How to Make Money on YouTube using ChatGPT: $146,000 a Year

hey guys today I want to show you how to make money on YouTube using chair GPT I'm going to show you exactly how this channel makes a hundred and forty six thousand dollars a year doing the exact same steps that I'm going to share with you in this video this technique generates insane views look at this hundreds of thousands of views every single day the first step is to choose your Niche and a great Niche to use with this method is health and fitness so for example this is the channel whose stats I shared with you just earlier called body Hub you can go and check out this Channel and if you look at their most popular videos you will see that many of their videos have had over a million views you can see this video has had 20 million views 8.5 million views 5.8 million views and the best thing is that none of these videos actually show a person's face so whoever is running this channel is making videos that only have images and some text like this video for example it it's only got some pictures and some footage and then some text that appears over the top of that footage step two is to find keywords for your videos and for that I use personal Avid IQ you can sign up to vid IQ for for free and if you decide to upgrade I've actually got a special deal for you just check the links in the description below where you can use a Premium plan for just one dollar for the first 14 days but you can totally just start for free so let's say you've decided to make a video similar to the videos that this channel makes just go through and pick a topic that interests you the most let's say you want to make a video about how to quickly gain muscle then once you open the vidiq tool you can go into keyword research tab here at the top and where it says Search keywords type in gain muscle and vidiq will show you all the possible keywords that are relevant or related to gain muscle how to gain muscle fast gain muscle fast gain muscle mass Etc and it also shows you the competition score which is a very important metric you can click on here where it says view all 120 keywords and it will sort them for you along with the score overall score based on the search volume and competition scores so what we can see here is that it's quite hard to get a video that's going to get tracked action especially if your channel is quite new that is related to gaining muscle so then you should go ahead and try something else let's try benefits of avocado okay so let's see what we can get there and we'll click on view all the keywords and then let's review all of these scores let's scroll down and here we go we've actually found something that is coming up green that's called nutrition facts okay fine let's just take a look at anything else that we can bring up and voila look at this avocado oil benefits so the the overall score for this is 63 and it's coming up as green and that means that the competition is very low okay uh it was if we scroll up here see where it says competition the score for that avocado oil benefits is actually very low so what that means is that if you make a video about avocado oil benefits then you'll have a really good chance of ranking on page one for this in YouTube search and here is how this works if someone opens up YouTube and then start stiping in avocado oil benefits you can see that the YouTube suggestion tool actually puts it up as one of the suggested keywords so a lot of people search for this this is a real term that a lot of people actually search for okay and if we click on avocado oil benefits vitaq has actually done the work of going through all of these search results for this and there are not a lot of videos from strong channels that are targeting this particular keyword okay so we can see here there is one video with avocado oil benefits on position one and that's had 39 000 views seven benefits of avocado oil but the position 3 is occupied by video that is completely irrelevant that says the shocking difference between olive oil versus avocado oil so it's there's not actually enough high quality videos targeting the search term and if you make a video and you put the keyword into the title and you upload that video you'll actually have a really good chance of ranking on page one and even if you're a brand new channel because the competition is just so so low so that means this is an excellent opportunity for you to make a video Rank and start getting some views so let's make a note of this the keyword that we're targeting is this one avocado oil benefits that's what we're going to be making a video on together and just a note you can use vidiq the research keywords this way in any Niche not just in health and fitness step do is to make the actual video and for that I recommend that you use a tool such as in video I've used the video myself on quite a lot of my videos on several channels that I own and run and Nvidia has got a few different tiers so if you just want to give it a try you can sign up for a free tier but if you actually want to get the biggest benefit out of in video then I recommend that you go either for the business or for the unlimited plan business is actually a really good value and the biggest difference there is that you can actually use the video footage and the images that in video provides in your videos and you can use them as your own you don't actually have to go and film videos of like food or exercises Nvidia actually provides you a ton of stock footage which basically means that you can use that stock footage in your own video you don't need to get any additional permission so it's going to save you a lot of time and it is 15 a month when you sign up for a yearly plan but if you want to get a 25 discount you can sign up using my link the link for that and the coupon for that is just in in the description below so go ahead and sign up and it's going to end up being roughly around 12 a month or so if you use my discount coupon code once you're inside in video you'll see a dashboard that looks similar to this so here we need to start a new project so in the top right just click create new and here you can click templates that will bring up the various templates that you can use let's choose the landscape aspect ratio because we're going to be making a normal horizontal Style video and you can go through and choose any template that you like I'm going to search for something related to Fitness or health so let's just type in Fitness all right and we can just use this one here the yellow one that says Fitness with a Twist I'm happy with that so let's click use template in the bottom right to confirm and this will open up the actual editor where we can start creating our video there's going to be some default footage in here you don't really need it so you can actually just delete so just click on it and click this little delete Mark you can click on this as well and click delete on your keyboard and just get rid of all of this footage because essentially we don't need any of it now we're ready to start putting together the video and this is where we're going to start using chair GPD to actually help us out alright so here in chair