How to MAKE MONEY with Google Adsense in 2023 ($5,000+ a Month)

my Google AdSense account is at $143 so far today and in today's video I want to show you how I did it I'll show you how you can start completely from scratch and get to at least $3,000 a month with Google AdSense you can do this from any country in the world and you can do this even if you are completely new to any type of online marketing so first let's talk about how Google AdSense Works imagine that someone is researching basketball drills at home and generally what they'll do is scroll the top 10 results in Google and they'll click on one or more of these results and if you open these results for example this result here you will see that this is a helpful article that contains the information about basketball drills at home but this article also has these ads that are automatically shown on this content and these ads are Google AdSense ads so basically whenever visitors of this website take a look at the information on the website and click on any of these ads then the person who owns this website will make a percentage of profits that Google themselves make anyone who owns a website can sign up for Google AdSense and if you own this website here for example there will be ads that get shown from interested advertisers on your website and you will get paid a percentage share in fact it's 68% of the total revenue that Google themselves get will be paid out to you once you've joined the AdSense program Google will start automatically displaying ads like this on your website and you will get paid 68% of the total revenue that Google collects from advertisers all you need to do is just keep producing content like this and get automated traffic from Google search and collect the revenue so the first step in the process is to find a niche for your Niche website you can succeed with Google AdSense in a variety of different niches one of the websites that I own is travel Croc so it's a large travel website and here is how you can find awesome niches for your own website a great tool to use is Google Keyword Planner it's 100% free just type in Google Keyword Planner into Google go ahead and sign up for Google Keyword Planner if you have never used it before you'll be prompted to set up a campaign do do that and as soon as the campaign is set up stop it this way you will keep access to Google Keyword Planner without spending anything let me show you why having the right Niche is important I'm inside the Keyword Planner tool and if you click on discover new keywords then I recommend to remove your default location this way you'll be doing analysis for the whole world rather than your specific default location Google Keyword Planner tool will allow you to see roughly how much money you can make from a particular Niche and let's first check credit cards so if you have a website in the Finance Niche and you publish content about credit cards let's check get results here we get various keywords that advertisers use to advertise their ads related to credit cards on people's website and two critical pieces of information here are top of page bead high range and low range so this roughly gives you an idea of how much advertisers are paying per click to be able to advertise on people's websites in this particular Niche or for these particular keywords so if you have a piece of content about balance transfer credit card then you can expect that advertisers might pay somewhere between $7 to $41 for every single click and you can expect to make as you remember from previous examples about 68% of that revenue and Google keeps about 32% so not bad for one click on one add on your content now just to compare let's check if you have a website about funny dog photos how much you can expect to make and here in a very stark contrast you can see that advertisers are pretty much not willing to pay anything between 16 to $186 for a click on this kind of content so as you can see different NES attract different Advertiser spend and therefore your profit potential will be very different depending on the commercial intent of your Niche so go ahead and find the niche for your website you can type in something like Niche IDs for websites into Google and there will be tons of lists of various potential ideas for your website look at this 120 profitable blog Niche ideas but just make sure that before you commit to your niche you check it in the Google Keyword planet and for this video today I'm going to show you how to set up a website in the basketball training Niche so if we analyze the keyword basketball drills just to get a rough idea of how much we might expect to make I can see that there are lots of ideas for keywords that pay decently well look at this dribble basketball dribble basketball game youth basketball guide and they pay somewhere between $1 and 8973 so that's a pretty good range and I'm happy with this it just show show me that there is a lot of potential to make decent money with this Niche next we need to register our domain and get our hosting service in case you're not sure what a domain is it's this thing that you type into your browser to access the website for example the domain name of my travel website is you'll also need to choose a hosting company and a hosting company makes all of your website files available to the whole of Internet 24/7 a great hosting company that I highly recommend is their pricing is already great but they've given me a coupon for a further 10% discount so if you click the link in the description below or just go to added blogger you can use my coupon Cafe added blogger to get a further 10% off on top of the rates that you currently see on their website for example if you see that the current price for the business plan is $3.49 per month then with my coupon Cafe a blogger you will be able to get a 10% discount off of that price hosting I have quite a few plans including single premium and business I recommend the business plan it's got the best combination of price and features if you go for a single or a Premium plan they are quite good as well but the business plan is just a tiny bit more expensive per month and you actually get quite a lot more stuff included with it for example you get to host up to 100 websites