How To Qualify For a 🏡 Mortgage if You’re a Creator or Affiliate

all right so this is the trick to qualifying for a mortgage if you're a digital Creator a digital entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer if you earn money online as like a side hustle so when I first went to go apply for a mortgage to buy a home they rejected me because I had no earned income okay so this is income you get on a W-2 form that's what you would get from a day job if you're working for the man you're earning W-2 income you pay the highest taxes if you're earning income as an affiliate marketer or a digital Creator you don't get a W-2 you get paid on something called a 1099 because you're technically an independent contractor now the benefit of this is you open yourself up to all kinds of tax benefits but you don't have that W-2 so my Tax Advisor told me that I should start an S corporation and then I allowed the S corporation to then pay me a W-2 for a reasonable wage and then I could take the rest of the profits as dividends or distributions so this gave me that documentation that I needed to qualify for a mortgage so you got to set up a business and then pay yourself a W-2

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