GPT we can give it commands to create scripts for us to do a whole bunch of various tasks if you don't have a chat GPT account then you can go to this address here and create your own account for free so we're going to write a command for chair GPT here is a command here write a YouTube video script about five avocado oil benefits and we will submit this and now chair GPT will go ahead and start writing a YouTube script for us and it's actually going to do most of the heavy lifting for us which is really cool because normally it takes a long time to research the topic of the video to get the effects and to organize them but you you can use chair GPT to do most of that work for you and right here in front of our eyes it's basically writing us a YouTube video script which you don't have to follow 100 I mean you can just use parts of it you can shorten it if you don't like it you can just say rewrite and it will rewrite it in different words for it so see how now it's gone ahead and started to rewrite so you can communicate with it and tell it to shorten it or make it longer or make it more Punchy or make it funny and charging PT will do all of that for you but pretty much just like this we've got our whole video planned out and we can now start plugging parts of this um YouTube script back into in video so that we can actually start making the video alright so to open the video I'm not going to say hey there Ricardo lovers welcome back to our Channel we can skip that I'm just going to start from here in today's video we're going to dive into the wonderful world of avocado oil and explore its incredible benefits okay so this is the first part that we want to create now when I go back into in video there are kind of two things of course to the video there is the audio text or voice and then there is the image part so you've got two choices here you can either use the inbuilt voice generator that Nvidia has which is pretty good to generate this voiceover automatically for you or you can use your own voice to record it in your own voice I highly recommend that you use your own voice because that makes your video more unique but you know if you are perhaps shy or you're just starting out you can totally use the inbuilt voice over generator within in video our video tracks and our audio tracks will be just down here below this big yellow Square so to kind of start out we need to create a video file since our video is about avocado oil benefits we need some footage of avocado or avocado oil to begin with so let's see what we can use here so let's just type in avocado hit enter and let's see what kind of footage we can use is all right cool so we've got a few different options over here so perhaps let's just uh kind of preview this one this looks pretty good I'm just going to drop that over here and let's get maybe about 10 seconds or 12 seconds worth of footage we can always trim it or change it later on so let's click add okay and just like this we've got this footage of this avocado being scrapped out by a spoon uh but what this has given us as well is without having to film your own footage of avocado taking videos you know buying a camera or anything like that you've got this footage built into in video so that's a really really great benefit now you'll notice that we've actually got an option of having voice service so if I click voiceover now I've got a few different options there is automated text-to-speech so that's where in video I can generate the voiceover for you or you can upload your own voiceover file or you can record your own voice so that's what I was saying before that I recommend you highly recommend that you use your own voice but if for some reason you can't or don't want to you can just use this automated text to speech and for that you'll need to enter your text here so we can grab our text that would like generated over here okay so let's just hit Ctrl C for copy and we will paste that back into this area over here and we can now choose any of these voiceovers so you can use the the type whether it's Legacy or realistic voice over generation technology and you can use the accent whether it's British English or us English perhaps I'll go with British English and you can use any of these voices so you can preview them as well there is Charlotte Harry Imogen and so on so let's just uh stay with Charlotte okay and let's generate voiceover it'll take just a couple of seconds to generate the voiceover of this paragraph foia and we can preview it so let's just click preview and you can hopefully hear it in today's video we are going to dive into the wonderful world of avocado oil and explore its incredible benefit hopefully you guys were able to hear it this sounds pretty good so just position your cursor where you would like this to appear so we're gonna position at the very start and I'm going to click add and now we've got this voiceover along with the video okay now you can use this Zoom tool to zoom in and out on the timeline we can align where this video clip ends to correspond to where the audio ends okay just like that and we can now move on to the next step where where we'll go back to the script and let's see what what is the next kind of part of the voiceover that we would like to create or to earn all right so next thing we can do is this benefit number one hard healthy fats alright let's jump back into in video I'm going to position we will need to get some more footage of course so let's just go into avocado footage and see what else um looks good here for the next bit let's add next scene like this add scene blank scene so let's now just add another bit of footage over the top all right this will do so here we go we've now got this next bit of avocado footage again it's a video so it's Dynamic and it creates some movement in the scene which is really good we now just need to add this next bit of voice over so benefit number one heart healthy fats let's add that in I'm going to choose this voice over option over here automated text to speech again let's insert that here and I might just change it just in case it doesn't recognize number one so maybe we'll say it benefit number one heart healthy fats like this alright so now let's click generate voiceover again and that will add that voice over I'm going to click add now so that it's added exactly where I want it to be alright so that's pretty good just going to make it a little bit smaller and let's stream this video scene to match the length of the voiceover so we can Now preview both together again you get the idea of how to build this video you will basically just work your way like this it doesn't take a long time you will just copy and paste relevant bits of the script into in video and then add them as voiceover as well as add the video footage so let's play that together in today's video we are going to dive into the wonderful world of avocado oil and explore its incredible benefits benefit number one heart healthy fats so this was pretty cool I mean it's starting to really come together if you want to make your video more similar to the videos from bodyhub you can also add text so that the the viewers can follow along as they're watching a video