How To Make $500 / Day with YouTube Shorts (MASSIVE SHORTCUT)

this channel went from nothing to millions of views per month in less than 12 months after creation date they achieved this by posting simple 15 second videos like this that are insanely popular and get millions of views and each of these videos takes less than 30 minutes to create when I saw this wild success that other channels are getting on YouTube shorts I decided to try publishing YouTube shots on my channel and the results honestly were crazy and surprised me many of my shots exploded and got hundreds of thousands of views and the result was thousands of dollars a month on different platforms so today I want to show you guys how you can also make money with YouTube short the strategy I'm going to show you today Works in any Niche but for the purposes of the video I had to choose a niche and for today's video I've chosen the motivation Niche the channel That We're going to be analyzing today is this channel here called be positive the channel was only set up on the 4th of February 2022 but they have had so many videos already that have hit multiple millions of views look at these seven million 4.8 million 3.1 million their videos are extremely simple check this out I'm going to play one for you this is the video and it's only eight seconds long and it's just the footage of this person running with some text gonna play a quick snipper of it that's basically what it is and anyone can create videos like this they don't take very long because it's an eight second video with just some stock standard footage and as you can see this is extremely effective these videos are getting millions and millions of views and how do these channels make money from these videos they put links in the description of the videos where they're promoting various things for example this channel has got an Amazon store so you can actually click on this Amazon link and you can buy these motivational posters and if someone watches this video and clicks on this Amazon store link and then ends up buying any of these posters or motivational books then the owner of this channel is going to make a commission on each of the purchases so it's extremely smart and very well monetized for this Niche I'm actually going to show you guys how to make even more money than this channel is making I'm going to show you another trick that you can use to maximize your earnings so keep watching I'm gonna get to that in just a moment step two is to create the video and to do that you can use any software that you prefer for example has got a free tier as well as a pro tier and it's going to be great for you to create the video second option is the Blackmagic design DaVinci Resolve it's actually a 100 free video editing software which is also amazing the option that I'm going to use today is in video and the reason why I'm going to be using Nvidia for this process is because for this type of videos the motivational videos in video is actually perfect they've got a free tier which you can register for and try to make a video it just won't allow you to export it but there are also a business and an unlimited tier and the business T is actually really good value because it gives you access to over 1 million premium media and this is just going to be really helpful if you're trying to create this sort of videos that I'm going to teach you how to create today you can use my link in the description below to sign up to Nvidia free plan or if you decide to go for the business plan there's actually a coupon code there as well for the 25 discount once you're inside the in video dashboard this is what you're going to see and you can click here on this option editor click the plus button and choose the dimension of the video you want to create because we're going with YouTube shorts you will want to choose this portrait orientation so let's click that and it's going to load the editor for you which is going to be empty to start with don't worry about uploading media files you can just close that and you've now got the dreaded empty screen and you're probably going okay what do I do now what do I make in general it's a good idea to get your inspiration from other successful videos from successful channels so let's do this let's just basically go through this be positive Channel find out what worked for them and create our own version maybe even a better version of a similar video so let's just dissect this video here you know be stronger motivational quotes so we can kind of take a look at what they've done analyze what they've done and do something similar so we've got some images of basically a person running through nature and the rears and motivational quote okay so what I would personally do is I would just search for motivational quotes because I don't want to copy this channel I've literally Googled motivation quotes and you can review any of these results but I actually quite like this one look at this opportunities don't happen you create them so this is something we can work with Okay so we've got our quote opportunities don't happen you create them now we need to find some images that will go with this quote this is where Nvidia I mentioned comes in very handy and useful because they have these areas of videos and images that you can use and there is already a ton of images and a ton of videos in there that you can use as your own for free or you can even use premium images and premium videos if you've got the business subscription so let's find a couple of videos that we can use in our motivational video let's go to videos over here and in the search bar we can start searching for something like success as an example let's see what comes up under my filters you've actually got a few different options so I would choose all the different sources that you've got and here you can choose for license free or premium of course if you're in the Premium plan you're going to get a lot more options but I'm just going to show you what is available on the free license so let's go license free apply and these are all the different videos that you can use as your own Unlimited in your videos that Nvidia already provides for you so this is what I was talking about referring to when I said that Nvidia is actually really convenient for this type of videos so maybe the first video we can use maybe about four or five seconds of this later kind of thinking about something so let's just click the plus to add the video and then we're gonna click add to actually add that video into our timeline it might just take a moment to populate okay so here we go it's now populated and we've got it here it's about we can see that it's 15 seconds long which is probably a bit too long for us we want it to be let's say about five seconds okay so just gonna make it a little bit shorter now let's just zoom out like this so this is the first video of uh this lady essentially just thinking let's just play this to get a little preview I guess there's almost no moment but there is a little bit of movement there so this is fine for us just want to click on here and make this a little bit bigger because we are making a vertical video right so we wanted to fill the whole screen like this okay here we go and we need the second clip and the second clip we want to end with something where we're basically saying like success so someone cheering or someone being quite happy so maybe for this second part of the video we can use this let's preview this all right so there's a person kind of cheering and fist bumping so this will work let's click add and let's click that to be right after our first clip again let's look at the length so we had about five seconds of the first and we'll probably want about five seconds of the second so let's just drag that back we'll make this about five seconds long put them one after another like this and here we've got so we've got 10 seconds