How To Eliminate Overwhelm & Guarantee Success

burnout is one of the main reasons why people give up and fail at their online business and overwhelm is the number one reason why people get burnt out in their business so how do you avoid overwhelm so you don't burn out in your business well first is to understand how and why some people create overwhelm in their state of being and it has to do with how they're dealing with the information they're taking in and the action steps they're taking in their business for example if someone goes forth in their business and they go learn something on a YouTube video and then they think about it and then they learn something else on a YouTube video and then they think about it and then they learn something on a webinar and they learn something on an email and then they go think about it all they're doing is adding more ideas and more ideas to the pot and eventually that pot is going to boil over and they're going to be overwhelmed with the amount of ideas that they have that they're trying to hold in their head stated another way we don't have enough mental bandwidth capacity as human beings to hold on to all of the ideas of how to grow a business from all of the different gurus out there right so what can you do what's the opposite approach and what have I done in my business to achieve success and avoid overwhelm after publishing for years and years and years on end simple it's taking action in between these ideas right so step one is to think what's the next best action step I can take and then step two is to go take an action step go take an imperfect action step and then once you get that one thing done go back to thinking again so instead of think learn think learn think learn which leads to overwhelm what we successful entrepreneurs do is think take a step think take a step think take a step think take a step and every step forward that we take will give us some sort of feedback right we live in a universe of cause and effect and sometimes I'm outside when it's cold and a little Breezy out and I notice that my audio isn't all that great on these videos so I'm going to go ahead and get my indoor studio built out but I'm not going to keep myself from making this video for you right now because it's not perfect right so I'm taking an imper imperfect action step and then I think about it okay how can I improve that how can I make it better how well did that work then I make an educated guess on the next best action step I could take and then I think about it okay what do I do now I want to dig into this concept of thinking more and I have other videos and podcast episodes about thinking because I think most people aren't thinking enough to be honest if you look around at our world that we live in today it's relatively obvious that most people are not thinking enough and I don't mean just sitting there and be like okay I made a video H let me just think about it I mean writing your ideas down okay and it doesn't matter if you've got a a nice little notebook like this if you're using the back of an envelope if you're using binder paper in a three- ring binder I do think there is something magic about using an actual pen and ink and paper and actually writing out your ideas if you're a notion fanatic and you just think you can keep your whole life in notion online go for it but what I believe happens is when everything is digital you're not actually getting it out of your head into the physical world it's still out there in this realm of intangibles and then all of a sudden your your notion account or whatever note taking app that you're using is just so full of notes that it becomes overwhelming in and of itself so generally speaking what I do in my business and in my life is when I have a challenge when I have a problem and I want to think through it I'll take out a piece of paper I'll write the Big Challenge on top I'll write the question on top and then I'll just brainstorm for 15 or 20 minutes about all the different ideas all the things that come into my head everything that's bouncing around in my head and sometimes if you got too much going on in your head just start writing it out just get it out of your head so you can stop balancing these ideas around in that internal dialogue that you have and this does two things number one it helps you obtain clarity on your next best guess for your next best step to take forward and number two when you quiet this ego mind down and you get yourself to where you can start to hear and feel what's in your heart you're going to get more inspired and intuitive ideas that are going to come from that kind of like greater Creator source of energy that is your truth right your capital T truth and when you start to deliver those pieces of content those ideas those lead magnets those emails those hooks those bits those big ideas that come from your heart that come from that kind of divine Source energy that flows through every one of us and when you bring that out to the world everything in your business is going to work better but most people are simply like responding to all the greedy gurus and they're driving themselves in stain trying to keep up with the Vayner Chucks right and you watch Gary vaynerchuk and he's got his idea about how you should build a business online and Russell brunson's got his idea how you should build a business online and Frank karn's got his idea how you should build a business online and most people are just consuming so much much content from so many gurus and they consume content and then they think about that and then they consume more content and then they think about that and they go watch more YouTube videos they go think about that and they go watch another sales pitch webinar and then they go think about that and they're just full of thoughts and these thoughts don't go away until you take time to write it all down and get it out of your head and if you need help coming up with like what do I even start writing out man sometimes it's best to write down be like I am so confused about what I'm doing in my business right now