and that may come in handy over time because on the single plan you only get to host one website the performance of the websites on the business plan as well is faster than on the other two plus you also get access to free CDN as well as to a free domain which is A9 $9.99 value per year you can look at all of the comparison on their website yourselves guys but personally if I was to recommend one plan it would be the business one so once you click the link in the description you'll get to a page like this to get the business plan just click add to card then you'll be asked to choose the period for which you'd like to register the domain and the best value would be 48 months but you can go for 12 or 24 and just to show you the comparison and to show you that hosting gr is actually a very price efficient option let's compare their pricing to sideg ground side ground the comparable plan or on side ground will be grow big and you can see the grow big actually is $4.99 per month when you register for one year now with hostinger if you register for one year it's 449 but of course with my coupon cafee blogger you get a further 10% off so hostinger has got a really good pricing structure as well when you compare it to sideg ground or to pretty much any other large well-known hosting brand out there so go ahead choose the length of your initial purchase the best value of course is going to be 48 months fill out your information and complete your payment once you've completed the checkout you'll get your login details and after you log in you'll get into the control panel that looks similar to this you should see a notification that says claim your free domain anytime so this is where you can get that free domain that I was mentioning about if you can't see it just try to scroll back and forth with these notifications so let's go ahead and claim our free domain so we can click here and here we can get a domain name and the extension I highly recommend that you get a domain because this carries the most value and most people when they think of a domain name they think to come up with a domain name you can use domain name generators there are lots of them and they change all the time you can use something like name boy and since we're building a website about basketball you can type in basketball and it will look for the available domains for you you can see down here it's starting to give you some ideas for available domain names spend some time researching your domain name because you cannot change it later I personally for this video we'll go with basketball let's check if it's available yes it's available so you can see we're saving $15 and it's charging us $0 per year because it was included in our hosting plan so we can now click claim domain go through the steps now to enter your domain registration information next you'll also need to finish the pending setup of your business web Hosting account so click here and go through all of the steps so here I'll say I'm creating it for myself I'm building it myself for the type of website let's say it's a Blog help building the website let's say no thanks and under create my great let's choose create a new website you've got two options here which is WordPress with AI or hosting a builder with AI I highly recommend that you go with WordPress because it gives you the highest amount of flexibility and I'm going to show you some of the basics in this tutorial on how to set up your website with WordPress but if you'd like extra help you can totally go with hosting a builder it's also really really good and it's included in your price but WordPress is the standard for bloggers everywhere in the world so I highly recommend you learn WordPress it's not that hard if you can use Microsoft Word you can definitely use WordPress so let's click here on WordPress you will be asked to create your login password so go ahead and do that you'll be asked if you want to add any of the plugins to your website I recommend you skip those plugins are extensions and you can always install them later at this stage we don't actually need these so untake all of them and click continue you'll be asked to select your initial website design you can click browse more templates if you'd like remember you can always change it later this is just for now I'm going to go with generate press for now enter some initial information about your website and what you're going to publish about and click continue here you can link your website to The Domain that we've just registered over here so I'm going to click select and let's click finish setup this will go ahead and create our website your website setup process is complete so you can now click here manage site to manage your website here you can see your website the setup is complete you can click over here to take a look at your website congratulations you're online if you've never built a website before you can see how easy this was of course your website does not look like much right now but don't worry we're going to fix that to log into the back end of your website go into this option here called admin panel and that will log you into the WordPress admin dashboard inside your website let's change the theme of your website go into the appearance on the left hand side then click themes and then click add new theme and one of the themes that I highly recommend and it is free to use is NE search for it in the search box and once you've got that you can click install that will install the theme then click activate after that I recommend you go into settings go to peral links and enable the option that says post name that will make your URLs nicer looking you can use the AI feature of canva to create a blog logo like this you can then use this customize option within your WordPress admin dashboard then go into header and the change logo option and then upload your logo over here and there we go we've now got a logo you can adjust its size to make it a little bit larger if you'd like to let's now click publish and as you can see our website is starting to take shape now there's a lot more customization that we can do with this website but that would take quite a long time and in this video I just want to focus on how to make money with Google