How To Get RICH On Black Friday – Super Simple Method!

today I'm going to show you exactly how to profit on Black Friday having made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the black Fridays before today you can rest assured you're going to learn stuff that actually works that's right we're going to tap into the multi-billion doll sales machine that is known as Black Friday but don't worry if you don't have any skills no problem no money no problem no clue how this works no problem just follow this simple plan to get yourself a piece of the multi-billion dollar sales pie that's happening in just a few weeks and don't worry it's not too late to get started you're going to learn some instant hacks that can get you traffic super fast so that you can put money in your pocket so smash that like button cuz we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we got a lot to cover we have got notes going crazy we're going to show you how to get this black Friday money in a super simple way now this is a live presentation we are going to set things up live if you have questions I will try to get them uh as as as close to what you guys ask as possible again we're setting this stuff up live so you're going to see exactly how this works in a real world way you can after this take some notes you can actually do this and get some results it's actually very simple so what we're going to do is we're going to talk to you about how to get rich on Black Friday how many of you guys are like yes I want to make money on Black Friday now you got to remember this is internet marketing it's business the results are not typical implied or guaranteed well I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars on black Fridays that's not to say that the average majority do some people make millions of dollars some people make billions of of dollars and the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so take this with a grain of salt but we're going to dive in and show you how simple this is because I believe this is one of the easiest things possible I've taught students this for years many of them have gone on to get results so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at what we need to do to capitalize on the sales because here is the fact ladies and gentlemen there is a fact and the fact is billions of dollars is going to be made this month like billions and every company almost most of the companies have affiliate programs where you can get paid so this is going to be something very simple and you can't argue with it you could say well I don't like the guy in the green shirt I don't like this Marcus character but that doesn't matter what matters is the sales are out there how do you get them how many of you guys are with it you're like yeah I want to get them I don't care about anything but getting this money if you if you have no skills don't worry if you have no money don't worry if you have no clue don't worry we're going to talk about free methods paid methods simple methods that work very very simple all right this is something anyone can do very simple all you got to do is follow this simple plan now when we go through and we look at these rankings and what's going on here we have to really focus on how we are going to get this money now if you want to do this the right way the pro tip is to start a website why because if I make a video if I make an image if I post something on Facebook I don't want to just give them my affiliate link because that's hard to remember I want something very simple now your old buddy Marcus has got you covered don't worry about it before I started this video I actually went out there and got a domain name called sales hoot right sales I was like hey that's easy put a little owl everyone's going to remember sales hoot it cost me like 11 bucks because I was lazy and I just got it at GoDaddy but if I wanted to search around I could probably get it for like $3 then I'm going to get some web hosting which will cost me a little bit of money as well now again if you're like Marcus you know what I don't got three bucks I don't got money for web hosting I don't got nothing don't worry about it you can use this with the free methods it's just not going to be as effective very important so what we're going to do here is we are going to take a look and say well now what do we do okay what do we do first let's backtrack the online spend on Black Friday in 20122 was over9 billion do cyber monday another lots of billion dollars now what we're seeing here is that a lot of money is being made and it's about to be made you can't argue with that that is a fact what we need to do is we need to see how we can circumvent this now I'm going to give you a little hack right here right now this is a hack that I'm going to use with a paid keyword tool however if you guys want I'll give you these notes over at download myn all right I'll put together a nice little keyword report so you can see what's going on here is the hack pay close attention we're going to use the ahf's keyword tool notice how on this keyword tool I have and I have all the key words Pinterest ranks for right so if we go and we search for baby Yoda meme Pinterest is going to come up number one if we search for Banana Republic it's going to come up number eight everyone got it type rankings if you got it this is super important this is a hack that is going to blow you away now what we're going to do is we're not just going to look for what they rank for because Pinterest ranks for over 61 million different keywords what I'm going to do ladies and gentlemen for those of you that are following along pay close attention smash the like button because what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over here to the keyword drop down I'm going to put in Black Friday very simple now I'm going to hit apply what this is going to do is it's going to isolate the 61 million rankings that Pinterest ranks for and just show me the ones that have to do with Black Friday pretty cool so let's go ahead show results all right we got Black Friday meme we got some kind of Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday we got Black Friday Walmart ad Louis Vuitton Black Friday how many of you guys are like oh wait wait a minute Marcus so are you telling me are you telling me that Pinterest ranks for over 21,000 keywords related to Black Friday we'll put together in our notes let's see here I wasn't showing the screen um in the notes I'm going to put some of those keywords so what I did is I went through I looked at Pinterest I showed the results and I could see here 61 million rankings then I went through and I went keyword and I typed in Black Friday and I can see right here for Black Friday that it has lots and lots of rankings okay so very very simple so we're like okay here we go we got these things and we'll put together a list of some of the top words for you I will give you guys uh this report which has tons and tons of keywords okay we'll have that at black download myn so now we're seeing okay Pinterest ranks for