computer and if that visitor then goes ahead and buys this product from Amazon then the owner of this website is going to get a commission and here are the commission rates of the Amazon affiliate program so that means that if someone is buying something from Amazon through your affiliate link you're going to earn this much depending on what category this product falls into all other categories is 4% and then on some others it's between 3 and 5% so what does it mean for the owner of this website well as soon as someone lands on this site and they click on C price and they end up buying something from Amazon for $749 the owner of the site is going to make a commission of 749 multiplied by 0.04% that will make a commission of $29 and that is completely passive just by having this piece of content out there on the internet because it has very little competition it's R ranking here on page one and is getting a lot of traffic now of course the owner of this website they don't just have this one article about Sony Z V10 they've over time they've built out their site to include hundreds probably even thousands of pages each of these Pages getting traffic every single day and bringing sales to the person who owns this website and the big question is how does Google decide what to put onto page one the main factor is how much competition there is and to check competition the best thing to do is to use the search term all in title semicolon and then put in your keywords in this case Sony Z V10 review we can see now there are about 30 results that have got Sony Z V10 in their title the title of the page is what you see here in large letters okay so they've got Sony zv and review in the title and that's what gives Google an indication that this is what this page is about if we check with another Sony model for example Sony A200 let's do that A200 review we can see there are 24 results let's try Sony tx5 so we're going to take out this and type in tx5 review we've got 29 results and your goal here with this method that I'm about to show you today your goal is to find keywords and products where there is zero competition or at least maybe a maximum of 5 to 10 websites that are competing for that particular term because if you find something that has got no competition at all you will have a very easy chance of ranking on page one getting all of this review traffic and selling this product via your affiliate link guys honestly there are so many of these opportunities this is why I was saying to you in the earlier step that you should find a niche that has got a lot of different models look at this road very popular microphone brand they're making a microphone called an n55 and if we check the competition for this so let's type in Road n55 review you will see that there are only four only four websites on the whole of the Internet only four websites that are targeting this particular search term therefore if you publish a review about Road nt55 you will only be number five on all of the internet that is actually targeting and is talking about this product therefore you'll have an extremely high chance of ranking on page one and getting traffic there is also another brand of microphones called Norman and Norman also make a ton of different microphone types and I'm going to show you something crazy all right so they've got this microphone Norman kk242 4 guess what there is not a single website out there that has published a review of this microphone that no one has made a YouTube video no one has made an Instagram real nothing no content has has been published that contains information about Norman KK 204 review and there are literally thousands of these keywords where there is absolutely zero competition guys I hope you're seeing the potential I hope you're excited this is what I have been doing I've been publishing reviews of these kind of products and this is what I want to share with you guys today this takes us to step four which is the process for finding tons and tons of these keywords that are completely untapped the first way is to use one of my favorite tools called sem rush if you click the link in the description below or this link on the screen you can get a 14-day free trial of this tool SM Rush makes it easy because on the left hand side you can click keyword magic tool and then enter your keywords and typically what I'll do here I'll go through all of the brands of the niche that I've chosen for example if I choose to publish about microphones I'll enter something like all brands of microphones and then I'll pull up a list of all microphone manufacturers and here we go I've got about 30 brands of of different microphones starting from IAI going all the way to sh Sony and so on then I can use this list to quickly generate keyword lists in rush and here is how I'll do this so first of all let's go with aai all right so I'm going to go and type in aai and then I'll type in review all right IAI review and after I click search that will pull up every single search term that people are searching for that has got aai and review in it including all the different models so here you can see we've got 1,925 keywords and I've got aai MPC review aai mpk249 Akai 4,000 DS MK2 reviews and so on so these are all real things that people are searching for today and then I can just verify competition for each single one of them using the All entitled trick so if I go here and just replace that with aai a R20 review Bingo we've got another keyword that has got zero competition then I can take this one and type that in and we've got one result for aai aa1030 so add all of these things into your short list and then once you've worked your way through all of the aai models then you move to other brands for example you can go to AKG then you'll do a static then Audio Technica then bearinger and so on the second method of course is to go directly to the manufacturer's websites and that means that you'll go to the bearinger website or to buy a dynamic or microphones and so on and you'll pull up every single model one by one so you'll you'll for example if you're looking at Norman Berlin then you'll go and say okay km1 184 okay Norman km1 184 review you might want to also check without the space all right so we're getting about five to six results for each of them and that means that there is very little competition so this is a good keyword for you to work with then you'll do the same with KMS 105 kmr 81i and so on step five writing the actual content so how do you go about creating content like this when perhaps you know nothing about microphones how do you write content just like these people do well there are two ways one is you can educate yourself maybe you can become interested in this and you can actually read if you need to write a review about Road nt55 type it into Google read everything that you can find and you'll start building up that information in your head but there is an easier second way of doing this and that is by using Chad GPT so if you jump over into chat GPT you can give it a command write me a blog post about and then give it the keyword so Road nt55 review let's plun that in here and hit enter and CH GPT will go ahead and write that article for you there's almost nothing that you've got to do it's going to pull all the information that it can find online and it will create an article for you look at this just like that you've got a review now if you're going to put this onto your website I recommend that you rewrite it in your own because this was generated by Ai and in general there are no problems putting AI content online but to Future proof yourself perhaps Google will change their algorithm they may not like a Content as much in the future so I would take this and I would just rewrite it in my own words so now you've got the content targeting a keyword for which you know there is basically very little competition if any that means that if you publish that content and someone types in Road and 55 reviewer you will have a really good chance of being on page one that brings us on to step six which is how do you actually monetize this keyword and this content so you should check whether this microphone is available on Amazon let's go in type in Road nt55 and yes we can see that these Road n55 microphones for sale on Amazon that means they can refer your traffic to Amazon and that traffic once they make a purchase on Amazon they will earn you a commission so if you type in join Amazon affiliate program look for a link that says associat Central then get onto this platform and sign up and enter all of your information you will generally be approved instantly once you've joined and signed up you will be able to get a special affiliate link for each of the products on any page on Amazon for any product on Amazon that you can share on your blog so it'll be a link similar to this say how this website has ped uh this link C price so you'll be able to get that link and you'll be able to recommend those products as well so you've now got your keywords you've now got a way of finding those keywords and creating content on those keywords and the next step is for you to be able to create a website and start publishing that content on your website that's why you should watch this video next this video will show you step by step how to buy a domain hosting how to install everything and how to start publishing the content so that you can get the traffic and start making those affiliate sales so go ahead watch this video next and before you go there smash like on this video And subscribe to my channel to get more videos like this

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