I need to figure out my next best step is and then just allow yourself to free write on that page and sometimes it's a good idea to start with your audience on the top of the page right I help blank you know your target audience your customer Avatar to get a specific result so they can achieve their desired outcome right I help new entrepreneurs to keep their head on straight so they can build a real business that will actually get them to 10K per month cool well then what does that mean what does that look like what are the action steps that they need to take what's important what's not important what are the big pitfalls and these are just the ideas that I can often write out one last example for you here today was this video okay so I'm currently flipping multiple properties I'm working on building out a new video set so I can be indoors and I can prevent the wind noise and I can kind of get back to my normal studio type Creations but I didn't know what video I was going to make today but I have discipline and I have a publishing schedule that I had to get this video out for you Monday morning so by come hell or high water on Sunday I am recording some sort of a video for you so what did I do I took time to just write out this multiple different video ideas I had for you today and out of that list of video ideas I read through them I chose the one I thought was best I bounced them off my wife because she's obviously a very successful Creator as well see which one she thought was the best thing for me to do right here and now came up with this idea bit for us to move forward with in this moment and voila here it is I'm taking an imperfect action step is this going to be a viral video that's going to change the game no it's not is this video going to help me kind of Pat myself on the back because yet again I hit my my discipline marks right I I hit my actual publishing date I got another one done and is it going to free my mental bandwidth to then think up a more valuable more engaging a more helpful video for you next absolutely and this is the path and when you realize that the path is take a step okay observe what happened think about what happened then come up with your next best step and take that step okay observe what happened think about what happened take that next step take that next step take that next step and when you realize that overwhelm is Created from Simply consuming content thinking about what that means consuming more content thinking about what that means consuming more content thinking about what that means and it just fills your head with all of these ideas that are just bouncing around non-stop that leads to burnout and that's how and why people disappear from this game and that's the only way to guarantee that you'll make nothing if you simply persist long enough and you keep showing up long enough and you keep publishing content and you publish video 100 and then 101 and then 102 and then you publish video 200 and 2011 and 2002 same is true with blog posts the same is true with advertisements and optins and sales copies and offers all of it right your emails video email number 17 is going to be better than email number one and email number 170 is going to be better than email number 17 but if you get yourself drowning in your thoughts and you're just so overwhelmed I don't know what action to take right now that I'm going to take no action I'm going to mood alter I'm going to play video games I'm G to watch Netflix I'm going to smoke weed I'm going to drink alcohol I'm going to mood alter and change my state of being chemically because I'm so overwhelmed with all of these ideas that's a recipe for disaster in your life right and if you're truly committed to succeeding online you have to have some sort of a process that's going to allow you to tame this drunk monkey in the cage that is the ego mind for you to get all those thoughts out get them down on paper burn the damn paper if you have to just flip the page and write them on the next page but out of all those ideas that you write down pick the one thing that makes the most sense to do next take that step and if you're not instantly knowing what the next step is to take after that go repeat the process think about it write out okay well I did that and I published that and here was the result of that and that video came out at 10 of 10 that was the worst performing video I've done in 6 months great what am I going to do now I don't know maybe I should go look at my past videos to see what worked really well and then base a new video off of something that worked really well maybe I should go look through my Google analytics and see what blog posts are bringing me most of my traffic and then make more videos or more blog posts similar to those things these are the little ideas that will lead you to that next imperfect action step take that step and then you think about it that'll lead you to the next next imperfect action step take that step and then you think about it and I'm telling you this is how everyone who has created great success in their business online does it no one knows the entire path when they get started everybody just knows that I'm going to do this I'm going to improve my life I'm going to improve the financial well-being of my family so I need to start and I need to go help other people because the truth of business is that you can have anything you want in this world if you help enough other people get what they want where are all of those people they're on their phones their tablets and their laptops searching for information they're reading blog posts they're watching YouTube videos they're staring at social media and they want to improve their lives and when you create the content when you create the experiences when you create the pathways that help those people get what they want which is always through content right written word videos audios that's it that's that's what we create as creators and when you create those Pathways for people to help them get what they want you you will succeed and just honor the fact that the first