this stuff so if I go through and I do Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday okay let me just make sure that everything's on the up and up here so you can see exactly how this works okay cool so we have um Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday and we could see here that yes it does rank we also also have some interesting things for like it's ranking with um coupon lady Miami Herold interesting that's going to be important for later and then lots and lots of other rankings as well including Pinterest right there all right how many of you guys get this you're like okay I'm I'm starting to see the light I I'm seeing what you're putting down here now if we go through and we click on volume we can also see Cole's Black Friday Pinterest ranks number 22 now when we think about this and we look at something like Cole's Black Friday this is an estimate of the searches all year round okay what we are going to see is that it's going to spike on Black Friday lots of people are going to go and go to Kohl's and look up the Black Friday a lot of people are going to look at Cabellas now what we're going to do is we're going to go through and see which of these have affiliate programs Cabella's affiliate program and you could see here they do and I think there's is one of the better ones that pays a little bit more like pays more than Amazon and stuff like that so it's pretty good 3% to 10% or something like that so now we can see how this works now what we need to do is we need to pay close attention to the facts what are the facts okay the facts are Cabella Amazon and all these websites are going to make a ton of money on Black Friday that is a fact we can not dispute that that will happen now as you guys know I love data and data is going to show us what these people are buying on the sites like it's all there laid out in plain English which is kind of funny because it's like why don't more people do this it doesn't make any sense to me because it's actually very simple so what we're going to do is we're going to go over here and we're GNA say okay great so we have these things okay we got the affiliate program we got this other stuff and we know people are searching now what I went and I went through and I found the top sales that are out there so we went through and said okay what what are people buying on Black Friday now we can use chat GPT or something and say what are the top 50 items people buy on Black Friday right and it'll go through and it'll find me the top items and things like that I can use this with my keyword data and everything like that now we can see TVs smartphones laptops tablets video games headphones all kinds of stuff okay very important so now we're seeing okay here are the things that people are buying very important very good very easy now remember how I said we were looking at this little hack here to see what Pinterest ranks for now I'm going to ask you a question this is a trick question how much does does it cost to put something on Pinterest okay if you wanted to put a picture of some sales that you found how much does that cost I want everyone to answer me in the Box how much does it cost to put something on Pinterest Mark says zero all right let's see if anyone else is paying attention here and yes most people are saying zero it cost nothing to put something on Pinterest wait are you telling me I could put something on Pinterest it'll rank on Google I can link it to something that makes me money or if I have a domain like sales hoot I can put that on there as well exactly that's what I'm if you understand the power of this this is going to blow your mind because now we're like oh okay so Pinterest but what about like maybe Tik Tock Tik I'll put this in here I'll leave that key word right there and we can see that Tik Tok ranks for 9,000 keywords related to Black Friday and again how much does it cost to put something on Tik Tok well like literally nothing let's try something like Facebook Okay again keep the Black Friday in there all right now we have 28,000 keywords Cole's Black Friday now it's very important that we look at this because these are showing us that free sites can and do rank when used properly now what we're going to do is we're going to do all the stuff that I teach you about ranking everything like that and we're going to put together some good stuff right that's the key now if you don't want to worry about ranking don't worry you can just be a friendly person trying to help out showing people where the Black Friday deals are you could start a Facebook group for free you could be like hey we're going to find the elect elonics deals and your job is literally just to go out there and find deals or um if you're like me we're going to use AI to find these deals as well so very simple uh affiliate marketing with Williams says it will work even if the domain has no Authority yet well Facebook's got Authority we're going to borrow their Authority Pinterest has Authority we're going to borrow their Authority uh YouTube right put YouTube in here and you're going to see that this stuff is actually ranking super super high and in an easy way and and now when you look at this and we're like okay Black Friday 2022 we could see that YouTube is in fact ranking and if we were to go over here and look at what is showing up we could see Black Friday ads here we could see the deals uh this one here has 83,000 views 7 days ago 4,000 views on and on we go with all kinds of different Black Friday deals and a lot of this is super simple to make we can use AI to create these videos we can create them ourselves and again the name of the game is going to be focusing on a specific product and finding the deals and keeping people updated that's it that's all there is to it you don't got to be on camera actually a lot of these people that guy is using stock foot that guy's using the stock footage that I used in the beginning of this video right that is that's where they do it there is no one on screen I don't even think there might be a voice um but again you can do that with AI if you want to and what you are going to do is you're going to leave to your website or your affiliate links and it's very simple like if I wanted to go through and say okay what are the top Black Friday uh drones Okay cool so we'll say great thank you what are the top drones people buy on Black Friday right and what we're going to do is we're going to do this where we find this stuff here okay so we're going to look at this and we wait okay DJ I mavic okay so now I can go through watch this how many of you guys are ready some people are saying how can we get traffic to the offers how is this going to work what's going on here okay well here's what's going on if we go and we take our keyword tool and even if you wanted to use free tool free ah refs or something like that ah refs okay say you wanted to use the free keyword tool we're going to type DJI Black Friday all right cool so DJI black Friday apparently we got to type it again find keywords there we go 900 searches a month zero