How To Grow Your Online Business (& Your Income) Faster Than Ever

if you're looking for a 100% guaranteed way to grow your business online faster than this video is for you and it doesn't matter if you're doing coaching Consulting affiliate marketing if you're creating content just to get ad Revenue this process that you're learning in this video here works for all of them now we're going to run the process through my ATM strategy which I've taught in depth in other videos before but a quick recap of this is first you grow an audience online we do this through content or advertising second you grow trust with your audience this is done through email list building and email marketing and third you go into the monetization side of things which is where you build out those multiple streams of income and my links to the earlier ATM strategy videos that go really deep into that are going to be in the description of this video here but what we need to do first and foremost is help you figure out what phase you're currently in okay and you should be all in on mastering the skills and really building those micro muscles that are all around that particular phase meaning if you in the audience growth phase that's you don't have an audience yet you don't have thousands of people who are watching your content and reading your blog post or looking at what you're talking about on social yet then you should be all in on growing that and the one way to guarantee that you will grow faster is to publish more frequently now a lot of people online they'll start out and they'll commit to blogging let's say or YouTube it doesn't matter right they'll commit to One content platform which is what you need to do and then after about 14 posts or about 133 videos or 17 videos or 21 videos they come up and they say wow miles I don't know if it's working can can you tell me if what I'm doing is working and I'm here to tell you that it is working and you need to just do hundreds of posts not dozens of posts and the simple answer to Growing your audience faster than ever before is publishing more content than you've ever published before when I started this YouTube channel I began by publishing one long form video every single day for 120 consecutive days they were four brutally different four brutally difficult months for me to put out 120 posts in four months um but what happened is I got momentum in my channel growth and I kept with it year one I published 250 videos by the end of year three uh excuse me by the end of year two I published about 400 videos and that body of work did a few things for me as a Creator number one it really solidified my skills so making this moment kind of bantering with you on camera right now it's very natural to me right I'm very comfortable I'm very animated this is really my authentic self coming through and you feel that when you watch my videos compared to a lot of other people here on YouTube and I got to this point by simply putting in the repetitions right by doing the work over and over and over and over again but it also help me really learn how to geek out on those most important metrics that are like my titles my thumbnails my big ideas and how to keep people's attentions on the videos now you don't learn those things by watching YouTube videos on how to do YouTube videos you learn those things by making YouTube videos right you don't learn how to ride a bicycle by reading books about how to ride a bicycle you you learn to ride a bicycle by getting your booty on a bicycle seat and starting to pedal and see what happens and it'll be wobbly at first but if you keep showing up and you keep with it then you'll actually gain that competence that you need to start putting out stuff that you're actually truly proud of so the number one thing if your audience isn't growing fast enough you're you're not publishing enough and I would ask you have you published 100 keyword targeted SEO optimized blog posts or YouTube videos yet if you haven't published a hundred pieces of content yet I don't even think you have enough data to start to actually make like data driven decisions you're still in let me do educated guesses and I'll just kind of come up with an idea and make a video over here come up with an idea and make a video over here which is exactly where everyone starts until you do it enough times over and then when you have a hundred videos and you go look back through your analytics or whether you have 100 blog posts and you go look back through your analytics you're going to see 20 of those posts did pretty well because the 8020 rule it applies and then four of those posts will probably have done really really well and you can start to analyze okay why did those four posts do so well why did those four videos do so well why did those 20 videos do better than all of those 80 other videos I did and you'll start to notice the pattern and this is the way the marketplace gives you feedback about what your audience wants to see and what works for your audience so the number one thing you can do if you're in the audience growth phase is to publish more content more frequently if you're all in on blogging you should be blazing past 100 posts and you should be working on your 50th and 200th post I think most people who are wanting to truly build a business online if you're focusing on blogging first you need to be doing 20 posts per year that's about four per week if you're doing YouTube and you really want to be in that growth phase you need to be doing four YouTube videos per week which would get you to 200 YouTube videos per year and if you are focused on social media media marketing you're looking at doing three to five posts every single day for the rest of your life and that's how social media works and that's why I don't do social media because it's just the most atrocious treadmill in the world because once you're done posting that post it dies in the social media algorithm within eight hours and you have to post again whereas some of my videos my long form videos I published in 2016 2017 when I was learning these basics of publishing they're still actually reaching people each and every day they're still bringing my a new audience members into my world into my platform into my ecosystem each and every day which is why I think YouTube and blogging are number one but it's a game of hundreds of posts you're on a path to creating a thousand useful pieces of content just like I am I'm 790 videos in on this long journey to a thousand or more which is what I'm on and when you Embrace that and you really go into the I am going to work harder and I'm going to work smarter approach to it that's really the path to speeding things up so second is the trust build building side of your business so if you do have 450 blog posts you're getting 25 30,000 visits to your blog each and every day then you should really be all in on email marketing and growing your trust through your list building and this comes in two separate ways number one is you need to consistently be testing new lead magnets and new optin offers now if you're focused on blogging this just means you can run new popups and it's really really easy to split test popups to see what lead magnets your people are most interested in for my brand it took me creating nearly a dozen different lead magnets to find the ones that have really worked for me long term and now I just keep running them over and over and over and you know you've got something working when you're opin