How To Find The Hot Affiliate Offers Your Audience Loves To Buy.

once you realize that ClickBank and jvzoo and Warrior plus are just cesspools of offers with terrible products that your audience actually doesn't want the question comes up like well then where do I go find those great offers that my audience actually wants it's simpler than you think so first put yourself in your audience's shoes this is what we as affiliate marketers do is we go look for the best products that they already want to buy and where do I go find these types of products I start with Google or I look through other connections I have with other creators in my space to figure out what are the great products being offered and then I buy them I go into them I test them out I check to make sure they have a good refund period like are these folks going to take care of me and if the products suck I don't promote them and you literally search Google then go find a great product scroll down to the bottom of their website and look for the word affiliate or affiliate program in the footer if it's there sign up if not go find another product repeat the process until you find great products with affiliate programs

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