competition DJI Black Friday I got a a student of mine here uh who does drones he was asking just yesterday on the blog profit training how do I tackle Black Friday stuff what you do is you put the keyword with Black Friday and again this will work with the free keyword tool if you want to use this DJI Black Friday right and we can go through and see what is ranking for DJI Black Friday and we're going to use that to our advantage now how many of you guys are ready for a Zinger type Zinger in the Box smash that like button if you're like dude show me a Zinger show me something that's super easy that just about anyone can do okay let me show you this one there's some free methods and there's some paid methods there's some free websites and paid ones um you can utilize either or so let's look at DJI Black Friday all right we got Walmarts and all this we got Yahoo finance trusted review tech radar blackf Camera World Reddit reddit's a free site um space finance Yahoo another space one so what we're seeing here is that in addition to some free sites like Reddit and um some other sites we also see something very important what is the number one thing ranking right now for DJI Black Friday that gets over 2,000 searches a month and it's going to get more with Black Friday and drones are expensive and Sean says DJI is competitive te Tech Radars at the top Sean uh I'm gonna I'm going to show you something really cool you got to pay pay attention to this this is super super important okay focus pay attention because what's going to happen is you're going to have a little voice in your head that says Marcus this seems too easy and I had that voice like 23 years ago and I had it really big in 20 uh 2003 in 2003 I started marketing the little smiley faces I was 23 years old or 24 years old and um I started making like 100 Grand a year marketing smiley faces I thought this is too easy this is too easy it doesn't make sense why am I making money it doesn't feel right but it was right the company paid me they were smiley faces there you go that little voice is going to come out there and you're going to say things like well Marcus I mean isn't the guy right isn't tech radar right there yes but there's something above tech radar Yahoo finance trusted reviews and top stories wait a minute are you telling me that I could go put a press release up and be there within minutes yes now I use for mine lots of people use other sites for theirs PR web I usually pay $90 to $300 for a press release I overpay because I want it to show up and I want it to rank and they rank really well I think the one that I did last year for uh chat GPT is still ranking today still getting traffic today so I mean here are the news things and if we go through and we look at this we're like okay so you got YouTube you got Tik Tok we did Pinterest we did Facebook what about do they rank for Black Friday they did look at this cricet circuit something whatever that machine is it's the one that people make um stickers with so we have circuit machine Black Friday okay ranks number 65 it was put up in 2021 I can see because of the URL here so I think with a refresher and better content I can probably do way better right let let's take a look how many of you guys are like dude this is data like we're looking at stuff that I mean you may or may not like the way that I teach but this is stuff that you can't argue with like there it is right there you look it up and there it is so now we're looking at this and we're like okay um Cricut Black Friday let's take a look I'm just making sure it's clean before I bring it over cuz some web searches are are interesting right and we see that uh it actually is good so we got uh blackf ranking number one for it we got people also ask which is good um we got creative blog Reddit interesting buy now at Michaels or wait okay if you can add in the link there that would probably work we have uh some products and then we have wait a minute Business Wire this was put up two days ago here's a press release that was put up two days ago and it's literally talking about how to save money on these right I mean I mean there it is it's like okay that makes sense this is actually pretty cool so we could go through and be like okay so news is actually working now again be careful when you do a press release if you're paying for it there is risk you could totally lose your money we want to play the odds and make sure that we're doing stuff correctly and make sure you have a good product and a good payout uh before you do that here's another one PR newswire Global newswire how many you guys are like wait a minute wait a minute are you telling me that that's what these people are doing they're literally just putting a press release up and linking to that stuff consumer uh walk you got uh PR Newswire is is consumer walk as well so we're seeing like they keep doing it so it's got to be working right and we're looking at that we're like wait a minute so that's one way we can do that uh with the pr newswire okay so right and all we got to do is find the different things that are on sale um when is Black Friday Black Friday movie KitchenAid mixer Black Friday all right low comp that'd be a pretty good one if I can nail that down or I can do something about mix for Black Friday so I could go through and let's say I wanted to do kitchen stuff I'm like okay great so let's do a new chat and I'm going to say I could actually go through and get a press release or something like that okay so I would go through i' take the press release format so I could be like hey you know give me a press release format for this product please create a a press release for and I'm going to make sure that uh browse with Bing is on because I want it to search the web for the new prices so I'll to PR create a press release for uh what was it the circuit maker whatever Black Friday deals talk about places it is on sale what the prices are like and where it is cheapest and also please talk about related cheaper products okay so we'll have like oh hey here is the creation tools Black Friday sale or whatever it is right like sticker maker Black Friday sale how many of you guys get this you're like okay this is making sense to me um and it'll go through and it'll do a press release right like this Takes a Minute right and then we can even say okay now that I have my site we're going to use sales hoot as as our as our website so let's see how it's doing it's it's going to work there how many of you guys are digging this and you're like I see how this can work okay all right so there we go Walmart for $39 so it looks like Kohl's had the best price which is pretty good and then on their official website there's some savings and things like that here's some related items and there we go okay now please make it a press relas from Orlando Florida business name and website name like this okay boom there we go so what we're going to do is we're going to utilize different strategies to get traffic so I could literally go out there and say okay well you know what Marcus I don't have time