How to Raise Your Credit Score Quickly

John cristani here and I'm going to talk about how you can get money for free because you need money I need money to start a business you need money to scale a business and you need money to weather storms if things are going wrong okay and the easiest way to get money in the entire world is through credit you don't have to talk to anybody you don't have to ask anybody you don't have to have awkward conversations with your family at Christmas because you owe them money it's simp L working with financial institutions to give you money other people's money is the key to Growing successful and what we're going to go over in this video is what is a credit score what does FICO mean what how does Credit work in other countries and continents like Africa Asia Europe we're going to go over how to increase your credit so you can get tens of thousands hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars given to you with nothing out of your pocket just given to you to do whatever you'd like with and we're also going to go over some of the amazing perks of being able of utilizing credit and how I've been able to literally travel and stay in hotels for free for the last 12 years without spending a dime on travel so we're going to go over all this let's freaking go so first off what is credit credit means what your reputation it means that if I have a friend come over and borrow a book from me that I know they have a good reputation so they're going to give it back to me so I just gave them credit cuz I gave them a book and they're going to give it back to me now this started you know in the days when there were gold and they had to cart around gold from the south of France to the north of France and all the goods were traded in the Mediterranean and all the bankers were in uh you know were further north in uh either Leon or uh in Paris and you needed a system that people could rely on to move goods and keep their money in the bank and their home now what credit is is again going back to this concept of reputation it's all about your history and what that means is if you don't have a credit card if you've never used a credit card you have zero history does that make sense you have no history within this financial context and if you want to make money if you want to become rich and successful and if you don't want to spend your own money to do so you have to start thinking about building your history and reputation with money does that make sense do you have a credit card let me know in the comments actually if you don't have a credit card and what country you're from if you don't have a credit card type in the comments so the first thing is we have to build our history with credit the more you take credit and give it back the better now this goes back to that book example now I lend my friend Arturo the hagakure and I say I'll lend you this book I'll give you credit for a week give it back to me after a week and he returns it to me after a week that's good that's one kind of Mark of history now if we do that over and over again after 10 weeks of him returning the book every week how confident am I that I can lend him a second book maybe I can lend him two books at a time I even feel comfortable lending him five books 10 books at a time from my personal library because I know he's consistent and the same thing has to happen with how you utilize credit cards first thing is get a credit card the fastest easy hack become an authorized user on someone else you know's credit card someone else who's reliable at paying it off does your mom have a credit card does your dad have a credit card does your brother does a family member have a credit card ask them to make you an authorized user on their credit card and what will happen is you will start being able to build history of spending money even though you're not doing anything even though you don't even have a credit card because now you're a user on somebody else's credit card it's a little hack now if you don't have any family member who has a credit card you need to get the heck out of wherever you're living honestly and like move somewhere okay like that's just crazy like you you you you should be in a different situation but that said you can get what's called a secured credit card okay and also by the way if if you don't have anybody who's willing to make you an authorized user on their own credit card you have to look at yourself you should go look at yourself in the mirror right now and ask yourself what you've done to your reputation and your Rel liability and your ability to focus that's allowed your reputation to be so bad and untrustworthy in your family serious seriously like sorry I just I didn't mean to make this personal but uh well that's that's where we're going so the second option is a secured credit card and that means you're actually putting money down on a credit card so you're actually putting down you know let's say $100 so you I think they'll only allow you to use a $100 limit but this allows you again to build your credit history now why is this so important to me well first off because when I started my business so I've been running my own businesses since uh I started selling products I started selling stuff when I was 6 years old uh I had a lemonade stand outside of a golf course you know it was legal you know it wasn't FDA regulated but I was selling lemonade and I was making money okay I started my first businesses when I was 20 years old in college and I didn't have any money to put down on Google ads or build you know a website or all this sort of stuff so I had to use credit cards so credit cards allow me when I had no money you know except the fact that I guess I had credit because I'm an American citizen I was able to get access to a lot of credit if you're an American citizen you've got the lucky Gene in the sense that every American citizen can get at least $50,000 worth of credit insane right now if you're in other countries you can't necessarily get instant just by having a social security number get $50,000 the second reason why I'm such a big fan of credit is because it's allowed me to scale my business I do affiliate marketing you know I'd spend let's say $50 on ads every day to reach people and I'd make $100 in commissions now I teach this in my courses now and you know one of my one of my main businesses is I teach other folks how to start their own you know create an online income most time with affiliate marketing and when I was scaling my affiliate campaigns I just go from from spending $50 a day to spending $5,000 a day $25,000 a day now I don't have you know at that time when I was 24 23 years old I didn't have $25,000 to spend every day and wait till the end of the month to get paid by my affiliate Network you know I was spending 25,000 to make back 40,000 the only way I was able to do that was by utilizing credit cards I used American Express and you get really big credit limits on American Express hundreds of thousands of dollars you can get in credit you know I went from very little in my bank account to spending $300,000 in a month when I found a winning affiliate campaign and I got paid $500,000 so that changed my life the ability to scale business with credit so it's going to set you first off it's going to help you start a business it's going to help you scale a business it's going to help you weather the storms now during Co I moved to slightly different different business you know I was doing some infomercials and I was going through massive business expansion and then I had some massive business contractions I had to take out a credit line and I had utilize credit to weather a storm in the business my cash flow was all wonky and by you having access to credit by having a good credit score I was able to weather a storm that ran its way through my business I was able to keep everything going and reorganize the business and build it back up so that's an interesting thing for you now what are some perks now I said I get to travel I've been traveling around the world for free at all Hotel you know most hotels because I use the bonvoy card the bonvoy card gives me free hotels and flights and it's a great perk of doing business with American Express now other companies have things like you can buy you can shop for free on Amazon other companies have different sort sorts of perks like you get access to special lounges or you get to go to special concerts and events but the point is credit is something to be embraced if you're going into business for yourself and we're not talking about consumerism here like that's the exact opposite of Entrepreneurship we're talking about doing business you know spending money to make money now if you're interested in learning more from me about you know the businesses I've started and stuff like ways to earn money online I encourage you subscribe to the channel right now you know on this channel we're dedicated to Freedom creating Independence for ourselves creating independent Lifestyles working from home and family building a dynasty building generational wealth building a community so these two things we go over on this channel credit will allow you to build a business but there's much more involved with it than that I also encourage you to like uh like the video and let me know what credit card do you you you know let let me know uh what your credit you know maybe maybe share you know if you guys are cool share your credit limit you know share what your credit limit is uh down below you know I'm I'm with America you know I I've have million I have access to millions of dollars in credit uh at this point in my career which is crazy you know I can go out there and spend $3 million on credit uh of course I have to pay it back at the end of the month but $3 million that gives you huge Runway and let me know what your credit limit is down in the comments below great speaking to everyone love you all look forward to seeing you in the next video live free build a Dynasty live forever let's go okay

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