How to bring your online course to life (the simple way)

contrary to popular belief you do not need to spend months pre-recording your course before you can make your first sale instead you can launch your course for the first time as a live group program this allows you to bring your online course to life faster and easier and get real-time feedback from your students there are two ways that you can do this let me show you both all right first things first you need to outline your online course you have to have total Clarity on what you will be teaching as you do this it will start to become clear as to how long your program needs to be think about manageable pieces that your students could do each week so as you do this it will become clear whether your program needs to be 6 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks or maybe even longer next you need to choose how you want to deliver the material you can either show up live on Zoom each week to teach or you can pre-record your lessons and then email them out to your students every week week let's go through the zoom option first this one is really simple you're going to determine a program start and end date and then what the weekly lesson schedule will be for example every Monday at 2: p.m.

Then all you need to do is set up email reminders to go out every Monday reminding your students of the lesson and providing the zoom link a lot of my students though would rather pre-record their lessons so if that is you and that feels easier and less stressful here's what you're going to do again you need to decide on your program start and end date and then you're going to decide when each lesson gets sent out to your students for example lessons get sent out every Monday at 10:00 a.m. if you are going to do it this way I would recommend that you record weeks one and two before the program starts that way you're not too stressed out around the time of your launch and then you have enough time to record weeks three and Beyond so as you are running your program you are also behind the scenes recording the next week's content this is so much easier than having to pre-record all of your lessons before your first launch and it means that your course actually gets done with this type of program you can also choose to do a live Q&A so when I was first developing one of my programs this is exactly how I chose to bring it to life what I did was I sent out a pre-record Ed lesson every Monday and then on Wednesdays I would show up and do a live Q&A this worked really well and all of our students loved this format so that's something you can do as well from a tech standpoint I would recommend that you record your lessons using the platform descript this tool is amazing you may have heard me rave about it before but it makes it so easy for you to edit all of your lessons which you know for sure there's going to be a lot of mistakes when I'm filming I make so many mistakes and Des script makes it really fast for me to go in and edit videos because they edit videos like a Word document I'll leave a link to another video in the description below which show you how to use this and that will all make sense so I recommend that you use descript to film your lessons and then cartra to actually sell your online course and set up your members area where people will log in and watch the videos so you'll set up your course area and as you complete each lesson you will then upload it to that member's area and then all you need to do is send out an email every Monday letting your students know that that lesson is now available in cartra for me I use the lesson visibility feature which I'm going to show you now so for example here is my online course in the back end of cartra let's say that I wanted to release the content week by week and I wanted to do a six- week program where each module gets released every Monday so what I would do is I would fill my lessons into script and then I would simply embed them into cartra so that's what you're seeing here I have filmed my lessons into script and then I copy and paste it into my course area so now what I want to do is once I have added in all of the videos for module one I'm going to save that and then I'm going to go over here to where it says access levels okay and this will be a similar process for you even if you're using another software so I'll go into membership access levels and this is what determines what your students can see so I would go in here and once module one was ready I would simply turn on visibility for that module okay and then coupled with that I need to send out an email and let my students know hey module one is ready for you you can log in and watch it once you've made these core decisions you can move on to planning your first launch and creating your sales page so that you can enroll your first students then once your program starts you'll deliver the content on a weekly basis and later you can transition to a more passive version of your course this is how I launched one of my recent programs and it made it so much faster and easier for me to bring it to life so will you be doing a live program the first time let me know in the comments below if you like this video and found it helpful please let me know by giving it a thumbs up leave me a comment and I'll see you real soon with another [Music] video

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