How To Get More Customers For Your Business From Google

this simple three-step process will get you more clients leads and customers for your local business and it doesn't matter whether you're running a local retail business where people walk in and buy things or if you've got some sort of a local service business even if you work out of your house or go to your clients step number one is to dial in your phone number and your address now I don't want you to use your cell phone for this okay we need you to get an actual business phone number so this can be a virtual phone line something like and for your address again I don't want you to use your home address even if you're working out of your home office so what you'll want to do is go down to like a Mail Boxes Etc or a UPS store and you'll go get you one of the boxes it's similar to a PO box but you don't want to use a PO Box for this and I'll explain why in a moment but you go down to one of the local pack and ship places that has a wall of mailboxes and get yourself a mailbox now what this is going to do is two things first it's going to separate your personal information from the business information so people don't come showing up to your house or calling you on your cell phone at random times and second it's going to give your business its own contact information which you'll need in a future step here step number two is to get yourself a self-hosted WordPress website okay now on my blog and I'll link to this in the description I have a free tutorial that shows you stepbystep how to start a blog and on this blog you can keep it very simple this can be essentially a digital brochure you want to explain who you are when you got started this can be one giant page that is your homepage all of the information can be on one page or you could break it up and have four or five different pages and have yourself a little navigation up top so you want to explain who you are who you help and what you do and then you want to have a page that's dedicated to the products and services and on this products and services page you want to talk about all the different products and services you offer and you also want to mention the different areas that you service especially if you do any sort of kind of out and about in the community work like for example a hot tub repair person or someone who does uh handyman type Services you want to make sure you're writing out on your website where you actually offer services at so generally speaking an about us a Services page and then a homepage is enough but on your website you want to make sure you have that phone number and your address in the footer on every single page and then you also want to have a contact us page that also has your phone number and your address on it so what we're doing here is we're creating a website that Google search engine spiders okay the little robots that run online to go learn and read what's on every single page they're going to be able to index your website and they're going to go read your website okay that's what indexing is and when they read your website they're going to learn about the services you offer they're going to learn about the areas that you service and then they're going to see your actual address and they're going to see your actual phone number and all of that information gets databased by Google but this is where step number three comes in and that is going to buus and registering yourself for a free Google my business account now this is actually 100% free you want to go through the pro the process and fill out all of essentially the same information that you just added onto your website but now you're feeding it directly into Google's system designed for small business owners like you to show up on the map and that's really what we want to help you get to because when you show up on the map when users search for your products your services the things that you do in your community it's those three service providers or those three local businesses that show up on the top of the map that get like 80% of the business so you need to learn how to optimize your Google my business listing so what you're going to do is you're going to go to bus you're going to sign up you're going to fill out all of the information including your business phone number which you could just redirect back over to your cell phone if you would rather do it that way and your business address and then what Google is going to do is they're going to mail you a postcard because they want to make sure you are a real business with a real physical location and it takes often about 10 days 10 business days so a couple of weeks for you to get this postcard when you get that postcard you log back into the Google my business uh system so bus and you go enter the pin number on the postcard and what that's going to do is that's going to help you verify your business's physical address even if it is one of those um mailboxes and almost said post office but again you can't use a post office box because Google will not send that postcard to an actual USPS post office box you need to use something like um a UPS store address a pack ship type address from one of those actual independent mailbox Prov providers and that is sufficient once you get yourself verified at this point you have really set yourself up with what I would call the bare minimum Foundation that you need in order to rank well on the map but there's a few more things that you can do moving forward number one reach out to your past customers and send them the link to your Google listing and ask them to review your business on Google because that's one of the main ranking factors of who shows up on top of that Google Maps listing is who has the best most reviews so when you do a great job with a customer you want to send them your listing on Google and say hey if you liked my products if you like my services if you liked how we treated you please offer us a you know five-star review here on Google it helps us get more business as you get more uh five-star reviews and fourstar reviews and positive reviews what's going to happen is you're going to raise up and up and up and up and up inside of the search engines getting more exposure from your business for all those people on their cell phones who are literally looking for you each and every day and then the second thing that you can do is really start to embrace the world of content marketing and search engine optimization so this is where you would start to make individual blog posts and you would continue on creating one two or three new blog posts each and every week either detailing a past project that you did or detailing a specific type of service that you offer now I mentioned that you want to have all of those services on your services page or all of your product offerings kind of in short on your service page but what we want to do is we want to go create actual posts on your website that detail those different types of services for example if you're a hot tub cleaning hottub repair person you might add a new post that says um how to maintain a saltwater hot tub how to eliminate chlorine from your hot tub how to fix a broken jacuzzi j530 how to repair this certain error code that shows on this certain product and this is is because most of the users who really truly want your service they're not going to search for hot tub repair person in Tulsa Oklahoma they're going to say like how do I upgrade my hot tub to be a saltwater hot tub or how do I fix error five code I'm getting on my jacuzzi and when your content shows up for what we call the longtail keyword searches right those are the longer searches that you have and when you show up for those it's just giving more content for Google to index you and understand how you work now here on my YouTube channel I have a playlist dedicated to keyword research and you'll find the link to those videos in the description below but this is how you learn the exact search phrases that your local people are looking for right you'll find the exact words they're using to try to find you and your products and your services and then you can go create the blog posts that will ultimately answer their questions and help them understand that you're the right person for the job and then also I have an SEO playlist and that's search engine optimization and that's going to help you understand how to actually lay out those blog posts in a way that Google is going to love but when you get this all right you have um a dedicated business phone number right it can be just a virtual number from you have a dedicated business address you go on the Google my business and you verify yourself and your website has your phone number and your address in the footer and on the contact page you've got your Baseline covered you're going to get more phone calls you're going to get more people coming in and then you want to start creating that content keyword research and SEO and this is how you really take over your local market by pushing everyone else off of the top page of Google and then the final note and the final thing that you really want to take into consideration here is how do you close your customers so if you close over the phone and your goal in life is to just get more people with swimming pools who want to get a swimming pool service provider to call you and then you go out to them and you close them in person set your site up to have the main call to action in your navigation at the end of every blog post on your services page make sure you're telling people exactly what you want them to do next and so if you close over the phone that's where you actually tell them to close if you want them to walk into your retail store make sure you're telling them how to walk into your retail store where to find you but when you really kind of include those next steps that are in alignment with how you best close customers on your website you're going to find that people are starting to line up in the way that you have the highest likelihood of closing those folks and it's just going to incre increase your close ratio from there but when you follow these three simple steps you're going to find that your business will outrank all of your competitors if you don't outrank Everyone by just doing the basic three-step process that's when you Embrace content marketing search engine optimization and keyword research and from there it's just a number of posts how many posts does it take for you to start to prove to Google that you are the most authoritative service provider or you are the most authoritative storefront or local shop in your area for those specific products it's by posting more content that's more relevant to the keywords your audience is searching than your competitors do and this is a wonderful way for you on a very small budget nights and weekends when your Shop's closed or when you don't have enough work to do go create the content the content will help you rise up in Google when you rise up in Google you'll get more phone calls you'll get more clicks to your website you'll get more foot traffic inside of your shop and that is how you grow any local business on Google I hope this has been helpful if you've enjoyed this give me a thumbs up uh be sure to like this video let me know if you have any questions in the uh comments below and I will link to all of those useful videos to show you the the nuts and bolts step- by step inside of the description here today appreciate you look forward to catching up with you in the next video and let me know about the success that you're seeing from marketing your business appropriately on Google I would love to hear about your future successes until we meet again be well

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