or money to do a press release which I mean if you do it right it's probably going to make sense maybe I would just do a video right and I could go through and say okay let's use um the Bing tool the Bing tool is one that's going to work really good for you and you could see here are people on on YouTube getting traffic here are uh people on Tik Tok and what we need to do is this is going to be a oneandone we are going to make this for the purpose of making money on Black Friday and then the rest of the year we're going to do the other stuff that I teach right this is something that can work really really really well now another tip I will give you okay another tip I'll give you is to utilize Google Bard Okay Google bard is really cool because what you can do let me give you this tip uh it's very very important and very easy okay so what you're going to do is find your pen all right so what we're going to you do is we're going to use Google bard okay and you are going to choose your Niche so let's say you're in the Cricut uh circuit whatever the sticker printer thing okay what you're going to do is you're going to go to you're going to go to um Michaels Michaels has that uh craft stores okay um all this stuff okay you are going to get a new email so I just got that website with that website and hosting you get an email so I'll get whatever something at okay I'm going to sign up for that email and I'm going to utilize that in Gmail okay or you could just get a Gmail if you want to do that just call it like my craft site whatever okay so what we're going to do is we're going to sign up for all these emails okay go to their site it'll say hey if you want 10% off put your email in do that on a bunch of sites all within the same Niche okay so if you're doing the drones you go to the Drone sites if you're doing Tech stuff you go to the tech site if you're doing this you go to that and you sign up for a whole bunch of these then what Google bard will do is it actually has a plugin that'll read your email right so I I could go in and be like okay take all the emails and find the lowest price on this product boom done deal how many you guys are like oh wait a minute that totally makes sense Cara says do you have any advice on the type of Niche or type of video for someone who wants to start creating YouTube no face videos but it's stuck at stage one yes you're going to go through and utilize this strategy right all I would need to do is go to keyword Explorer or something and again you can use the free one here okay you could do drone Black Friday and all you are going to do is go find the drones that are on sale all right so I'd go through it I'd be like okay uh great excellent there's our press release let's do another one what are the top drones under $500 bucks please list 25 okay watch this this is so important and if you get it it works like crazy okay cuz what we're going to do is we're going be like okay now we got the DJI now we got drone Black Friday okay boom we got DJI we got drone black I mean there's so much traffic here and it's so not competitive you want to make a no-face video all you do is you're like oh here I am on Walmart the Drone is 50 bucks over here Here I Am On Target hey it's only 37 over here oh over here on Amazon here's how much it is and all you got to do is is get your link so we go through we're like okay well what are the top drone we'll wait for these here apparently we got to wait which is good good thing I brought my beverages with me uh Maddie yeah we're going to show you what the sales page would be like and it's so when you're doing Black Friday your conversion rates are going to go through the roof that's why like when you're an Amazon affiliate normally I would not tell you to be an Amazon affiliate cuz they pay so low and their cookie is only 24 hours like if they click and they don't buy within 24 hours you're out but if they do buy within 24 hours and they have 10,000 bucks worth of stuff in their cart you get paid on all of it so the conversion rate is going to goes through the roof so let's say we're going to do the DJI uh one let's see is it going it's being a little slow but it's going to find them so we'll do DJI drone okay so let's say we wanted to do this all I would have to do is go to Amazon sign up for an Amazon affiliate account then I just go in I hit DJI drone when I'm on the page I click get link text this link is my affiliate link so all I got to do is send people to the link they're going to click it it goes to the Drone when they buy I get paid how many of you guys are like oh yeah that's pretty simple so then all I'm going to do is go to my site like this right I go into my hosting and I think I can go go to WordPress something I don't know we just switched host so it bear with me a second um but if we go here C panel and I think we got WordPress yeah there we go should be in there um so we have WordPress here and we're going to use um this one I think I can log in there we go log in login login uh login there we go the old login button right so what I would do is I would now make my page and it doesn't matter CU I'm not trying to rank my site yet for next year yeah I I can try to rank it like uh those people like blackf or whatever but for now if I want to make sales in the next couple weeks I'm going to have to use press releases video all that stuff to get these people here so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go over to my page so we'll go Pages all pages and what it looks like now is this so what I would do is I just put you know uh if I'm doing drones I would just put the top 10 drones here with the Amazon links hey here's this drone C price right and it's simple you just go in and you're like okay edit like this it is so simple and easy anyone can do this that's why I have to have a disclaimer that says the average person makes nothing because it's it's going to seem too too easy here um but what we're going to do is we're going to go through I will have to find my password for this but you would just go through and say okay uh let's edit the page and you could literally just say let's make a new page or whatever and all you would need to do is say uh DJI DJI drone Black Friday boom here are the top DJI drones on Amazon right and then if I wanted to link this I just go like that I already got my link in there from from the um affiliate program from Amazon I hit publish and boom there we go and you could put pictures you can make it as fancy as you want but I could literally put this right here and be like here's the top drones boom they click I get paid when they buy right so it's very simple and when we look at that we're like okay how do we use AI to help us out well here are some of the top drones under 500 bucks so we could see here Walkera DJ Maverick um whatever right and now we're like okay let's see what they have wingsland okay let's see wingsland Black Friday could this work with free Google sites website it could work with anything like you could literally I'm pretty sure some press release places allow you to put