How to save MONEY & TIME as an ENTREPRENEUR!

did you know that you could be leaving a lot of money on the table as an entrepreneur it's a loow hanging fruit that a lot of business owners just don't know about so in this video I'm just going to share how you can make it a lot easier and more consistent to generate revenue from your business online without necessarily doing a bunch of extra hours of consistent work and the best way to do this is to take a look at your customer journey and look at the different areas where people go from being a total stranger to your brand to having really good warm fuzzy feelings about your brand and think about the opportunities that you could be missing there the truth is once somebody has those warm fuzzy feelings about you they could be in a position to either buy or to leave you a positive review that could fuel your business growth later on so the easiest way to fuel your business growth without doing hours of extra work is to Simply set up automations during those those touch points when your leads feel those warm fuzzy feelings and an opportunity doesn't yet exist for them to move forward this may or may not sound technical to you but it's really easy to set up when you use the right marketing platform I personally love to use cartra because it includes every single tool that I need to grow my business and all of the tools are interconnected since they all exist inside of cartra and if you want to make it really easy to set up autom like I talked about today then definitely give cartra a test run it's risk-free to try out you can cancel anytime but you can go in there and see how simple it is to tap into these income producing opportunities

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