AdSense but if you do want to learn how to customize your website then make sure to check the links in the description below I'm going to drop a link to my tutorial that will take you through all the steps on how to customize your website and make it look awesome now we've got the shell of our basic website set up and you can see that we've already got some posts that were prepopulated by the artificial intelligence engine during the hostinger installation process and each of these and this is basically just like some initial content so that your website does not look empty you can delete all of these posts and progressively replace them with your own okay well our aim is to eventually make our website to be more like this website over here so we need to start publishing this content so that we can start ranking in Google search and start getting the traffic and making the revenue for this we need to start talking about keyword research what are the actual topics and what's the content that you need to publish on your website so that you can start ranking Google search the easiest way to find good keywords and good topics for you to write about is to use a tools such as SCM rush semm rush is one of my favorite keyword research tools I'm going to show you how to use it in just a second if you click the link in the description below you can actually get a 14-day free trial of sem rush now this is cool and this is exclusive to me you can see that there is a special page that says Cafe blogger and SC Rush special offer 14-day Pro trial if you go and sign up directly on the SCM Rush website you can see that the trial period is just 7 days if you do it directly from their site so it's a much better deal if you do it from the description below what I always say about tools is if you are on a budget you can go and do this for 14 days at least you've given SC Rush a try now it's an amazing tool if you're able to continue paying the subscription once the free trial expires then that's good because you're going to be able to work much quicker but worst case scenario if for some reason you unable to continue after the trial then you can cancel Within These 14 days and at least you've been able to dig through and get some awesome keywords very quickly and you can probably in this 14 days you can find enough keywords to actually get your website off the ground within rush I'm going to focus on the keyword magic tool and here you can enter some starting keyword so for us since it's basketball we can type in basketball and look for keywords within the whole basketball Niche or I can just say basketball drills to make it a little bit more Niche down and now let's click search and SM Rush is going to pull up all of the keywords that have got basketball and drills in them and the cool thing is that they also give you keyword difficulty metric over here and you can sort by keyword difficulty and only target keywords that are the easiest keywords for you to rank for so you can see we've got keywords such as dribbling drills basketball basketball shooting drills animated basketball basketball dribbling games and there are 11,000 keywords basically each one of them can be a separate page on your new website that you building and you can see that some of them have got this green sign next to them that means that it's an easy keyword if you publish some content content you'll have a pretty easy time ranking on page one of Google and these are pretty cool keywords guys basketball rebounding drills defensive drills basketball now if you wanted to just pull up the easy ones you can use these filters at the top so by clicking into KD percentage we can say that we want everything that is easy all right in this way we've got 299 or we can even give it a custom range so something like from 0 to 29% which will give us both easy and very easy and this way we've got 467 keywords now 467 keywords is potentially enough for you to publish dozens probably even hundreds of articles on your website and they're all going to be targeting these easy terms so that's why I said I really love SM rush it really makes it easy for you to find tons of keywords very very quickly within this 14-day free trial you can basically find like thousands of keywords and save them all for later if for some crazy reason you don't want to use SM Rush that's cool too because you can use Google Keyword Planner tool with Google Keyword Planner you can also find keywords so let's just do the same thing basketball drills over here and let's see what comes up get results you will see that you'll get quite a lot of results see here on the left hand side we're getting similar keywords to what SC Rush was giving us the only thing that Google Keyword Planner will not give you is how difficult it is to rank for that keyword on Google organic search this competition metric that you see here this applies to paid search campaign so it's not going to be applicable to you because you are trying to rank in Google search but don't worry I've got you covered if you preferring to do it this way you can take each of these keywords and I'm going to show you another tool that will allow you to assess the keyword difficulty of this keyword for free so let's say if you wanted to take this keyword here basic basketball drills all right let's just copy these and then go into and scroll all the way from the top of the page all the way down and you will see something here that says free SEO tools and you will want to grab this one keyword difficulty Checker tool then enter your keyword over here and click check keyword and and this is going to calculate keyword difficulty for you it's for free this is a premium tool but on a one-on-one basis you can actually pull out the keyword difficulty for each keyword and now you can see this one is 45 so it's pretty hard so you will need to go and assess each one of them one by one it might take a little bit of time but at least you can do it for free all right so let's say you follow the steps that we've just gone through and you've decided to use SC rush and you've decided to go for one of these keywords for example the basketball passing drill how do you actually go about creating the cont content for it first log back into the wp admin area of