they can also read the text for that just jump over into text where it says text like this and then you can drag and drop this text over here let's say we maybe we use the Kawaii font so let's just drop it okay and perhaps we don't like yellow maybe we'll want to make it white we can choose the color over here to make it white and then let's just change this text to be what we um we were saying in the video alright so in today's video all right we're just going to paste all of this in here and let's make it a bit bigger okay so like that and for this next part we can actually just take this text we can press Ctrl C to copy it and then we might want to drop it over here on the right hand side okay uh and we just need to of course change it to the benefit number one heart healthy fats like this so just put that in here so just like that benefit number one heart healthy fats all right um if you want to add some music to make it more exciting you can go into music and Nvidia also has a ton of music that you can use for free as your own one important thing that you definitely should do though is go into your profile settings and make sure that you add your YouTube account see where it's in the bottom right here where it says YouTube connect you should go ahead and connect your YouTube channel to in video because that way it will not flag your audio and your video as potential copyrights okay so that's very important just do that if you're going to be using Nvidia so go ahead and finalize your video continue looking like this add both videos and audio until you complete the whole video once you are done you can go into the export option in the top right and Export and download this video and our video is ready by the way so hopefully you guys can hear this I'm just going to preview this it looks great video we are going to dive into the wonderful world of avocado oil and explore its incredible benefits benefit number one heart healthy fats okay so this is looking nice professional it's definitely good enough to be uploaded onto YouTube and to get views alright so next comes an important part and that is uploading your video so go ahead and click create in the top right in your YouTube studio and drag and drop your file to upload it while it's uploading you'll be able to add all of the details of the video so title it's very important to make sure that you insert your keyword that you're targeting into the title the keyword that we are targeting of course is avocado oil benefits you want to give it a nice Punchy title that also contains avocado oil benefits at this start of the title so perhaps something like this five amazing avocado oil benefits that you didn't know about next we go ahead and fill out the description for the description it's very important to enter your keyword in the description as well something like this will be fine to learn about avocado oil benefits that will help you get healthier and feel better so how can you earn and make money with these videos well there are two ways number one is or YouTube AdSense and this is basically where you can get paid for the views that your video generates on YouTube you can get paid a certain percentage as a revenue share to become eligible for this right now their eligibility is that you need to have a thousand subscribers on YouTube channel and you also need to have 4 000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months or 10 million valid public shorts views in the last 90 days so that's eligibility now as you keep uploading the videos you will start accumulating subscribers and you'll start accumulating these valid public watch hours so that will definitely come with time um but the second way for you to start earning money pretty much straight away from the first video that you upload is to use affiliate marketing there are affiliate programs or affiliate platforms such as ClickBank for example that used to be known as Commission Junction they contain thousands and thousands of different affiliate products that you can sign up for and you can promote another good one especially for the health and fitness Niche is more Niche you can sign up for that as well and inside you will find various products that you can promote for commission on many of them you can earn 20 30 50 even 70 or even a hundred percent commission on the product as to the amount of sales so all you need to do is just insert a link that these programs will give you into your our YouTube video description over here and anyone who clicks through from your video and ends up buying a product will generate a commission for you just as an example of one of the products on the more Niche app so Juiced up affiliate program pays 40 to 70 percent commission and average order value is 106 dollars so basically what you can do is you can make about forty dollars Commission on each sale that you refer for this product they even have the stats here of average earnings per click so you can earn an average of about dollar and 37 per click for each of the clicks that you refer from your video onto the more Niche offer once you've got the link from one of those affiliate links you just need to insert it here into the description you've probably seen it a thousand times on many of the videos that you have watched if you go into the descriptions of those videos the YouTubers are recommending various products and services and they get paid a commission every time someone clicks on one of those links and ends up buying a product that they recommend and if you guys want to learn more about how to make money on YouTube and if you want to tap into my my own seven year experience and knowledge on how to grow YouTube channels then click the links in this in the description below to sign up for my coaching and training package right now it's on a special pricing you'll land on a page that looks like this and we will show you all of the methods everything basically that we do my partner Alan and myself to generate passy of Evergreen YouTube views and income you can read all about it and you can join depending on when you join you may still be able to get the 77 dollar price on this course and that includes the access to the exclusive coaching and Mastermind group so you don't just get the course you actually get access to the exclusive coaching in mentoring group where Alan and I will personally help you and anything that you need you know as you're working through the course if you're not sure what keywords to use what what to do with your channel whether your videos are good or not what to do next we basically are there to help you every single day we monitor this group and we help our clients personally and if you don't want to join the course that's of course totally cool as well I just really appreciate it if you can smash the like button and subscribe to my YouTube channel and after that you can go ahead and watch this video over here that's actually going to show you a really cool method to create faceless YouTube videos so you can start making money on YouTube so go ahead and watch this next thank you so much for tuning in today and I'll see you in the next video

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