page if you're directed people from YouTube or an ad directly to an optin page when your optin page is converting 50% of visitors into subscribers you know you're on to something powerful for a popup if your popup is converting two to 5% of people onto your list from your blog you know you're on to something powerful and then once you have your list growth mechanism it's all about emailing more and I recommend that you email a minimum of three times per week even if you only have six or seven people on your list those six or seven people are the first group that's the first cohort of people who have raised their hand and said I like you I like your content I think you can help me I want more from you and unfortunately there's a lot of people out there who start to grow their list they'll have dozens or hundreds of people on their list they start to think well when my list is 3,000 subscribers then I'll start to email my list regularly but the truth is that you need to build the skills of writing emails and showing up and entertaining and informing them and driving traffic through email and the only way for you to build that skill is by doing it more often so once your email list starts growing you've got your first dozen two dozen people on your list then it's time to start emailing three or four times per week and while you're doing this you can't stop publishing your content right right for example I'm making my video for you today but I've also emailed my list three times this past week over the week okay so I'm doing my weekly audience growth content in addition to my weekly trust growth content and that brings us to the third um the third item in the ATM which is monetization okay so what you need to be doing when you're at the monetization phase which means you've got hundreds upon hundreds of posts that are bringing thousands upon thousands of visitors to your ecosystem your email list is growing by dozens and dozens of new subscribers each and every day at this point you're really looking to add on multiple streams of income now it's worth noting that you don't have to wait until all of those things are done to start monetizing your audience a really good example is YouTube right if you've published uh 35 YouTube videos and you're really focused in on the email list building side of the game good on you but you could have ads turned on on your YouTube and you could be earning income from the content you create that grows your audience and the same is true on your blog you can turn on Google ads or media Vine ads if you have enough uh traffic to qualify for media Vine which I think is like 50,000 visits per month to your site um you can turn on ads that will display on your blog content thus earning cash flow from the content that you're publishing right so you're getting paid to do your audience Growth work but then you really want to build out those multiple streams of income now one of my favorite ways to go about this is finding wonderful affiliate offers that you're audience craves those products that they already want to buy they're already buying they already love and then you get to help that segment of your audience that doesn't know about those individual products you get to help them learn about those products learn about the benefits of those products and by simply connecting people who already want to buy those things with the things they already want to buy that's how you can earn a commission online as an affiliate marketer I think it's one of the most brilliant ways to add on multiple streams of income and I've got a link below to my offer Recon video that teaches you my strategy for how I go find those High converting and those High ticket affiliate offers that my audience already wants to buy and it will work for you in any Niche and again that's the offer Recon video that's down in the description below and then one final idea on that monetization is you should always be thinking about different types of income that you can add on so yes affiliate marketing is a wonderful income that you can add on yes advertising is a wonderful income that you can add on but you can also create your own courses this is something I've been doing a lot more lately because when you create your own courses you're growing your customer list which is actually a more valuable list than your prospect list when someone gives you their credit card number that is a very large vote of trust that they trust you and someone who has purchased from you once in the past it's way easier to sell a second third fourth fifth product to someone who's already bought from you than it is to convert somebody who's totally new into a customer so your ability to maximize the lifetime value from each and every customer goes up drastically when you're building your customer list which is done by you creating your own products um there's an E-class that taught me the process that I use to create my uh quick and easy courses that I use that I sell that are selling like hot cakes these days um multiple sales each and every day we have conversion engines running in my business now it's growing my email list for my customer list which I brought in over a thousand new customers in the last couple of months and I'm telling you when you get a customer growth engine working for you like that which I learned from that E from the E-class um it's it's brilliant because it really opens you up to that lifetime value of a customer number so ultimately if you want to think about that monetization so if you're at that phase the best way for you to earn more money and to monetize your business better when you have an effective audience growth engine running and you have an effective email list growth engine running it's making more offers okay you could sell your one-on-one coaching you could sell your small group coaching you can sell access to your weekly Mastermind you could sell your info products you can promote other people's products as an affiliate you can turn ads on you can create and find physical products and get into Drop Shipping if you want every audience is a little bit different about what works for them and ultimately it just takes a bunch of testing for you to really get there okay so I've tested dozens of products and offers to find the four or five that work really really well for my audience and then I build systems and automated systems and automated mechanisms around those ones that work and that's how you grow your business faster you need to publish more content to grow your audience faster you need to send more emails and test more lead magnets to grow your list and to ultimately engage your list more effectively in that trust building segment and then number three you need to make more offers whether they're your offers or other people's offers or they're following the offer Recon process or they're following the E-class where you start creating your own courses you need to make more offers over time and when you publish more content your audience will grow faster when you publish more lead magnets your list will grow faster when you send out more emails you'll drive more traffic and when you test more offers you will make more money and this is the proven path that's guaranteed to grow your business faster I hope this has been helpful leave me a comment in the comments below let me know what you think and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video Until then be well

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