your affiliate Link in there but again what I would do is I would at least have a site because Amazon doesn't like you to cloak your affiliate links so we need to have them on our site raw so what I would do is I would put the picture of the Drone put best drone under 500 this drone that drone and I'd make it all very very simple or if I was going to go broad I would go through and I'd be like oh here's the top you know uh electronics offers here's the TR top clothing offers here's the top TVs right people love TVs on Black Friday and if you ranked for that that would be a Zinger if we did TV Black Friday right you're just going to help them do this uh and work in a really good way Amazon's affiliate program also takes long to pay uh true but I mean money is money it doesn't matter when it gets here what matters is that it does get here um and there are other ways to make money we're going to talk about that are a lot quicker so we have Black Friday deals all this stuff here now some other ways to make money is going to be uh you could use a platform like AdSense a ad uh program as well because what's going to happen is you're going to use Black Friday get easy traffic and then the Drone stuff is going to trigger more expensive traffic and that's what you're paid on which is really cool or we could go through and we can look at offer Vault and see if there are offers that we can use so let's say we wanted to do uh is the honey app still there let me see honey app uh let's try Capital One capital okay give me one second I know it's in here somewhere but there's lots of like you know uh different things that you can promote credit cards if you wanted to do uh credit card affiliate programs because you could just tell people hey if you want to do your your um holiday shopping on this there you go here's one for the Capital One shopping all they have to do is install it and I get six bucks but that's it they just install it and I get paid six bucks which is pretty cool download plus sign up within the software very simple right and this is something where it's like hey if you use this it'll find New Deals which is what they're looking for is the deals um someone says that Max Bounty also has a drone yeah and sometimes you will find different products um within like Max Bounty or something like that so if we were to do let's try drone I think there's some drones you can do that are pretty cheap um yeah so uh drones Alibaba drone um all kinds of different drones there Sky drone 60 bucks so like this this is going to pay $60 and usually the product isn't that expensive that's why I like using this type of um affiliate program because these work really well so this one the average drone cost $600 are the ours is six times cheaper okay um buy now and save so 99 bucks so I'm paid 60 on a $99 drone so what I would do is I'd be like hey are you looking for an inexpensive drone check this out right boom there we go you could get two for 130 or four for $230 or something like that here's another coupon boom there you go right so it's very simple and it's like okay this completely make sense because now most of my sales will be Amazon right but for every one sale or every 10 sales on Amazon if I get one of these that's going to start to boost it up and we can see Black Friday drone Black Friday TV stuff like that all we need to do is focus on the stuff that's actually working and often times if you go to offervault you can find offers like uh Walmart uh discount card Walmart this or or whatever and help people in a really really simple way CC says with Amazon affiliate is there any payment for someone to sign up for their card I don't think so yeah I'm pretty sure that that Amazon's like they have to buy stuff um but again what we're doing is we're using Amazon so that we can tackle that traffic right that's the whole reason we're using it because they have everything um we would also get an affiliate program at at Kohl's and things like that Amazon is going to be the Big Kahuna like there are people there's friends of mes that make you know $100,000 a month with Amazon as an affiliate and when we understand okay this is something where people are going to buy anyway so like if I just literally go out there and cookie early cookie often what that means is get them to click a lot get them to click often maybe I have a Facebook group and I'm like hey this is the Drone Black Friday Facebook group don't even need a website and you're sharing the drones and you're getting them out there and you're like hey click this one check out this deal and you can help people in the process much like these guys are doing with um with the stuff over here where it's like hey you know they're ranking they're doing videos and there you go a lot of these are very simple with b-roll stuff and they're going through and they're like here are the top deals and you will see that a lot of these people the ones that are doing um Black Friday stuff they are specifically they do this lot right very simple so Savvy coupon I'm sure hello everyone welcome to if you look at the videos it's like oh hey this is look at all the Black Friday stuff that's here right very simple very easy and it's like hey this is good she's doing a great job um she's got let's say popular so she's got some videos that are doing good Dollar Tree stuff like that Black Friday deals Walmart and a lot of these people like she just looking at the ad very simple now obviously pay attention to copyright and things like that we don't want to you know step on toes or anything which we don't have to we can go through and have chat GPT like I could make a video on the top 10 drones what are the top 10 drones people buy and what are the prices okay so we'll go through and this is something so simple right all I need to do is go find some footage about drones hey welcome to this I could use voice over AI I could do whatever I want and hey today we're going to talk about the top 10 drones people buy for Black Friday here's number one coming in at $500 this one will spin around I I don't know what drones do but pretty sure they spin around and we're like okay number two this one's good if you're you know sailing to Big Heights since you sail in the sky but you look at it it's like okay it's actually very simple to do we just need to fit it or maybe you're into be beauty stuff right and you're like okay what are the top 10 Black Friday Beauty things okay Black Friday makeup okay what kind of makeup is there for Black Friday uh yeah for cyber week you just change it to cyber week make up Black Friday deals right this is something that is so simple so easy or you do um TVs you could do uh what Elgato they make all kinds of like streaming equ and often times they have sales Elgato Black Friday competition's literally nothing right let's try uh what else is there um CLX that's where we get our computers CLX gaming CLX Black Friday okay not much for that let's try gaming Black Friday right and I'll I'll never forget it I was about 202 when I started my gas powered scooters website and I started this