How Long to Get 100,000 YouTube Subscribers?

how long does it take to go from zero to a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube to kick start my Channel's momentum I did 120 videos in 120 consecutive days that brought me a total of 471 subscribers and this is my first secret to success those early videos were not about growing subscribers it was about getting comfortable creating and Publishing video after those first 120 daily videos I shifted to three videos per week and at nine months I had my first ten thousand dollar month through affiliate marketing and at that point I had published 202 videos and I had 14 000 subscribers at the end of year one I had 244 videos published and 26 000 subscribers by the end of year two I had 402 videos published with 64 000 subscribers and it took me 34 months and 537 videos to get to 101 676 subscribers which is when I got my fancy play button that's an average of one video every two days for three years straight if you want to succeed on YouTube I ask you are you publishing enough

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