How New YouTube Creators Are Blowing Up New Channels

reps matter you need to create lots and lots of videos if you only make one video a week you're only going to try about 20 sets in the next 6 months or so I want you to try 20 different sets in the next month I want you to try 20 different configurations I want you to go through that process quickly so you understand that felt pretty good or when you look back you're like wow that video looked terrible I'm not going to do that again I'm going to click publish but I'm really going to focus on improving this aspect of my next video and again there's only a few variabl where and how you set your camera up there's the lighting right you're eliminating variables oh the audio sounds good my lighting works here my camera set up then you can just leave all your gear right there now you have your little YouTube area now that you have your area you can go 100% focus on how do I deliver ideas in a way that are coherent that are clear that keep people engaged and the truthful answer is lots and lots of practice okay if you want to build muscles you go to the gym not once every freaking day

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