website and it was right around October when I started it started to rank and from Black Friday to Christmas we got tons and tons of sales with free traffic this stuff works the reason Google makes so much money is because there's so much traffic out there so gaming Black Friday deals um best gaming Black Friday go to chat GPT ask them so here's the top drones now please make a video script of the with these titled best uh top 10 Black Friday drones and again remember you want to focus on your keywords you want to focus on what people are searching for because what's going to happen is it's going to Ping all these right so now make a video script for the top 10 Black Friday drones titled top 10 Black Friday drones and the best places to to save money okay so we'll go like this can we use images from their website for your content um you would definitely want to make sure but usually if you're an affiliate usually it's okay okay Holly good to see you here I don't think I've ever seen you on one of these cool she says great to catch you live she's from the UK and she's been quite sex uccessful with my methods over the years awesome we love to hear it all right so here we have this and it's like okay there you go very very simple all right and uh Holly reach out to my team I'd love to uh interview you about that so we have all this stuff here and it's like okay now we got a video script right uh and we could do now please share the top stores to get drones on Black Friday right so there we go go right like that and by the way if you don't think this is popular look at the YouTube homepage right now Black Friday I mean this is something that is huge if you guys understand the magnitude of what that's part of the problem is people just don't understand the magnitude of what's going on right this is something that it's it's so powerful and it works so good we just need to focus on why and how they are searching and what's working right we go through it's like okay are we going to use a press release are we going to use this what I would do is all of it so what I would do is I would go out there and I'd be like okay I'm gonna pick one thing like Cara said what what do I pick all right I'm actually going to get a what is it called immersion blender it's something I want to buy right so we'll go here and we'll do immersion let's spell check it first cuz nobody wants to see me try to spell that immersion blender a lot of people don't know that but I am I love cooking that is aside from internet marketing I love um cooking that's that's my other passion there so we have ersion blender okay dude did I spell it right I spelled it right on the first time so you know this is a good one if I spelled it right on the first try so a go imersion blender like this and let's say I wanted to do this for Black Friday so we have all these words now ladies and gentlemen drum roll please one of the things we need to pay attention to is there is a small window of time if you do the press release YouTube method press release YouTube Pinterest if you do this method what's going to happen is you're going to go out there and you're going to be like wait a minute so if I go and I'm like I'm I'm going to I'm going to make this work so I'm okay we're going to say immersion blender now on immersion blender we got over a 100,000 searches a month that's a lot of searches okay so I'm going to go out there and I'm going to do immersion blender okay got all this traffic during Black Friday you can actually show up in news because Google's going to be like wait a minute Black Friday immersion blender that's news because black Friday's coming up therefore we will show that in front of those 100,000 people how many of you guys are like wait a minute are you so for that short window I can kick butt on that term exactly that's the key and if you start to understand this it's like wait a minute it ain't a matter of if it's a matter of when and what we're going to do is focus on this and say okay immersion blender all right right we got this search in Google here okay and we're like okay good housekeeping Amazon serus eats hey explore Brands okay good Epicurious good good good okay so I would definitely want YouTube so if this was me if this was me I would go buy a couple of emersion blenders I'd test them out and I'd make videos on them okay I'll be like okay these aren't that expensive some of them are but you know for 500 bucks I could get a good amount of these I don't think I need the Waring one because you know I'm not going to blend that much stuff and we're like okay so I could use these and I can make videos of them which is really cool now I can go through and I could do like okay immersion blender Black Friday does that does that ping it might it might not Black Friday okay okay and I'll show you a niche that's like ridiculous oh actually it does so 300 not bad right so I could literally go out there I could be the uh kitchen guy or just the immersion blender guy for black F Friday um and I can see okay Home Depot Best Buy discussions so there's some free places Business Wire I mean I'm going to take a little leap of faith there and say that's probably the same guy I'll just confirm it over here and I mean this is stuff that you just go out there and do it and if you have them right if we go out there and let's it it it literally is the same person right so either they just like making press releases or this stuff works like crazy smash a like button if you're like oh wow I get it so what we're going to do is we're going to have that small window of time but I'm also going to have news Pinterest YouTube I'm going to have um social sites maybe I'll I'll have hey here's the cooking Black Friday person and what's going to happen is each of these is going to give me another chance to get traffic and by the time I have this I'm going to be getting traffic from everything selling these immersion blenders which I think like some of them are like a hundred bucks so on Amazon you'll get like four bucks or we can go and and and find a place to drop ship them we can see if there's anything on offer Vault for that like blender I'm sure there is some kind of blender yeah so we got a portable blender right here portable blender $10 and it looks like a little cheap guy it's probably a $10 blender or maybe 20 and I could put that right there on the deal um smart blender apparently my blender is not smart but this one you know there you go uh so 30 bucks for this blender um you can even do like kitchen kitchen right uh throw a remodel offer in there right hey remodel your kitchen before your family comes but see all these different uh blenders there you go and these are paying more than Amazon would pay so we're going to have a mix of both and I would probably also have a mailing list um which would be really really cool uh Holly says in the UK Black Friday is more like black November with sales throughout the month lots of opportunity if you are UK based awesome yeah I didn't know that I didn't know uh what they had there but see like this here I could be