How New Affiliates & Creators Grow Audiences Fast

if you're a new Creator or affiliate marketer how do you compete with all of those established experts who are already gobbling up all the traffic first real key is to Niche down to get down to that lowest level Niche that you can tolerate so instead of trying to be in the internet marketing space you could get in the online lead generation for plumbers space where there's only seven or eight people who are playing at that game so immediately you've bypassed most of your competition second is keyword research you need to really dig down and find those keywords that have very low competition and they might only have 10 20 30 searches per month but those are the phrases that those experts who are established they're going to go after those little traffic phrases that's what you get to go after and that's how you build your base of content step three is to Simply outwork them if they're publishing three times per week you publish seven times per week and it's just a matter of time before a your skills are better than theirs are and B you have more content published than they do yes you actually have to outwork your competition

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