pathway you create for people isn't going to be the best it's not going to be the be all end all no one goes out and plays golf once and then expects to get into the PGA Tour that next time no one expects to go pro after trying something their first time they try something they pay attention to how well it worked or didn't work they come up with a new educated idea they think about it and then they try something else think about it try something else and when you find yourself going down this path of consuming content thinking about the content consuming content thinking about the content consuming content thinking about the content you're going to notice that your your biomechanical being right your state of being your nervous system is going to start to freak out you're you're not going to be able to gain your thoughts you're going to start losing sleep you're going to just be constantly gnawing at these ideas and this can often lead to people getting mad at themselves and having very negative and self-depreciating um like selft talk versus I'mma take a step okay I took a step cool congratulations pat on the back I did I did my video this week right on Miles what's the next best thing that I can do boom take that action what's the next best thing I could do and at this point I'm 794 videos into this channel this channel has reached over 11 million people I had no idea how we were going to get here to where we are today this channel has paid for multiple million dollar properties this channel has created wealth in abundance in my life and it all started with me sitting down making a very very awkward first video here because I knew I had to create that first video in order to get to the second video in order to get to the third video and on that path I've had ups and highs when I thought things were great I've had downs and lows when I'm like man I do not know what I'm talking about next but every time I just spend time thinking I write out my ideas I come up with the next best idea that I think can actually help you build your business online and then I create that piece of content and then I go back into thinking one last note on this is I do personally believe that time in nature will also help you clear this out and hear what's going on inside of your heart I have set up my life in a way that I can spend an exorbitant amount of my year outside I live in two very distinct climates that each allow me to enjoy being outside and Hiking outside and paddle boarding and camping and playing for most of the year and I do this because when I go outside and when I'm around the forests the trees the Rocks the natures the Lakes the streams that true deep nature everything in nature is just okay with what is it's all just okay and it helps me at a biochemical at at like that deep kind of neurological level understand and release some of those stresses and some of those things that we carry around those heavy bags of thoughts and overwhelming emotions that we allow this conversation to start to run crazy and I just start to let it go so for me personally I spend time in nature each and every day I like to hike when I'm when I'm you know in my groove I'm hiking four or five miles a day each and every day and then I think I spend time writing out my ideas what's that next best thing for you and then I create it and I think what's that next best thing for you and then I create it so right now it's creating this video the moment this video is done I know that I got to get it finished and once it's actually live I need to email you so that's what I'm thinking what's my hook for the email what's that subject line for the email once that's done I'm thinking well I got to email you again because I email a few times per week and I make one video per week at this point in my business and then at some point I'm like okay I should probably sell something or create a new offer and that's what I'm thinking about but it's always this process if we zoom out enough of take an imperfect action step acknowledging that this video is going to be imperfect it probably would have been better if I took time to edit it but I ain't going to do that because that's just what all the other people think they need to do and I'm just going to make a video for you that's as helpful as I possibly can and then I'm going think what's the next best thing I can create for you that is going to help you on your path and I'm going to create that and then I'm going to think what's the next best thing and I'm going to create that and this path of thinking creating thinking creating thinking creating it'll make you feel good you'll start to feel charged up because you'll know that you're actually on the path to creating the success that you desire versus drowning yourself in information and stressing yourself out and overwhelming yourself with all of the different millions of ideas about how you can go about building a business online the truth is you build your business online by helping other people get what they want and you do this through creating content so if you haven't started yet I highly recommend that you go through my Niche Navigator course get really clear on who you're going to help and what you're going to help them with I have a link to that course below I hope this video has helped you understand how overwhelm kind of manifests in your life and what you can do to bypass overwhelm and to get on the actual path to creating the success that you desire I know that you can do it it takes imperfect action thinking more imperfect action and eventually you'll feel like you're walking you're moving towards your goal towards your destination I'm telling you it gets fun it becomes lucrative and abundant beyond what you could imagine I hope you stick with it long enough to achieve the abundance that you desire and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video if you have any questions for me feel free to get me in the comments do appreciate you and I look forward to connecting again on the next video till then be well

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