total length we just need to do the same thing make these vertical like this and let's play this to make sure that it is all working together all right so we're gonna have the first part of the motivational uh text and here is going to be the second one all right so this is looking pretty good now we just need to work with the text and let's go into the text area of in video and you can pretty much use any of this I'm going to start with add a heading let's place that in the center and we're going to put this first part of the quote opportunities don't happen Okay so let's put that in let's go to this box and enter that in and I probably want it to appear as follows so we want to like stress that opportunities don't happen let's put happen on the next line and for our font we want something that is more vertical like this font over here let's see if we can find something so something like this will work fine let's just make the font a little bit smaller so perhaps we go with 80 all right like this is starting to look pretty good to me opportunities don't happen um one thing that we will need to do now is this text doesn't actually stand out so what you'll probably want to do is just change the video so let's go to the video and then we can adjust colors of the video see over here let's close filters then open creative and you want to play with opacity so we can make it darker a little bit darker this way see it the text actually pops a lot more and this is making it more similar to this video that we are trying to recreate all right so now the text is very nicely visible opportunities don't happen so we want to put this text into the second part and let's just duplicate it so right click on it click duplicate and then drag this part of the text over this second video clip and we will now want to say here you create them like this okay so let's again edit this paste that in here and we will want to say you then in capitals create them all right again we will want to go in and to make it pop more we'll want to change the opacity of the underlying clip so just go to adjust colors and where it says creative again change the opacity all right to make it pop more like this and let's play it again to see what we've done so here we've got opportunities don't happen you create them all right what we're missing now is some kind of cool music and maybe maybe this was a little bit long as well so let's just see if we can shorten this to maybe about four seconds like this let's just move that over all right we just need some motivational kind of music now and luckily in in video we've got that covered as well so you can go to music in in video so you can browse here by genre or by category or you can even just use your search and you can search for something like inspiring and epic it'll have both of those keywords in the description of the melody so I've done a little bit of research on these as I Was preparing for the video and I think this one is pretty good the Epic inspiration I'm just gonna show you the little preview of it how it starts and then it's important to make sure that you time the build with the second slide so that the music kind of goes together with what's shown in the video so let's preview this okay so there's kind of a build but what I'm looking for I'm looking for the second build for it to really kick in [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all you need to do a little bit of editing so let's click Plus all right so now we've got that over here the music clip got cut to the length of your video but don't worry just drag this out you can zoom out a little bit more and you can actually see the waveform and you can see where the second build really kicks in so we want this part to coincide with where the second clip starts so let's just drag this to make it shorter over here and we'll need to position it carefully all right so let's just zoom in a bit more and now what we want we want the second part where it kind of drops to be aligned with the second clip and let's just now drag this to the start now we don't need the rest of it okay because now the music is a bit too long it's just short on this and pretty much we're done let's just see how all of it looks together let's hit preview [Music] so this is basically I mean I think it's pretty cool and look how quick it was for us to create and guys if you thought this was too simple this works you've got proof 100 that this works you can find thousands of channels that are getting millions of views on videos like this all you've got to do now is upload it onto your channel give it a nice viral title make sure that you put in the keyword which is motivational quotes into the title of the video so just get inspiration from what other channels do also make sure that you put in motivational quotes as well as these hashtags into the description of your video and now the most important part which is monetization how do you actually make money from this you can absolutely do what this channel does which is driving the traffic to your Amazon store and then make money as an Amazon affiliate from all of the purchases that anyone makes through your store an even better option is to go and get an account at ClickBank this is a Marketplace which lists a lot of products that that pay very high commissions you can search by categories here and if you look in the motivational and transformational category there are products that will be 100 suitable to these kind of videos for example this one here mind Zoom affirmations subliminal software and look at this they're paying 38 dollars per sale 38 a sale which is really crazy because this is very high commission compared to what you can make on Amazon so what you want to do here is grab your affiliate link so click promote and then create your hop link copy this hop link into your dashboard it's quite long and quite ugly you want to create a nicer looking version so go into bitly and then click create new link insert this link over here and then click create in the bottom right and that will give you a nice short link all right now we've got this beat dot Li and you can copy and paste this link into the description it'll look a lot better and people will watch a video a lot of them will go into the description and about one percent of the people I know from my stats will end up clicking through on the links that are in your description and once they make a purchase via your link of this product you will make an average of 38 commission if you guys want to grab my free affiliate marketing guide you can do that just click the links in the description below or go to you'll see a page like this enter your name and email I will actually email you the free guide will be sent to your email automatically after you opt in I will send you the guide automatically after you enter your name and email and click get instant access after the opt-in you'll also get redirected to a page like this this is our YouTube course where we teach strategies similar to this as well as others there is a coaching group that's included where a lot of people are already finding success with similar strategies so if that's something that interests you it's totally optional but if something that interests you you guys are very welcome to join there is a 77 one-time payment there's a 77 special right now on this course so you guys are welcome to check it out if you don't want it just close it all good I will still send you that guide via the email and if you're in the mood for another one of my videos then watch this video over here next it's a similar concept to what I've shown you earlier in this video but just in a different Niche it'll give you a different idea of what kind of videos you can create so go ahead watch it I hope you enjoy it thank you so much for watching my videos and I'll see you in the next one

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