How to Automate on Instagram 📲 (Comment KEYWORD & automatically send a DM)

I kept seeing this everywhere and was so curious how it was being done so I figured it out and in this video I'm going to share it with you so you know when you see someone in their Instagram caption say something like DM me the word blank and I'll send you the link that how is that being done on an automated basis this is only something you're going to need if your Instagram responses are a lot for you to manage otherwise of course you can use the same strategy but you can just send them the link manually but if you do want to automate it it's all being done with the tool cool mini chat there's a lot of ways that you can do this and it really does make it even easier and more seamless for people to sign up for whatever you're promoting whether that's a product a workshop free training whatever so you're going to go to and click get started to create your account and then click Instagram and follow the prompts to connect your Instagram so they do have a free plan this is going to allow you to engage up to a thousand contacts for free and then the Pro Plan is 15 per month so once you're all signed up this is what it's going to look like and you're just going to click this option here to convert your Instagram comments into sales click setup template all right cool so as you can see this is the start of this automation so you're going to go ahead and click right over here so the first thing we're going to do is control which post or real that this works on so this is a reason you might want to upgrade to Pro because right now you can just set it for a specific post or real right so I would go here and I would have to choose which reel I want this to work for so let's say maybe this one okay so you can either do that or you can just set it where any post or real will allow you to do this which is pretty convenient so let's do that we're going to do any post or real and then we're going to do comment contains specific words and then I'm going to delete their sample keyword and I'm going to include my own so let's say for the real I'm making about this video I'm going to do a mini chat so I'm going to type that in hit enter then I'm going to scroll down and what you can do is you can set it up where it has a public auto response on the comment so I would do something like awesome I've just sent you the link and hit save then we're going to go to the next step over here so let's click on that and this is what people will receive in their DMS so you can do here's my video on setting up this mini chat automation okay and you can have this say whatever you want and then you'll see it includes a little button just click on that you like watch the tutorial and then here include the link okay so I'll have to come back here and update this once I publish once I publish this YouTube video so for now let's just go to my YouTube channel okay cool hit done and so that's what they will receive in their DMS automatically okay so then you're gonna hit publish now go over here to this icon and you'll see all your different automations and this is the way I'm naming them so if someone comments challenge then I'm sending them this link here so I would do the same for this one so I'm just going to go to these three dots rename okay so if someone comments manychat then I'm going to send them my manychat YouTube video so it's as simple as that to set up so here's what this looks like on Instagram here's a video where I was prompting people to enter in AI so from one of my other accounts I did that I commented AI and then immediately I received this message here so it's pretty awesome and since then I added in the auto comment feature as well okay so this is awesome but there's actually so much more that you can do with this tool for example your trigger could be different so yes we can do if they comment but you can also set automations up if they reply to your story if they DM you a specific keyword or if they comment on your live so I'll probably be using this one and this one as well so that so that I was pleasantly surprised how simple this was to set up let me know in the comments if you have any questions at all follow me on Instagram I'm at louisehenry I share behind the scenes of running an online business and tips and tricks that I don't share on here so go follow me over there thank you so much for watching and I'll see you real soon with another video [Music] thank you [Music] foreign

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