like hey another good gift is the brute kitchen knives 40% off and what's going to happen is these are like as seen on TV now if you guys don't know as seen on TV are some of my favorite offers to promote why because people who are doing as scen on TV do not care about the $19 that cost you they're paying for a customer that's what they're doing they they don't care like if you buy the Snuggie their profit margin is something you don't know about on the back end right so they are willing to pay a lot to promote those on TV therefore when you come to something like offervault and you do like as seen on TV or whatever again I got to make sure it's clean here uh let's see come on now as seen on TV yeah so like as seen on TV we got lots of offers for like energy booster some kind of photo thing light socket security camera we made a video about that allinone saw dude that would that's a Christmas gift how many of you guys are like wait a minute that is a total Christmas gift so we look at that we're like okay the allinone saw obviously make sure it's good but we're like oh I get 40 I get $27 and all they have to pay is 40 bucks I can I can do that right and that's something that would work good and all I would need to do is be like oh maybe there's um maybe there's a pillow another one they're like if you do mattresses this is uh crazy I mean we just had to buy a new mattress cuz ours was like way too old and those things are like 3,000 bucks now and we're like okay 300 bucks purple mattress 200 bucks uh and watch this Black Friday mattress look at that 1,500 searches a month purple zero competition I mean how many of you guys are like oh my God this is so easy this just doesn't even make sense all I need to do is go down the list obviously it's not guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but here we have this and we're like okay good housekeeping uh here's discussions so you could get in on the Reddit conversation um and then all you'd have to do is be like hey this web sitee over here the what was it called uh sales hoot is keeping track of the best mattresses that's how I found these offers very simple um and because we got something small there's a there's a reason I got sales and the reason is is because it's small if I say it here nobody's going to spell it wrong it's easy if I'm on Reddit I could type it in without the.

And people will find it all I would need to do is rank for it not that hard to do and we start to look at this and we're like oh okay so here's the mattresses a lot of money there um and then we're like okay how about is there news Consumer Reports Black Friday Business Insider so there's a news one 5 days ago see how it's ranking new stuff this is important explore Brands Forbes why do you think Forbes is getting in on this why do you think CNN if you go to CNN or Fox they got Black Friday deals is it cuz they just are nice and want to help out no they're they're Hawking their Amazon affiliate link now do they make more money without this method of course they do but if you look at it's like wait a minute news sites are working here's related searches um Sleep Number and on and on we go and if you go through it's like okay well let's see if this is actually doing the deal right so if we do um mattress Black Friday deals 600 views 1,00 views uh 1,200 right so there's some views there and I think we could probably do better if we focus there's some shorts um let's see if the press release thing is working so if we did actually let's try PR newswire instead of Black Friday we'll put mattress Black Friday deals six keywords there it is so we can do better than these people are doing they're not even ranking they're ranking for this word 87 so we could probably do a lot better let's try uh Tik Tok no one on Tik Tok it's wide open let's try uh YouTube eight keywords there you go right very simple um and what you're going to see is this number doesn't necessarily correlate with um how many people are viewing the videos right so um that's going to be different but then we're going to go through it you'll actually get more views because it's going to go to other stuff uh Has anyone used the Walmart affiliate program lots of people yeah it's actually a pretty solid one um I think their cookie duration is is longer than Amazon which is cool uh would it interrupt the sale of a person wanted to collect an email with a landing page no you can do an email and just work it as I'm going to email you the best deals throughout the holiday season right so you'd be like okay sign up for our mattress finder Black Friday special email list and then boom there you go and you can just email hey check it out purple just came out with this you know whatever sale um and on and on we go which is really cool right um then we go through and we're like hey this this is working let's try um what was the other one Pinterest so Pinterest with the mattress one three keywords for Black Friday mattress let's try mattress deals right so now we're like okay Cyber Monday mattress deals Black Friday mattress deals Black Friday air mat I mean the number 10 just like literally ranking number 10 with a pin which we established earlier it is free to put a pin up now is it going to take some work yeah it is but can we use AI yeah we'll just go through and be like okay uh what are the top mattress sales and stores for Black Friday and how much can you save right and then what I would do is I would go and find the mattresses right so it' be like the cely whatever mattress the the I don't know what's the one with the little sheep on it right and you're like okay here they are so the American Mattress the avocado mattress okay so avocado mattress I would go through here avocado Black Friday okay 30 not bad very low comp uh we can even do avocado mattress CU we're going to Ping both we want to try to rank for both avocado mattress and the Black Friday stuff right so we'd be like okay avocado mattress prices and this is doing all the work like I'm not an expert I went to the store and I'm like that one and he's like oh that's called this and I'm like that that's the one we want but there's so many different things here and you're like hey check this out and you make a video on it or you go through and you make an infographic right like a little Pinterest here's the top mattresses um and on and on you go how many of you guys are getting this and you're like dude this totally makes sense right someone said CTA certa there you go and you could do Serta Black Friday right you could even do like Toshiba there you go 40 I'll take it I mean you sell a mattress like okay 40 people if I sell $300 mattress or a mattress that I get 300 bucks that's our commission right so it's like okay here's avoc a green mattress pays 80% get out of here I I don't know if that's true or not but I'll take it right that means you sell $1,000 mattress you get 800 bucks if it's correct um memory foam mattress toppers puffy M I mean how many guys are like dude so all I do is pick a direction okay if you're you know maybe maybe you know about mattresses