your WordPress site go into posts and under all posts you'll see an option that says add new so click that and here you'll be prompted to create your post title get some ideas from other blog posts if you type in basketball passing drills you can take a look at what titles other blog posts have used for example this one here 21 basketball passing drills for coaches five basketball passing drills for great ball movement and so on you can get some inspiration from that and let's give this blog post a new title such as the seven musular passing drills develop killer passes next we can click below and start typing and this way we can create our blog post now where do you get the content the best way to make sure that your content is high quality is for you to of course write it yourself so for that you can go through and read other blog posts that are covering this same topic and write about similar content in your own words so what you could do is you could read five or 10 of these articles pull out the best basketball drills and then rewrite them in your own words in inside your BL BL post you could also use Chad GPT it's still free to use so you can go to chad. and then you can ask it to create a blog post outline or blog post draft for you we can literally tell it write a blog post about seven best basketball drills and then you can take this blog post that Chad GPT has written for you and you can rewrite it in your own words add to it but at least you've got a skeleton of some of the basketball drills I recommend to never ever ever ever take the exact post that Chad GPT has written for you and copying it and pasting it exactly as it is into your blog post because you never know Google might change something down the road and they might start Banning AI content so don't put your s at risk if you use Chad GPT then just use it as a research tool or as a drafting tool but make sure to significantly rewrite the content out of Chad GPT W we've gone through a lot so what do you do next well you continue repeating the process publish 15 to 20 articles and if you do that after youve published 15 to 20 articles if you do everything correctly then you should start seeing traffic after about 3 to 4 weeks so keep publishing and you need to get to a stage where you've got about 100 visitors per day that will allow you to actually apply for Google AdSense at that stage you're ready to apply to Google AdSense so just type in Google AdSense into Google go to their homepage click the button that says get started and complete your sign up process from here go to sites and then click add new site to add your new website once you enter the URL of your new website you will need to verify it and to verify you can use this first option AdSense code snippet you'll just need to take this code copy it and you will need to place it between the head tags on your website I'll show you how to do that go back into the wp admin area of your website go into plugins click add new and in the search bar enter insert header footer and you can pretty much use any of these plugins I'll show you how to use this WP code so click install it then activated this is an extension that adds extra functionality to your website and then where it says code Snippets go and click add snippet and this plugin allows you to add little bits of code into different areas of your website so over here add your custom code new snippet and this is where you will want to paste the code that we've just taken so this code from this part of the website copy it and then paste it over here then at the bottom we can choose where to insert it and under the location we can choose sitewide header if you expand it it will explain what it does so insert snippet between the head tags of your website on all pages this is exactly what they want us to do on each page of your website okay so this is perfect let's just leave that as sitewide header once you've done this go and make sure very important make sure that you activate this snippet and then click update and that will activate the snippet across your website then you can get back to your AdSense panel and tick this I've placed the code and click verify and AdSense will verify your website see now it says your site is verified and you may get some something like this that says request review this will allow AdSense to do a manual review of your website so just go ahead and click request review it may take Google a couple of days to manually review your website once they've reviewed it and accepted it then go into the ads section and I'll show you how to set up the ads so in the at the bottom find your new website and then click this icon to edit the ad settings now here on the right hand side you can set all the settings the way that I show you so Auto ads you want to turn them on because Auto ads will automatically optimize the amount of Revenue that your ads earn next go into overlay formats and make sure that you enable all of these this will maximize the earnings for you come back out then under in page format you will want to enable all of the formats because that will maximize your earnings now this preview on the left hand side gives you a little preview of what your website will look like with the ads on and we can see that there are now kind of previews of ads this is what it will look like when someone clicks on one of your blog post from your homepage there will be a little preview of an ad they can close it and then you might see some ads throughout the post as well as at the bottom we can see there is an auto add example over here so just want to save those settings from here on your job is to publish more articles find more keywords and continually grow the website because that passive income from Google search traffic is just going to continue and as your site gathers Authority you're going to get more and more traffic and if you want to see an awesome tutorial on how to set up your website how to make it look beautiful and how to continue building it out then make sure that you watch this video over here this is a really in-depth video that will show you how to make your website look professional and nice thank you I'll see you in the next video

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