How to MAKE MONEY with YouTube Shorts: $6,000 PER WEEK

I've made all of this money using only YouTube shorts Step 1 find the niche for your channel you can find niches on Google or use any of these niches here astrology seems good step two find a good affiliate offer in your Niche for example on ClickBank there are tons I can see this astrology offer that pays good money will promote this in every video take this link and shorten it with bitly to something like this step 3 find a keyword for your shorts video so go to top astrology niches and get the ideas from their most popular videos dating a Libra looks good step 4 make the video in canva it's 100 free on the last page tell them to click the link in comments to get a free astrology reading your affiliate link will go here step 5 publish the video videos like this get tons of views you'll get paid 24 on average for every sale that you refer to get my free training click the link in the comments below or buy Above subscribe and follow for more.

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