go do that um maybe you know about the the immersion blenders maybe you know about cameras or whatever maybe there's people looking up like phones right I hate cell phones but a lot of people buy cell phones iPhone Black Friday right and you're like okay there you go 8,000 searches a month you guys want a little tip how you guys are like yes I want Marcus to show me real money because I could do am I could do iPhones on Amazon and get nothing or I could go over here and do something like AT&T uh let's see AT&T phone okay let's try this somewhere else okay what they'll do is they'll pay you for that I'm going to try let's do cell phone cell phone is that one word or two yeah so like Consumer Cellular and all these Consumer Cellular they probably you know have a deal on an iPhone or whatever and we could start using this stuff here which is really cool um or you could do iPhone or whatever it is and what you want to do is find the best places to go uh CC says how do you verify if an affiliate offer such as the avocado is good or not well um you could do reviews on the product you can go third party so like when I'm doing offer Vault um I'm going to go through a company like Max Bounty they're going to buffer it they'll be like okay um we're going to make sure we collect from the guy and get you paid so that would be a better line of defense um again like I don't know if the avocado mattress avocado mattress so it is on here so you could uh utilize these if you wanted to um but I I would probably use the direct one just because it's going to do a lot better um and when you understand this it's like okay if there's billions of dollars like Amazon 14 billion I think that's a correct number AI made it so I probably fact check it but4 billion I mean you start to think about that and it's like how much money is that so 14 billion 14 1 two 3 one two 3 I mean we hear these numbers all the time but people won't get it so let's say 14 billion times 1% all right what would that be I think you take so that's 140 million so if that's commissioned at just 1% which Amazon's lowest as is 1% you're usually around 3% average so That's $420 million okay again that's a hypothetical number but I want to prove a point here because a lot of people they hear $420 million and they don't understand what that looks like I want everyone to type in in a perfect world what would you like to make a year let's say you want to make a 100 Grand a year okay so $420 million one day worth of commissions if that's what if if they're all commission sales all right so over a 100,000 that means 4,200 people can make a 100 Grand in that one day in that hypothetical example and I want you to start to understand wait a minute these numbers are huge and when you look at like a company like Amazon that's making $500 billion dollar a year or something insane there is enough money for the little guys to make lots of money I know I do it on a daily basis and I'm not even that big right my income is it's good but there's people that make way more than me doing all kinds of different things and when we start to understand wow there is so much money here that's ripe for the picking and all I need to do is be smart and strategic but so many people they're looking for the next best thing how many of you guys if you're honest with yourself you're like yeah I spent most of the Year looking for the perfect AI tool how many of you guys are like yeah I spent so much time looking for the perfect AI tool and now I got nothing to show for it guys I'm doing this stuff with chat gbt this the first one that came out I'm like okay this works I don't need some Perfect Tool I don't need to buy everyone offer out there about how to create some new way to make money this has been working since a dawn of time I did it in 2002 I do it today I'm going to do it for the rest of my life this is what I do we go out there and we find this stuff right very simple and we're like I'm just going to follow the list if you want non-competitive go to a site like blackf go to KD put this down at like five and there you go and a lot of these you could pressur Rel your way to to the top of a lot of these right Coal's black like they outrank coals and I remember when this site started I wish it was my site it's not my site but I remember when it started it worked here's Black Friday coffee maker there you go very little competition and what you're going to do is you are going to major in the minors this is something I talk about all the time majoring in the miners means I am going to do one specific specific thing Black Friday mattresses I'm going to dominate it a lot of you guys are going to have the idea to just go do a Black Friday site no no no I'm going to be specific because I can't compete with the people if I'm going everywhere I'm going to go and specifically find something that I can dominate on and I'm going to do it really really really well uh smarter Biz says I got the perfect tools AI makes it better and faster much easier exactly but it could also be the biggest distraction of your life because if you're out there looking for tools tools tools like it don't matter if I got wood and I got nails and a hammer I'm going to build something oh well Marcus you don't understand you need to have the right lathe I even know what a lathe does but I know they talked about it in wood shop the one day I went to wood shop and it's like no I'm just going to build with what I have right now if I got chat GPT I can get enough data if I know what I'm doing right right what are the top purple mattress models and [Music] prices okay and we go through and we're like okay now it's going to find me the top mattresses and prices and things like that very simple very easy right okay there you go bada bing I'm just going to major in this and it will work it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and when you start putting this together and understanding how the Black Friday stuff works and watch the videos in the description very very simple those videos are from last year's Black Friday stuff if you pair it with the stuff now pair all that with with um AI you're going to be unstoppable so if you want to make money on Black Friday find something simple focus on it use the free methods in Instagram Pinterest Reddit Kora use all of those Facebook YouTube make good content around this go out there your job is to find people good prices that's your job say Marcus I don't know what to make content on find good prices Matt's going to go find your own prices someone's going to find the mattress prices someone's going to do web hosting prices we're going to have a kick butt Black Friday s here in a little bit and if you guys are interested in that download my and we'll have some stuff there for you too and you can see all the different stuff that this ranks for which works really really cool so all you got to do is focus make it work check out download for the notes and we'll get you some of these keywords and all you just go down the list have fun

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